Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 26

Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • Burke's hand and Denny's life are at risk.

    Izzie has gone absolutely crazy. I could see Cristina acting so irrationally with Burke because they actually have a legitimate relationship, but she has no reason to put everything at risk to save this guy.

    I love how Richard sent Cristina to run Trauma 2 and kept Burke in Trauma 1 to avoid her finding out about him. It’s amazing he can keep such a level head in these types of situations.

    People at this hospital fall in love way too fast. Derek with Meredith. Meredith with Derek. George with Meredith. Callie with George. Alex with Izzie. Izzie with Denny. Burke with Cristina. Cristina with Burke. I mean SERIOUSLY!!
  • Burke is injured and Christina can\'t handle it. Denny\'s life hangs by a thread along with Izzie\'s career. Callie anxiously waits for George to return her love. The entire staff attends a prom for the chief\'s niece. Mer and Der hook up once more.

    Ok, admitedly, the plot is a little far-fetched, but this is television people! It is supposed to be far-fetched. That is why we watch it. What would be the point of sitting down and watching stuff that we see ever day? We love that Meredith can have passionate sex with married McDreamy and it\'s OK. We love that Izzie can go to the extreme of virtually killing Denny in order to save him. We love this show because it let\'s us escape from the real world for an hour. What we have in this episode is an example of brilliant actors acting out a brilliantly written script and if you can\'t let go of your grasp on reality long enough to appreciate it, then don\'t watch it.
  • "Grey's" continues it's tailspin, out of control and headed straight for a mountain... no, a volcano... an ERUPTING VOLCANO of tastless cheese... please put your tray tables in their upright and locked position and keep your barf bag close by!

    I have seen every episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” since it premiered, but I will never watch it again. It’s never been my ‘typical’ kind of show. I don’t generally like soap operas, but I do like hospital dramas, so it drew me in at first. The soap aspect was there from the beginning, but I liked most of the characters and there was enough legitimate drama and medical jargon to keep me interested. In the last few episodes of the season, however, the writers seem to have lost their way, or perhaps found a way that is a complete turn-off to me. A few months ago, I read in a contributor’s review, that the superior quality of “Grey’s Anatomy” has made the very existence of “ER” unnecessary. At this comment, I not only scoffed, but took offense, as “ER” is a totally different type of drama, who’s weakest shows are still infinitely better than the best of “Grey’s Anatomy”. That’s not to say that “Grey’s” hasn’t had some spectacular moments, it has. The episodes ‘Into You Like a Train’ and the two-part ‘It’s the End of the World’ & ‘(As We Know It)’ were tremendous examples of a well written and acted TV drama, and to think some reviewers actually think the three-part season finale was as good as those is quite disturbing. All in all, I feel as though I have been let down by a show that started off with enormous potential, but has basically become a prime-time soap. In the last three episodes of the season, most of the main characters seem to have become moronic caricatures of themselves, exhibiting nothing but their worst traits. It was one thing for Izzie to fall in love a patient, but to risk his life for her own selfish reasons? And Meredith and Derek just pissed me off with their final decisions. It’s not that I’m projecting my displeasure of these three episodes onto the whole season or entire show for that matter, but when almost ALL of the principle characters have pissed you off inside of three hours, why should I care what happens to them next season?! (p.s. – I still like George, someone let me know if he gets his own show…)
  • Amazing!!!

    What happened in the season finale of Grey's Anatomy tonight is exactly why I watch the show. At some moments, you have a smile in your face, and at some moments, you cry. This episode was simply amazing. I cannot believe that Denny is dead. I also cannot believe that Izzie quits the program. And, for Meredith, I always was a fan of Derek and Meredith, so I was a little bit happy of what happened. But, the thing is, during the season, I started to like Addison...and the Vet is nice too. So, I'm kind of sad for both of them. But, we don't know what is going to happen next season...time will tell us.
  • DENNY DIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2 second part of finale it air as 1

    merideth sleeps woth McDreamy
    Callie tell George that she loves him
    bruke got shot and almost lost hand movement
    Denny got the heart but died!!!!!
    I’m so sad Jeffery Dean Morgan (denny) is now killed off of 2 sows (weeds, grey’s anatomy) and got shot in the leg and hit by truck in car crash by some evil demon that been after him for over 20 years on Supernatural. 2 down:1 to live
  • I could not believe what I saw

    I can not believe that Denny has died. I thought that I would see Denny and Izzie getting married in the next season. I am so disappointed to see Denny go. I am sure it will be awhile before Izzie is back to normal. I wonder what Merideth will do between McDreamy and the Vet. I hope she picks McDreamy because I hate Addison. If she does got with McDreamy, I think that Addison will hook up with the vet becasue she was talking to him when they all came out. I feel sorry for Burke having to recover from that tragedy out in the parking lot. I am sure that if Burke was there, he would have made sure that Denny would have saved Denny.
  • The interns pull together for eachother.

