Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 1

Dream a Little Dream of Me (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on ABC
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As Seattle Grace falls to the 12th ranking among Seattle hospitals, Richard begins planning major changes. As ambulances begin taking patients to higher ranking hospitals morale is low, but an interesting limousine crash case soon comes in. Dr. Hunt makes his debut on the show and soon impresses Cristina. Izzie attempts to comfort Alex as he comes to terms with Ava being sectioned and Lexi scolds Sloan for picking on George.

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      • Meredith: So-- And he's got fishing gear and boots and hair products. I don't have room for any of that stuff. And he talks, and not a little. I mean, he chats. He's chatty freakin' Cathy.
        Cristina: Not right now.
        Meredith: And you know what happens after he moves in don't you? We build a house on his land, which will be our land because we'll be married and then I'll be Dr. Mrs. Shepherd. And you know what comes after that, don't you? Babies, and they'll be his babies, so they'll have perfect hair and they'll be chatty. So, I'll have five chatty children, a chatty husband and live in a house in the wilderness. And then I'll start sleeping with you husband. I gotta tell him I changed my mind, don't you think?
        Cristina: Meredith!
        Meredith: What? Why are you making that face?
        Cristina: Shut up, you know, just shut up about Derek. Shut up about moving in with Derek. Shut up about your relationship because you want to know why? I've heard it all before. Yeah, you know, you guys get together, and I have to listen to it, and then you guys break up, and I have to listen to it. I almost killed a man in surgery today. I... Okay, you want-- You want to know what I think? Okay, you-- you really wanna know? You and Derek will not work. Moving in together is a mistake of massive proportions. You are dreaming of dead Derek which should tell you it will not work!
        Meredith: Cristina, I--
        Cristina: No, no. You know, this whole thing, this happily ever after does not exist. So, please, please, please as you weigh your options here, just you know, consider the possibility of shutting the hell up because I can't listen to it anymore.
        Meredith: I--
        Cristina: No.
        Meredith: Okay--
        Cristina: No!
        Meredith: I--
        Cristina: Okay, that's it. That's it. I'm done. (goes to walk inside and slips on ice and falls) Ow, ow! Ow!
        Meredith: I'm not gonna say you deserved that, but you deserved that.

      • George: What were you doing back there?
        Lexie: I was trying to help you.
        George: Telling an attending to shut up in his OR-- That's not helping. What makes you think you can-- You're sleeping with him?
        Lexie: What? No.
        George: Yes, you are. You--
        Lexie: Why would you even say that? Wait, are you jealous?
        George: Of the fact that you can tell Sloan to shut up? Yeah. But you know, he's right. I'm the hospital joke. And it's my fault. I'm the one who failed my intern exam and got married in Vegas and cheated on my wife.
        Lexie: No. You don't understand-- The only reason that he was picking on you is--
        George: No, it doesn't matter. I can take care of myself.

      • Derek: Rose. ... If you're going to be acting this way I can't have you in my OR.
        Rose: Okay, there's no good way to say this... I've been acting this way because. ... I'm carrying your child, Derek. ... Ha! Gotcha.
        Derek: This is your idea of a joke?
        Rose: Oh, please. Who do you think you are? (imitates Derek) If youre gonna keep behaving this way, you can't be in my OR. (scoffs)
        Derek: You should transfer to a different specialty.
        Rose: You should transfer to a different specialty.
        Derek: I'm a neurosurgeon.
        Rose: You should've thought about that while repeatedly assuring me that you were over your ex. I'll see you in the OR. I'm not going anywhere.

      • Mark: Crap, his vocal cords are damaged beyond repair.
        Lexie: Is there anything that we can do?
        George: He probably won't talk again.
        Mark: I think that question was for me.
        George: Sorry.
        Mark: You think just 'cause you get to take your intern test again, that makes you big man on campus? Doesn't change the fact you failed the first time.
        Lexie: Dr. Sloan.
        Mark: I'm sorry, Grey. Was there something you wanted to say to anyone here?
        Lexie: No, there wasn't.
        Mark: Coward.
        Lexie: Shut up.
        George: Lexie!

