Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 24

Damage Case

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on ABC

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  • Addison finally gets

    I thought it might take forever for addison to realize he doesn't love her anymore. seriously how many hints does one need to get the point clearly ?
  • Come on McDreamy...grow up

    Well when McDreamy found Grey with Robin, he was not that happy. Honestly...what gives him the right. He cheats on his wife with her, and then goes back to her. Grey finds herself a super hero (Robin) and he goes nuts. Not happy with that plot and character development. Anyhow, I am happy to see that people are starting to work and play well together. Greys is not really giving me much insentive to stay tunned to the seaoson finale. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the show, but if it is going to be all about the fall out of Grey and McDreamy, I am going to tune out.
  • One family in the emergency room, its was really a chaos! Crristina being not Cristina, Izzy getting too attached to Denny to the extent of somewhat ignoring Dr. Torres, thus making her mad to George... better step up or else.. Merideth getting a date to

    Derek getting angry!? this made me really excited... what and episode! I think this was the first time i saw Derek getting this angry and to Merideth!

    and George and Merideth... finally! I thought this moment will not come..

    I was really pissed at Kevin acting as a jerk, but in the end he gets into the action and do his job...

    as for Izzy.. i really don\'t like her is this episode, she just did not do her job properly... baad..!!

    Cristina... thinking that she was already forgiven by Burke... WRONG!!! her happy days are over! too bad..
  • Very emotional episode.

    This was one of the most emotional episodes of this show. Both the medical stories and the personal storylines of the characters were extremely moving. Initially it seemed like everyone would survive the car crash, but things soon got complicated. Alex really stepped up to the plate, it was nice to see him finally proving himself to Addison. The scene between the father and the intern who caused the crash was just gut-wrenching.
    Derek acted horribly towards Meredith, so it was nice to see her finally putting him in his place. That was a really great monologue. Although it's completely obvious why Derek is acting this way: He's totally in love with her and sooooo jealous!
    And I really love Denny, but no good can come out of that.
  • Callie sleeps over and she enter the bathroom with Mer & Izz inside (not a good idea) and she doesn't wash her hands in front of her. This sets a problems between all of them. A family is admitted including a pregnat womanhit by a intern of other hosp

    This episode is really moving. It reveals the life of the internts, how hard it is to live under those long hours. They show that is something that happens to all of the inters, they fall asleep in the weirdst places because of their exaushtion. In this episode we also se the relationship of Meredith and Derek deteriorating. She tells him that he doesn't get to judge for how she chooses to repair what he broke down. The episode also revels o bit of the life of Burke and Yang both addicts to surgery. And we hear a bit of the life story of Finn
  • Hard to watch between Mer and Derek

    WOW- i cannot believe that for the first time i've been mad at Derek Shepherd! He just said horrible horrible things to Meredith. He had no right to talk to her like that, he can be somewhat upset because it's only human, but he in no way can say all that to her. Like she said, he's the one that left her, he chose addison, she had to move on, it was her choice how she repaired what he broke. Between him punching mark and now his jealousy over this, it's so clear that he just loves Meredith. Addison was right, the only two people who don't see that Derek loves Meredith is Derek and Meredith.
  • A great episode.

    Addison’s hostility towards Alex and Derek’s hostility towards Meredith were very immature. They need to stop letting personal issues with the interns get in the way of the medicine.

    Derek was such an unbelievable jerk. I was happy Meredith told him off. It is none of his business with whom Meredith sleeps! I’m also glad their relationship is over, though it’s only a matter of time before something happens that brings them back together.

    I’m in love with Finn! I’m beginning to think he’s too good for Meredith. I feel like the guys on the show (with the exception of George) always get girls who are too good for them. Derek gets Meredith, then Addison, and certainly doesn’t deserve either. Alex gets Izzie, and although I like them together, she’s definitely too good for him. Burke gets Cristina, who does not try nearly as hard as he does to make the relationship work.
  • Derek is so upset at the fact that Finn and Meredith are a thing and may be sleeping with each other. he lets his emotions get the best of him and he has an outburst at meredith calling her a whore. he did it because he was so hurt

    this review is just about Meredith and Derek...

    I am one of the few people who liked the fact that Derek got upset at Meredith for having a thing with Finn even though he had no right. I liked the fact that he was hurt because it showed that he still has feelings for Meredith. But it was also a wake up call for him that she is not just gonna sit around and wait forever, shes gonna move on. That puts a bit of pressure on him which is what he needed.

