Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 4

Deny, Deny, Deny

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 16, 2005 on ABC

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  • Derek just sign the papers dude...

    Christina, who is a patient at the gospital since she lost her baby, doesn't want to be kept in a bed and just wondrs around the corridors stealing patients and doing the doctor. A woman who says she's a missionary takes pills to create symptoms to herself for no reason, and when Chrstina realizes that and tells Burke she's moved in the psych. A guy, Jeremaiya, suffers from cystic fibrosis and he's Bailey's patient for 5 years. He realizes his stete but he's in denial and hasn't told his parents about his illness. The only doctor that can operate on him is Addisson. He has to take the operation or he dies. He died in surgery and Bailey got really personal on him that she took his parents to inform them herself.
    A man with a bullet in his head says that he shot himself while he was cleaning his gun, but Shepherd heard him having a fight with his wife beause he was having an affair and she shot him.
    Addisson gives Derek the divorce papers but he hesitates in signing them.
    Ellis Gray makes George's life a hell since she wants to operate and later we learn that she was having an affair with Chief Webber when she kisses him.
    Alex gets Izzy to a date but when she tries to kiss him he refuses.
  • Overall, this was a wonderful episode with many highlights.

    I love this episode due to the following highlights:
    5. Addison 'Have you ever considered that even if I am Satan and an adulterous b**** that I still may be the love of your life. Fantastic quote, gotta love her.
    4. Bailey and her patient, who else wanted to cry?
    3. George as the babysitter. You gotta love ellis. Even if she did give birth to meredith. (just kidding ... kinda)
    2. Meredith finding the divorce papers, way to go McDreamy.
    1. Cristina crying nonstop and Burke finally coming around (a little overdue in my opinion but whatever) and getting into bed with her. priceless.

    My review is brought down due to:
    3. Cristina\'s mother, she was had good lines but I can see why cristina hates her guts!
    2. Kalpanah needs an acting lesson.
    1. Meredith pushing Derek way too hard. No wonder she lost him.

    Overall, I think the positives completely cancel down the negatives and the following acted extremely well:
    3. Chandra Wilson
    2. Kate Walsh
    1. Sandra Oh

    My favorite quotes are:
    George: You have a better patient than me and you don\'t even have a patient.

    Cristina: I'm trying to work out what's going on with the crazy woman on four.
    George: You are the crazy woman on four.

    Meredith: Denial. Its not just a river in egypt. Its a freaking ocean.

    Cristina: I distinctively remember you breaking things off with me and you didn\'t seem so upset about it so what\'s up with the big fake display of hurt and drama.

    Bailey: McDreamy go and sit by someone who cares.

    Nurse Tyler: I\'m telling your intern on you.
    Cristina: Meredith? Ohhh, I\'m so scared.

    Addison: Derek, have you ever considered that even if I am Satan and an adulterous b**** that I still may be the love of your life.
  • :-D

    Meredith's mom is still in the hospital.. and dr. MeDreamy seems to be in doubt on whether he should sign the divorce papers or not

    good episode :)

    Cristina is funny as the patient.. It's a whole new side of her and I find it hilarious. Also this whole mom thing who keeps bothering Cristina who doesn't like that at all!

    Derek and Meredith... Love them... Addison, i don't hate her but I don't want her to end up with Dr. McDreamy! Derek needs to make that decision and leave Addison.. Though I love the chemistry between Derek and Meredith!! :D

    Alex and Izzie... there seems to be little tension between those two... I'm interested to see where this is heading at.

    Overal a good episode which I enjoyed a lot
  • christina is recuperating with her mom in her room driving her crazy, meredith is dealing with the derek thingy...

    i love addison's character...i love grey's anatomy but i love it even more because of her...i want derek and addison to get back together, i like to watch them together! bailey as always is great and i like it that this episode showed her emotional side...she's human after all! christina's crying episode was funny, i guess it could happen to some people. at some point whether we like it or not we gotta let loose sometime or another...burke hugging and comforting christina was sweet!
  • I love this series!

    Cristina showing up for rounds in her hospital gown was priceless! Doing anything to get out of bed was very typical of her. At the end, it was nice to see her finally just cry. And her mom cracks me up. Definitely not your average Asian mother. I wonder from where Cristina got her drive.

    Why is Meredith so damn sensitive about her mother not ever wanting her in the room? She has Alzheimer’s. It’s not a personal attack on her. It’s just her mom’s disease! Then, she’s giving Derek a hard time again. After SHE was the one who kissed HIM. Addison is so much more tolerable!