      • Alex: Hey, you know anything about health insurance?
        Meredith: No, why?
        Alex: I'm trying to help out a patient.
        Meredith: Oh, the softer side of Alex. Izzie was right.
        Alex: What's that supposed to mean?
        Meredith: Nothing.
        Alex: What did Izzie say to you?
        Meredith: She said you were a good man. She said you changed. It was nothing.
        Alex: Did she say that I cried? 'Cause that's a lie.
        Meredith: No, she didn't say anything.
        Alex: She should just keep her mouth shut.
        Meredith: Alex. I made a stupid joke, she didn't mean anything.

      • Lexie: You're a little mean to George. Un-Unnecessarily mean. And he's studying to re-take his intern test and he's a little stressed out. So, I was just thinking maybe you could be nicer.
        Mark: You're an intern, why are you talking to me?
        Lexie: W-Well, you're my half-sister's boyfriend's best friend, so I...
        Mark: You thought that makes us friends? You thought that you would defend your boyfriend to me and I'd just take it?
        Lexie: He's not my boyfrind.
        Mark: But you want him to be.
        Lexie: I do not.
        Mark: Do too.
        Lexie: Do not.
        Mark: Do too. Does he know?
        Lexie: Shut up.
        Mark: I'm your attending. You can't tell me to shut up. You want me to be nicer to O'Malley?
        Lexie: Please.
        Mark: Confess your love to him, and I'll think about it.
        Lexie: Shut up.

      • George: It's stuck. I can't seem to get it down the left brochus.
        Lexie: It's okay, George. You almost got it.
        Mark: What are you, his little cheerleader? Step aside, wonder boy, before you make things worse. O'Malley, go see if the OR is ready, if you can manage that.

      • Erica: So, I've been observing teaching styles. Shepherd likes to teach outloud, Bailey is blunt and direct, and doesn't over teach, and Sloan... Well, Sloan just likes to berate and humiliate.
        Richard: I think that if you really want to learn about teaching, you should talk to your students. Find out how they learn best. Yang?
        Erica: Oh, that's not necessary, sir.
        Richard: Are you serious about this or not, Dr. Hahn?
        Erica: Fine. ... Go.
        Cristina: Uh, for me, personally, I learn better when I'm asked questions. The socratic method.
        Erica: Well, that's the cornerstone of medical teaching. It's what we do in rounds.
        Cristina: Well, not everyne does it. Some people... Simply tell you what to do.

      • Izzie: Hey, how's Betty's husband doing?
        Cristina: Oh, I'm scrubbing in on him now. Shepherd did what he could but the chief and Hahn are still working on him. He is an ugly, ugly mess.
        Izzie: SaraBeth's husband may need another surgery after Derek's done with him. These poor women.
        Meredith: Well, Anna-- The one with the cuts-- Is married to the guy on Derek's table and she is sleeping with SaraBeth's husband, the one Sloan's working on.
        Izzie: You're kidding.
        Meredith: No. Don't tell Betty.
        Izzie: She wouldn't rememver even if I did.
        Meredith: YOu mean, that's what happens? You're married 40 years and then you become a big, fat, lying cheater? I mean, if 40 years doesn't make you committed, what does? What's the point? I mean, what if I move in with Derek--
        Cristina: Okay, you know what? I'll give you 100 bucks if you talk about something else.
        Izzie: It's not about the years, it's about the man. And Derek is a good man.
        Cristina: Oh, well, I'm outta here. (walks off)
        Izzie: There are a lot of really good men, you know? George is a really good guy, I mean, he... Nope. Sloan is not. Alex. Yeah. Alex has turned into a very good man.
        Meredith: You and Alex...
        Izzie: No. I'm making a point. But it is nice, you know, that we're friends, and he's changed. He's actually opening up to me.
        Meredith: So, do you think that if you moved in and got married, in 40 years, you'd feel dead inside enough to cheat on him?
        Izzie: Wow.

