Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 10

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 30, 2006 on ABC

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  • Meredith's half sister ends up in the hospital and Meredith gets called by Dr. Addison to help. George's father has surgery. The chief struggles with the decision of how to punish Yang and Burke. Bailey feels responsible for Yang and Izzie's mistakes.

    I thought this episode was great. I loved how Bailey gave the chife what for when she wanted to know what was going to be done about Yang and Burke. I don't think they should've gotten away with what they did, especially since Izzie didn't get away with what she did, whether somebody died or not. Somebody COULD have died in the future if Burke kept operating with a tremor in his hand. Bailey feels responsible for the mistakes Cristina and Izzie have made because they were under her supervision. After finding out about Burke, Derek starts to question what surgeries he can perform. This leads him to not want to perform a surgery that would involve separating two conjoined twin brothers. Derek doesn't believe the operations is worth taking the risk because it's not a life or death situation, and if he goes through with it there is a possibility the brothers could become paralyzed or die. The surgery turns out to be a success, after Bailey reassures him that he can do it. George's father has a heart attack in the process of George yelling at his brothers. I've got to tell you i used to like George, but hes becoming more of a jerk every day, and i'm starting to dislike him more and more every episode. When Bailey assigned Yang to work with Erica i was thinking "wow, this is going to be great. Erica will ream her from here to Sunday." I was a bit surprised when that wasn't the case. I remember thinking "Yang screws up and gets to do a running whip stitch, but Izzie had to be on probation?" However, Bailey fixed that by finally allowing Izzie to scrub in on a surgery. I was also glad at first when i thought Izzie wasn't going to be an errand dog for Sloan, but that feeling quickly diminished when she finally gave in. As far as relationships Burke and Cristina aren't talking so far. I'm not sure how long that will last since we saw Cristina getting in the elevator with Burke and Derek at the end of the episode. Meredith and Derek seem to be doing well. There wasn't too much about their relationship in this episode. I felt bad for Meredith in the beginning of this episode. Having to listen to all those terrible things her mother says to her has to be hard. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. We know Meredith's attempt to keep people at bay and not let them get too close is a load of crap, but i think she was being sort of a b**ch about the whole situation. Would it have killed her to have some connection with her half sister and step mother? I mean, her father is not involved in her life, her mother is slipping away, could Grey not use some love and support? Another great episode anyway.
  • When tension eases, other issues come to surface. We learn a really valuable lesson about who we should keep close to us.

    What Meredith said is just so true, that was the best part of the episode.
    Ellis Grey is the strongest woman of the show, it's good to see a human side in her, even with Alzheimer's. I didn't like how Miranda acted in front of the chief, but her revenge was kinda clever. The two twins, that was a good case, and hard to watch, because of the girl's choice, brothers have to be close, unified, strong toghether, but there are some codes! Other things I didn't like: Burke, that was just pathetic! He can't blame Derek for nothing, he should have talked about the tremor a long time ago, and the chief did right in yelling at him. And I don't get what Izzie and Alex have to do with all the Cristina-Burke-tremor threesome, really, they weren't harmed in any way, they should have kept their mouth shut. Meredith did a good thing when she defended Cristina at the end of the episode, and in the scene in the really old guy's room. That's friendship, but Cristina has to swallow her pride, she needn't have said that she didn't need Meredith to defend her. Also, I didn't like Meredith rejecting her "new family". They care about you, please don't be so hard with them.
    Really good things: it was all well written, and touching as well. I liked the music, that Son Volt song, I love it. The topic was just awesome, and that's why i give this episode such a great mark. 9.33
  • loved it!!! love derek!!

    i loved all the part when they had to separate the the operation room was very tense but i knew my derek would do it!!!!!! i know i highlighted derek so whatever...i lurv him!'s father was operated and he was so when they were operating him he couldnt watch!!! that was the sweetest thing i've ever seen. and burke was even sweeter to tell him what was happening!!!!! i dunno why callie keeps trying to but in honestly...i really hate her character....i hate her really

    and mer's mom!!!!!!! omggggggg i so loved that sceneee it was really emtional and really unexpected!!! omigodddd yahhhhhh i love grey's anatomy.
  • Someone to stay by.