    Meredith sticking up for herself for the first time was priceless. especially when Derek told her that what she did was \"unforgivable\" and she told him she doesnt remember ever asking for his forgiveness.

    It was very interesting the fact that derek broke up with her for the second time even though they weren\'t dating. It was like he emotionally broke up with her... and i think we all knew that wasn\'t going to last.

    I really loved the episode, although it was painful to watch bc of the way Derek was treating meredith bc he was so hurt.
  • Hate Derek

    From this moment on I hate Derek. I have just finished washng this episode and I am so mad at Derek. It was just to rude the way he talked about Meredith, and it's like he choosed Addison over her, what did he expected?! Meredith had to get over it and move on,
    Changing subject I find it very funny the thing with Dr. Torres in the bathroom.
    Considering all this was a great episode although i totally change my perspective of Derek, as well as Denny because he was also very rude with Izzie, she was just trying to help.
  • Pretty much all the couples in the show right now (not including Derek and Addison) are having problems and partially resolve them at the end of the episode. This includes another run-in between Meredith and Derek.

    Awesome episode. More drama that all people love to watch and feed on, I can\\\'t wait to see how this all plays out. I will also add that I was not very impressed with Derek this episode; actually, more so. I already was not very impressed with him at the season 1 finale, but now this has grown by leaps and bounds. Also, we see that some of the characters are definetly maturing (namely, Meredith and Izzie) and we see more depth to them (for instance, seeing Denny as something other than a playful pervert).
  • Good for Meredith! Finally Sticking up for herself!


    So often, Meredith lets people step all over her, and it was great the see her finally stand up for herself. Derek moved on, he chose Addison and she can heal in anyway she wants to. He can't call her a whore, he was sleeping with someone while he was still married. If anything he's the whore. Good girl Meredith for sticking it to him!

    And I loved the part with Callie in the bathroom. Everyone has felt like that, like everyone's staring at them and she just had to get away. I kept thinking throughout the episode "She had to have washed her hands" because a surgeon wouldn't forget to do that.

    The poor hillbilly family. When Noah was talking about his big-haired wife it was so sweet. It was so sad what happened to them!

    And is anyone a little concerned about how blase Finn was when talking about his dead mother and wife? Sure, he's scary and damaged too, but he could be a little more emotional about it.

    Another great installment. Can’t wait for the next one.
  • Sooooo excited for next week!

    This episode really prepared everyone for the HUGE, 2-part, 3 hour, season finale! The character development with Cristina, McDreamy, Izzie, and even George's girlfriend Callie was amazing and exciting. I can't wait to see what this INCREDIBLE cast will put on for us in the season finale!!
  • So good.. Amazing can't wait till next week.

    Merideth dates (not does) Finn (aka Doc's vet). George and Callie get in a fight when Izzie and Merideth tell him that Callie doesn't wash her hands. (She does) Christina is in a good mood only to find out that Burke is in a bad one because she fell asleep during sex.. Derick goes carzy on Merideth after thinking she slept with Finn which she didn't. He almost calls her awhore. (When will they ever get back together? ? ? ? ?) Merideth admits to Derick that when they were dating she thought he was the one and she was done looking for anyone else. It was kinda tear jurking. Can't wait till nex week
  • How do you fall asleep during sex?

    Meredith and Derek are finally done! Yes, oh how I have waited for this day. Obviously their friendship was doomed as they continued to flirt with each other constantly. Derek is pissed at her for dating someone else which is totally understandable, but sadly not justified as he ended it. I could have done without Meredith’s self righteous speech about not being a whore, as I despise her, but she did have a point.

    The show opens with a very funny and awkward scene of Dr. Torres peeing in front of Izzie and Meredith. Word on the street is that she doesn’t’ wash her hands. Do girls really walk around each other topless? Please tell me my pillow fighting fantasy is true as well! I feel Torres’s pain. I like to pee with the lights off and door open and I have scared many an unsuspecting roommate. Still you got to wash your hands girl. I hate how some guys are like “if I unzip carefully and don’t touch my penis at all, then I’m in the clear.” What about splash back, the dribble effect and shake off? We all know you can’t handle that kind of pressure, so do us all a favor and wash afterwards!

    This is definitely on of my favorite episodes of the year. It did an excellent job balancing the medicine aspect of the show with the doctor’s social lives. The show focuses on one patient, a young pregnant woman, badly injured in a car accident. The accident is caused by a surgical intern who fell asleep at the wheel. The show brings up an interesting point. These interns are required to work insane hours on virtually no sleep and yet we are supposed to trust them with our lives? All the interns sympathize with him as they have all fallen asleep in odd places and the accident could have just as easily have been caused by one of them. Hell, Yang even manages to fall asleep during sex. Yea I’ll take the doctor that doesn’t fall asleep during intercourse please. Thank you! How do you even do that, honestly, I know sex can be tiring and all, but like was he still in her?