    The confrontations between Bailey and Derek and the fact that George simply cannot keep track of Dr. Grey are also great. Dr. Grey’s and Richard’s romantic involvement was pretty predictable.

    The storyline with Bailey and her patient was touching. It was sad to see how persistent she was to save his life, to see her reaction when he died, and to hear her tell his parents.

    An excellent episode!
  • Meredith's mom is still in the hospital.. and dr. MeDreamy seems to be in doubt on whether he should sign the divorce papers or not

    good episode :)

    Cristina is funny as the patient.. It's a whole new side of her and I find it hilarious. Also this whole mom thing who keeps bothering Cristina who doesn't like that at all!

    Derek and Meredith... Love them... Addison, i don't hate her but I don't want her to end up with Dr. McDreamy! Derek needs to make that decision and leave Addison.. Though I love the chemistry between Derek and Meredith!! :D

    Alex and Izzie... there seems to be little tension between those two... I'm interested to see where this is heading at.

    Overal a good episode which I enjoyed a lot
  • Oh wow. I've fallen in love!

    I really should give a detailed analysis of this episode, but I'm so caught up in my love for the program that I just can't manage it. It was a sudden realisation, it struck my out of nowhere but I do love every one of the characters on Grey's Anatomy. It has joined my two favourite programs, ER and Buffy, to be a pillar of my triumvulate of favourites.
    While I used to view the program as an amusing tidbit, something to keep me occupied for an hour a week, a friendly program to make me smile, now, I see it for what it is: AMAZING writing, acting, dialogue and stories. Something not only to smile about, but to laugh out loud at, to share tears of happiness or grief, to feel for the characters and to dream about. A wonder.
  • I. Am. In. Love.

    One word,... repeated many, many times: Cristina! Cristina! Cristina! Cristina! I hate to overshadow title characters but for an episode that was supposed to be a season finale (and would have made a pretty great one but not as good as the one they picked) Sandra Oh blew Pompeo out of the water! Cristina won't sit still, Cristina and her mom, Cristina and Korean jokes, Cristina crying, Cristina giving in, Cristina and Burke. I wanted to cry, I wanted to hold her, I wanted to strap her down, I wanted to shake her until she snapped out of it and broke down already (because we all knew it had to be coming). If this doesn't get her that Emmy nothing will. I loved the scene where they didn't know what to do because she was being emotional (aka so-not-herself). I loved when she told her mother to go upholster something. But most of all I loved the end: When she looked up at Burke just like she did at the end of the fourth episode of last season, with tears, and pain, just begging him to take it all away... I fell in love. I don't know what more I could possibly say. About Cristina anyway....

    The music was pretty good but I've heard better (and I'm only basing that statement on this show's music). I liked the story arc of the last episode for the love triangle a little better but leaving it open with the unsigned papers was a good and almost necesary way to go. I can't wait till the next episode. It will be the "new" season and I want to see how things pick up, spoilers aside. There were certain points during this episode that I was laughing and/or crying so hard that I didn't know what was happening ( - which is why I tape every episode). I have ditched Crossing Jordan for this show and it is well worth it. Readjusting myself to the school/work week used to be easy on Sunday nights because nothing was ever on to watch... but that is so not true anymore.

    Take my right arm, Take my toe, Take my leg, Take my clothes, but please oh please don't take away my Grey's Anatomy.
  • I can't get enough of this show....

    With the character developement on this show each week it leaves you wanting for more. We see emotion but not so much that it turns soapy. We see struggle and frustration. I cannot tell you how many medical shows flip on either side of to much drama or none what so ever. The best part of the show for me personally is when they do address medical issues in surgery they do not show to much. I don't like the gore. So its a pleasant balance between the over showing and undershowing.
  • who knew Cristina and Bailey could be emotional?

    What a great episode. I love how Grey's Anatomy just keeps you on your toes. In this episode you see everyone's weaknesses including Miranda Bailey and Cristina Yang! Not to mention, the very cocky Alex now has something to be scared of. Plus let's not forget the Addison-Derek-Meredith love triangle. Now if only they gave George and Izzie some exciting parts as well it would've been the perfect episode. It was a shocking ending but definitely a good call on ABC's part to not make this episode the season finale.
  • Another great episode, I love this series.

    This episode was your average, for Grey's Anatomy - there was laughing and crying (what every good show needs). This show was about a recuvering Christina, who was trying to get back to work as soon as she could. And throw her mother into the mix, great television. The episode showed another side to Bailey, when an old patient passed away. The patient had CF, which I have family members who have that, so that hit close to home. Also the love triangle between Merideth Shepard and Satan continues. Shepard needs to make a decision. In the end of the episode Meredith finds the unsigned divorce papers. This was a good episode, but not exactly the best finale. This was suppost to be a finile, but I think the way they ended it before was much better. With Shepards wife coming, and stirring things up. Can not wait til next week.

