Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 9

Dark Was The Night

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 10, 2011 on ABC



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    • Alex: Are you okay? You're bleeding. (Mer opens the baby's incubator) Mer, what are you doing?
      Meredith: Get me a blanket. I'm taking her out.
      Alex: Mer, put her back in.
      Meredith: She just got thrown around in a plastic box. She needs to be held. I'm not putting her back in.
      Alex: Are you okay?
      Meredith: No, I'm not okay.
      Alex: Mer, listen, we got to get out of here before this thing blows.
      Meredith: Well, how are we gonna do that? She's connected to a million things.
      Alex: You got the bag and the baby, I'll get the o2 tank and I.V and we're gonna disconnect her from the antibotics.
      Meredith: Is that gonna be okay?
      Alex: Yeah, it's gonna have to be.

    • Cristina: That was pathetic.
      Alex: Shut up.
      Meredith (laughing): She told you to go screw yourself, we could hear it all the way over here.
      Alex: It's not 'cause she wasn't into me.
      Cristina: Oh, does 'go screw yourself' have some secret meaning that we're not aware of?
      Alex: I kind of already knew her... I just didn't remember.
      Meredith (smirks): You slept with her before and forgot about it and then tried to pick her up all over again?
      Cristina: You're not even drinking.
      Meredith: I have a history of Alzheimer's my family. What's your excuse?
      Alex: It's O'Malley's fault. I mean, talkin' about dead people, it throws me off my game, that's all.

    • Owen: It's not right.
      Richard: Who's gonna take over in the middle of a bypass? There's a woman on the table who dies if Teddy walks out of that O.R.
      Owen: It's her husband, Richard.
      Richard: Yeah, and another hour isn't gonna change anything. Goldman's on his way. Tell her then.
      Owen: She's my friend.
      Richard: You're not her friend right now. You're the chief of surgery.
      Owen (sighs): If she finds out that I waited, she will never forgive me.
      Richard: Her husband just died in our O.R. She'll never fogive any of us.

    • Mark: I offered to time share Sofia with Derek and Meredith if they don't end up with kids of their own. He said no.
      Arizona: Why?
      Derek: Because your child is not a rental car. We're not gonna take her out one week a month.
      Arizona: Have you seen her? Because she's heart-stoppingly adorable.
      Derek: You're missing the point.
      Mark: He's missing the point.
      Arizona: No, she's delicious. She's addictive. Why wouldn't you want to parent her?

    • Teddy: Hey, how's it going with Henry?
      Owen: Oh, they're done. You almost finished here?
      Teddy: Oh, it's gonna be awhile. Torres missed a loose screw in this woman's spine, it tore apart her whole left venticle. I've never seen anything like it. I put in a patch but I still need to reinforce it with a muscle flap. It's just... It's a mess. Hey, will you-- will you check on Henry for me and see if he's feeling okay? I told him I'd be in post-op and I wasn't in pre-op. I'm-- I'm a bad wife.
      Owen: I'll-- I'll take over here. You can... You can goo out.
      Teddy: With all due respect, but you are out of your depth. (looks at him) Why does your face look like that?
      Owen: Oh, there was an ambulance broke down on route 2, so we... we lost contact.
      Teddy: Oh, I hope everyone's alright. Ugh, route 2 at night? It's awful. Going over all those mountains? So... Henry wants to go to med school. Can you believe it?
      Owen: No.
      Teddy: I mean, I-I squashed the idea like a bug, which I feel awful about, but I mean, come on I mean, a med student at his age? That's crazy, right? Or-- Or am I just a terrible person?
      Owen: No.
      Teddy: No, I'm not, or it's not crazy?
      April: Ugh, the patch isn't holding.
      Teddy: Ugh, we cannot get a break here. Alright, let's try to pledge it. Will you check on him? And lemme know how it's feeling? Would you?
      Owen (sighs): Yeah, of course.
      Teddy: Oh, and, you know, if you get bored, I mean you could mention that med school is a long haul and that he may want to get a degree in something else. Oh and he's a real stoner on dilaudid. (laughs) So, don't be surprised if he compliments your eyes.