    The young woman’s injures prove to be very extreme and all the doctors must do damage control on her in a last attempt to save her life. It was very cool to see all the doctors working together to save her life. Alex is left out of the picture as “she Shepard,” apparently she no longer merits a name, orders him to watch the babies heart rate. Alex is pissed off that he is being sidelined, but ends up playing an important role in saving the babies life, as all the other doctors seem too absorbed in protecting the mother’s life. The mother dies on the table, but the team manages to save the baby. Addison congratulates Alex on a job well done; in an attempt to bury the hatchet. Alex simply responds that now the baby will have to live without a mother and storms off. Does he ever stop being a jerk? I mean at least she is alive and has a father and loving family.

    Parting Thoughts: Trying to place the surgical intern guest star? Harold and Kumar go to White Castle? There now you can sleep at night.
  • Yue broke me.....

    When I saw Meredith stand for herself to Derek, and telling him you dont get to call me a w..., I shouted:
    YOU GO GIRL!!!
    Now? seriously? he got jealous NOW?
    He actually broke her heart and its her business how she choose to mend it (although my friend Meredith goes around a lot), and, well, we all know that being friend with an ex its a risky business so...

    Im in love with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny), its amazing how he makes me react to his lines, the way he feels about being a lesser man glued to a bed; and Izzy jumping to his bed? CUTE.... so they better find him a heart or else....

    About Alex, I'll just say what I have been saying about him: he may be a jerk, but he love being a doctor.

    And last but no least, Callie. I want a girl/woman who will come and tell me straight to my face that she wouldnt feel like Callie did, after those looks from Mer and Izzy in the bathroom (grow a spine, George!)
  • Probably the best episode to date. We got to see everyone develope, even if we didn\'t like their development (McDreamy) but it was great. A tear jerker & I never cry over a tv!

    I think Shonda did amazing in this episode as well as all the actors & everyone else involved. The \"Hillbilly Family\" touches you in a way you wouldn\'t even think possible when you\'re first introuduced to them. And the intern from the other hospital...AMAZING!!! You feel so bad for him, knowing that the result of everything is the last thing in the world he wanted.

    You get to see Meredith for the first time actually stand up for herself & be strong against Derek of all people. Who as much as I love him, needs to get off his high horse & see how wrong he is to be mad. But him being made & a jerk actually just proves how much he loves her.

    You get to see Alex, actually have a heart & wonder that even if he is the spawn of satan, there still might be some good to him.

    George finally gives Meredith a brake, & the husband in the accident, lets him know it\'s OK to love someone (Callie) that\'s different then your friends.

    Such an awesome episode!!!
  • McDreamy are you kidding me? You no longer have the right to get mad.

    Getting jealous and upset beacuse Meredith has moved on with her life with the McVet? This guy is unbelievable. Did he really expect Meredith to sit around and pine away her life in celibacy waiting on the off-chance that he leaves his marriage for her?

    I do love the drama of it though. Love truly does make you act in some very irrational ways. I could feel the energy rushing through his body and the jealous anger and near rage that he was feeling.

    That is what I love about this show, it pulls you in so that sometimes you can't even catch your breath from the powerful emotions that get transferred into your body from the show.

    I love that.
  • This may have been the best Grey's Anatomy yet. It gave such lovely resolution to so many issues. A serious accident, with horid consequences set the stage for the resolution of so many sores that had been festering the whole season.

    I gave this episode a score of 9.8 because I had to save room for the last three. This was one of the best Grey's Anatomy shows I have ever seen.

    The apology of the intern who caused a car accident and the resulting act of forgiveness paved the way for George to actually forgive Meredith. That George would tell Meredith that he would see her at "home" was so touching. That it was followed by Callie's gentle suggestion that George would need to protect her from "those girls" was delicious. George, whose hair is looking fine, is finding his own fallibility and becoming a man.

    Derek, oh, poor Derek. Meredith dared to stand up to him, and tell him her true feelings. That certainly made him love her all the more. How many of us have had to walk away as it was the only way to cope. Of course, that they are "finished" was such a lie.

    The tiredness of an intern. Cristina falling asleep before Burke was finished. The intern healer falling asleep in his car after a long shift only to hurt people.

