Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 21


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 26, 2007 on ABC

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  • OMG! Poor Addison!

    It was a thrilling and a little funny episode, but it has a lot of bad things to debate about.
    Good things were the tension environment, jokes about the penis fish, and that's pretty much it.
    Everything else was just wrong. I hated how they treated Addison: Alex with the booty call and Mark lying. I really had hope! I wanted Addy and Mark to be togheter. Mark should have told her the truth; if I were him I would have said "Addison, you slept with someone else, and I wanted us to be togheter, but if you care that much about me, I think is for the best that we stopped trying." Maybe Addison deserved that from Mark, but certainly not what he got with Alex.
    And I am starting to hate Derek. I really don't know why is he doubting about Mer. Well, right, maybe she's different, maybe she's not that ol Mer, but he shouldn't have said what he said, and certainly not after having sex. About George and Izzie, I have nothing to say, but I think Callie did the right thing. About George's call, I think it's the worst idea, to run away of trouble like that is just lame and a pity.
    Grey's Anatomy is not the same as we saw in the beginning, 01x01"A hard day's night", or in 02x18"Yesterday" when new trouble arrived, or even 03x14"Wishin and hopin" when everything changed in a blink of the eye. The last 3 episodes were just okay, and it lost that GA spice of whatever you wanna call it thing that it had that made it so great to watch. It's been 3 episodes below 9 (in my marks), or no episodes above 9.30 since 03x17(in this page's marks). Oh, that's no good for the show!
  • Great episode.

    Anyway, this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy was a big, big improvement. The show actually seemed like itself again, so hopefully, that means this creative dry spell is coming to an end. Or, the writers are just gearing up for May sweeps - whichever.

    I'll start off with my favorite part of the episode, that being the big moment between Addison and Alex. I was so afraid this pairing was a dropped idea that the writers were just playing around with, so I'm glad to see that they haven't forgotten about it. Ironically, the fact that they're not officially a couple makes it even better because that's what makes the most sense for the characters. Neither have been able to make strong commitments in the past, so it's only logical that they wouldn't be able to make a commitment to each other. Mark's involvement was great too, and I like that the whole "dirty mistresses" thing hasn't been forgotten.

    Callie confronting Izzie in the elevator was nicely understated, and didn't go over the top as it easily could have with lesser actors. Fortunately, that's not a problem on this show. I also liked that Callie ended up giving her study cards to Cristina rather than George. One of the things I'm gonna miss most if Addison does indeed get her own show is the Callie/Addison friendship, so I would not mind seeing Cristina and Callie becoming friends at all.

    I didn't care about the whole wedding cake subplot, probably because I care even less about Burke. And don't even get me started on Isaiah Washington, but that's neither here nor there. Also, was there something going on with Meredith and Derek? If so, I sure didn't notice it. They were like wallpaper in this episode, but then again, that's definitely not a bad thing to me.

    Other random thing's about this week's show were the penis fish" case (classic Grey's Anatomy), despite how physically uncomfortable it may have rendered me to think about it, and the nice little scene at the end of the episode where Dr. Webber told Bailey she couldn't do everything. Good, solid episode overall.
  • I loved this Episode! I really liked the end but some of it was kinda Boring to watch a little. The end was the best. My favorite quote on this Episode was by Derek saying "I spent the scariest hour of my life trying to breathe for you." Cute and sad!

    My favorite part was when Derek finally told Meredith what was bugging him I had waited forever for him to tell her. But it was kinda sad the way he said it with his little Speech saying "I love you, and I want you. But I don't know if I want to keep breathing for you." I don't think she will be trying to kill herself anytime soon from what Denny said. But they do make a little Progress each time. I thought it was sad though that Meredith never knew about Derek rescuing her from the water.
  • Plot: Derek contemplates dumping his suicidal girlfriend. Alex finally sleeps with Addison, and the chief gets his groove back. Of lesser note, an Amazonian fish swims up some dude’s penis For tv reviews

    Plot: Christina and Burke move forward with their wedding preparations. Derek contemplates dumping his suicidal girlfriend. Alex finally sleeps with Addison, and the chief gets his groove back. Of lesser note, an Amazonian fish swims up some dude’s penis.

    As I sat watching this episode of Grey’s on my DVR, I posed the same question aloud to myself as I do every episode; why am I still watching this show? As a busy man, I have many other shows that demand my immediate attention. How long can I be expected to ignore the sirens call of NBC’s “the real life wedding crashers”? It isn’t that the episode was bad per say, it just has become utterly predictable, and when your show features ludicrous plot twists the likes of which day time soaps such as “Passions” could only dream of, predictability is a pretty sad thing.

    Why are the writers incapable of expressing their characters feelings without using their patient’s lives as direct conduits? Izzie and George continue to struggle with the consequences of their affair and lucky enough they are both assigned to a case involving the very same issue of infidelity! Queue up some hip new music from the Fray and a shot of George staring at Izzie’s boobs and we got ourselves a magical moment folks! Setting aside the fact that their romance is not believable at all, Callie is utterly convinced she is about to lose her marriage. If you have to beg another woman not to steal your husband’s attention than your marriage has little foundation left to stand on. Grow a pair and dumb his ass.