    I laughed, I cried, I cried, I cried. This show has sucked me back into watching a show religiously. I don't have tivo and this show is making want to get it. I think the writing and acting on this episode is Emmy worthy. Oh my, just can't wait until the next episode.
  • Dr. Bailey tried to help a patient close to her heart. Dr. Addison Montgomery Shepard served Dr. Shepard with divorce papers. Christina proved to be a terrible patient. George had trouble keeping track of Dr. Grey.

    I thought last night's episode was phenomenal. Each week we are learning more and more about the characters and seeing completely different parts of their personalities. Last night was no exception. I was shocked, but warmed to see the softer side of Dr. Bailey. It was something that needed to be shown. We all know she can be tough. We also saw Dr. Burke's compassionate nature at the end when he got in bed with Christina. I am amazed at how they add so much to the storyline every week. I was not at all surprised when Ellis and Dr. Webber shared a kiss. I am curious to see how much more of their relationship will be revealed. Every week I look forward to this show more than the previous week
  • As usual, riveting stuff, but one of the most subdued "season finale" episodes I have ever seen...

    some nice character development/revelations in this one. and more than one of them had my jaw heading toward the ground... though certainly not as revealing as the last few episodes, this one still packed some punches... the hospital drama was nicely bookended by scenes at Joe's bar, both vastly different in tone, though somehow not that dissimilar in what they were conveying...

    A general theme of the things we do for love & attention was subtly played out in many ways, which in my opinion is the kind of thing that makes this show above average.
  • A big tearjerker.

    This episode was a real tearjerker for me.

    Addison apparently gives up and gives her husband the divorce papers, because that's obviously what he wants. Think again! Derek seems to be having second thoughts about signing the papers.

    We all know that Bailey has a soft side, and that is revealed in this episode, when Bailey can't save one of the patients, who is well known to Bailey.

    Cristina won't stay in bed, insisting that she is, in her words, 'just fine'. She eventually breaks down, and at the end of the episode, Burke does something that caught me by surprise.

    And we all know that Alex and Izzie have been getting closer, so I wasn't exactly surprised when Alex asked Izzy out on a date.

    All in all, this episode reveals the relationships between Cristina and Burke, the Shepard-Grey-Shepard love triangle, and Alex and Izzie.
  • This episode felt lke a ride in a rollercoaster!

    It's clear to me why this episode was intended to be the season 1 finale. You have all those different storylines, and they are all of equal importance, not like a normal episode with a major story and some side events. My fave character is Alex Karev, and the fact the episode ends with a cliffhanger about his medical degree, left me dieing to know what would happen next.I also started to feel sympathy for the Nazi who loses a beloved patient in this episode. Lucky enough it was a regular episode, so the next episode was already broadcasted the day after!
  • Denial is something so regular.

    Cristina's mother comes to the hospital to check on her daughter but she doesn't do well with mothers.
    Kalpana Vera a girl with seizures comes to the hospital but Crisitna, even thought she is supposed to be on bed rest, is stealing the case and she solves it saying that the girl is taking pills and doing it to herself.
    Jeremiah Tata, a very dear and near patient to Miranda Bailey is brought to the hospital but he dies on her surgery. Samuel Linden is brought to the hospital with GSW to the head. It turns out that he cheated on his wife and she shot him.
    This episode would be perfect for 9.0 but the ending with Crisitnas break down was absolutely HILARIOUS !
  • An unusual episode! Cristina is mad, and Ellis can\'t get any worse (I\'m talking about her personality). And, I don\'t think crying fits Cristina.

    An unusual episode! Cristina is mad, and Ellis can\'t get any worse (I\'m talking about her personality). And, I don\'t think crying fits Cristina. Then again, it was a weird episode. Cristina was crying!(?). I don\'t know, as far as it looked funny to me, when she told that she was going to kill her mother, it was terrible to see Cristina crying, crying doesn\'t fit her.

    And Ellis is gone wild! Burton\'s character is definately funny, and I think she did a great job. But, if you don\'t count Cristina and Ellis, this was just an average episode... hmmm, but Izzie and Alex are getting closer... =)
  • Christina is driven mad by her doting mother.

    Addison's prolonged stay doesn't help the triangle of love and Meredith is getting edgy.

