Grey's Anatomy

Season 7 Episode 13

Don't Deceive Me (Please Don't Go)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 03, 2011 on ABC

Episode Recap

Meredith wakes up to find Derek gone. He's already at the hospital, injecting an Alzheimer's patient with a placebo drug. Callie tells Sloan he doesn't have to have anything to do with the baby. He says he wants to be involved and suggests they get married. Callie turns him down. Sloan doesn't know how he's going to break the news to Lexie. Callie goes home and finds Arizona on her couch. Arizona tells how upset she is with Callie for sleeping with someone, especially a man. Arizona agrees to be a part of the baby's life.

The Chief is performing surgery in front of a class of students, all whom are texting. One student said that she is receiving Twitter updates from Dr. Bailey from her surgery. He gets upset and says that there is no texting in his operating room. Cristina and Avery are vying for a spot to help in Teddy's next big surgery. Teddy finds this irritating. Meredith confronts Derek. She asks him if he slipped out early in the morning because he felt guilty she is not a part of his Alzheimer's testing study. He said that was not the case. Meredith was shocked to find out he chose Karev to help. It is because Meredith is Derek's wife that she was not up for the position.

The Chief goes to find Bailey and tells her to stop Tweeting. She says it's a great learning tool. He promises her he will look into it but she must stop for now. Arizona tells Teddy about Callie and Sloan. Arizona gets a page and finds Callie and Sloan in a room. Callie thinks she's miscarrying, but the OBGYN tells her everything is going to be ok.

Meredith and Karev tend to one of the Alzheimer's patients when he is having one of his episodes. Meredith talks to him and calms him down. He screams to see a woman named Victoria, but his wife's name is Alison. It turns out Victoria is a woman he fell in love with at the Home. Alison insists that they give her husband the real medicine and not the placebo. Karev is frustrated with this and goes to Meredith, who has little sympathy.

Sloan tells Derek about getting Callie pregnant and asks him for advice about Lexie. Derek is speechless. Sloan's beeper goes off again. It's Callie. She is freaking out over having a child. Cristina and Avery are sucking up to Teddy's patient, Martha. Martha tells Cristina she's having second thoughts about the surgery. She does not want to burden her children. She says that the surgery will allow her to live another 20 years. She says she would like Cristina to scrub into the surgery. Avery hears this and says that the patient's request doesn't mean anything. They approach Teddy for her to make her pick. Avery puts down Cristina by saying she's been out of surgery for a few months now. Cristina walks away leaving Avery feeling awful. Avery goes to Meredith to tell her what he did. They find Cristina crying. She says she wants Owen. Avery leaves to find Owen, and Cristina gets up. She was faking it. She wants Avery to be distracted so she can scrub in.

Owen helps the Chief find Bailey's tweets on a computer. The chief discovers that Bailey is currently tweeting. He goes to her OR and confronts her. The patient begins hemorrhaging. Tweets from other hospitals offer them valuable help. Bailey goes to get the equipment while the Chief watches the patient. Lexie hesitantly asks the Chief to answer some questions she's receiving online. He cautiously answers them. He begins to think tweeting online is not that bad.

Derek and Karev treat their patient. Karev is disappointed to find out this patient is getting the placebo medication. The patient wakes up asking for Victoria again. His wife is frustrated and wants to leave. Karev convinces her to stay. Karev tells Derek he wants off this study because it is too depressing and that Meredith should take his spot. Derek agrees and asks Meredith if she will join his study. Sloan finally tells Lexie about the baby, and she storms off.