    Conjoined adult twins come to Seattle Grace because they want to be sperated. 22 surgeons are on the case but it is not worth the risk. Shepherd is the main surgeon but he lost his confidence and pride because of what happened to Burke. Crisitna told on Burke but Burke doesn't want antoher surgery and Miranda is horrible towards Crisitna. George is having a hard time dealing with his dad and Erica Hahn did surgery with Cristina.
    Meredith's other family came to the hospital and there were complications with the baby but it should be just fine.
    Amazing episode and good fall finale.
  • the the sklar twins, i love them in real life they\'re an awesome team, it was great to see them in this episode. talk about cojoined twins having the hot for one woman, i dont even want to go down that lane.

    mer is right, you chose who you want to stay close to,i wish she would give her father\'s people a little chance, i know they\'re kind too bright and shiny, but it may rub off on her in the long run. the tension between burke and christina men could an iron. and i love bailey\'s reaction when sloan requested for izzie to scrub in, i hated der feeling unsure of his skills cos of the burke\'s hand issues. george needs to calm down, its his father, i know. i liked that moment between der and mark, when he said if only all love triangle could be resolved with a ten blade, its rare and nice moment that showed how close they had been,
  • This episode regroups all the positive aspects of the series making it mind blowingly great.

    This episode is one of the best for several reasons.
    My first would be that this epidode gives a special insight in the characters personality by showing their behavior whith one another in a very tense environement. The way Izzie and Alex behave towards Christina, Meredith standing up for her and thus putting her friendship with them on the line. George's behavior is also very convicing as he finds himself trapped between his father's medical problems, his issues with Kally and Dr Burke. And of course, Dr Bailey feels threatened once more by being reponsible for Christina's mistake. So on for every character who finds itself in a difficult position.
    Second of all, the medical case in this episode is really exciting. Not not only does it create an adrenaline surge with the outcome of the surgery being so uncertain but the fact that Dr Sheppard hesitates and that he and Dr Sloan end up working together on the case.
  • so this is pretty much that sara rameriz aka dr callie torros is hot is a sexy mobo jumbo and she is the bomb me and her should totally get married we will one day now enough about her more about this episode im SOO confusd whats goin on

    she is so hot and i want her wow shes the hottest girl in like well not the hottest in the world but shes hot.. i thi nk she is the most amazing person on the tv show she is the bomb digity and nobody better take my wommen because she is the **** so confused on this episode what is going on? like i thought that george and meredith were cool and that he moved back in this epiosde is like out of omg im confused ive seen every episode up intill now but what the hell is going on
  • Cristina and Burke have problems in their relationship. Meredith's half sister is admitted to Seatle Grace and Derek and Mark are forced to work together over to brother who have been together for quite some time.

    This is an amazing show! One of the best that I have seen in a long time. Balances medicine with relationships wonderfully. I can't wait for more! The suspense from episode to episode is spectacular. I love the interaction between Meredith and her sister and the Derek and Mark relationship is priceless. Best friends gone astray. What can top that? And the perfect couple of Burke and Cristina are having problems. Everything adds up to this being another amazing episode in an absolutly extraordinary series. I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Nothing is better than this!
  • This episode was not the best fall finale. It was ok but not what makes this show great.

    Well in this episode I got mad at Izzie. I think out of all the character Izzie should have understood the most why Cristina was helping Burke, because of what happened with Denny. I however love the ending to the episode where Cristina goes into the elevator with Burke. It shows that they could work through this problem, plus they are one of my favorite characters. I also think that George should have forgave Cristina. I thought he would with Dr. Hahn and all with her letting Cristina doing the thing in surgery,(can't remember what), because she is good, so Burke didn't just let her do surgies because of his hand but because she is good. It just really didn't leave me off wanting more. However I like that Derek and Meredith seem to be having a stable relationship.
  • As always... great story line and great acting. I am tired though of George's anxst.