    This is the reason why I got hooked on Grey's Anatomy. Such camaraderie of which I wish all people would consider, along with the understanding of how difficult it is allow another to place themselves in such a predicament, as Izzie does. To do something for another which is "wrong" but "right" in your heart. That's what I love about this episode. That's what I love about Grey's Anatomy. When it comes down to it the real hearts' prevail. The friends show their friendship at a time when it's most needed. Placing their own futures in jeopardy for the life and friendship of another.
  • comic releif in the middle of a serious scene is priceless

    all i can say is wow. i finally got the end of season two and man was it worth the waiit. Burke gettinig shot was a crazy unexpected twist. Seeing him,one of the strongest characters on Greys, lying in a hospital bed is a little scary... and christina's reaction was priceless as usual. She always manages to make me laugh, even in the saddest of moments.... "that was my best supportive girlfriend speech and you kinda ruined it with medicine." Baileys reaction to the interns awesome as well.. "DO NOT SPEAK!" "i didnt- "then do not move!" oh grey's, how i love thee.
  • Izzy's actions were too far fetched.

    As much as I was enthralled by this episode, Izzy's actions were so out of context that it made it hard for me to truly enjoy it. First of all, she or her superiors would have removed her from Denny's team when it was apparent that she was in love with him. Second, it is also against the Hippocratic Oath, do no harm, for her to cut the LVAD that was keeping Denny alive even if it helped him to get the heart. Third, Izzy does not like people questioning her abilities based on her background that it makes no sense that she would blatantly not only violate medical ethics, but also the law even for love. Finally, she would have never gotten through medical school, not to mention gotten the evaluations to get into any surgical residency, if she were as emotional as she appears in these episode.
  • Hands down the best episode of the season If you like my reviews check out my website at


    This is easily one of my favorite season finales. The writers did a great job on this two part episode. Normally, season finales are very good but the premiers can never live up to the hype. Hopefully, that won’t be the case here. The first hour of the special is definitely stronger in my opinion, while the second does a good job of tying together lose ends and setting up the next season. The core of the episode is about how you will react when push comes to shove. Will you run, will you fight or will you curl up in the fetal position and wet yourself? That third option is never very popular.

    Christina does a terrible job dealing with stress and I have lost some respect for her. Burke has been her rock, and she sees him as this incredibly strong and capable person. When he is injured and finds out his ability to be a surgeon comes into question, she falters. It’s understandable that she reacted that way and Burke says he won’t hold a grudge, but the real question is will she be able to forgive herself?

    George did a good job owning up to his feelings and explaining why he was still so mad at Meredith. It wasn’t that he felt used by her or frustrated that she didn’t love him back. He is angry with himself, because he knew she didn’t feel the same way about him and he slept with her anyways. I think a lot of people can relate to George’s situation and that’s why he is liked so much as a character. Although, I didn’t really like how he dealt with Callie. She told him she loved him and he had no response for her. Obviously you don’t want someone to say it to you if they don’t mean it, so I understand why he wants to wait, but I feel like he is leading her on. Not intentionally mind you, but all the same. It’s very similar to his situation with Meredith, only now the roles are reversed. He knows how great a person Callie is and that she loves him very much so naturally he wants to feel the same way about her. The truth is you can’t force that feeling on yourself and pretending like it just hasn’t hit you yet is simply not facing up to reality. We date people all the time; some for fun, some with serious intentions. Generally you can feel it in your gut though what type of relationship you are in and I just don’t see him ever being as into her as she is to him.

    The real loser of the episode has to be Izzie though. Denny’s death pretty much destroys her. During the first half of the show She is ecstatic. Her friends stood up for her and prevented her from being kicked out of the program, another surgeon successfully completed the transplant and Denny asked her to marry him. Sadly, her world comes tumbling down. Denny dies while Izzie is getting ready for the prom, (a plot element so observed that I have chosen to mainly ignore it). Izzie loved Denny because he loved her for more than just a pretty face. A lot of people say that pretty girls have it easy and I suppose in some aspects of life they do. However, few stop to realize that it can be very hard for them to feel that people are judging them and like them for anything other than their looks. I know, what your all thinking; how is my vagina doing today? I’ll tone down the estrogen just a tad. After putting so much hope and love into Denny, Izzie decides to quit the program.

    Now to deal with the whole Meredith, Addison, Derek, and Finn square; a triangle would have been so much easier to work with! Addison as usual disappoints me. She puts up with way too much crap from Derek. Why does she forgive him for being so jealous about Meredith and yet showing so little emotion towards her? If she is going to let him get away with all his **** out of some sense of guilt for cheating on him, than their marriage has absolutely no hope. As for Finn, he is just a sucker that is never going to get to sleep with Meredith. This proves once again that nice guys always finish last. Unless of course you get really rich and marry a trophy wife and throw it in everyone’s face. No wait that’s nerds, not nice guys, my bad.

    During the aforementioned ridiculous prom sequence, Derek and Meredith lock eyes for a really disturbingly long time thanks to slow motion camera work. After a look like that, you just no it’s on. They end up sleeping together and Meredith leaves Derek wondering if it was just a moment of passion or something more. Please, I beg the writers to not make this some stupid on going love affair. They need to make a decision once and for all! After this episode, I can’t see how Derek can go back to his wife. Even if Meredith doesn’t chose to be with him, he has to admit to Addison that he doesn’t love her anymore and is only still in it out of a sense of responsibility. He gave the marriage another try but the spark is just gone and it isn’t coming back. The cliffhanger ending has both Finn and Derek asking Meredith to leave with them. Well that’s got to be a tad awkward. Finn’s like you mean to tell me you kept me waiting weeks and you just screwed this guy in the on call room? This really is like prom all over again!