    Eva uses her incredible eavesdropping abilities to give Alex the inside scoop on Addison. Her sex bet with Sloan isn’t going as either of them had planned. Who would have guessed going without sex for an extended period of time wouldn’t have been a blast! Deep down, Addison knows that no matter how long Sloan can get by on self loving action, in the end he is still a man whore. Alex, on the other hand has shown a real sensitive side and a newfound sense of maturity. Unable to resist her overwhelming desire to make babies before the winding down of her biological clock deafens us all, Addison jumps Alex in the closet. Afterwards, Alex gives Addison the cold shoulder and she walks out of the hospital thinking WTF? If I hadn’t just eaten a delicious slice of pizza, I would have projectile vomited after watching Meredith trying to placate Derek with her cuteness. Will Derek leave Meredith to become chief, will their love stand true and conquer all, will I put a bullet to my head? Stay tuned for the two hour season finale!

    Parting Thought: I wonder how long Addison can manage to keep her legs closed with Taye Diggs around?
  • 9.7
    i loved it except the end DEREK is an ass!! i was crying in the end because of wat he did to meredith and addex was cute except when he dumped her and mark is a good guy after all. it was funny what he said to meredith but i derek is an ass poor poor poor meredith after all she experience with her mom dad addison and all the only person she trusts her bright shinny whatever is giving up on her poor meredith i understand that derek is confused about it but he shouldn't have said these things know when meredith is trying to be all that he wants her to be and not right after sex i mean before it would be good but after it now about addex there soooo cute and i mad at alex for dumping her and im mad that she's leaving. i mean that if she didn't leave then alex and her would have not gone out in the begining but after a while they would and it would be good to see what derek and mark's reactions would be and see izzie's reaction but it was a great episode and EPANDGREYLOVER FOR LIFE
  • Good episode.

    I like how the episode starts. Brings a good vibe right away. But of course, it's Grey's Anatomy, so the ending is a bit sad. What I like most about medical shows are the cases we get. This episode features (finally) an interesting and rare case of a fish near the bladder, for lack of a scientific name AND a guy's brain fluids draining out of his nose. Stuff like this is rare on Grey's Anatomy, sadly. Dr. Karev and Dr. Montgommery. The two love birds... who aren't exactly in love. Nor are they going out. What we learn in this episode about them is what I thought would be the best for them. Alex and Allison would seem very compatible, but indeed, he is not what she wants. She learned the hard way.

    Now, the most interesting conflict in this episode is between Callie and Izzie (who should have known better!). George is an idiot and should leave Callie because he OBVIOUSLY doesn't love her. We all want Callie to be happy, right? Being with George at this point isn't the right thing for her to do.

    Preston and Christina, however, seem to get it right. They are so diffrent, but they work very well together, as a couple. Couples don't need to have a bunch of stuff in common in order to work. That is a great display of the opposite being true. I love these two.

    Meredith and Derek are so-so in this episode. Derek whines a bit about how Meredith didn't swim and so I guess he doesn't know if she is worth fighting for, I don't know. I lost interest in them a bit because of Derek being so whiny for the last few episodes before this one.

    Desire is all over this episode. Callie desires George's full, undivided attention, Izzie wanting to let George do the right thing, but at the same time, wanting the man, Meredith opens up and communicates because she desires to make the relationship with her and Derek to be great, Burke desires Christina's approval on which cake she prefers, so on, so forth. Conclusion: It was good, nothing super exciting happens, but we get to advance more into the lives of our beloved interns.
  • Burke pressure's Yang to pick a wedding cake. Addison and Alex sleep together. Mark's 60 no sex trial has a conclusion. Izzie struggles with the affair between her and George. Things get weird with Derek and Meredith.

    After dealing with the consequences of telling Derek he's hovering Meredith realizes she doesn't want him to be so absent, so she lets him know this. Derek seems to avoid Grey all through the episode in a way, and distances himself. After the two make love back at his place at the end of the episode, he tells Grey he doesn't know if he can keep breathing for her. Things might not be ok between Derek and Meredith. Bailey has to share the clinic with flake case Sydney, who thinks Bailey is doing nothing but trying to impress people with her ability to be potential chief. The clinic meets a man with a nose problem that appears to be a cold, but turns out to be a condition where the man is leaking spinal fluid through his nose. After being evaluated by Derek we find out the man's brain is seeping into the base of his own skull. The team saves the man. Larry, the chairman of the board winds up in the hospital and we find out a fish is lodged in his penis which appeard to have gotten there by swimming through his stream of urine when he relieved himself in the Amazon. He has a mistress and wife. The wife reveals that she knows about the girlfriend, and the two women wind up leaving Larry after he survives his surgery. The wife tells George that the wife always knows, which i'm sure sent a shiver down George's spine. Izzie is still struggling with the fact that she and George had an affair, and she leaks the news to Burke. Callie sees there is something going on between George and Izzie so she confronts Izzie in the elevator and basically asks her to back off. At the end of the episode we learn that George plans to transfer to Mercy West. Burke pressures Cristina to choose a wedding cake, which she doesn't seem to thrilled to be doing. Ultimately she picks the red velvet, the cake that Izzie told Burke was the winner. Alex and Addison have sex, but then things turn weird. Mark knew something was going on so he told Addison that he broke his 60 day no sex pact by sleeping with someone, thinking it would make things easier for the two of them since he knows Addison doesn't really want him, and he has to let her go. Alex's Jane Doe has a seizure and needs an emergency caesarean section. She and the baby pull through. Addison confronts Alex about his relationship to the patient, and i'm thinking that was out of jealousy. The impression i'm under at the end of this episode is that neither Alex nor Mark seem to be that into Addison anymore. Mark had propositioned Grey, but she told him that revenge sex was not the way to go, and to be an adult and let Addison go the right way if that's what he wanted to do. Larry gave the chief an earful when he came into the hospital. Chief warns Bailey that if she spends too much time at work, she might someday not have a family to go home to. Great episode, i can't wait to see the next one.
  • that fish in his p*nissssss ewwww