    This episode showed so much depth and dimension into family dynamics. From Meredith and her mom, to the conjoined twins, to George and his family, to Meredith and her step mom this episode had to have struk a chord in almost every viewer. I can't even imagine how painful it would be to hear your mother say she wished she hadn't had you - dementia or not. Honestly though I'm getting a little tired of George's anxst. He went from being one of the most likeable characters to one of the least likeable. I know they do this to keep things fresh, but can there be a middle ground?
  • what is happening to the group??

    Interesting episode. So I get that George is beyond freaking about his dad and everything but if he keeps acting the way that he is when the whole thing is over he is not going to have any friends left. I am also a bit surprised that the entire gang is so mad at Christina – like Meredith pointed out they have al done stuff that was breaking the rules and they have all stuck together as a team. I guess Izzy has a little right to be mad as she is being punished and Christina isn’t but everyone else just needs to be supportive. I feel sorry for Bailey though – in her eyes and those of some of the other docs in her hospital she is to blame when really it was over her head considering it was an attending and all. Then for there to be no punishment she felt that her power over her interns was gone. This season is getting more and more fragmented. I hope that it all comes together soon.
  • Just keeps getting better, kudos to the writers....

    Adult conjoint twin, baby just out of womb with no breathing, o'mailey senior on the op table, wow! how else could you bring up the hype? It's just great and mind blowing just wtaching and waiting to see how each storyline turn out, totally took me out of my life. George was again acting like a spoiled brat, Cristina is amazing, Callie showed her soft side to George's dad, everyone was great except George. In reality, operation for separation of adult conjoint twin is alomost fatal, like 99%, albeit the fiction episode did a successful one, which was very comforting in a way.
  • Great episode! Loved the twins, the interaction between Ellis and Meredith...

    This was the wonderful episode. I thought that it was well written and well acted. I love it when they bring in Meredith's father's family and start to really make her think and feel about her past. The interaction between Meredith and Ellis was great too. They really pulled at my heartstrings at the end. George, I thought had a really strong performance. Burke was making me mad, in the way that he was blaming everyone but himself about his hand tremors. I am a little disapointed that there is not a new episode until January. But I guess this is how things work...
  • I really wish they didn\'t have that Twin storyline! Dr. Bailey and Shepard get their grooves back. The rest of the interns decide to cut Christina some slack, seeing as they too are horrible people.

    Plot: Conjoined twins wish to be separated for the love of a common woman. Addison operates to save the life of Meredith’s half sister’s baby. Dr. Bailey and Shepard get their grooves back. The rest of the interns decide to cut Christina some slack, seeing as they too are horrible people. Review: This episode would have been a lot better without the conjoined twins’ story. One of Grey’s key problems is this balancing act it plays between humor and good drama. I’m having a hard time getting into George’s dad’s health problems or appreciating the seriousness of a dying baby when I got Abet and Costello doing knock knock jokes in the background. People watch this show for the drama involving the interns personal lives so do me a favor and cut back on the ludicrous medical cases. A male pregnancy, transgender lovers, and the married couple who got stuck together… I mean I could go on here, but I would rather be watching Spanish soap operas.

    The other low point in this episode was George’s behavior. Why can’t the writers make all the characters likable at the same time? First Alex is a chauvinistic jerk and then he is a cuddly baby lover. Dr. Sloan is a womanizer and then he is thoughtfully mindful of Izzie. I demand that my Television characters be one dimensional, cardboard cut outs! I can’t take this emotional rollercoaster. George trying to be tough and assertive is even more pathetic than his usual passive aggressive pushover self.

    I know interns have to go through a gradual learning process, but this batch seems particularly useless. Except of course for Christina; I guess it pays off to completely disregard your medical oath. Is the moral here that so long as nobody dies, lying and risking people’s lives is ok? Is Christina that different from Izzie? I think their situations are pretty similar. She allowed herself to get too emotionally involved with her direct superior and someone should pay the price. Meredith’s storyline was alright. I kind of forgot that she had this other family. Her mom is a big **** though. I mean I know she has Alzheimer’s and all but come on. What a self absorbed, uncaring, **** Wait, are we talking about Meredith or her mother? Oh never mind they are the exact same person!