    Parting Thought: Where are my panties, I definitely had panties on when I came in here? Classy.
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  • I tried to watch the whole finale. I really tried. But come on.

    Izzy clips the LVAD, putting Denny in a death spiral. You have got to be joking. What doctor would do that? What other doctor, no matter how friendly, no matter how "family," would ever allow someone to do that? Stealing a heart from someone who needs it by making your patient worse off -- whatever happened to "First, do no harm"?

    And Burke behaving like a girl because Cristina fell asleep on him? Taking it personally? He ought to know something about female physiology by now, no?

    And ... oh, I didn't even get to see this because I could not stand watching the show, it was just too stupid. But the girls put on a prom at the hospital to placate a teenage patient. You have GOT to be joking. I'm dyin' heah.

    I don't mind when shows stretch credibility. But there has to be a little plausibility. A bazooka shell in some idiot who built one? Okay, it's unrealistic but it's close enough to other idiotic things that real people do that I'll forgive it as a stand-in. The writers could probably have come up with something more credible but they didn't.

    But I feel that Grey's Anatomy is becoming the O.C. of doctor shows. Shonda Rhimes doesn't trust her core cast to be interesting enough as they are. She seems to feel she has to bring in plots that belong more properly to other shows. Bomb squads. Fugitives from justice. Guns. And yet their core cast would be quite interesting. Izzy's feelings over giving up her daughter for adoption. George's feelings about being smarter than his family. Those were interesting territories. I wish we'd get more of those.

    I wonder if both Rhimes and Schwartz being first time showrunners has anything to do with it?
  • Too many things going on at once with this episode.

    I was extremely disappointed with this finale episode. I got into a slight debate about this at work..."Who cares about realism?" I heard from co-workers. Well, I do. I thought the idea of a prom...for a girl we've barely heard about (regardless of her being the chief's niece...and why a niece and not a daughter, with the way they went crazy over her?) was ridiculous. There is no way surgeons will have the time and patience to set the main floor of a hospital to look like a high school prom. Plus let's not forget that some nutjob was just shooting up the place! Would you really want to be responsible for something happening to your teenager there? However, I did think that the end of Denny's plotline was done well. That story had been stretched out for too long and it needed to end. I was disappointed with how Meredith, who told Derek she was not a "whore!" in a previous episode, ended up having sex with him regardless. I did really like this show, but I'm slowly losing faith in it. I hate how the interns act like oversexed and irresponsible children as opposed to young adults trying to make something of themselves in the medical field.

    I guess I am asking for too much when wanting realism in a fictional TV show...ha. (sarcasm)
  • There are no words to describe it. But I'll try.

    What an excellent season finale. It tied up enough loose ends that I was satisfied, but left other things open so of course it will keep me pining for new episodes all summer. I was really excited that Burke lived. I was even more thrilled when he came too outside with Bailey sitting over him, and was competent most of the episode. Luckily it was not a heart wound like I thought it was. I keep thinking that Burke may die and that was how Denny would get his heart. That would have sucked though. Then all the interns finding out what Izzie had done. Christina's reaction was justified (she just found out her boyfriend had been shot so she had the right to be a little cranky and call her stupid). Wow, Izzie really, really, loved Denny. And how sweet was it that he asked her to marry him? That's rushing it a bit, but that’s good TV. I liked it when Meredith told all the other yelling interns to shut up. She really is good in a crisis. And it was a priceless scene when Bailey was looking for her interns and was talking to Burke, "What have you done with my suck ups?" and he had that look on his face and she realized he knew something and called him by his full name, "Preston Xavier Burke!" (I think that's what it was). I also liked how Izzie refused to leave Denny's side and how she told Bailey "no" very firmly. Even better was how Bailey reacted. Instead of having her physically removed from the room, she told the nurse to help Izzie (if she would allow it).
    Ok, so how heartbreaking was it for Burke to find out he could lose control of his hand and arm and then Christina backs out of helping him when they woke him up from surgery. Good thing Christina grabbed his hand at the end. Glad that Shepherd was there for him too.
    I also liked how Alex got the other Doctor from the other hospital to come to the transplant after hearing Burke had been shot. Even though he's still a complete jerk, you can tell he really still cares about Izzie. And when the chief finds out, it was a great thing to see the interns standing by one another (I loved how Alex said he was innocent and had nothing to do with it and Christina needed some coaxing, namely an elbow in the ribs to take the blame). I think what Izzie did was a little extreme, but she thought she was justified.
    On to my favorite guest star of the night! Loretta Devine! I love that woman. She did excellent tonight. Finding out about that her niece's cancer was back and how she told her husband she knew about the affair he had had with Meredith's mother. I was wondering when that was going to come up. I love how they edit this show (especially the scenes they cut together of Burke and Denny's surgery). Too bad Christina keeps getting weaker.
    I loved the scenes that Webber had alone with the interns trying to figure out who exactly cut Denny's lines. Each one of them had an appropriate conversation. I liked Alex's analogy of football. And then I think Sandra Oh was absolutely brilliant. She was afraid she was losing her edge. I think the Chief may have cut off more then he could chew interviewing them alone. And then George was awesome too (you can tell that even though he is with Callie, that of course he is still harboring feelings for Meredith). Izzie's interview bored me a little, but then they closed with a bang. Meredith calling Webber out on his affair with her mother. I was not expecting that. I like how none of the interns talked and they got put in "time out" and in charge of his dying niece's prom. Glad that Denny survived his surgery. I figured they wouldn't kill him off in the first hour of the show. Then the poor interns had to sit through the horrible prom planning and they finally had to go to Bailey for help ("You speak teenage girl!" Got me laughing). Then there was of course the conversation between George and Meredith that I knew was coming. It was sweet of George to apologize, but I'm not completely sure I understand why he did it. He did know better, but in a sense, he was also a little naive and hoping that things could possibly change between him and Meredith. But it was a nice touch. And he is such a sweetheart too. The prom theme was cute. Too bad Meredith was still getting over putting Doc to sleep. It sucks when they kill off an animal...
    The show heat up the last 15 minutes (as always). First there was Derek and Meredith sleeping together. I loved Callie walking in on them and then helping Meredith tie her dress up. So that leaves us questioning what's going to happen next season (Callie has some serious blackmail material on Meredith now!) Poor Finn though (but then again, I see no sparks between the two of them).
    Loved that George told Callie that when he said "love" back to her, he wanted to mean it. He is too good of a guy to be true.
    Next was Denny, I knew something was up when they showed Denny all alone and content in his bed. It sucks that he died alone. Of course Izzie was going to be the one who found him. It was nice to see all the interns rally around Izzie, but the most unexpected one was the one who held her when she cried. I almost lost it at the scene where Alex is holding a devastated Izzie. He may be an @$$, but at least he genuinely cares for her. I really wish they wouldn't have killed off Denny though. I figured she would either quit or get fired. I'm kind of glad she quit, but I'll miss her. Loved how Dr. Bailey gently called after her after she quit. And then George and Alex walking down the stairs with her. Pretty good way to end the finale, but I still like "The End of the world/As we know it" episode better.
  • I'm sorry, I can't give this episode above a 5 cuz I am SOOO ANGRY with Derek..... But an awesome finale and show, nonetheless!!


