Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 11


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jan 06, 2011 on ABC

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  • Sometimes the best way to get over personal tragedy is to see someone else suffer because of the same kind of catastrophe.

    It was very good episode. A lot of action, many funny moments and a lot of character development.

    I think I forgot a little about Meredith's suffering. Let's look at everyone. Cristina performed surgery with some crazy guy threatening to kill her - she had a reason to experience PTSD. Derek was shot - he had a reason to suffer too, that one is obvious. What about Meredith? She watched her husband being shot, she saw him dying on the OR (although it was just Avery's trick) and she lost her baby. She must have been under enormous stress. And her way of getting better is helping other people which she was deprived of this time because Cristina didn't want her help. And that's another thing - she lost her best friend (fortunately it was only temporary). When I think about it now I think that everyone came a long way to get better except for Meredith. It wasn't so obvious in her case but that's probably what made her lost her composure in this episode. And she was right. Derek focused on helping Cristina get better but never thought about Meredith's suffering.

    On the lighter note I will probably watch this episode one more time to see Alex trying to body block Stark:)This scene was priceless. By the way, it reminded me of the surgery from first or second season when Izzie had a patient who had a prostate surgery and she fought for him together with Bailey(remember Dr. Lymph Harry?).

    I'm also very glad that Mark and Lexie are together again. They are so cute together!As to the Callie-Arizona drama, I hope that they will solve it soon. And I'm incredibly happy that Cristina is back.

    I almost forgot about Teddy! I've seen a preview for this episode earlier so I knew that she married Henry but I still can't believe it. At least he is really charming:)

    But the best and most touching scene was at the end of this episode when everyone was crying in the gallery and then started to laugh hysterically. It reminded me (I know... again) of George's funeral. Very moving.

    All in all great episode.
  • 711

    ABC has been hyping this as an "epic season" of Grey's Anatomy. I am not really sure what they are watching, but I digress. Tonight's episode was okay, but the fact that they are resorting to another shooting so fast speaks more about the show being creatively bankrupt as opposed to being epic.

    Cristina is already back in the OR, boy, they really did not let that storyline play out at all, huh?

    I like how they focused the majority of the episode on the actual treating of the patients, that was smart, but this is still a program that is slipping fast.
  • Crazed gunman shoots up school, great plot idea to help characters recover from crazed gunman who shoots up Hospital. Not!

    I found this episode gross from the moment I saw it. Using a mass shooting as a plot device disgusts me. I think something similar could have been accomplished using a school bus crash. You could even have a student to blame by having one of them take the flash photograph. I thought the first mass shooting was an awful episode (and a great way for the producers to get rid of the extra residents they didn't want to give a contract), the second is simply gross. And let me say this I thought this even before 2 days later some lunatic did this at a grocery store.

    What really bothered me about this episode is that I'm pretty certain that this was written as their Christmas episode. Yes a mass shooting as a Christmas episode. First hint I got was the people singing outside the hospital holding the thick white candles. Looked rather like the choirs you see holding candles at Christmas time. And honestly who knows their high school alma matta? And would they continue singing their high school alma matta through the night? No, my bet is they were originally singing Christmas carols. Second, no one died. Ten to one that was going to be a Christmas miracle. Third, what totally synched this being the Christmas episode was the last scene in the bar. Anyone else notice the red, green, and white Christmas lights in the background? And finally, don't forget Grey's normally has a Christmas episode. It was so odd that there wasn't one, I commented to a friend.

    I don't know whose idea this was, but they need to do some real soul searching. Mass shootings are gross and should never be used as a plot device!
  • Back on track with a super-fast paced episode. Christina is herself again, and Arizona returns from Africa to be with Callie. *spoilers*

    I really enjoyed this episode. It's been one of my favorites this year. Teddy prepares to get married to her patient. Christina's back to herself again. Merideth and Derek fight about him helping Christina out and ignoring her, and Merideth going back to update the wife instead of staying in the surgery. Arizona's home from Africa, but Callie doesn't want anything to do with her. (Hopefully they'll get back together soon.) Arizona got to meet her replacement, Dr. Stark. It's all hands on deck when a high school shooting sends patients to the hospital. In the end, they were able to save everyone, which was really great. Christina and Meredith are friends again, and Teddy and the patient do a toast instead of a big white wedding.
    Best Moments
    -The whole chaos of the episode, especially how they had to use the trauma room for operating.
    -Arizona yelling to Alex from the gallery to body block Stark.
    -Alex jumping and shouting in joy when Arizona gets permission to take Stark's patient.
    -The campus singing from outside in the parking lot.
    -Everyone having a tearfest in the surgical gallery, and then laughing strangely. Also, Stark storming out of the gallery saying "I hate this place!"
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