    As Christina tries to battle her mother and return to work she has a break down and has uncontrollable fits of tears. It shows brilliantly what she has bottling up inside and that only Burke can calm her down shows she still likes him.
  • i love this program!

    it was an ok episode,most exciting was watching christina and burke, now that was the best part, and also when dr bailey was trying to revive jermiah it was a show stopper. the rest was just ok.mcdreamy is a mcidiot as far as am concerned, whats there to think about? its either you want or you walk away, we all live this life ony once and there no room for looking back or sitting on the fence. all the same i love this program.
  • As Cristina tries to recover, she proves to be a very difficult patient, and a visit from her mother doesn't improve her demeanor any.

    I absolutely loved this episode!! I laughed my ass off cause of Cristina! So funny!! At the end it was kind of sad though, but I just loved what burke did! That was so sweet! I really hope they get to be a couple!! Another good thing about the episode was the 'nazi' showing her human side, I liked that al lot. Well I can honestly say this was a series classic!!

  • Part of my life story told..

    This episode was very personal to me in the way that I had experienced the event that Christina Yang(Sandra Oh) had. I have gone through an ectopic pregnancy and lost my baby and lost my one of my tube. I believe it was portrayed beautifully. I felt myself reliving my painful day but it was wonderful for people to see and understand this happens to good people. It can be a roller coaster ride of emotions for a person to go through it, it is a "I can't believe this happened to me" to a "This is not real". But no matter how long you deny your feelings, it will catch up with you. Crying is the only way to truly let yourself go. I love Sandra's character, Christina Yang, because she is similer to me in that I don't let my emotions show. Maybe it is a fear of showing weakness. Sandra Oh performed this event with such grace and I am not surprise in her recent award. Good for her. The only script writing I didn't think was accurate was how Christina's mother handled the situation. If you know any real asian mothers (especially right off the boat), they would have not been so calm about the event. Overall, I give the episode and Sandra Oh a 10!!!
  • Denial seems to be the recurring theme in this weeks installment, Christina's recovering from surgery at Seattle Grace, Addison and Derek are doing the divorce dance, with Meredith waiting in the wings, Izzy and Alex make plans, and Bailey tries to save a

    After weeks of Meredith being my favourite, Christina stole the spotlight, from keeping me in stitches to having me reaching for the tissues...
    In an episode that saw every major character denying or atleast trying to deny something, we saw a little more of everyone, whether it was Bailey's eternal hope while trying to resussitate Jeremiah or Derek agonising over his divorce papers.
    This week shone a light a little more deeply into the psyche of the lead characters, we saw just a little more of the people we love to watch...
  • Relationships come to a head.

    I've only been watching this this show for a few weeks but it's becoming a favorite. Cristine's character is one that I can really like. Her scene's with her mother are great stuff. We learn about how the relationship between Meredith's mother, Dr. Ellis Grey and Richard was different in the path.
  • This episode is about the charicters trying to find themselves.

    I loved this episode, it showed how every character in this show is getting well defined. This show shows every character in a different light than they were in before. This episode was awsome for Greys Anatomy standards.

    Addison IS Satan, no just in the way she acts, but she looks like what Satan would choose to look like.
  • This series delights in showing the trials of the interns and residents. This episode is no exception.

    The title refers to the process that most of us take to help us cope with life's troubles. We deny we are in trouble only to have life show us up.

    This is by far the best that we have seen out of Bailey. Shows usually go the route of showing the good side of the bad guys sooner or later. It looks like all the work they have done to humanize Alex has gone for naught. It looks like the proposed relationship between him and Izzie is doomed before it even really begins.

    Ellis Grey's relationship with the Chief is a happy surprise. It does beg the question, is there something in the water that makes everyone that enters the place unfaithful? Maybe it is all that rain.
  • YES!

    This show just keeps getting better and better! Finally some emotion from Bailey and Christina... not too much, but just enough to show us they really do have feelings! Awesome!
    Dr. McDreamy had better make up his mind soon- it's nervewracking and he needs to choose. I know it's an important storyline to drag out, but come on!
  • Better and Better

    This show is really growing on me. All the couples experience events that threaten, push and pull at their relationships this week. The final scenes between Burke and Cristina and Shepard and Grey were genuinely touching, not over the top. And Isaiah Washington was pitch perfect.

    If there's one complaint though it would be that while I'm pleased with the level of character development, the medical side seems to be getting short shrift- relatively little airtime and full of cliches. Case in point, this week it was a woman making herself sick for the attention. Given the number of shows with Munchausen subplots (law and order SVU, ER, Lifetime mow, House, etc.), I'm thinking it must be an epidemic.