    I just read EVERY review on this season finale... I am definitely one of the few people who actually like Addison and want Derek and Addison to stay together!!! In this entire episode, this is all that I truly care about.

    I seriously do NOT know what McDreamy sees in Meredith. That scene where they "finally got back together(as many other reviewers wrote)" was absolutely gut-wrenching. It actually hurt me inside to watch that scene. It just made me SO angry. I thought Derek was really trying with Addison, especially when he admitted that he was absent during their relationship. By no means do I think that Addison cheating was the right thing to do but I think she has paid her dues and I TRULY thought Derek was "trying" as he so stated. I looooove Addison and I hate what he did to her. He obviously doesn't love his wife, unfortunately (for me anyway), or maybe he does love Addison but just not enough to get over Meredith(I really don't get it, someone please help). If he doesn't love her, he should leave her, not drag her along while he undresses Meredith with his eyes every time she walks by. I hate that he likes(loves) Meredith so much, I McHATE her!!

    Derek cheated for NO GOOD reason, which is so much below Addison who cheated because she was lonely(again, I don't support cheating, there is no good reason to cheat... just comparing). He is the bad guy here, the really bad guy.. especially after "trying" to work it out with his wife. Next season, I hope that Meredith and Derek are NOT together(that would be boring), Addison is the one to break it off with Derek and that Derek is left alone for being so mean and horrible. I loved him before this episode.

    I don't care for the love triangle between Derek, Meredith and Finn, I think we all know that the writers wont let Meredith choose Derek because after they get back together... then what?..... Think about it, it wont happen. People tuned in to see them get back together, now people will tune back in to see if they are gonna stay together.

    Izzie and Denny
    I was so mad at how she risked Denny's life and her own career(which she worked so hard for) for her own selfish reasons. When she cut that wire, I was hoping that Denny would die just so she could see how stupid she was for doing what she did. I can't say it was unrealistic, but it made me so angry. I guess that its just good acting because I was yelling at her through the TV "What the hell are you thinking!?" I have always been a fan of Alex, even when he was being a butthole in the previous episodes, and I thought they had a really nice moment when he picked her up and he showed how much he cared and how much of a friend he was.

    George and Callie and George and Meredith
    I just love George and I cant blame him or get angry at him for anything. He's always in the right cuz he's just so funny.

    I don't have anything to say on anyone else but I do love Christina, Sandra Oh really deserved that award for this role and I am sure she'll get next year's, as well.

    ......................................................................................................................I really cant believe what Derek did. Him and Addison are perfect, what is he gonna do with Meredith......( I could go on forever and I will).
  • In a word: fabulous

    What can be said about this episode? It was superb.

    So much happened and many questions were answered.