      • Derek: Busy OR today.
        Rose: But that's kind of you're thing, right? Juggling more than one person at the same time.

      • Derek (to Owen): Who the hell are you?
        Cristina: Army surgeon badass. Did something crazy with a pen on a guy's throat.

      • Meredith: I know it's overwhelming but Phil couldn't be in better hands.
        Anna: It's not just Phil, it's also Michael. But you already knew that.
        Meredith: No, I-I didn't know for sure, but--
        Anna: It's pathetic, isn't it-- A married woman cheats on her best friend with her husband? You can't go much lower than that.
        Meredith: These things happen.
        Anna: I ran into Michael in the mall and we had lunch. And a week later, we had another lunch. And here we are... Eight months later. And SaraBeth has no idea. I mean, when you spend your life with someone and... and you have kids together, you think it'll always be this amazing and this wonderful. You think-- You think that you'll always feel that kind of love, and-- and I do, I do love Phil. I just...
        Meredith: Just what?
        Anna: Well, little pieces of you get chipped away... by another person, and then you shave little pieces of yourself away so you'll fit together and... then one day you look up and you don't even know who you are. I better get back to my husband. He'll be wondering where I am.

      • Izzie: How are you doing?
        Alex: You keep asking me that, and I keep telling you, I'm fine.
        Izzie: I know, it's just sometimes I still think that Denny's gonna be right around the corner, and he's been dead a long time now. It just takes a while to get used to.
        Alex: Rebecca didn't die. It's not like that for me. I'm good. But thank you for asking.

      • Mark: Looks like his trachea's is crushed. I'm gonna need an OR and an extra set of hands. Who's avaiable?
        Bailey: Grey.
        Mark: The good Grey?
        Bailey: The intern Grey.
        Richard: And I'll throw in O'Malley.
        Mark (sarcastically): Oh, nice. Perfect.

      • Richard: Am I to understand that you stole these traumas from Mercy West?
        Bailey: I have no idea what you're talkin' about.
        Richard: Good job, 'cause now it's personal.

      • Bailey: Ladies, um, I've been on the phone with ambulance dispatch. Three gentlemen in a limousine collided with another vehicle on Broad street. It's possible that it was your husbands.
        Anna: Oh, no.
        Cristina: They're taking them to Mercy West...
        Bailey: Which is across town.
        Cristina: Unless, uh, you prefer that they be brought here.
        SaraBeth: We can do that?
        Bailey: Oh, you can insist.
        Cristina: And, uh, if I were you, I would insist.
        Anna: Oh, well, then I guess, I guess we insist.
        SaraBeth: Yes, we insist.
        Bailey: You insist. Thank you.

      • Bailey: I have a dream, Yang.
        Cristina: Excuse me?
        Bailey: That one day a trauma will come through those doors-- I have a dream.
        Cristina: I share that dream.

      • Meredith: Do you want to move in with me?
        Derek: You want to live together?
        Meredith: Well, I mean, I could-- I, just, uh--
        Derek: Yes.
        Meredith: If-- If you don't want to, I-- Yes?
        Derek: Absolutley. Are you sure you're ready?
        Meredith: I am leaning into the fear to get a happy ending.
        Derek: I don't even know what that means.

      • Cristina: You know, this is what we get for being number 12-- A bunch of women in ball gowns and a half dead limo driver.
        Meredith: Those women are amazing, they tried to save his life. That's who I want to be, you know?
        Cristina: What? An aging princess?
        Meredith: They've been with the same men for years, and they're happy. They did it, I can do it.

      • George: Uh, Dr. Sloan, hi. SaraBeth Brier has a facial lac and she will only let you touch her.
        Mark: You paged me for a cut? What kind of moron are you, O'Malley? Are you a special moron from the isle of complete an utter morons?
        George: I don't think--
        Mark: Shut up. (to Erica) Truth and wisdom.