    blerghhhhhhh how disgusting was that fish in his penisssss when they took it out i was like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew thats not cool mannnnnn you hear not cool!!!!!!!!!!!
    and then this man's wife said "the wife always knows" and george realized that callie knew about his relationship with izzie!!!!! i cant believe he is going to go to mercy west! he cant! i love him a lot too much!!!!!!
    and burktina at the end when she said her fav cake and it was the same as his and they started kissing i was like aaaaaawwwwwww cute :D
    but with addison getting rejected i was like stupid alex!! it made her feel bad! cant do that to addisonn :( she's nice :D and then mark lied cause he didnt have sex with anyone its only a way to make her jealous isnt it? i mean i didnt see him having sex :D
    and merder was absolutely heart least he told her what he what his problem was...cause if not i would have gone into the series and told mer!! heeeeeeey he doesnt like thisss mer listen :D
  • So much emotion on here!

    As there has been so much emotion into one full
    Hour but it turned out really well. As McSteamy is
    Doing his best not know do what for sixty days
    Will he do it? As Derek & Meredith question their reltionship. Izzy is confronted by Callie about her relationship with sweet George. As a new chief will be announced. Everybody is wondering who could that be!
  • "A fish in a man's penis?" Seriously?!

    This episode was special of sorts. First because it brought a lot to discuss due to some characters' decisions, like Burke's attempt to make Cristina take a share in the marriage decisions, but giving up in the end, Addison's giving up and sleeping with Alex, Alex hurting Addison's feelings afterwards, Derek dumping Meredith, Callie begging Izzie to end her friendship with George, Izzie's decision to do that and his subsequent decision to leave Seattle Grace immediately.

    I mean, in the next episode almost all characters will be depressed and most likely two major things will derive from this. First, Addison's decision to make a vacation, which will lead to the already announced Grey's Anatomy's spin off pilot. Second, and I'm more and more convinced of this, Richard's decision not to retire. Of course there will be Cristina's wedding, too, but since the "depression" is probably going to be stretched to more than the two following episodes (not to say until the season finale or, more probably, next season's opening) I'll wait to say more.

    Stay tuned! Because you may lose something even if you blink!
  • Finally: Addison and Alex ^^

    I know that Addison is gonna leave because the actress has been offered a deal for a spin-off show. I will really miss Kate Walsh on Grey's, her character has grown on me so much!
    I felt really sorry for her in this episode. It seemed she finally got what she wanted and got over Mark, but then both men reject her, leaving her questioning Seattle. The storyline (Addison leaving) is really well prepared and I can totally imagine how it's gonna come!

    What's with Derek? He waited so long and went through so much trouble to be with Meredith. How can he question it now? I totally understand that Chief Webber doesn't want Derek to become Chief so that he won't jeopardize the relationship with Meredith. But I have this feeling that he will mess it up... I really hope he doesn't, though, because I don't want them to break up. But when it's the season finale, that's what they do on Grey's: the put Meredith and Derek together or let them break up :D

    I love Izzie and George! I must say I'm a bit sorry for Callie, but I want them to end up together. That's why I was so devestated when George said he was gonna transfer to another place. I get that he wants to save his marriage and is afraid the attraction to Izzie is gonna ruin it, but I still hope he'll leave Callie!

    What can I say? I can't wait for the next episode. This one was funny, well written and made me wanna see how it goes on soon!!
  • ...urrrrrgh. the show is starting to get boring.

    Seriously, I love Grey's Anatomy, even though from my previous episode review, and from the one you're about to probably does seem like it.

    But ok, this episode...while it wasn't awful or anything, was just boring.
    Does no one remember the good old days where you would be laughing hysterically at George & Izzie's antics, the cut-throat competition between the interns, or Meredith's horrible luck?

    The show just isn't like that anymore. I watch it, because as a fan, I'm dedicated to the show...but it's just not developing anymore. I guess since there was so much development early on, it's hard to keep that up. The show is just going right back to where it started though -- Meredith and Derek issues, Addison out of the picture, and Alex being a complete d*ck -- only with more complications. George and Izzie being stupidly in love. Derek being an ungrateful jacka$$ that he has the woman he loves with him; throwing it all away just for the Chief's position. And Christina and Burke are just annoying. They're two of my least favourite characters, so this might seem biased, but it doesn't change the fact that they're annoying. Burke is thoughtful and nice, and Christina is just plain unpleasant. She doesn't even care about the wedding. Or maybe she does. But I don't think she does. She's just so...horrid.