    First Izzie and George try to worsen Denny's condition thinking they'll get Burke's help, not realizing that he's injured.
    The Chief tries to distract Cristina from seeing Burke and lets her run a trauma, only to have her work on the man that shot her boyfriend.
    Denny gets his transplant and Derek must perform surgery on Burke, two big deals that the interns are barred from after Bailey puts them on "time-out" and makes them sit in the hallway. (Which was one of the funniest parts of th episode).
    The Chief discovers that his wife knew about his affair with Ellis all these years and never told him, and he confides this to Derek who realizes he is in a similar relationship with Ellis' daughter.

    One of the best parts of this episode was when George apologized to Meredith, all these weeks we thought he was mad at her for what happened, but really he was mad at him and couldn't forgive himself.

    Overall a great episode, some funny parts mixed in with the drama to make it a little lighter, but overall fabulous.

    And there was also a marriage proposal, which always makes a show great.
  • Not overly violent like G's A is sometimes prone too, but still very emotional. And surprisingly funny at some parts.

    Interesting that they started the show with voice clips of all the characters in the show.

    The Chief makesYang run trauma 2 in order to blind her from Burke being shot. But it doesn’t that doesn’t happen for long. Interesting that Yang still tries to save the shooter’s pathetic little life. Then she visits Burke and gives one of the best lines ever, “That was my best supportive girlfriend, you kind of ruined it with medicine.”

    Izzie is making George choose between helping her or going, and he decides to bring Meredith into the mess. So Yang tells the interns that Burke is shot. And now a lot of yelling. It’s Meredith to have the plan. She calls Alex and also brings him into the mess.

    Interesting that the girl, niece of the Chief, passed out during sex, and it’s because of ovarian cancer. She has two best friends, and I’m glad it’s only two…cause too many girls in one room can get annoying fast. The talk Addison with the Chief’s wife was pretty sad to realize that Camille, the dying girl, will never experience ‘really good.’

    Who doesn’t like Dr. Hahn, the surgeon Alex is dealing with? ME!

    The best girls call their friends to bring the prom to Camille. Adele, the Chief’s wife, confronts her husband and reveals that she’s known about the affair the whole time. Derek has to operate on Burke, but he fears he may ruin the career of the best surgeon by ruining the function of his hand.

    Bailey visits Burke, and soon realizes that Christina and all the other ‘ass-kissin’, surgery hunry, competitive suck-ups” are nowhere to be seen. Bailey gets the second best line of the night, “Preston Xavier Burke, what have you done with my suck-ups.” She then catches the interns in the scramble to save Denny.

    Bailey yells at Cristina, George, and Meredith. But will Bailey sign the labs? Bailey makes Izzie a visitor, and asks the Chief a ‘hypothetical’ question. I love the face of Bailey when the Chief wanted to know ‘names’ of who removed the LVAD.

    Cristina visits Burke, and repeats “yeah.” She promised that she’ll be there for him, but when he asks her what he should do, she runs away and hides in a closet.

    Interesting, Alex brings Dr. Hahn to Seattle Grace to operate on Denny. So now Denny is having surgery at the same time as Burke, the person who was supposed to do his surgery.

    George and Meredith finally confronts the problem they’ve been trying to hide, and George reveals that he knew it would end up bad, but he continued because ‘one night with her is better than never.’ Interesting that George said “I’m sorry” to Meredith.

    The Chief calls Christina to help calm Burke when he wakes up during the middle of surgery, but Christina was not much of a help. And Izzie decides to watch over Denny because he asked her to marry him. The way they make you follow the flatline to the commercial break is just unbearable. I’m glad I recorded this so I can fast-forward over the commercial.

    So both surgeries were successful. And now we can catch our breath, and have some fun with the Chief trying to figure out who cut the LVAD.
  • Denny is in a dire condition whilst the consequences are discovered after Burke is shot.

    I still cannot believe she cut that wire; showing in the last episode her about to cut it and burke laying shot left me screaming at the tv but this i couldn't speak. The action and seeing the interns deal with the situation was what made this episode.The use of all the interns trying to help Izzie showed that they are a team now and they stuck together against the chief!

    Derek had Burke's life in his hands after he was shot! He handled it well whilst Christina found it difficult to take control resulting in Burke being unsure about her feelings.

    The chief's niece came to the hospital and it was discovered her cancer was back delaying her Prom.. forever?

    An action packed episode ; hard not to cry on some parts.
  • We have to fight for our life.

    Amazing first hour of the two hour Season two finale.
    Burke got shot and they need to take him into the surgery because he may lose the function of his hand and without his hand he will be no longer Preston Burke.
    Cristina faces the crisis after she finds out about Burke.
    All the interns are there to help Izzie who cut Denny's Lvad wire. They will all get into massive trouble. Chief's niece comes to the hospital and they find out that her ovary cancer is back and she will never find out what the good really is.
    Painful and sad to wathc. Amazing first hour.
  • A solid season finale.

    First hour equals intense drama, second hour equals light-hearted romantic conflictions (except of course for the unexpected death). The two hours almost felt like opposites, but overall it worked to make a solid season finale.

    I was disappointed with Christina during Burke's surgery. For a character that normally is very strong, we saw her break down and watched as she was unable to stand by Burke when he needed her most. Burke needed support from Christina at probably what was his supreme ordeal in his life: possibly losing his ability to perform surgeries, what his life has almost always been about. Christina though was unable to watch Burke go through this struggle. Even though Christina eventually came to his side in the end, it was still very disappointing and frustrating to watch her choice to isolate herself from him. I guess that just shows her human side though. Everybody has his or her weaknesses.

