Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 10

Crash Into Me (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 06, 2007 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Rose mentions that she took three semesters of computer science at Santa Cruz. However, UC Santa Cruz operates on a quarter system, not a semester system.

  • Quotes

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): At the end of the day, the experience of practicing medicine bears little resemblance to the dream. We go into medicine because we want to save lives. We go into medicine because we want to do good. We go into medicine for the rush, for the high, for the ride. But what we remember at the end of most days are the losses. What we lie awake at night replaying is the pain we caused...the ills we couldn't cure...the lives we ruined...or failed to save. At the end of the day, the reality is nothing like we hope. The reality is, at the end of the day, more often than not, turned inside out and upside down.

    • Mark (to Erica after she berates herself for missing something in her surgery): That's fascinating, Dr. Hahn.
      Erica: What?
      Mark: That you're as unkind to yourself as you are to everyone else.

    • Ava: Alex. Why won't you talk to me?
      Alex: What do you want me to talk about, Rebecca? How a guy almost bled out while I watched? Or how I got suspended for a week because you were there?
      Ava: Ava. It's Ava. Not Rebecca.
      Alex: Right. You're playing dress up. You're here playing dress up. You have a husband, Rebecca. You have a baby. And I have a life. That girl you were talking to early today. when you were playing med student? I'm screwing her. She might be a bigger wreck than I am, but at least she's not married. At least she's not gonan get me suspended. At least she's not trying to pretend somebody that she's not.
      Ava: Alex--
      Alex: Now, you got to ask yourself what you're doing here. Because I think if you can get honest, if you could just tell the damn truth for one minute, I think you have to admit, you're not here to talk. (they resume their kissing)

    • Izzie: I was Hahn's right hand today.
      George: That's good. That's good, right? That's great.
      Izzie: I think a patient feels better if they know their kids aren't terrified. I think they're more likely to pull through surgery if they know that their wives are not panicked. Those things matter.
      George: Well, they do matter.
      Izzie: I'm never gonna be Cristina. It's just not gonna happen. And I'm not gonna be Erica Hahn. I am not kick-ass.
      George: Thank god for that.
      Izzie: I love you.
      George: I love you.
      Izzie: We're not gonna make this work, are we?
      George: Marriage is hard even when it's right. It's hard. And... next time I do it I just want it to be forever. And I don't think it's our chemistry. I think it's our timing. But I don't think it's our chemistry.
      Izzie: So, we're saying maybe someday?
      George: Yeah. Yeah. We're sayin' maybe someday.

    • Tucker (about Bailey): She's busy right? She can't make lunch?
      George: Yes, yes, she can make lunch, just a slightly later lunch. She's in surgery.
      Tucker: Always is.
      George: Yeah, it's just taking a little longer.
      Tucker: Always does.
      George: She's having a really bad day. She's saving the life of a white supremacist, which is not a good day. So she asked me to ask you if you wouldn't mind waiting a little while longer. Please? She did say please. Which, as you may now, is not a word she uses that frequently. (Tucker makes a faces, he knows that's true) She really is sorry. It shouldn't be much longer.
      Tucker: Fine. But tell Miranda I said don't keep me waiting long. Please.

    • Tucker: Why am I not surprised?
      George: Dr. Bailey is sorry. She's very, very, sorry.
      Tucker: I'm out of here.
      George: She just asked me to ask you if you could wait a little while longer. She's almost done with the surgery. It's just more complicated than she expected but she is almost done.
      Tucker: Fine. I'll wait. But you tell her that I'm tired. Tired of her choosing everything over me and our marriage. You tell her this is the last time. I'm finished. Tell her the only reason that I'm staying here is to tell her that myself.

    • Tucker: She said that?
      George: You know, if you just wait a few more minutes you guys could just talk to each other, because you know, things get lost in translation because this is clearly not a way to have what is obviously a very, very important conversation.
      Tucker: It's clearly not very important. Our marriage is fallin' apart and she sends you to save it.
      George: Tucker. She's in surgery. She's saving a life, she's literally saving a life, and she's gonna be here soon.
      Tucker: She's always saving a person's life. She'll always be here soon. You go as her, when exactly is soon gonna come? (he walks away)

    • Nick: Holy crap. My artery just blew.
      Lexie: Your artery blew.
      Nick: I didn't think that would really happen. I mean, I thought it was something that doctors say might happen because they have to, but I didn't think it'd really happen.
      Lexie: Me neither.