    Anyways, my review really doesn't seem like it has much to do with the episode. Buuuuuuut that's because nothing happened!!! George and Izzie realized there in love (ooooh shocker, they already knew this). Christina and Burke decided on a wedding cake (oh my gosh, no way, a wedding cake!?). Addison made a poor sex choice (uhhh when has she not done that before). Derek's being a jerk (...). The Chief may not retire (uhm, you've already made the decision not to before, just make up your mind already).

    See what I said before? About it sounding like I don't like the show? The review is quite negative, albeit truthful. I just don't like where the show's headed...if it's getting this boring now, and they have to constantly be changing everything SO dramatically to the point where everything that happens now has happened's in trouble.
  • Burke makes cristina try wedding cakes. george comes to a decision. callie comfronts izzie and asks for her husband back. and is derek goin to end things with meredith?

    I am an avid fan of this show. i love it and tune in every week... but i have to say i am getting fed up with the writers never letting derek and meredith just be together for a decent period of time. it is getting stupid and if they split them up AGAIN i am goin to stop watching this show. the callie scene with izzie in the elevator i thought was fantastic. i think that callies part was played beautifully in that scene! addison and Alex hooking up in the on call room was brilliant, but i felt so sorry for Mark because he haddd been faithful to the deal. "Eva" and her little Seattle Grace soap opera was a good laugh. i liked the episode but would like it more were derek and meredith left to be happy.. because lets face it its getting reallllyyy annoying!
  • hmmm...a penis fish...

    So the truth comes out. McDreamy finally tells Meredith that he worries that she didn’t swim and he had to breathe for her. I like that McSteamy became the better man for a moment and lied to Addison about cheating so it would get her off the hook. He realized that he wasn’t what she was looking for. So why did Alex have to show his true colors again (after being wonderful with Eva) and be a jerk to her. So the penis fish was the funniest thing that I have seen on that show in a while. But I am kinda over this recurring theme of infidelity. There are people out there that can keep it in their pants and I’d like to see that for a change.
  • Superbly great episode.

    "Desire" in this episode most probably refers to the desire for love and sex in a relationship. This desire causes problems between our favorite SGH interns and residents.

    Meredith communicates more with Derek, but Derek is still in a dilemma in choosing between chief or Meredith. Burke and Christina start planning for their wedding. Addison shows desire for one of the interns. Jane Doe is the latest SGH gossip columnist. Callie confronts Izzie about George. A SGH board member has a fish up his penis literally. A clinic patient's running nose ends up turning into a major surgery case when Bailey makes all the wrong choices.

    Meredith and Derek's relationship doesn't seem so perfect when Derek feels the need for Meredith to communicate. Also, just like in recent episodes, Derek is having doubt about their relationship, thinking that he can't have both a successful relationship and be a good chief of surgery at the same time. One of the more interesting Meredith-Derek plots out there. Another factor plays in instead of the previous Addison and veterinarian.

    Burke and Christina can't decide on what cake they should have for their wedding when they start planning for the big day. Preston decides to get the opinion of the hospital staff when he gives them free samples. I'm looking forward to their wedding, but planning hasn't been so much fun to watch.

    When Jane Does over hears Addison chatting with other members of the hospital staff about how much she wants Alex Karev, Jane Doe can't help but to tell Alex herself. When Addison and Alex end up in an argument, they end up doing the McNasty in the janitor's closet. Sloan catches them, and ends the possible Mark-Addison relationship. I feel sorry for Mark in this one, he took all the blame for what Addison did. It actually showed he could be a decent guy, and that he really loved Addison.

    Callie notices Izzie and George's closeness, and decides to confront Izzie. Callie still doesn't find out about Izzie and George, but Izzie still feels very, very guilty. I'm still following this plot and still hoping that it turns from good to great.

    The patients in the episode were great. The first patient, a board member for SGH, has literally, a bone up his penis He also has relationship problems that a lot of our favorite interns and residents can relate to, especially Izzie and George. The other patient is a man who has come to the clinic three times in a month and was sent home by Bailey, due to a running nose. In this episode, Bailey finds out that a running nose is a huge understatement for the condition that the patient is in. I really liked both of the patients in this episode. Their sicknesses were really interesting.
  • Addisex was on!

    Finally, the showis back on track. Now tell me why the last three episodes haven't been like this? Addisex made my day like never before and I cannot believe I like Kate Walsh even more than before. I know, it's not possible. But, the episode was good and felt very much like season 2. They ditched the dark areas and they ditched the soapy scenes and they came in with bright areas and just hysterical scenes. I am so excited for next week's episode that I don't think I'll be able to contain myself until then. I need the spinoff and I've seen some clips and they look really good. For a complete review of the episode:

  • What we really want?

