Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 9

Dark Was The Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on ABC

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  • Alex and Meredith are stuck in an ambulance in the middle of nowhere, Teddy's husband bites the bullet, and Callie and Jackson almost killed a patient.


    The decent character development occurring in the first few episodes of the season is put on hold because:

    a) It's sweeps.

    b) Scott Foley (Henry) has been signed for another show.

    GREY'S ANATOMY is no longer a well written show. It used to be well written. But those days are long gone. Sure, there are traces of quality work here and there. But there is no consistency. That's what makes it weak.If it's not a weak character/storyline, it's the weak way a potentially good story is being told.

    Meredith and Alex trapped in an ambulance in the middle of nowhere? Seems VERY old hat. No suspense. And Henry's death? I suppose that could have been powerful... if I cared about Henry, Teddy, or their relationship. Why don't I care? Because, the writers never developed them properly.

    Please, GREY'S ANATOMY... have the discipline necessary to bring strong scripts to the screen... you know, like you used to be able do (pre-drowning.) I'm sick of this underachieving.

  • Wonderful episode, got a link: :)


    Thought it was very well done, especially because it was a "dark night" as well.For the past few weeks Meredith and Derek have tried to regain custody of Zola in the aftermath of Meredith's trialwhen she interfered with Derek's Alzheimer's trial. I wonder if she would make the same decision if she had it to do all over again. I thought things were looking up for them after Alex managed to wrangle a hearing for them in front of a judge; but the social worker notified Meredith that their journey is over. It's a crushing blow to the couple, and it looks like Meredith is giving up on the idea of motherhood, at least for now. Derek feels like he pushed her into the decision and is now afraid of losing Meredith.

  • Couldn't catch my breath .


    Thisepisode was one of does exciting ones we used to see on Grey's as there was a time when it was getting a bit boring ..but being a great fanIstill watched every episode ...this one was great ...the ending was so in your face I don't think anybody expected that ....the part of Henry yes , was waiting for that, but not the superb ending . when is the next episode please does anybody know ? thanks .

  • fantastic episode

    the best I've ever seen of GA
  • Heartbreaking yet Brilliant! (contains spoilers)


    What a brilliant yet heartbreaking episode! I never expected Henry to die, I really thoughtChristina would save him. Gutted they killed him off, he was such a great character, and gorgeous too! I was hoping he was going to be a med student in the next season!

    I feel so sorry for Teddy and it will be awful to see her reaction when she finds outOwen lied to her in the theatre about Henry's vital signs being stable. I cant believe he did that, he should have just stayed outside until she fiinished her surgery. I also cant imagine how Christina is now going to cope with the fact that they didnt tell her it was Henry before she operated.

    Also an interesting twist to the stranded abulance surgery and will be interesting to see Alex & Meredith's reactions to the repurcussions of their decision to stay inside the ambulance. Theystayed to save the baby's lifeyet in the end it appears 3 other people died when the car hit their ambulance!

    Cant wait for the next episode and am hoping their isnt a long break now until the next one.

  • This is one of the best episodes throughout the season.. it was intense, exciting and sad, all the same time.


    They could have used better their time with the other dramatic lines, as some seemed useless (callie's) for this episode in particular... but, in general, i knew from the beginning what would happen with henry, when teddy and him had the conversation about med school i knew right away he'd die, it always happens with characters who look too much into the future or look forward for it..

  • One of the most intense episodes ever (spoiler alert)


    The level of intensity in this episode has not been matched since last year's season finale. There was so much going on and all of it was life and death, but the key component was how the storylines tied in to each of the characters' personal lives. I hated that they wrote Henry off and killed him. This will cause a deep response and change in Christine Yang and allow her character to develop further, but at what price?

    Meredith's own conflicted emotions upon losing Zola are swirling inside all the while she and Alex try to save a premie and the whole thing goes wrong with the ambulance breakdown and then the subsequent crash that they survive, only to find the carnage outside the ambulance when they finally step out.

    There's going to be a lot of fallout from the events of this episode and one can only hope that it brings out the best in the writers. I think this was one of the most well-written episodes I can remember since I started watching the show.

    A lot of emotion all the way around...

  • No. No, no, NO!


    I am SO mad! I can't believe they wrecked the only thing left that made me watch the show. Don't get me wrong, I love the show, but I just can't believe that they killed off Henry.
    Through his surgery, I wasn't worried at all. The last thing I thought would happen was this. Man, I'm SO MAD!
    I actually waited for the scene where Cristina would run in to the OR and save him. Boy, was I disappointed at the end of the episode.
    Amazing episode, though. One of the best this season.

  • Such a dark night....


    So far, this is the best episode of the season. Intense, intense and intense. It's sad though that they killed off Henry... didn't expect that. I can't wait for the next episode - how will Teddy react. Will she hate everyone for 'killing' Henry, hm.. I hope she doesn't leave the show too :-(

    It's also a mystery what happened in the middle of the road that killed at least 3 people. This feels like a season finale! Writing and directing were good. One feels the intensity between the characters - like when Christina found out that she was operating on Henry the whole time. The change in her disposition was so intense. Good episode!