      • Bailey: Chief wants you to take a look at these. Billy Matthews. He's the limo driver. Multiple crush injuries from the M.V.C.
        Erica (looking at the X-rays): Hemopericardium. ... Hemopericardium can lead to cardiac tamponade, which can be detected by Beck's triad-- (Bailey looks around to see who she's talking to) Increased J.V.P, hypotension and muffled heart sounds. ... This is a teaching hospital. I'm trying to improve my teaching.
        Bailey: Well, don't try it on me.
        Mark (walks up): You want to know how I teach?
        Erica: No.
        Mark: I'm like a guru-- They come to me for help, and I gently guide them along the path to truth and wisdom.

      • SaraBeth: What kind of doctor are you? You look pretty young.
        George: Oh, I'm an intern.
        SaraBeth: Interns don't touch the face. The plastic surgeon touches the face.

      • Bailey: Stop shivering. You're embarassing me.
        Izzie: I didn't realize that we we're going to be outside. (Alex puts a blanket around her shoulders) Oh, you didn't have to do that.
        Alex: Bundle up, you're turning blue.
        Meredith: Dr. Bailey, it is kind of cold out here.
        Bailey: Someone will come.
        Alex: No one's coming.
        Izzie: Maybe some old people with broken hips we can fix.
        Bailey: Okay, stop talking. We are Seattle Grace hospital, and rankings or no rankings, we are going to stand outside at the ready, on alert, and give the best care available to every single patient that arrives at our door. We may no longer be ranked the best, but I'm the best, and you're my residents, which means you're the best. It's a matter of pride, people.
        Cristina (walks up): What are we doing?
        Bailey: We're waiting.
        Cristina: For?
        Meredith: A miracle.
        Bailey: Someone will come.
        Cristina: Dr. Bailey, you know that Mercy West is getting all the traumas first.
        Bailey: Someone will come.
        Meredith: So we're standing out here in the hopes that someone is severly injured? Wishing and praying that someone is so hurt and so near death that the ambulance has to bring them here because we're closer than Mercy West?
        Bailey: Yep.
        Izzie: Wow. You and God are cool with that?
        Bailey: Damn it. I forgot about God.

      • Mark: It's humiliating. Twelve? You're the best neurosurgeon in the country... In the world.
        Derek: Thank you.
        Mark: Don't you wanna say anything nice about me?
        Derek: Uh, you're the best plastics guy at Seattle Grace.
        Mark: Nice, really nice.
        Derek: Don't force me to praise you. (Rose walks up) Hey, Rose.
        Rose: Hello, Dr. Sloan. (walks off)
        Derek: She took it so well at the beginning. I was hoping we could be civilized. You know, she's working my OR.
        Mark: Civilized is out. It's gone. It's a trail of fairy dust. Now she's got delayed rage.
        Derek: Delayed rage?
        Mark: Yeah, she was being big before, putting on a brave face. Now, she's had time to think, now she hates your guts. You have to break up with her.
        Derek: Well, that's the point. I did already.
        Mark: Well, you did it personally. Now, you have to do it professionally. Good luck with that.

      • Lexie: Oh, hey, sorry I'm late I--
        Cristina: No talking unless it's medical.
        Meredith: So, I keep having that dream. The Derek is dead dream.
        Cristina: You know who does residencies at number 12 hospitals? Losers, and I am not a loser.
        Meredith: So, I mean the dream is about me being afraid about the house of candles and you know, taking the big step and... I'm afraid of having a happy ending.
        Cristina: Y'know, I have a PhD in biochem. I'm a double doctor. Double doctors should not do their residencies at second-rate hospitals.
        Meredith: Wyatt says I should just lean into the wind, into the fear, so, I'm just gonna ask Derek to move in with me.
        Cristina: I could transfer. Cleveland Clinic has a huge cardio program.
        Meredith: You know, we're still in the top 20. That's pretty good.
        Cristina: Pretty good is not enough. I want to be great, greatness, Meredith.
        Meredith: Greatness, which is why I'm going to ask Derek to move in with me. It's just that it's, you know, it's a big step and I don't want to mess it up again. I've messed it up before, the break-ups and the on and off again. And the sleeping with George.
        Lexie (overhearing): You slept with George? (Mer and Cristina turn to glare at her) No talking unless it's medical.
        Meredith: So, I'm just gonna do it. I'm just gonna ask him to move in with me. I think it's the right thing, right? (Cristina gets paged)
        Cristina: Oh, it's Bailey paging. (Cristina walks off with her interns)
        Lexie: So, uh, medically, uh, Meredith and George had sexual intercourse? W-When? H-How many times? (Cristina just turns to glare at her)