    Another great installment.
    Izzie and George try just to be friends but Callie wants her husband back and George is thinking about transfering to Mercy West.
    Cristina is so into studying for her medical board exams and Burke is so into his wedding stuffs. Meredith knows that something is not right with the relationship with Derek and it doesn't work out normally. Alex and Addison did it and Mark found out and he told a lie telling Addison that he broke the vow.
    Jane Doe had a surgery and her baby is fine while other surgeries were extraoridnary like the one with penis fish and the affair thing with the helper and wife !
    Amazing and loving episode.
  • Fantastic

    Another great episode. Well written and yet very painful. Best tv shows at this moment.
    I only want to focus on the Der / Mer relaionship. The Mer / Der relationship right now is very sad. Meredith feels bad for telling Derek he was "hovering" so she says she's going to communicate more, but she can't see that he's the one who's being withdrawn and distant now. Meredith goes to see Derek at his trailer, apologizing again for the hovering remark. But when she finally notices he's not happy, he tells her he can't get over the fact that when she fell in the water, she didn't swim. Ever since then, he's been trying to breathe for her, he says and he doesn't know if he can keep doing that. She says she should go and he doesn't stop her. I don't think they broke up. And Derek once promise her that he always shows up
  • One of the best episodes I've seen on Grey's. A lot of the characters changed in this eppy.You got to see different sides of them. GEORGE CAN'T LEAVE!!

    Wow this episode was really good. It wasn't my favourite but it was one of them. I reallly really reallly hope Derek and Meredith don't break up I want Derek to realize that he can't live without Meredith!! George can't leave!!!! I love George he's one of my favourite characters on grey's! And Sloan. I felt bad for him when he saw Addy come out of the on call room with Alex. He was committed to not have sex for 60 days and he was getting soo close to finish having sex and then Addy goes and has it with Alex. I hope Sloan tells Addy the he knows about her and Alex.

    When Sloan was with Meredith in the scrub room for some reason I thought that Meredith was going to go with Sloan to the on call room but she didn't so I was glad. I'm starting to like Callie more now at first I hated her but now she's getting better. Im glad she gave those cards the Cristina.Anyhow thats all I can think of for now.

    Can't wait till next Thursday!!!!!!
  • So, good parts and bad parts...sad parts and happy parts...and

    Well, we got ourselves a penis fish in who I think, rightfully deserved it. Why? Because he cheated on his wife? No, no. This...punk, that's right, punk, tried to tear my Chief down and that's just, uh-uh. So Larry tells the Chief that he wants him to do the surgery and find out what's wrong with him, not the attendings, because the Chief is the best. Wait, wait, he *was* the best. This guy goes off on Chief Webber like he is the King of the Amazon, and after that, I was done with him. You mess with my Chief, and I hope that penis fish makes your testicles explode.

    Alright, end of that mess. This episode shows what Grey's has been, and always be about:characters. That's right. Now we all know it's a medical show, but admit it, relationships have always been a big draw. So, what do we learn about our favorite doctors? Quite a bit.

    Burke/Christina: I'm going to say that I'm not a fan of Washington...because of you know why, but I do like Burke and Christina has always been the best. However, the two of them really stole this episode because it was about cake and the one relationship that is somewhat solid. Of course, I probably shouldn't say this because...well they've had their fair share of drama and more is sure to come.

    Izzie/George/Callie: Well...George is transferring...away...leaving...Seattle Grace. Or so we are led to believe. Personally, I thought "Gizzie" was pretty much dead and too much, but now, I think I'm more open to the idea of tension between the *possibility* of Gizzie, but not the actual relationship. Did that even make sense? Anyways, Callie's scene with Izzie in the elevator was, I don't know, anti-climactic for me. Callie, Izzie and George have been *bestbudsforever* and you have a feeling they're even more, and you ask the woman to give you your husband back. Wow, just...flat. But Izzie had some good hair.

    Addison/Alex/Mark: That's right, there was some Addisex tonight in the oncall room. Weeks, months, of tension boil down to a hot kiss scene and ten seconds of awkwardness after. Mark so stole this scene though because I for once, felt sorry for the guy, and I have never once felt sorry for him. Come on people, Mark is good...well, he has the potential to be good. And Alex, I think he is a commitment-phobe. Is that right? Ava, or Eva, as I've been told, tells Alex that Addison's looking for the good guy...and it so happens she wants him. Leave it to Alex to shut Addison down at the end...which I still have mixed thoughts about.

    Mer/Der: So apparently, Derek doesn't want to breathe for Meredith anymore. Maybe it was just me, but I thought she was breathing for herself. I mean, she *was* communicating and trying with the man. BUT no. No. He has to get all, I want to be chief but I love her so much. Granted, I understand that he almost lost her, and he's afraid of losing her again. Still, I think he should get over it. You've lost her twice, Der! So what if she quit fighting, she's trying to make something good come of it, to start fighting, and then, oops, you've changed your mind. *Sigh* That window of silence after she tells him she'll go, and he just...just lays there, and you can see the disbelief cross her face, killed me. It just...I don't know.

    Anyways, where do our characters go from here? Does George leave after realizing things will never be fine? Does Alex become the good guy he really is, or will he revert to his macho man ways? Will Bailey ever go home? (Joke, people) Can Derek get over his drama and learn to live in the moment? Will Meredith be able to keep fighting after he's already let her go? Is Burketina going to get married? Does Addison leave Seattle Grace?(Again, joke, since we know she does) And above all, will anyone ever get some peace?!
  • First off, yeah,okay so I don't have a first off. But I did just finish watching the episode and here's my thoughts.