    • Teddy: Oh, hello, again. How's he doing?
      Owen: Uh, he's fine, woozy. Uh, vitals are good.
      Teddy: Did they run a post-op C.T?
      Owen: Uh, not yet.
      Teddy: But Cristina felt that she got good margins?
      Owen: Oh, yes.
      Teddy: Did she figure it out? Who she was operating on?
      Owen (laughs): No.
      Teddy: See? I told you. Sometimes her lack of interest in a patient as a human being can come in handy. Did you talk to Henry about med school?
      Owen: No.
      Teddy (laughs): You're a coward. You know, if you think that you're off the hook, you're wrong. I mean, this could ruin the next five to ten years of my life. You do understand that right? I mean, helping him study for his MCATs, quizzing him on anatomy? I couldn't go through that again. I'll put a bullet through my head.

    • Alex: Get out.
      Meredith: Alex.
      Alex: Go! There's no reason for both us to get killed.
      Meredith: Well, I'm no safer in the middle of the damn road!
      Alex: I'm telling you to get out of the damn rig.
      Meredith: Alex, if you wanna go, you go. We're not gonna fix your guilt by you letting me die in an ambulance so I-- (someone hits the ambulance)

    • Callie: Avery put pedical screws in a woman's spine this week, and one of 'em turned out to be tearing holes in her left ventricle.
      Bailey: Whoa.
      Callie: I can't-- I ca-- I can't even breathe right now.
      Bailey: Yeah, well, come on. It's part of the deal. We have to let students operate. They don't always get it right.
      Callie: I was reading a magazine.
      Bailey: Hey, come on. Now, don't beat yourself up, we all do it.
      Callie: I know what J.Lo wore to the coffee house. That's what I was doing.

    • Owen: Hey, you want some help?
      Cristina: Why?
      Owen: Well, his pressure dropped out.
      Cristina: Oh, there was a knick in and I cauterized and his pressure came back up.
      Owen: Okay, but what if it was a carcinoid crisis?
      Cristina: Uh, I doubt it. But if his pressure drops out again I'll think about a dose of octreotide.
      Owen: Cristina--
      Cristina: I'm on a clock. What is your problem?
      Owen: Cristina, there is a patient on the table. Let go of the clock and focus on what you're doing.
      Cristina: I am focused. I'd focus a whole lot better if you weren't standing here with your pants on fire.
      Richard: We got it, Dr. Hunt.

    • Alex: You know, why not try adoption again?
      Meredith: Social services just took our kid away. What do you think, if we wait a week, they'll forget and give us a try with a new kid?
      Alex: Alright. So get a surrogate.
      Meredith (sighs): Alex.
      Alex: Why not?
      Meredith: Because I don't want a surrogate. Okay? Just drop it.
      Alex: No. You just don't give up like that.
      Meredith: It's nice that you care, but it really isn't any of your business.
      Alex: It is. It's my fault. I can't handle being responsible for you not having kids. It's too much.
      Meredith: I... It's not your fault.
      Alex: Yeah, it is.
      Meredith: No, it's my fault. I got the ball rolling. I messed with the trial. What you did was turdy, but what I did was illegal.
      Alex: Who cares? You don't just give up. It's lame. You're not a quitter. That's not who you are.

    • Cristina: Maybe it's not the end. You'll call the lawyers in the morning, and m-maybe there's something else that you guys can do.
      Derek: Meredith didn't want kids. I pushed her... She opened herself up. Now I feel like I... I did this to her.
      Cristina: She wanted it, too. Or it wouldn't have happened.
      Derek: She'll blame me... like I've been blaming her. We lost Zola and now if I lose Meredith...
      Cristina: She always comes back. She might need a minute to back away, but... she comes back.

    • Owen: Hey, Teddy's got a patient with a endobrochial carcidnoid. She wants you to take care of it.
      Cristina: Now?
      Owen: Yes.
      Cristina: Why can't she do it herself?
      Owen: Well, she's working on a woman who almost bled out in the E.R. So, uh, she can't do it.
      Cristina: Well how about Goldman?
      Owen (sighs): She's giving you a chance to fly solo on a major procedure.
      Cristina: I know, but we just did a similar one. I basically handled the whole thing myself while she planned the menu for what sounded like a really boring brunch. And I'm supposed to do my first Bentall procedure tomorrow. It's from my bucket list. I'm practicing my steps. You wanna see?
      Owen: Okay, drop the damn suture and go scrub. Alright?
      Cristina: Okay, relax. This better be fast. I want to be fresh tomorrow.
      Owen: Cristina, this is emergent.
      Cristina: Yeah, I'm going. I'm just saying, I'm glad she likes me, but if she's going to call me everytime she has a procedure she doesn't feel like doing... I mean, I'm not her valet.