    Parting Thought: How the hell do conjoined twins manage to be getting some and I’m sitting here single?
  • Family bonds, respect, love and friendship made for a nice mid season finale

    Grey\\\'s Anatomy is one of the best written shows on TV. In this episode we get to experience another painful Meredith visit with her delusional mother. Kudos to Ellen Pompeo for her performance! When Meredith’s mother wishes Meredith had never been born. Ouch! Her visible pain made me gasp.

    Also Meredith’s stepmother and half sister come to the hospital for a C-section. Meredith feels compelled to deny them as part of her family. Deep down Meredith dislikes them because she was denied a normal family life.

    The conjoined twins were great. The makeup looked a little bit phony but the writing for these scenes was great. The frustration motivating them to have a separation surgery was well conveyed. And of course a woman was involved. But very touching when after a successful separation they request to be side by side and hold hands. I guess I already saw this in the Farrelly Brothers film Stuck on You but it still tugged at the heartstrings.

    George is so angry about his father’s condition that he continues to lash out at everyone. But Papa O’Malley touches at the heart of the matter when he let’s George know that his anger is misplaced. It seems that George is finally on the track to letting all this rage go. I look forward to that. I enjoy George more when he is fumbling in a relationship or being a good friend.

    Dr. Preston Burke has been blaming Derek for his tremor. Yet he comes to terms with his feelings and realizes that he needs to let Derek help him. That blaming Derek is a knee jerk reaction. I feel that Christina and Preston are going to get through this. I’m routing for them. Despite turning him in I believe Christina loves Dr. Burke. In the final scene Meredith returns to visit her mother. Even after her previous visit was a slap in the face. But this time she and her mother embrace. So maybe love does conquer all.
  • perfectly great apisode.

    i realy loved it! it was really sad at the beginning of it, when mer and her mom had tha talk, and Alice said "It’s because I have a daughter, isn’t it? He always said he didn’t want kids. I should never have had a kid." i also liked it when the chief and bailey talked, and the chief said: "Miranda, you raised them. You raised them like… like children. And some of them make mistakes. And some of them disappoint you. Some of them… do you know what kind of straight it most have taken Yang to come to me? To report on an attending? On her boyfriend? Do you see how much she’s grown? You raised them. Like children. And some of them turned out exactly like you, DR. Bailey." i think it was really beautifull.
  • Grey's Anatomy 3.10

    God..I loved it. There isnt any episode that was bad yet.
    And this one came very serious. With meredith's situation with her mom and ending up with a very touching moment ..when Elis grey was lucid and hugged meredith.
    Callie was very fragil and it was nice to see how sensitivy and how she is still in love with george.

    George was mad at everybody ... but at the end he was kind of soft. Not soft with Christina coz' she doesn't deserved but with burke and callie .

    Derek was very good too doubting himself and bailey helping him with all the bads.

    The episode should have more Mer/Der action but Shonda Rimes is playing it beautifully.
  • Slight decline, but who can blame them?

    The previous episode was so good it made this one look like cr*p, but hey if you don't think asbout the previous one this episode was actually pretty good. There are siamese twins who like the same girl. The girl was told to choose between them before the surgery and the girl chose the one that didn't want the surgery in the first place, at the end though they still got along (surgery performed by Dr. Shepard, Chief, Dr. Slone, Dr. Karev, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Stevens and 16 other surgeons). Merideth's step sister is in the hospital with Merideth's step mother. The surgery on Molly went fine, but there were complications with the baby. Thankfully enough the baby survived and Merideth was uneasy with having his step's as his pasiants. (surgery performed by Addison and Merideth). George releases a lot of anger to almost everybody because of his dad. His dad is brought into surgery and almost fails, but luckily Christina studied a lot when she was bith Burke, she was able to pull off something that saved George's dad. George's dad survived. (Surgery performed by Dr. Hann and Christina). Bailey is mad because Burke and Christina don't get punished for what they did. At the end though the Chief talks to her and she realises sometimes people make mistakes and it's ok. Karev, Izzie and George give Christina a hard time the whole day until the end when Merideth stands up for Christina because Christina helped Izzie with Danny and Karev with his exams. George still doesn't forgive Christian though. Great episode in my opinion.
  • Conjoined adult twins, Meredith's half sister and George's dad.