    • Nick: How you doin', Dr. Grey?
      Lexie: Lexie. I'm okay. Are you okay?
      Nick: I'm a little freaked out to be honest. Mostly because you look like Carrie at the prom. Seriously, you're wearing like half my blood.
      Lexie: Which is why we're hanging some more.
      Tyler: I'm having trouble getting a vein.
      Lexie: Why?
      Tyler: He's hypovolemic. His veins are flaccid.
      Nick: That's not a nice thing to say. That's not a nice thing to say at all. (Lexie smiles)

    • Derek: Hey.
      Meredith: I don't wan't you to date other people. It may not be enough for you but i'm trying here, so I don't want you to date anybody but me. That's it... Except, I'm scared as hell to want you but here I am wanting you anyway, and fear means I have something to lose, right? And I don't want to lose you.
      Derek: ...Meredith
      Meredith: Don't. Don't say anything. I'm gonna leave and you can say something tomorrow. That's progress right? (Derek nods and she walks away smiling)

    • Ray: I'm trying to not be scared. I don't want to die scared. I wanna not be scared.
      Richard: Ray! Listen to me. It's good be scared, it means you still have something to lose.
      Ray: Yeah? (to Meredith) Are you ever scared?
      Meredith: All the time.

    • Cristina: Hey, I brought supplies. (Lexie walks in behind her and Meredith looks confused and shakes her head) ... She's got no one.
      Meredith: I'm drinking. Are you drinking, Lexie?
      Lexie: Yeah, a drink would be good.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): Some days the whole world seems upside down. And then, somehow, improbably and when you least expect it… the world rights itself again.

    • Cristina (to Lexie): You did a good job today. That was not easy. What you did was not easy, it was brave.
      Lexie (about Nick): We killed him. The hospital… Sloan… us. We were not prepared.
      Cristina: Yeah. Yeah, that happens sometimes.
      Lexie: That's… You have any idea how backwards that is?
      Cristina: We help more than we hurt.
      Lexie (looking totally helpless): I have no one.

    • Cristina: You know, I rose above today, too.
      Bailey: Yes, you did.
      Cristina: You were having a hard day, you were busy rising above. But so was I. Which is why I haven't said anything, but now the day is over and I'm done.
      Bailey: Excuse me?
      Cristina: You know, what you did, pulling me off of Hahn's surgery, was an abuse of power. You needed help, okay, but you used me, because of the color of my skin. I mean, you compromised the quality of my education, bacause of my color. I resent it.

    • Richard: You stayed calm and focused and efficient in a very stressful situation. That's impressive.
      Meredith: I was scared.
      Richard: You did it anyway. Like I said, impressive.

    • Cristina (after Nick's artery starts bleeding again): You can't cry Lexie. This isn't over. You can't cry.

    • Cristina: I'm gonna go get Sloan.
      Lexie: What you're leaving?
      Cristina: I'll be right back. You can do this. You're doing this.

    • Sara: Look, can you um, tell him that I'm sorry that I can't stay here? That I just can't come back here right now?
      Meredith: Ray wanted me to tell you that he's sorry too. He's sorry that he couldn't save Stan. He wanted me to tell you that in case he didn't make it.
      Sara: You think he's not gonna make it?
      Meredith: I hope he makes it. But you won't be here, so...
      Sara: My husband is dead. He's dead. Somewhere in this hospital. How am I supposed to stay here?
      Meredith: I don't know. I don't know. But I know that if Ray makes it, he's gonna wake up and have no one. And your gonna go home and you're have ...
      Sara: ... No one.
      Meredith: I think it's better to have someone Even if it hurts. Even if it's the most painful thing that you have to do. Even if it's the most painful thing you've ever had to do. I think it's better to have someone.

    • Erica: This is gonna sound bizarre. I realize at this point that this is gonna sound bizarre, but... Any chance you people want to get a drink with me?
      Mark: Why would we want to do that?
      Callie (to Mark): She's saying she needs a friend.
      Mark: Okay. Fine. Let's drink.
      Erica: You won't hit on me?
      Mark: I can't promise that.
      Erica: If I say please?
      Callie (to Erica): He still can't promise that.
      Erica (after a pause to think): Fine.