    Oh my George is going to go Mercy West I wonder if he really will. It was so sad too when he told Izzie. And the stuff with Derek and Meredith. I just don't know what to say I wanted to cry. This is not looking good for them. As for Alex and Addison, wow that sucked at the end. They would be so cute together and I don't mean just for the sex. Alex, Alex,Alex what are we going to do with you? I thought it was funny how Cristina had everyone else trying the cakes and then how she chose the cake Burke likes at the end. Yeah, that's it.
  • I'm not sure anyone got what they desired and I'm not sure that this was a desired turn of events in the lives of the doctors and interns at Seattle Grace...

    I wish I could say I loved this episode. I mean, I loved the beginning, because for a few moments it was like the good ole days. Those moments passed and once again we were left with all the "will they or won't they" melodrama. Honestly, I don't love or like Mer/Der. I don't love what has happened to "Gizzie"... two incredible friends in love but trapped by a quickie although valid marriage. I DID NOT love Alex... seriously, grow-up. I didn't love the Chief or Bailey. I left this episode empty. Where are my suck-ups and Seattle Grace doctors?
  • This is the best episode of this I have ever seen!

    Oh my god I just finished watching this episode and I can honestly say I have never watched a show and connected so much with it. I mean my god I have been worried about Grey's since its hiatus in March but this is brilliant! I mean the ending! I feel so sorry for Adisson and Alex. His whole commit phobia coming back to haunt him. He clearly loves her and just needs to realise that she is perfect for him. I can actually imagine them with the kids and white picket fence!! And Burke, he loves Christine so much. I hope we get to see the wedding and they don't do the predictable thing and ruin it. Let there wedding day be great please!! Derek is being a bit of a plank, but I can kind of understand his worries. She didn't try and swim!! George transferring, I can't see it happening but?? The penis fish was an interesting side story and I can see Richard staying on for a while longer. I saved this bit for last because I think that it's the most revealing thing. I feel sorry for Mark Sloane i.e. ManWhore. He actually loves her! I was amazed. I mean he gave her a get out to make it easier for her. He actually done the manly thing. I mean I'm still in shock at how good this episode was!! It was amazing and I applaud all involved in making this show. It made me feel something very strange and unmanly, but it was the best feeling I've ever got from a fictional event. BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT!!
  • My Husband is my penis fish"! i have desires too. . .

    let me begin by stating the obvious -- i get why we all have desires and for the most part, we can't always get what we want, when we want -- may be it's in our best interest as ppl that it doesn't happen that way all the time. for izzy & george, she couldn't pretend any longer that all was "fine" b/w the two of 'em. she obviously wants him more than a best friend, they're 'kesmic' for one another, and i'm starting to think george may feel the same way too for izzie, but doesn't have the desire to be honest and open 'bout it. b/c he jst can't. he's married, remember??! and i love the penis fish" metaphor 'bout b/c in essence, it's true, at least in izzie's case. poor callie, you know she's 'bout to blow the fuzz up, when she sees her hubby feeding another chick cake so tryin' to keep her cool in light of it all, especially w/ the "give me back my husband" speech was very big & noble of her -- though i was seroiusly hoping to see some hair-pulling and eyes scratching of the two women. . .i guess i'm thinkin' of another show. . .J-e-r-ry?!

    i really am shocked at mark. i know that his intentions for letting addison off the hook was very noble and admirable but i don't think addison was aware of that. so we're starting to see mark in a whole different pace i might add, and i'm liking it a lot. now for alex, if he didn't reject addison sooner or later, it would be out of character for the most part. him goin' on with "you're not my girlfriend" speech is so him, and it's not him being mean, it's jst he's jst bein'. . .well, alex. what i'm interested in seeing his and mark's reaction to the news that our addison has hit the road. . .and may be for good.
    and is anyone goin' to claim our ava? i'm lovin' burke and he's becoming more endearing than i could say for derrick. so much has happened thru the course of this season alone and for the two of 'em to have metamorph, as we see it transcends in their relationships is quite a development to say the least. one thing is for sure, burke isn't interested in becoming chief, but der is. we see how burke's hand almost jeopardized his career, credibility, and christina so what does that tell us 'bout what's in store for der???! and i'm relieved that der felt the need to be up & honest to mer 'bout his feelings (finally), basically call her out on what really happened that day she drowned; so may be it's time for the two of 'em too cool off things a bit. take a step back and reevaluate. b/c lets face it, mer is definitely der's penis fish" and the poor guy feels like he's being sucked dry from mer and that usually ends badly for everyone a part of it.

    the wedding should be a fun and frilly epi and i'm looking forward to it, especially having both moms there.
  • great episode, just about what the show is, relations...

    I thought this was a very good episode, mainly beacause it was especially true to the show's spirit, that is to say relations between people and their difficulties.

    What mainly struck me was what Meredith said at the end "those who suffer the most, are those who don't know what they want"... it actually made me cry (yeah, i know,i'm a pus*y) coz that's my state of mind right now and I actually feel guilty to feel sorry for me because I can't seem to know what I want. So the fact that some people would think that not knowing what you want makes you suffer the most, well that made me feel better about myself^^ and I'm so loving the show right now (not that I ever stopped lovin' it).