    The opening thirty minutes were intense, with all the interns were yelling at one another, and surprisingly it was Meredith who pulled everybody together. I was happy Izzie was able to escape punishment; although I suspect the Chief of Surgeries fondness of the interns, helped her get away with cutting of the chord to Denny's heart. It did provide to be almost useless though (I say almost because at least Denny did get to propose to her and Izzie was truly happy for a couple of hours, even though some may see that as something that should have never had happened, as it only got Izzie's hopes up for a happy future with Denny only to crush them) as Denny ended up dying anyway.. The ending scene with Izzie quitting her job as tears streamed down her eyes was heartbreaking. Her pink dress contrasted with her heartbroken face and disgruntled hair, and she looked like a princess who had just had her life broken in half. I’m predicting though that somehow next year Izzie will come back into the medical business, as she is a popular character. It still was sad though to watch a character usually chirpy and full of life in such despair, loosing and giving up on everything that her life had been about.

    On a lighter note Derek and Meredith finally got together again, although I was a little bit disturbed that they chose to do it with his wife and her date just down the hallway. The final scene with Meredith having to choose between Derek and Finn was a parallel to the beginning of the season when Derek had to choose between Meredith and Addison, symbolizing that everything in life comes full circle. Will Meredith make the same choice as Derek? I question though how can Derek ask Meredith to choose him, when he is still married to a women who is present in the same room.

    Overall it was a strong finish to a strong season. It was much more lighthearted then I expected, but maybe that was a good thing.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - George admitted to Callie that he didn't love her yet like she loved him but that he hoped one day he would. Callie seemed able to accept that.

    - The scene with the teenage girls telling the interns how they wanted the prom to be held as the interns sighed in boredom and frustration was amusing. Very light punishment for breaking the law though.

    - Bailey was forced to attend the prom. You don't get to see her in a dress too often.

    - Denny ended up dying from a blood clot. I suppose a theme you could extract from this episode is that you can't cheat death.

    - Bailey: "Where are all of my suck-ups?"

    Final Rating: 3 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
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  • Come on! Who didn't see any of that comming?

    Okay, that was a cheap way to end a season. Who didn't see that Mr. Heart problem was going to die and who didn't see that McDorky and Grey were going to hook up again? Is not a season finale suppose to leave you with a decent cliff hanger? Other than the fact that Izzy is hot, I could care less if she comes back...not a good cliff hanger for me. I did not like this episode, but I did enjoy the season and I will be happy to watch it next season as long as they don't turn into a daytime drama, only at night.
  • Burke loses the usage of his fingers while Denny finally gets his heart transplant but at what cost to Izzy and the rest?


    Great episode.

    I didn’t quite expect what to happen. I knew Burke would be messed up and it appears that for the moment his career is over with the loss of some of his hand functions.

    A lot of great drama as well Denny had a bunch of near death calls prior to the transplant and it was great that Meredith , Christine and George were covering for Izzy

    Derek and Burke’s chat was good, Derek may be a jerk but his not the big jerk that will leave his friends hanging

    In the second hour things take a turn for the worse while
    Meredith and Derek once again give into temptation but the first hour was filled with a lot of drama and great acting.
  • This was the brilliant ending to a fantastic season. It left me in tears and wanting more. It was so well done that I cannot bring myself to watch it again for a few days so that my emotions can calm down. Izzie was sensational. Way to go Alex.

    Can't get over how this episode jumped off the screen. Sensational.Izzy just performed to the point of superb. She put it all in just a few minutes. Wow, Alex ,the man you love to hate yet the man you hate to love. He really came through in this last episode. Gotta keep Finn. He is sexy, and very charismatic. Would make for some great episodes next season. I would love to see more of Izzy acting as she was allowed to in this episode. She wasn't just fluff. She made you really feel the show. Need to liven up Merideth.
  • I can't wait for next season

    This was quite an exciting episode. All the interns showed growth and depth that they haven’t shown in a good long while.

    Meredith stood up for herself again and asserted herself as the leader when they were all freaking out over what to do about Denny. And finally she confronted Dr. Webber with her mother’s affair and we begin to understand the parallels between Webber’s affair with Meredith’s mother and her own affair with Shepard. I thought at that point it was a turning point for Meredith and she’d realize how her relationship with Shepard would end up but in the end Meredith sleeps with the jerk and once again we’re left wondering what will happen with them. I felt so bad for her vet he just put it all out there for her and left her know just how important she was becoming to him. He gave her everything that Shepard couldn’t and she ruined it. Recently I’ve liked the She-Shepard a lot better and tonight I felt a bit for her especially when she realized that he had cheated again. I really hope she goes back to McSteamy now because she deserves a better guy than Shepard. But in his defense he was pretty irresistable in the dog scene I must admit I cried a little.

