Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 24

Damage Case

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on ABC

Episode Recap

Izzie ditches a patient to cheer up Denny. Izzie has crossed one too many lines with Denny and he tells her to back off. Burke is upset because Cristina fell asleep while they were having sex. Cristina is unaware of how to make it up to him. Derek's emotions gets the best of him when Meredith's patient leaves his wheelchair. Burke and Izzie make a suggestion to Denny. Meredith and Derek have a discussion about their relationship. He insinuates that she is a whore and she defends herself and tells him that she makes no apologies for fixing what he broke. Derek says that their relationship is over and she agrees. Callie is upset because George believes that Callie didn't wash her hands in the bathroom after going to the bathroom. This is true because she walked into the bathroom in only her underwear in front of Meredith and Izzie, peed, and then walked out. But she went downstairs and washed her hands in the kitchen because Izzie and Meredith were looking at her "like she was a rodent." A mother with major organ failure is operated on by almost all the cast members. While the mother with the massive internal organ damage is dying Alex is sent to get Addison but she's in the middle of another surgery. By the time she has finished Alex has already done a C-section and removed the baby from the uterus. After a minute of CPR the baby starts to cry. The mother dies. The man who caused the car crash apologizes to the father of the dead mother and the father does his best to forgive him. In the end Izzie lies down with Denny in his hospital bed. George talks to Meredith. Finn calls Meredith scary and damaged and she denies it first but later admits that she is very scary and damaged. Finn admits that he is scary and damaged as well. His mother and wife are dead and his father is a dead alive. Finn and Meredith kiss for the first time.