    Izzie calling Denny a "dirty boy." Not necessarily the most romanctic of words, but definitely the way Denny needed to feel that moment.

    And then there was Finn, who exposed his own humanity to Meredith in such a lovely way. He didn't hurry her to do the same, he just told her that he was damaged, too. Let us remember that Derek would not reveal himself, or his marriage to Addison, to Meredith, even when she asked.

    Alex delivered a baby is such an Alex way.

    How can Grey's get better than that?
  • Mederith and Derek go at it as the staff takes in a family banged up by a another driver.

    "You don't get to call me a whore!!!\"-Meredith.

    Yep this episode had it all. Another great episode and all users are right it was excellent. For me the highlight had to be Meredith asserting herself against Derek who was an ass. He probably didn't mean what he said about Meredith sleeping around but she gave it right back to me.

    The story with the family in the car accident was incredible. More great acting by everyone involved. It was good to see Alex come up as the hero by saving the baby with the c-section instead of waiting for Dr. Shepherd to show up.

    George was great as usual too. Meredith’s confrontation left her shook up but she ended standing tall. Chris
    O'donnel as Meredith's shrink/possible boyfriend had a brief part but was great too.
  • Hilarity and emotions, always supperbly mixed in a fine episode such as this.

    I knew Callie would eventually wash her hands, she was just too uncomfortable with the other girls chatting. And George should have stood up for her.

    The huge fight made it seem like Meredith and He-Sheperd will never get back together again, and I actually am very happy about that. I think everyone has totally forgiven She-sheperd for her infidelity because she has become my favorite character. (It's kinda evil of me but I think Addison should cheat on Sheperd again...with me)

    Yang falling asleep while doing it with Burke. Hilarious. Too bad we didn't see the scene actually happen, they just talked about it. And I laughed out loud when Yang said, "Burke forgave me..." and then someone else said, "He didn't forgive you." And Yang's face was just priceless.

    The Izzie and the guy who would die any moment (I'm prediciting at the season finale) was interesting. I wouldn't want to be in his situation, still strong and virile but not able to do anything about it. It was nice that Izzie 'slept' with him, but it's just gonna make his death more difficult for her. I wonder if she'll last as an intern.

    But the main storyline was very engaging. An intern fell asleep while driving and caused a family to lose one of their family members...the one who was pregnant nonetheless. I can't believe there that many doctors were needed to perform surgery on her. And Karev actually did a decent thing for once, saving the baby. And the father of the dead girl coming to the room of the intern who was sorry was another good emotional scene that we expect from G's A.

    I never watched E.R. even at its prime, and I could only wonder if it was actually this charming of a show. So much has happened in this season of G's A that it feels impossible to be just one season. That's the mark of an excellent season for any show. The last time I felt like this was the first season of the OC, but then again, the first season of the OC had more episodes that usual.

  • gotta say the new season started on a low note but after tonight it really got good , Making Meridth stad up to Derrick was good, nd Izzy and Deny seems to be going well.

    I gotta say this has to be one of the best Episodes i have seen on Greys Anatomy in a while, the writers has to be aplauded for there fine work, plus i am glad that Grey put Derrick in his place about time she showed him, yeah but as i said before this episode was was Wicked!!
  • A man turns his car into oncoming traffic and hits a pregnant woman, her husband, and her parents on the way to her baby shower. Cristina falls asleep on Burke, Izzie and Meredith continue to make fun of Callie, Denny wants to go home, and Derek is mad at

    Okay, I cried 5 times during this episode. The first time was when Derek implies that he\\\'s calling Meredith a whore. Meredith furiously explains to him why he does not have the right to call her that when he is the one who left her and broke her. Derek tells her it\\\'s over (their \\\"friendship\\\") and they part.
    The second time was when Omalley has to explain to the pregnant woman\\\'s parents that she might die. Her husband tells Omalley about how much he loves her.
    The third time was when Denny bursts out on Izzie, telling her how he can\\\'t stand being a strong man, in a weak god forsaken body. He wants to go home and he knows Izzie\\\'s the only one who can understand him, but she doesn\\\'t so he gets fustrated. He hates being monitered by a battery.
    The fourth time was when the father of the dead patient forgives a very sorry patient, the man who hit his daughter in the car accident.
    The fifth time is when the vet, the man Meredith is seeing, reassures her that she is not the only one who is \\\"damaged\\\" and \\\"scary\\\".
  • We rush through the life making so much damage to ourselves and to the others.