    As for the episode, I loved how relationships evolved (or didn't really) and I loved the interactions between the characters, coz everything seems so real, like how you would react in real life and what Cali said to izzie (about stopping stealing george from her) really touched me.
    What else could I say, oh , I know, the last scene of the episode, with addison going home alone, and then taking a look back at the hospital, that might hint at what is to become of her character. (I so don't want her to leave the show, even if it's to have her own spin-off)
  • Izzy and George try to just be friends, Addison tries to choose between Mark and Alex, and Derek confronts Meredith about the problem with their relationship.

    What an extremely sad but good episode. I loved how Izzy and George tried to just be friends in the beginning but it did not work out. I felt so bad for Callie and how she kept seeing them acting like more than friends, and I thought her speech to Izzy in the elevator was so great. I think it is so sad that Izzy and George may not be able to work out their relationship and George may have to transfer to a different hospital. I love this storyline and I really want it to work out for Izzy and George. Although I did not really love the Penis storyline I loved how it related to George’s life. My favorite part of this episode was the love triangle between Addison, Alex and Mark. It was so sad how Mark was going to wait sixty days for her and then she slept with someone else. I really liked how he told her he slept with someone else, instead of her having to go through Addison telling him. I also feel so bad for Addison. She chooses Alex because he seems more like the type of guy you can have a serious relationship with, but then he was not willing to admit it. I would really like to see this whole storyline resolved on the show, and I am not looking forward to Addison’s spin-off. I also loved Alex and Eva’s relationship and how he is really starting to care about her The Meredith and Derek storyline was pretty good and I am actually kind of glad they are having problems with their relationship. It just gets boring when they are the perfect couple and their biggest problem is something like Meredith snoring. I was a little confused as to whether it is over Meredith not trying to save herself or the chief position. But I guess it makes sense if it is a combination of both. I also liked how they focused on how Bailey is so busy and it could ruin her marriage. We usually don’t hear much about her family so it was good to see something dealing with it. I didn’t really love the patient with the cold because they didn’t go into much detail about it, but I liked how it showed why Bailey is so busy, and it was so funny to see Izzy having to do the treatment for the cold. Although it is not going great with most of the characters I loved how things went well for Christina and Burke. It is so cute how he is the one picking out the cake and I love how he wants to marry her so much.
  • A good and yet so sad episode.

    The episode was good but at the same time SO sad relationship wise.

    MerDer - I found it nice that Derek finally confronted Meredith about the accident and I totally understand why he is doing it, but then at the same time I feel he is trying to find a scape-goat so he could be chief. Its sad for Meredith and it made me sad too which is weird since I usually dont care about MerDer at all! I want to slap Derek.

    Addex - I really don't understand Alex, he was like that in season 1 but since then with Addison and OBGYN he has had such growth to his character I can't believe how he could do that to her. Before their (TOO SHORT!) sex scene Addison was awesome, she looked like she might explode haha. Then there is Mark, this was the first time I actually felt sorry for him and the way he lied to Addison shows that he really was heartbroken and cared for her. I want to slap Alex too (alot of slapping this week) why does he ALLWAYS panic and resort back to being a jerk when there would actually be someone to have a serious relationship with him, it was the same with Izzie earlier when they went out, then he had the test ofcourse on his mind but still. I guess its just a way they can let Addison leave but did they really have to do it at the suspense of Alex's character? I don't think so. If she didn't leave they could have created a great Mark/Addie/Alex triangle. I was really hoping for a scene where Derek and Addison bump into eachother at night in Merediths house now that Alex lives there too. But *SLAP SLAP SLAP* Alex, he is such a little boy at times, scared of commitment. I hope we atleast see him realize this after Addison leaves to redeem his character and cause heartache and drama for him.

    Gizzie - Now the last episode and this newest one should have been the way to start their relationship, I'm sure it would have had a much more positive impact on the audience, I really felt sorry for them too. I guess I should feel sorry for Callie too since I feel sorry for Mark but I honestly didn't think their marriage would last long.

    Burke and Cristina - They were the only couple that was ok in the episode. I see Cristina's inability to care about superficial and classic things like a big wedding more as comic relief between them than a great tragedy like some seem to think of it. It's a nice role-reverse situation when the man in the relationship wants a huge wedding and all that, a nice breeze of change.

    Patient interaction - This episode really stepped up in this sector. The dialog between George, Izzie and the Hospital board chairman and his wife / girlfriend was awesomely written and it was a really good metaphor for Gizzie, even the fish in his penis played a vital part haha. Then there was Ava, awesome like allways. She really is a good character to display Alex's feelings and the ability for personal care since he doesn't really have a good friend to talk to. She was so supportive and made a good speech on how Alex actually is great husband material, this is another reason why I can't wrap my head around Alex's behaviour in the end.

    It was not the BEST episode ever but I'd give it a 9/10 due to good writing even though it was sad and a little letdown in so many sectors but the letdowns where in the events sector and came from my own preferences rather than bad writing/acting/directing so it doesn't lower the score.
  • 2 doctors may be leaving Seattle Grace??

    The interns studying at the beginning was great! Cristina bugging George about Callie's cards, which she finally got!
    She decided for Burke's CAke, how great was that!

    I don't know what is up Derek's a/s/s but he was a jerk throughout the episode! Meredith trying to be sweet and nice and he didn't really appreciate that! This couple is always having trouble!

    George and Izzie being really close friends, but now GEorge is married and his wife needs her man.. George may leave Seattle Grace as well? Man!!!