    Overall I thought this was a good episode.

    Bad things-- Although I liked the storyline with the conjoined twins, I thought it was a little much. I know the actors who played the twins are comedians but I didn't like the fact that they were so funny. I especially didn't like the line as they were pulling into surgery--"I changed my mind" "Oh no you didn't!". I wish there was a little more Mer/Der. I read the writers blog on though (yes, I'm a loser :) )and it said in the episodes to come there is some great stuff coming up between them. Yay.

    Good Things--

    I LOVED the moment between Bailey and Derek--when we realize that Burke made both of them question their abilities as a surgeon. Bailey was right-- if Burke had told Derek about the tremor Derek might've been able to fix it. I liked how Mark invited Izzie to watch the surgery. It shows how Mark can actually can be a good guy when he wants to.

    I loved the brief Mark/Derek moment after the surgery. It showed a little bit of what their relationship was. I thought Jim Pickens, who plays the chief, was fabulous in this episode. The scene with him and Burke--him saying, "I haven't yelled yet but now I am YELLING very loudly" was great. Although I was angry at him at the beginning of the episode for not punishing Burke/Cristina I guess I get his side towards the end of the episode.

    I loved how Meredith stood up for Cristina. It really is clear that the interns are her family. I think it's clear that Meredith realizes that Susan (Molly's mom) is a sweet, nurturing mother--obviously the opposite of Ellis--but it's just too much for Meredith to become close to her, especially with all the drama with Meredith's father. Plus, Meredith was right, she really doesn't know them at all.
  • Would have given it a 10 if Bailey hadn't been so witchy

    The episode was great. I was very disappointed with the Thanksgiving episode but this was a great comeback. The conjoined twins thing was a little creepy. Why on earth would a sane woman have sex with one conjoined twin while the other has to lay there and listen. Very sick. Bailey and her screaming did get on my nerves.
  • i love this show and it pulls me in every week but last night was very painful.

    the third season of grey\'s anatomy is at that part in every show\'s season where it has passed the light-hearted comedy and heart warming stories of the beginning of the season and has moved onto the intense drama that has been building for the past 3 or so weeks. tonight hopefully was a conclusion to most of it, as last night\'s episode was almost too much.

    the most frustrating part of this episode was that i realized i am beginning to hate many characters on the show. above all, christina. she is so defensive and insensitive. she became so inhumane and stuck up since she started doing surgery with burke. how can she even yell at george? george isn\'t innocent either. he\'s been treating everyone like crap too. albeit, his father is dying but he needs to calm down for a few minutes. meredith was really disappointing to me in this episode. her mother treats her like absolute dirt but she is still there for her in the end, and that\'s great, but she didn\'t have to be so cold-hearted when her father\'s wife referred to her as family. she was just being nice. her daughters baby is meredith\'s neice. she could be nicer to this woman. i get that she hates her father and she never heard from him but this woman didn\'t do anything to deserve that.

    alex, izzie, and derek were all fantastic throughout the episode. i\'m loving alex\'s character development.

    this episode had a nice ending and a nice plot. i only hope the heavy drama will die down for a week or so.
  • Good

    While this wasn't my favorite episode of the season it was a strong episode and definatly moved the storylines forward. There was definatly been some Meredith/Cristina love over the past two episodes with Mer being strongly defensive of her friend. How heartbreaking for Mer to hear her mother state that she should never have had her. It does seem like she has been visiting her mother more this season, esp now that Webber isn't going to visit her anymore. It kinda makes me wonder just how much he does love Ellis and how much he loves Adele. Does he have a big Madonna/Whore complex or is it the ravaging guilt that keep him with Adele?
    Just as the twin were joined together when they didn't want to be, Derek and Sloan were joined together for the surgery.
    How dare Burke tell Derek that it was his fault he had a tremor, that's not even right at all. I'm glad that Bailey was there to help him thru that issue, it was a good moment between them.
    I can't wait until Jan for new episodes!!!!!!!!!
  • Another reason why this show is the best on TV right now.