    • Shane (looking at his stomach and scar, that goes right through the middle of his tattoo): Dr. Bai-- She did this on purpose, right?
      George: I don't understand. You have a black partner, right? Mary?
      Shane: Yeah. Do you know how she is?
      George: Are you two friends?
      Shane: Look, I'm not the devil, okay? I'm just a guy with a belief system. Mary's a nice girl. We save lives together. That's a good time. Look, if she wanted to marry my brother, I'd have a problem with that. But so would a lot of people. I'm not that much different than most of the people that you know.
      George: Well, Dr.Bailey did save your life today. A black woman saved your life at great personal cost. So maybe next time you're looking at your tattoo, and you're thinking how much better all us white guys are than everyone else, you think about that. Because between you and me, if I had been alone in that O.R. You'd probably be dead right now. And, uh, since we're sharing belief systems, I believe, if you were dead, the world would be a better place.

    • Bailey (to Shane, while doing surgery on him): A person can only rise so high. Now I'm rising above, but there's a ceiling and I'm about to hit it.

    • (Meredith is the ambulance with Ray, and Izzie and Erica are outside it giving her instructions)
      Meredith: How 'ya doin' Ray?
      Erica: Grey, you gotta be careful with this technique. Iff you aim the needle incorrectly, you could nick the very thin-walled right atrium.
      Izzie: She'd cause a cardiac rupture.
      Erica: A cardiac rupture, a tension pneumothorax, basically, there's about six different ways she could kill.
      Ray: Are they talking about me?
      Meredith: No. Don't listen to them, Ray.

    • Izzie: Do you want me to keep the family informed?
      Erica: I want you to think like a surgeon. You're thinking like a social worker. If you wanna be a social worker you can save yourself a lot of effort because the training is two years not twelve. If you wanna be a surgeon, you can update the family when the crisis has passed.

    • George (about Tucker): He said something about you choosing everything over your marriage.
      Bailey: He said that? What else did he say?
      George: I think that was about it.
      Bailey: You think or you know?
      George: He said that this was the last time and that he was finished.
      Bailey: I'm in surgery, O'Malley. Did you tell him that I'm trying to save a man's life?
      George: Yes.
      Bailey: That I want to be there with him right now, but if I were to leave this man would die? Did you tell him that?
      George: Yes.
      Bailey: You need to go back out there and tell him that I took a vow, a vow to save lives. He might wanna remember that he also took a vow for better or for worse. You tell him that it's his job as a husband to understand that. You tell him I am standing by my vow for better or for worse. You tell him I am holding him to his vow. You tell him if he's thinking about leaving right now, that he might find himself hurt and wounded and needing an operation. And he may not get a surgeon who is as married to her vows as I am. You tell him that!
      George (quickly): Can't I just do somet charts?
      Bailey: Go!

    • Nick (to Lexie): Hey, I'm in love with you now. I forgot entirely about my ex.

  • Notes

    • Awards and Nominations:
      2008 Emmy Award Nomination for Outstanding Makeup For A Single-camera Series (non-prosthetic) (Norman Leavitt, Brigitte Bugayong, Shauna Giesbrecht, Michele Teleis)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Italy: February 18, 2008 on Foxlife
      Saudi Arabia: March 4, 2008 on ShowSeries
      Latin America: April 14, 2008 on Sony Entertainment Television
      Germany: April 23, 2008 on ProSieben
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      Croatia: May 15, 2008 on RTL TV
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      Norway: October 28, 2008 on TV2
      Romania: December 9, 2008 on TVR1
      Czech Republic: March 12, 2009 on Prima

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Creator by Santogold
      2. Circles by Natalie Walker
      3. Feel It Coming by Sara Melson

  • Allusions

    • Nick (to Lexie, who is covered in blood): You look like Carrie at the prom.

      Carrie (1976) is a horror movie based on a Stephen King novel about a girl with telekinetic powers. After her classmates play a trick on her by causing a bucket of pig's blood to be dumped on her, she loses control and takes revenge.

    • Episode's Title: Crash Into Me

      This is a song by Dave Matthews Band, released in 1996.