    Finally Alex and Addison got their sex going on, Ava messed up in telling Karev that Addison wanted something serious, he treated her really bad... THAT'S WHY SHE'S LEAVING!!! Sloan lied to her, he let her go!

    Miranda; primary runner up for Chief??
  • I absolutely love this show!!

    Grey's Anatomy is the best show on television at the moment. Tonight was another example of the writer's brillance. Many people think the show is going downhill, but I don't. I don't see how there can be a bad episode of Grey's Anatomy. First of all, let me say I loved the medical mystery in tonight's episode. I've heard of the penis fish" before and I thought it was rather interesting to see how it was played out on the show. I also loved Addison and Alex. Congrats for them. They finally hooked up!! Something I've been waiting for sense the beginning of the season. I also loved Meredith in this episode. I thought it was really sweet that she tried so hard to make things work between her and Derek. Hopefully, things will work out. Lastly, I love the character that Alex is becoming. He seems to be changing into a more caring intern, which is great. Although I would rather see him with Izzie, as I mentioned, I did love the Addison/Alex hook up.

    Although this episode had many great things to love, it did have some upsetting plotlines. Example: Izzie/George. I'm not a big fan of the Gizzie relationship but it is growing on me. And once it does, the writers indicate that George may be transfering. Kinda sad. He's not my favorite character but I'd hate to see him go. Also, I was upset at Alex and Derek pushing away Addison and Meredith, when they were trying to make things work. Why can't everything be wonderful?

    This episode paved the way for next week's two hour special, which will premire the Addison spinoff. Hopefully, it will be as good as the promos make it. Addison is a great character, so it should be good. And of course the season finale is around the corner. I can't wait to see where the writers are headed this season!
  • Penis fishes are a heck of a nuisance.

    What a depressing episode! We’re definitely being set up for a couple of things here: the Addison spin-off, and of course, the season finale. Unfortunately, that means hearts will be broken, careers will shift, and goodness knows what else.

    There was a lot of coupling in tonight’s episode. A much anticipated yet short-lived couple was the flirtatious Addisex. You certainly can’t blame Addison for having feelings for Alex, let alone jumping him in the hallway. The way he acted towards Ava in surgery, it’s surprising that only one female doctor felt…motivated to take action, so to speak. I was disappointed, however, at Alex’s reaction at the end. I’m not entirely sure why he was acting so cold. Obviously he needs to, or else Addison would have no reason to leave SGH, therefore no spin-off. But it just doesn’t seem right the way it was left. I hope Addisex is addressed further before Addison packs her bags.

    MerDer was awfully depressing, even with the sex. I suppose it was Derek who was the depressing one; Meredith was being extra girlfriend-conscious, but to no avail. It’s understandable that Derek wants to focus on being chief, but again, it wasn’t totally clear why he basically broke up with Meredith. On the other hand, I’m pleased that Meredith’s drowning was brought up again. At least she now knows that Derek is aware she let go.

    Gizzie started off very bubbly and somewhat un-coupley, which is of course what the both of them are aiming for. Callie intervened, though, and they ended up a long way from home. Callie’s confrontation of Izzie in the elevator was extremely powerful, and again I felt very sorry for Callie. (The fact that this particular confrontation did not involve cage fighting techniques also played a role in that sympathy.) However, Izzie finally listened to Callie and actually sent George the message that they’re going to have a much more difficult time being friends than either of them thought.

    The happiest couple was, surprisingly, Burketina. I did not know that the thought of red velvet cake acted as an aphrodisiac. Huh. But Burke and Cristina getting along and being happy together is a nice change, considering we’re mainly used to the bickering and the pessimistic outlook they provide.

    The biggest shocker of this episode was George’s announcement that he’s transferring hospitals! Noooooooo! George simply cannot leave SGH. He betta pull his act together and make things right with his wife and BFF/one night stand. Transferring, although meant for good intensions, it really the coward’s way out. FIX IT, George, or feel the wrath of Grey’s Anatomy fans worldwide.

    Addison and Mark weren’t a couple this episode, but except for Mark coming onto Meredith, I really felt sorry for the guy! This is one of the few times we’ve been allowed a glimpse of the humanity in Mark, and not the manwhore. “Once a manwhore, always a manwhore” is such a false statement. He was protecting Addison from embarrassment. What a sweet guy.

    This week’s patient provided quite the medical aliment: the penis fish. And as Izzie so cleverly revealed, the penis fish can extend further into a metaphor, or simply, George. (Best line of the night: “You’re my penis fish.”) Yet it seems like this episode was full of penis fishes: George, of course, is Izzie’s, Meredith is Derek’s, Alex is Addison’s, and in a sort of twisted way, Izzie is Callie’s. Quite truthfully, I’m not really sure what to say about the penis fishes. I find it far more amusing to leave it on the surface than delve deep like Izzie.

    The episode ends with Meredith’s philosophic line, “The people who suffer the most are those who don’t know what they want.” A very pensive Addison looks up at SGH, pathetic fallacy providing foreshadowing; there’s a change in the winds. And by that, I mean a spin-off is headed our way. Let’s hope next week’s two hour episode (woohoo!) doesn’t disappoint, because Addison will not be with us for much longer.