    • Henry: Can I tell you something kind of embarrassing?
      Lexie: Yeah.
      Henry: I want to go to med school.
      Lexie: That's not embarrassing.
      Henry: I wouldn't exactly be the youngest kid in my class.
      Lexie: Yeah, but you'll be mature. You'll have perspective. None of us had that in our class.
      Henry: Teddy's not crazy about the idea. We kinda had... a big fight about it right before all this happened.
      Lexie: Well, she might need some time to get used to the idea. None of this is easy on relationships.
      Henry: Well, you seem to do alright. Jackson, right? He's-- He's great.
      Lexie: Yeah, yeah. We're not together anymore.
      Henry: Oh. Um... Mark Sloan?
      Lexie: We're not together, either.

    • Teddy: Henry?
      Henry: Hey, babe.
      Teddy: I am so sorry. This woman's heart is spouting like a fountain for no apparent reason.
      Henry: That sounds like fun.
      Teddy: Well, if there was any way I could get out of here, I would.
      Henry: Don't worry about it. You can hold my hand in post-op. You were such a wuss before my last surgery, it's probably a good thing anyway.
      Teddy: Yeah, that wasn't my best work.
      Henry: We're an old married couple now. You don't have to drive me to the airport. You don't have to walk me to the O.R.
      Teddy: Well, I still want rides to the airport.
      Henry: Well, that's 'cause you're high mantience.
      Teddy: You know it.
      Henry: Okay, I'll see you after.
      Teddy: Okay. And Henry, don't ask for extra morphine just 'cause you like the dreams.
      Henry: Get back to work.
      Teddy: Love you.

    • Mark: She doesn't want any kids at all?
      Derek: Zola was her baby. She doesn't want another baby.
      Mark: Ah, she'll come around. She's upset, give her some time.
      Derek: I don't know.
      Mark: Look, it it doesn't work out you can always share Sofia. There's three of us parenting her already. Kind of work. No one is getting to exhausted, you're not on every night. We can work in the rotation.
      Derek: She's a baby, she is not a time share in Cabo.
      Mark: You're close minded. That's your problem.

    • Richard: Teddy. (shows her Henry's C.T scan) Right there. The bronchus. Judging by the ossification, probably a cardinoid tumor.
      Owen: Because of his tumor condition?
      Richard: Yeah. He's bleeding into his lungs and trachea. Lexie's prepping him. We're gonna take it out.
      Teddy: You gonna bronch him and use a laser?
      Richard: Uh, I was planning to open him up. Take out the lung, resect the tumor, and put it back in.
      Teddy: A laser is less invasive and the recovery time is much faster.
      Richard: I hear that. But I've never done one with a laser.
      Teddy: What?
      Richard: Not for this kind of procedure. And I don't want my first one to be on your husband.
      Teddy: Well, I... (sighs) Um, I think we should get another surgeon.

    • Teddy: Cristina.
      Owen: No, come on.
      Teddy: Taylor is on vacation, Goldman is 45 minutes away. I did an endobronchial tumor with Cristina last week with a laser. I barely did a thing. She did it all. We've done three in the last year.
      Bailey: Teddy, it- it's just too much pressure. Now, she's a resident, it's her mentor's husband.
      Teddy: She's a machine. She doesn't care if it's my husband.
      Owen: No, she's not. We can get Rudski.
      Teddy: Rudski's an ass, and he's sloppy.
      Owen: I think we should reconsider having Webber do this.
      Richard: I don't have anything to prove. If I'm not state-of-the-art, have Yang do it. There's no question that Henry's on his feet faster if we don't open him up.
      Teddy: Cristina doesn't have to know that it's Henry. Drape his face, don't show her the chart, give her a verbal history. You put a bronchoscope and a laser in her hand, she's not gonna ask for the guy's name and a family photo. She is gonna cut.
      Bailey (to Owen and Richard): Now, do you really think that this is a good idea?
      Richard: Look, I'll be there the whole time. If she has trouble, I'll go in and open him up the old-fashioned way.
      Teddy: Owen? (Owen is silent) Is he scowling?
      Bailey: Yeah. So am I.
      Teddy: Look, I don't like it either. Frankly, the only thing I'd be comfortable with is doing it myself. But since we all know that that's not gonna happen. The next closest thing is Yang. She's the only one who would do it the way that I would.
      Owen: Fine.