    Izzy had a big night too she realized that she loved Denny so much she could commit to him and marry him. And he dies on her when she’s busy trying to beautify herself for someone she already said looks past her beauty. I think next season will contain a lot of her trying to deal with that guilt and with finding out if she’s more than just a pretty face. Surprisingly Alex was a great guy. I had really begun to dislike him especially after the episode where he turned on the She-Shepard, but after last week’s episode where he saved the baby and tonight’s episode where he was so there for Izzy, I almost like the guy. I think the next season will have him helping her through the loss of Denny and helping her find who she is and probably them ending up together they both seem to care for each other.

    Christine was awesome tonight. She wasn’t her normal funny self but she stayed true to herself by being completely self involved through the whole episode. I love how they made her more human and how she grew and admitted that she had grown, although she thought it to be a bad thing. I’m very glad that they had her go and help Berk at the end I don’t think she could have retained her humanity without him. And seeing her cry for like the first time ever was great it made her more than just the comedic relief on the show.

    I’m still rather concerned about George. He’s my favorite character on the show and I love him being with Dr. Torres. She’s quickly becoming my second favorite especially after that look she threw McDreamy when she caught him with Meredith. I want them to be together, I want for once the chubby smart girl to beat the attractive woman. George deserves a woman like Torres and when she told George that she wished she didn’t want him because he treated her like dirt I totally related. I hope George starts putting her first, I think if he would let her get close and make her equal to his friend that he would have no problem loving her back and he’d get over Meredith because he needs to.

    And Last but certainly not least Bailey, the B**** Bailey we all love was back. I loved when she said where are my suck ups. I thought she was getting a bit too kind and gentle after the baby and I missed the old her but it seems she’s back and a bit changed. I also loved how she had this odd flare for design. Tonight she was the comic relief and it was great.
  • Show just gets better & better!

    This has got to be one of the best shows on TV today. The season finale was one the best episode to date & that's saying a lot. The first hour of actual 2 hour season finale was amazing. Completly breath taking & draining (but in a good way.) The 2nd hour has you cracking up thinking everything just might end up OK after the previous hour & then of course everything changes.

    I don't yell at the TV often, but this episode had me yelling (in a good way.) The show has you going on a roller coaster of emotions & has you pulling for each one of them, even the spawn of satin (Alex.)

    If you haven't been watching the series you seriously need to start. This episode, & the show in general, has everything...laughter, suspense, romance, comedy & thrills. It's GREAT!!!
  • that was intense...

    Where to start? That was one intense episode. Those writers really know what they're doing.

    Of course, I'm only talking about this episode, aka Part 1. The second episode of the finale (aka Part 2) was a much calmer trip ... but for one solid hour they did NOT let the viewers breathe very much.

    First of all, if you were wrapped up in Denny's situation at the end of Sunday's episode then they really let you hang in the balance here. I really thought the writers might let him die, what with manual heart-pumping and all.

    But mainly, Burke's surgery was just nasty. Can you imagine waking up in the middle of your surgery? Waking up AFTER a surgery is bad enough (I know). He had a tube down his throat and (as Sheppard said) they didn't give him any painkillers so that he could have as much dexterity in his arm as possible. The guy woke up with his shoulder cut and his nerves exposed. Nasty.
  • Part one continued to make me bawl. Loved it.

    During this episode I enjoyed watching the Meredith and Derek tension continue to rise. It is now obvious how in love with her he is. Those two do seem good together. Also, Cristina cries! That just was it for me. Seeing the hard ass cry got me going. All the seperate meetings with the chief were great. Everyone got to say how they were feeling to that point in the episode. I was astound that Meredith busted the chief out about his affair. Also, he realized that his wife had known the whole time! Alex was a team player, and George almost cracked. I loved it!
  • This episode summed up a lot of questions for the viewers and also caused a few more questions for next season!

    I have to admit I cried and laughed a lot during the season finale. When Dr. Webber was chasing after his nieces boyfriend, and when he was trying to figure out who cut the wire and he stared down George to try and get him to crack. I cried when Denny died and Izzie was with him and I cried when Merideth and Derek had to put Doc down. I was very excited though when Derek and Merideth got together finally after a season of nothing. I am really excited though to see who Merideth chooses next season, hopefully and I kind of already know it will be Dr. "McDreamy" Shepherd.
  • absolutely brilliant!!! it was by far the best end-capper this season i\\\'ve seen thus far, so thank you GA-staff! shonda rhimes is a writing-goddess, she definitely knows her stuff!

    absolutely brilliant! i\\\'ll admit, that i cried through most of the night. the two-hour finale had so many aww-inspiring moments that i don\\\'t know if i\\\'ll be able to highlight many of \\\'em, but you gotta admit that tonight was really about izzy and denny! it\\\'s so evident that they loved eachother so ardently and in almost every scene together, you can feel their love for one another seeping through the tv screen. [well, at least on mine] *winks*
    in all honesty, i had an incling feeling that denny was going to die, but i was in denial like the rest of you -- hoping the two of \\\'em would have this amazing life together after he gets out of the hospital. but of course, that didn\\\'t happen. i\\\'m gonna miss denny duquette. jeffrey dean morgan did a superb job with this character, making us all feel the way izzy felt about him. i hope he goes onto bigger and better things post-gA for him. he definitely deserves it!