      • Richard: Twelve. Twelve, O'Malley!
        George: It's so upsetting. Sir--
        Richard: This is not a number twelve teaching hospital.
        George: No, it's a great--
        Richard: I do not run the number twelve surgical progam in the country.
        George: Sir--
        Richard: Out with it, O'Malley.
        George: We've been downgraded from a level one trauma center to a level two? What does that even mean? (Richard glares at him) You don't need to ex-explain. It's-- It's just details. I can go.

      • (They are all hovered around a computer)
        Bailey (to Derek): Back up, you're sucking up all of my oxygen.
        Derek: I'm trying to see.
        Bailey: It's not up yet. There's nothing to see.
        Erica: It's supposed to be posted at four.
        Mark: It's 4:15.
        Cristina: Hit the refresh button. You have to reload the page. (goes to click the mouse but Bailey slaps her hand away)
        Bailey: I'm hitting the refresh button every ten seconds. Just wait.
        Meredith (walks up): Is it up yet?
        Cristina: No.
        Derek (to Mer): Hi.
        Meredith: Hi. (Cristina rolls her eyes)
        Alex: Is it up yet?
        Bailey: No. Wait.
        Mark: I'm thinking we move up a slot. We pass Hopkins, move up to number one.
        Derek: We're not passing Hopkins we're gonna stay number two.
        Erica: Mayo could surge ahead. We could be three.
        Derek: Three? Pessimist.
        Erica: Realist. The rankings of teaching hospitals change based on any number of number of things.
        Mark: Ah, three's top five. I can live with three.
        Alex: Just hit the refresh button. (goes to click the mouse and Bailey slaps his hand away)
        Bailey: Stay back. I'm doing this.
        Izzie (walks up): Hey, is it up yet?
        Bailey: No.
        Izzie: Here, just hit the refresh--- (goes to hit it and Bailey hits her)
        Bailey: Stop it. I am hitting the refresh-- Okay, all of you. Back up. Stop hovering, stop speculating. The rankings will go up when they go up. We have no control over when they're posted. When it is up, I will say 'It is up.' Until then, back up, shut up, and leave me alone so I can push the--
        Meredith: It's up. (they all turn to look at the screen)
        Bailey (reading the rankings): Oh, okay. Number one Hopkins, number two, Mayo.
        Erica: Told you.
        Bailey: Three, Cleveland Clinic. Four, Mass Gen.
        Cristina: What we moved down to five?
        Bailey: No, we are not five.

      • Meredith: (opening voiceover) We all remember the bedtime stories of our childhoods the shoe fits cinderella, the frog turns into a prince, sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time, and then they lived happily ever after... Fairy tales,the stuff of dreams. The problem is fairy tales don't come true. It's the other stories,the ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable it's the nightmares that always seem to become reality. The person who invented the phrase "happily ever after" should have his ass kicked so hard.

    • NOTES (1)

      • All of the hospitals mentioned when they are looking at the rankings are real hospital. Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, Hopkins (John Hopkins) in Balitmore, Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland and Massachusetts General in Boston.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Callie: They did make a football player walk at Buffalo Gen, using therapeutic hypothermia.

        Callie is referring to formal NFL player from the Buffalo Bills, Kevin Everett. Everett sustained a fracture and dislocation of his cervical spine during a game. The doctors who treated him used cooling methods to help heal his injuries and he was first believed to not be able to walk ever again, but due to the methods used Kevin was able to start walking again less than 5 months later.

        The only difference is the hospital. It was not Buffalo General... It was Milard Filmore Gates in Buffalo NY.