    One of my favorite episodes. Absolutely hilarious at first but turns out at the end painful to watch, so sad and heartbreaking.
    Crisitna and Burke face the new problem in their relationship while Meredith ends it all with Derek.
    Massive car crash occured just outside the hospital and ambulance are arriving full of bloody broken car crash victims all who need to be cut open.
    The whole family is in the hospital, Noah and Melanie they are husband and wife and she is pregnant and her parents. Her parents were absolutely hilarious and their acting was amazing. At the end it all turned out to be catastrophic. Denny tells Izzie the real situation he is in. One of the best Grey's episodes and one of the sadest. Absolutely can't miss.
  • This is episode really moved me...

    This episode was really sad. So practically what happened was there was a car crash. In one car was a man who fell asleep behind the wheel for only seconds and he also happened to be a intern (from a different hospital). The other car had 4 people: A pregnant girl, her husband and her two parents. I don\'t ruin the episode but when the Intern goes to appologise to them about what he did. I was crying!!! It felt real....
    Also in the episode Derek was really mad at Meredith because he thinks Meredith slept with Mark. Addison is putting a lot of pressure on Alex and he plays an important role in saving someones life in the episode.
  • good episode with strange development regarding alex

    Finally the whole soap opera relationship between Meredith and Derek is over. And finally George is talking to Meredith. The episode is really nothing out of the ordinary ( for this show ) but it is a good development of the plot. Alex is slowly becoming an apprentice of the \"she Shepherd\" although he seems to dislike that. I didn\'t see this one coming but it\'s an interesting development. Danny is back again and it seems like his relationship with Izzie is getting really serious. Interestingly enough, Burk seems to have nothing against the doctor - patient relationship. Overall it\'s a very nice transition over to the finale.
  • Finally...

    Finally meredith is out of her sadness. She's sticking up for herself.
    It has taken long enought for her to come out of it thought.
    Also, O'malley is talking again to her and she found her new McDreamy.

    Again I have to say finally because at last there was a great episode again. The precious episodes were good, but not great.
    There was an extrordinary medical case and the stories between characters were good.

    This was an amazing episode, I especially liked it that they had to call in all the docters. That was a great but also sad scene, since the girl died.

    I'm hoping for some more great episodes but I don't think that will be a problem!
  • Where did the good episodes go?

    Flash back... third grade and everyone hates the new girl. Thats this episode in a nut shell. Izzy calls herself George's best friend but countinues to ridicule Calli, and Meridith isn't much better. After she breaks George's heart the least she could do is accept his new love interest, but no. Then Christina falls asleep while she and Burke are having sex. Do all surgeons have bad sex because this is the same issue from last week. And what right does Derek have to call Meridith a whore when he himself is a adulturating liar? The only enjoyable part of this entire episode was that Alex saves the baby.
  • Clever, Interesting, Unpredictable

    This was such a cleverly plotted show, it acted as though it was tying up some loose ends, with Meredith and Derek, and with Alex and Addison, as well as with Meredith and George. But then BAM we have some new drama between George and Callie, between Izzie and Denny, and between Christina and Burke. OH MY ... how will it all be resolved before the end of the season?

    Well,that's what makes all dramatic shows interesting, it keeps revolving around different and new sticky situations. YAY.

    The Unpredictibility of this show is what keeps us coming back for more!!!

    Kudos to the writers, staff, and of course the actors for their brilliance and hard work!!!

  • Dr. Torres used the bathroom, didn\'t wash her hands, izzie tells George and he worries the whole episode about it. an intern from another hospital hits a car and makes a lot of damage on a pregnant woman. McDreamy confronts Meredith.

    wow. i cried, i laughed, i can\'t believe the stories the writers came with every week, it just keep getting better,
    Alex i want to hate him, but with that face, who can. Great acting for Francis Fisher, I liked the conclusion, Love the music I thought it was so right on the money. only thing i see wrong is interns discussing their love life or trivial problems in front of patients, does that really happen at hospitals, yuck! superb job by denny, and just a thought, does anybody thinks Izzie and Dr. Torres look a little bit alike, I do.
  • High comedy and crawl into bed and cry all at once. Fantastic!

    This episode is exactly why I love this show, the writers and the actors. A wonderful episode.

    Starting with Christina happy and bubbly, was really something to see. A truly high comedic point of the episode. Add in Callie not washing her hands while naked in the bathroom and Alex resenting Addison, and all is well with this show.

    Than you add in true drama, true hardcore stuff and you've got the making of a real hit! And that's exactly what was done here.

    Every character and actor shown in this episode. They al had a small plot, all of which helped further the story of the show. Couldn't have been much better.
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