Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 26

Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 15, 2006 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • (Catching all of them in Denny's room)
      Bailey: You fools better have a good explanation for this. Step away from the patient. (they all step away but Izzie) Step away from the patient!
      Izzie: I can't. I'm pumping his heart.
      Bailey: Olivia, take over for Dr. Stevens. Izzie, you're done here. I need you to leave the room.
      Olivia: Izzie...
      Izzie: No, do not touch me!
      Bailey: Olivia, stay with Dr. Stevens. Help her if she'll let you. You three, outside, now! (they leave and Bailey starts whispering with anger in her voice) Where was rational thought? Where was cognitive thinking? We're supposed to do no harm. The morals, the ethical, where was sanity when you three decided to help that girl?
      Meredith: We...
      Bailey: No, no, no. No speaking. Nobody speaks. I do not want to have to testify against you in a court of law. She cut his LVAD wire. (George groans) I said no speaking!
      George: I didn't say any--
      Bailey: Then no moving. Cristina, Burke is asking for you. Go! (Cristina leaves) I assume you ran labs? I'm asking a question. (they don't say anything) Answer me!
      Meredith (quietly): You said no speaking.
      Bailey: I know what I said!
      Meredith (quietly): Yes.
      Bailey (voice starts cracking): O'Malley get me the lab results. Do not pass go, do not talk to another living soul. Get labs and get back here. Grey... come with me.

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