    • Alex: It's probably a mistake. You know, courts, they screw up all the time. You call 'em in the morning and--
      Meredith: It's over, Alex. It's been over for awhile. Everyone knew it. No one wants to say it.
      Alex: So-- So get a surrogate or whatever. You can't just write off having a family like that. Get Yang to carry a kid for 'ya, she gets knocked up with a drop of a hat--
      Meredith: If you don't shut up in the next three seconds, I'm gonna shove you out the back of the rig.

    • Teddy: Where's Bailey?
      Richard: Uh, Henry doesn't need both of us and we all agreed that you'd be less of a hassel with the former chief of surgery.
      Teddy: Nice. You're nice people.

    • Teddy: You're gonna be fine. You know that, right?
      Henry: I do.
      Teddy: Good. I just wish I hadn't spend the day trying to kill your hopes and dreams.
      Henry: You know, that's why I started spitting up blood, so I'd win. (they laugh)
      Teddy: I'm happy to have you go to medical school.
      Henry: You don't have to be happy.
      Teddy: No, I am-- I mean, I-I love med students. I'll help you study.
      Henry: You'll be my study buddy?
      Teddy (laughs): I'll make you flash cards.
      Henry: That's so hot, I'm not sure that I can handle it.
      Teddy: It'll be fun.
      Henry: It's your worst nightmare.
      Teddy: Yeah, whatever. We'll figure it out.

    • Derek: Maybe there's an appeals process. Did you ask?
      Meredith: I didn't.
      Derek: You talk to the lawyer?
      Meredith: I just got off the phone with Janet.
      Derek: We'll appeal. We'll sue the agency if we have to.
      Meredith: They don't think we should be Zola's parents, Derek. They don't think I'm trustworthy and they're not the first ones to raise that concern.
      Derek: Meredith.
      Meredith: They don't think I should be Zola's mother. She's gone.
      Derek: It's gonna be okay. (hugs Mer) Okay? We're gonna find a way.
      Meredith: Zola was our baby and she's gone, and I don't want another baby.

    • Cristina: Meredith is in the E.R.
      Derek: Look at this. Scalpels from the 1860s. I want to get 'em for Meredith.
      Cristina: She needs to talk to you.
      Derek: Oh, can you distract her? It's on eBay and I got 25 minutes left on the auction.
      Cristina: Derek, Janet called. (Derek looks at Cristina, and then runs out of the room)

    • Richard: Call up to C.T and tell 'em we're on our way.
      Teddy: Screw C.T and go straight to the bronchoscope. You need to find out what's down there.
      Owen: C.T will clarify what we're dealing with. It won't deal anything, and you're not his doctor. Richard is.
      Bailey: I hear he's good. I mean, I-I don't know. He's new around here.
      Henry: She doesn't like it when I'm in the hospital. It makes you wonder why she married a guy with chronic illeness.
      Owen: Masochist. Call me if you need anything. (walks out)
      Teddy: I'm coming up to C.T.
      Richard: I wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Cristina: What did Janet say? ... Meredith?
      Meredith: We're not getting her back.
      Cristina: Wh-What do you mean? What exactly did she say?
      Meredith: That we're not getting her back.
      Cristina: She said that?
      Meredith: She said that the court cancelled our hearing date, and when they do that, it means either one or two things. Either they look at our file and they love us and they're giving her to us, in which case they call Janet and they tell her that. Or... that they hate us and they're giving her to another family. And she didn't get the 'I love us' call.
      Cristina: Well, maybe they didn't get around to it.
      Meredith: She said that we should move on. That's what she said. You wanna know her exact words, were-- 'I think it's time that you and Derek start thinking about moving on.'
      Cristina: Oh my, God. (softly) How could they do this? You can cry.
      Meredith: I don't want to cry.
      Cristina: I know.
      Meredith: I'm never gonna see her again. (Cristina hugs her) Okay, stop. I don't want to cry.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover): I had a terrible day. We say it all the time; a fight with a boss, a stomach flu, traffic. That's what we describe as terrible when nothing terrible is happening.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover): These are the things we beg for: a root canal, an I.R.S. audit, coffee spilled on our clothes. When the really terrible things happen, we start begging the god we don't believe in to bring back the little horrors, and take away this. It seems quaint now, doesn't it? The flood in the kitchen, the poison oak, the fight that leaves you shaking with rage. Would it've helped if we could see what else was coming? Would we've known that those were the best moments of our lives?

    • Cristina: You know, I think I'm gonna time myself. Last time I did this, it took me like two and a half hours, skin to skin. That's too long. I think I get hypnotized when I watch that laser or something.

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