    This show has the best writers that I've seen in a long, long time. I don't think there has been a bad episode since this show started. This episode was great. The conjoined twin where cool.All the stuff with George and his family was great. Izzie Talking back to Sloan was fun. Meredith sticking up for yang. Richard yelling at Burke. Sorry this review wasn't written better, but I'm just in awe of this show, week in and week out it continues to put out the finest shows on the air. I wish they would do 52 episode a year.
  • Another awesome episode from the writers of Grey's Anatomy!

    I'm glad George's father made it through his operation. I was surprised that all the operations were successful, normally there is one that doesn't make it. George really lost it during this episode, he really needs to just cool down a bit. It's nice to see Bailey back as the "nazi" again. It seemed at the end of the episode that Burke and Cristina may be good again. I didn't think there was enough Meredith and Derek, I love watching them as a couple. Also, I would have liked to see Addison and Alex after last weeks little look between them. I'm thinking something might happen between Mark and Izzie and now, and I still think that Addison might be pregnant. It was interesting to see Meredith's half-sister and mother brought back in. I also was glad to see Meredith's real mother recognize her at the end of the episode. Overall an excellent episode of Grey's as always!
  • Bailey rocks. The Chief rocked. And the show rocks on.

    Tensions were displayed out for all to see. Bailey totally rocked in this episode for me. She was the nazi as well as the nurturer. Her scene with derek in the OR was rather touching and important for derek because he needed reassurance to perform the surgery on the twins. I loved the way she manages to restall faith in him and also it showed that bailey was hurt by burke for his comments. But thank goodness for the chief, he put burke right back in his place and knocked some sense into him. Anyway, i liked the idea of the conjoined twins being seperated and then having the other twin wanting to go join his brother in his room after their initial fight.
    Meredith in this episode, however, was kinda "plucked" out from the rest of the cast and left to deal with her own family business, which was okay and not too particularly interesting in anyway. But she does realise that she needs to connect with her own mother at the end of the day.
    The most significant of all during the show was the brief yet cordial moment between mark sloan and derek during the surgery. Finally, some movement forward on both of them. Maybe setting up for them to become friends again? O'Mailey senior's heart being sort of fixed by cristina was kinda ironic and it is even more so when he thanks burke for "guiding" him through his dad's surgery, because it was done despite all the efforts by george to keep cristina/burke away from him. The last few moments of burke/cristina was quite touching and could suggest that things may improve between the both of them later.
  • This episode was one of the best so far! There were so many situations that evoked extreme feelings in me.

    I felt the same way as Bailey about Burke and Christina not getting any sort of punishment for their sneaky attitudes. They put a lot of people in harm’s way. However, they did make a good team – and when Christina stepped up during the surgery on George’s father, her newly acquired knowledge helped save his life. George needs to cut her some slack for that! And she really does stand by her man – she’s upset with him, but you can tell by the things she says to Meredith and when she ran into the elevator, that she really deep down loves him and believes in him.

    When I first saw the conjoined twins – wow! – I was amazed that they didn’t try the separation earlier in life. But as that storyline progressed, I realized how torn they really were. They would no doubt experience some real feelings of loss. But at least in the end, the woman didn’t stand between them – they still loved each other more! When they held hands - a superb ending! Meredith and her mom brought tears to my eyes. To hear her mom say she should never have had children must have been painful. But when they hugged at the end and her mother recognized her -that just wrenched at my heart. How tragic Alzheimer’s must be for people…and their families.
  • Maybe too much Hype?

