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Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 13

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on ABC

Episode Fan Reviews (3)

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  • I used to dislike that "pregnant Callie" story but she and Mark are extremely funny! And Cristina is evil... again:)

    I'm glad that Callie, Mark and Arizona seem to work out this whole situation. They are obviously happy but unfortunately Lexie isn't. I can't blame her. Every time she decides to be with Mark he is doing something that hurts her. Is it possible for them to be together? I'm not sure anymore but I hope so.

    Derek made a mistake not inviting Meredith to help with the Alzheimer's clinical trial. She has a lot of experience because of her mother and she is certainly a better person for it than Alex. Karev's decision to leave was definitely a good choice. It might be hard for Derek to work with Meredith though.

    Cristina is back in the game! Poor Jackson didn't know what had hit him. I love their rivalry.

    Dr. Lucy Fields had a hard time with Callie but luckily she is immune to panic-struck women and quite patient.

    I didn't find the Twitter plot very exciting but Chief's comment to Owen about Bailey "tweets" was priceless:)

    All in all another good episode of GA:)
  • Baby, Alzheimer's trials, and Twitter. Lots going on for this week. *spoilers*

    Callie finally told Mark but seemed a little too happy for her. Him wanting to be involved and push Lexie to the side didn't sit with me well, either. I'm glad that Arizona decided to be "in" and stick with Callie. I was surprised that she told Teddy before anyone else. I felt bad for the OB Dr. Lucy Fields, because Callie was already freaking out. Alex and the Alzheimer's trial patients was not as bad as I thought and I liked that he left and convinced Derek to let Meredith in on the trials.
    Jackson and Cristina's competition to get Teddy to chose one of them for the surgery did get a little mean. What Jackson said to her was insensitive, but how she tricked him was even meaner.
    I did like the Twitter aspect, but it wasn't as important as I thought. I liked that Bailey had her assistants, Lexie and April, and how it helped them save the patient in the end. I also thought it was good to hear mention of Ellis Grey and her aura of greatness again.
    (Since the race for Chief Resident is on: from the behavior of the group from this and last episode, the only two that should be allowed to be in the running are Meredith and April.)
  • I really like this episode. All the good bits of Grey's Anatomy. Personal complications, interactions with patients with medical stuff thrown in at a level that is still understandable. And the angst, of course.

    I really like this episode. All the good bits of Grey's Anatomy. Personal complications, interactions with patients with medical stuff thrown in at a level that is still understandable. And the angst, of course. Meredith using her experience with her patients has taken something really difficult in her past (do you remember the trouble she had looking after her mother?) and turned it into something positive. I love that Derek's love for her has turned his expertise to something so personal. I hope it works as well as the last trial they did together. Callie's freak out was at first difficult to believe because as a doctor I thought she would have known at least a little about the difficulties in pregnancy, but then realised that in that instance she wasn't a doctor but a first time mum who was probably even more nervous because as a doctor she could know more about what can happen.
    I was disappointed that Lexie didn't understand, though can see it from her point of view. I do hope that they make up and she at least accepts the baby. I really like them as a couple. So fingers crossed for the next episode.
    For some reason this episode had made me remember the previous episodes. Especially all the way back to the first season where Meredith was dark and angsty, Cristina hard and almost too professional and Alex flippant and uncaring. The character progression seems much more fluid and realistic compared to other programs character arcs.
    In conclusion, one of the better episodes. Definitely worth watching
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