    and oh my with der/mer. . .they made love or was it lust??? it\\\'s obvious that they\\\'re still meant for one another. and i think that may be it\\\'s time that they do get back, and we\\\'ll probably see it play out in season 3. but i\\\'m really going to miss addi. she too deserves true happiness and love as well. so i\\\'m thankful for the writers for bringing back our \\\"mcsteamy\\\". he and she-shepherd seem to be a far better fit and match than her with der. remember the part when she was talking with adele about \\\'losing their virginity\\\'. . .she goes on, to say that it was good at first. . .and then later it became \\\"really good\\\". . .i think she was referring to her and mcsteamy. . .she still has something for him, but doesn\\\'t want to admit it. not yet at least.

    callie may be tough on the exterior, but she\\\'s soft and we see her really vulnerable with george. i hope these two make it all thru season 3. she\\\'s good for him and i\\\'m hopeful that george reciprocates the love for her.

    i love love alex! my heart melted when he carried izzy off the bed and into his lap. that was really sweet of him to do.

    christina and burke -- what can i say about these two, but jst. . .hope. . .hope that burke comes thru this all right and that christina is by his side throughout. i love that we finally see a softer side to christina this season. and i\\\'m glad that the chief didn\\\'t share \\\"his edge\\\" to her.

    looking forward to season 3 -- i plan on finding a new hobby during the summer hiatus!;P
  • Lots going on here, and everything held me captivated.

    I think the scenes that will stick with me are the ones where each Intern sits with the Chief and reveals so much about him or herself, and about him. That was such great writing. These last two episodes (and I am reviewing both as one, since I watched them more as one show anyway) made me laugh and cry so much I\'m still waiting for summer\'s end. (Can\'t believe I just wrote that. I mean, I\'m going to a conference and on a great vacation this summer, for Pete\'s sake.)

    I\'d have rated the show a ten if not for one glitch. After Mer and McDreamy finally succumb to their desires, I really can\'t buy the idea that she would waver about which guy she wants to be with. Except McDreamy didn\'t allow it, did he? He didn\'t step up to the plate and make a choice. Addison didn\'t really force that choice, which is where I thought she was headed.

    I suppose if the writers tied everything up in a tidy little bow for us, we wouldn\'t be quite so anticipatory for next season. Dang it. Brilliant writing.

  • The interns get involved with Izzie's plot to save Denny by any means necessary. Meanwhile Cristina wrestles with her newfound humaneness in light of Dr. Burke's injury. Dr. Shephard and Meredith find themselves giving into old feelings.

    Let me start by saying that I actually like "Grey's Anatomy". But I have to confess that this episode had me reaching for the remote in disgust and contemplating not watching anymore. This episode made me question why I like and continue to watch this show. I have been growing tired of the increasingly shrill and irrational actions of Izzie concerning Denny. I know that the writers wanted to convey her conviction and desperation but I just found her demanding, abusive of her friends and selfish.
    I found it completely unbelievable and contrived that everyone would experience such lapses in professional and personal judgment on her behalf. How can we have any empathy for someone who is so callous as to (possibly) condemn someone else to death so that she can have HER boyfriend (who she just met)? Are we really suppose to accept the proposition that HER feelings for Denny should supersede all other concerns? What about the other recipient's children? Furthermore, I found the accommodation of her belligerence and poor judgment by Drs. Bailey and Webber completely out of character. That they would allow this departure from common sense, morality and lawfulness on their watch, I think, undermines their credibility as hard nosed no-nonsense surgeons.
    A more honest approach would have found the interns being fired for their stupidity. That would have been a real cliff hanger. Find a way to pick up the pieces next season. If you are going to have a show about surgeons, make them act like surgeons. Admittedly, I don't watch for the medical speak. I can watch "Trauma: Life in the ER" if that is what I want. I watch to enjoy the characters. Unfortunately, I found that this most recent character exposition strayed too far into triteness to hold my interest or maintain any semblance of credibility.
    Now, it seems, my only way out of my dilemma with the show is to admit that perhaps I have expected too much. If I just think of it as a romantic soap opera, then I can suspend disbelief long enough to see past this episode's transgressions. The only problem with that approach is that I though this show was better than that. I had come to expect more than simple pedestrian plot contrivances that strain believability to the point of incredulity.
    I also found the sudden departure from character of Dr. Shephard disconcerting. I guess he doesn't have as much integrity as we have been led to believe. Part of what made him such a good character was his struggles to do the right thing. Until now, he has been the wronged party in his marriage with Addison. Now it seems to me that he is being self-righteous. If he doesn't care for Addison, leave her. I think that the writers have done a very good job in making her an empathetic character. She only cheated on him because he was emotionally absent. Now she, in her contrition has made herself a doormat and he continues to make overtly bad choices. I suppose the show will simply degenerate into a series of musical bed hopping to titillate the viewers. This is a recipe for a short run of the show.
    It is not that I demand a slavish devotion to reality and morality. After all who wants to sit and watch ACTUAL reality of TV? I simply expect the writers to not insult our intelligence and make at least a perfunctory attempt at internal consistency.

    PS - I found Cristina's inability to be there for Burke when he needed her exasperating but expected and in character. While I would have a hard time getting past her running away when the chips were down if I were Burke, I still do find them the most charming and interesting couple.
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