    Our damn VCR wouldnt tape last night episode for my friend and I because the thing just sucks now, but while the new episode was going on our friend who was able to watch it from the begining did a great job with hyping up the episode. Oh it was a good episode but not great. Nothing was really explained to us about the relationship between Burke and Christina(oh so she joined him in the elevator at the end). How really could the two of them lie about his tremor and not get punished but even still get promoted when it comes with Burke still most likely going to become Chief. All I want is atleast one more new episode before it goes on the usual holiday break!
  • What does it take to be family? How much forgiveness do they each need? Should the punishment fit the crime? I do think Cristina has been punished. I think the interns need to kiss the ground Dr. Bailey walks on. I also think I still love George.

    Let me say that Dr. Bailey deserves an Emmy...or two. Her struggle with her interns and their LOUSY decision making has affected her as a mom. My advice to the interns---GROW UP. This group has drifted so far apart I think we are beginning to see the ramifications. They have coupled, cliqued, and secluded one another and here's the fallout. For example, GEORGE. C'mon, give the guy a break...look at what he's going through! Hav'n been there myself, it's hard and George does this storyline credit. He's become 3-D and interesting to watch. Meredith broke my heart. She needs everyone.
  • Don't Stand So Close To me

    I got teary during that last scene.. Ellis/Meredith just rock! It's that simple.

    Too bad meredith/derek only had 1 tiny scene, but it was cute, especially Derek's smile (when is it not?), but he's talking about home.. That's cute! :)

    Onto Burke, I hated that he blamed Derek and his surgeon skills that he got tremors. It was his fault, he knew there are risks to every surgery, it was his responsiblity to report this to the doctor. Bailey was totally right in supporting Derek and encouraging Derek to do the surgery, and can I say finally for having a decent Derek/Bailey scene. Now that's a good friendship between surgeons. I understand Derek though that he felt insecure about his skills, it's not a great feeling when you hear that it's your fault from somebody that you assume as a friend, even though Burke doesn't feel the same way, but it still hurts. So I liked Derek's response to that, makes him really human. And YAY for Derek/Mark laugh. I always rooted for them to go back to friends, and even if this is a small step and it may not happen for like 10 more episodes, I'm perfectly happy with that one laugh, which says to me that maybe they'll be friends in the end. I also liked that Izzie stepped up to Mark, gaining some respect back into the hospital. Something that Izzie has deserved by now. I'm glad she got to scrub in on the surgery to observe. Quite a surprise that Sloan is the one to give Izzie her first surgery since Denny.

    I love Bailey for giving Cristina the O'Malley case, especially since she wanted to give the other itnerns the much more interesting case. I also loved how Bailey stepped up to the Chief and wanted B&C to be punished. Somebody had to do it, and I completely understand the other interns that despite Cristina's actions that she's still able to scrub in. Burke/Cristina, I totally didn't mind them this episode. There's tension, and I love tension, but in the end they're still there for each other, or at least Cristina is in this case when she goes up with Derek and Burke for some test results. I'm glad Burke decided to stick with Derek and not another neurosurgeon.
    The only real moment I liked Burke in this episode though was when he was there for George, and talking him through the surgery. I really liked that!

    Meredith and her family, you have to feel sorry for her. Her mom tells her that she's sorry she had Meredith, in front of Meredith of all people and her half sister is having a C-section, and her stepmom pretty much wants Meredith to be part of the family. I understand that Meredith has problems with that, especially since her dad refuses to talk about her with his other family. So that's why I totally loved the final scene.. Fantastic!
  • I think the last 2 episodes have been really good. I do agree with whoever said that about George, but I an see why he is just worried about his Dad.

    This was a great episode. You had adult conjoint twins, the conclusion of what will happen to George's Dad, the whole thing about Burke's hand and what they are going to do about it. I think George wanted to tell his Dad his reasons for everything, but he was never alone to tell him. The twins were amusing with his/their girlfriend. George was freaking out way too much. The whole deal with Meredith and her sort of other family wasn't very climactic, but was interesting. It kind of gets me when they show her Mom since I have seen people with Alzheimers deteriorate like that, and then suddenly have a moment of clairty and recognize someone for a minute. It was a good ending with Christina and her friends, and Christina and Burke. I won't go into that anymore for those who haven't watched it yet.
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