Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 1

Dream a Little Dream of Me (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2008 on ABC
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At the beginning of "Dream a Little Dream of Me" Dr. Hunt carries an injured Cristina into the hospital, with an icicle impaled in her abdomen. Meredith and Derek decide to delay moving in with each other, as Meredith has apprehensions. Callie decides to try a risky freezing procedure alongside Erica to restore a patient's mobility. Izzie begins retreating into a fantasy where she is reunited with Denny and Lexie holds off from telling George how she feels about him.

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      • Mark: You're never at a loss for words with your patients. You don't seem to have any trouble letting me know how you feel. So why not tell O'Malley?
        Lexie: You really are the last person who should be giving romantic advice.
        Mark: When I like somebody I make sure they know it. Life's too short to live any other way.
        Lexie: What if he doesn't like me back?
        Mark (sighs): Then he's an idiot.

      • Meredith (closing voiceover): Once upon a time, happier ever after. The stories we tell are the stuff of dreams. Fairy tales don't come true. Reality is much stormier... Much murkier... Much scarier. Reality... It's so much more interesting than living happily ever after.

      • Richard (to everyone): We used to be the best surgical program in the west, an upstart program that no one ever heard of, that blew everyone out of the water. Then overnight, we got old, entrenched and sloppy, just like everybody else. We've been resting on our laurels. You have all been failing-- Failing to take initiative, failing to ask tough questions, failing to practice your skills, failing to give opportunity to practice skills. And I let it happen. So you have not failed, we have failed. Well, it stops, and it stops now. People sliding over general surgery as though they will never see anything but a heart or a brain through the course of their career, as though blood from the heart doesn't make it's way through the whole body or the nerves don't travel past the brain stem. It's shoddy teaching and it makes for shoddy surgeons. We've failed. Get it? We all have. And it stops now. The surgical training protocol is officially changing, people. The bar has been raised. Consider your on notice.

      • Izzie: See, I told you I'd show you my dress.
        Denny: You look better than a bride.

      • Meredith: You said Derek and I would never make it.
        Cristina: And then I was karmically impaled for saying it.
        Meredith: But you're right. I mean, people don't really have happily ever afters. People barely have ever afters. So why would Derek and I be any different?
        Cristina: Mer, why do you care what I think?
        Meredith: Because you're my person. And-- If I'm going to do this, and be whole and healthy and be a warm, gooey person who lives with a boy, I need you. I need you on board. I need you to cheer me on. Because you're the only one who knows me... Darkly, really knows me. I need you to pretend that I can do this, even if you don't believe. Because if you abandon me now, I will never make it, and I will never get my happy ending and that's just--
        Cristina: Life.
        Meredith: I'm saying please here.
        Cristina: I think you and Derek will make it. You will make it work.
        Meredith: Are you just telling me what I wanna hear?
        Cristina: I am your person. I am on your side.

      • Callie: I'm... I'm not an experimenter. I don't like to experiment.
        Erica: Oh.
        Callie: But then you showed up and we did it together and... the experiment was kind of a success.
        Erica: Oh... (realizes) Oh!
        Callie: Look, I've never done this before. I-I've never kissed a girl. I'm not sure I even like kissing girls. I don't, actually, like kissing girls. I just... like kissing one girl. You.
        Erica: I don't have anything to compare it with. You're the only woman I've ever kissed.
        Callie (smiles): So you're freaking out, too?
        Erica: A lot of thearpy time.
        Callie: Yeah, I don't do therapy. I just all... 'aahh!' And then I get all clingy and... okay. You don't need to know that yet. (Erica laughs) Does this... This I kinda makes us virgins, doesn't it?
        Erica: I... guess in a way it does.
        Callie: Virgins. Hey, we can be scared together.
        Erica: Kind of virgins. And, yeah, we can be scared together.

      • Lexie: Did you sleep with Meredith?
        George: Yeah, I did.
        Lexie: Why? I- I mean... Sor-- I... Were you in love with her?
        George: I thought I was. I was scared too admit it but I did know that she, uh, did not like me that way, and... I did it anyway, I shouldn't have, because, besides just being... so selfish, I... you know, to try to make her want me like that, when clearly she d-- Like I said, I made a lot of mistakes last year but I'm trying to get back on track and... You know, I gotta do that by myself, so--
        Lexie: The only reason I-- I wanted to help is because I-I-I feel like you and I are more than just... roommates.
        George: We are more than just roommates.
        Lexie: We are?
        George: Yeah, we're friends. I mean, right now, you're probably one of my best friends.
        Lexie (softly): Best friends.

      • (Looking on at Phillip)
        Callie: It might've been the hypothermia treatment.
        Derek: Or my surgical skills.
        Bailey: Oh, we'll never know.
        Meredith (walks up): What's going on?
        Callie: Phillip can wiggle his toes. (they all giggle)
        Bailey: Oh, say it.
        Derek: Don't make me say it.
        Bailey: Please say it. Say it for me... Although it's techincally not true yet.
        Derek (smiles): We made a man walk.
        Bailey: We made a man walk.
        Callie: We made a man walk!

      • Cristina (after Owen kisses her): I... I don't even know you.
        Owen: So?

      • Richard: Oh, Dr. Hunt, there you are. how's the gash on that leg?
        Owen: Uh, Dr. Yang took good care of me, excellent care.
        Richard: I made a few calls. They speak very highly of you at Maryland Shock Trauma. I also heard a story that you constructed an O.R. table from an exploded Humvee in the middle of the desert. Is that true?
        Owen: Well, you have to be innovative in the middle of the desert.
        Richard: You have to be innovative everywhere. How would you like a job, Dr. Hunt?
        Owen: I... appreciate the offer, but I have to go back to the sand pit. Finish my tour.
        Richard: Well, good luck to you.

      • Owen: You know, you'd be good in the field. Now that you've got this battle scar, you'd fit right in.
        Cristina (laughs): Yeah, right.
        Owen: I'm serious. You should ditch this place. Go for the adventure. You're telling me this place gives you a rush, a high?
        Cristina: Yeah. Yeah, it does.

      • Rose: I'm sorry about the hand.
        Derek: These things happen.
        Rose: Not to me they don't. Or they didn't, before you existed for me. Before you existed... I was good. Every doctor in this hospital wanted me in their O.R. I was known as a damn good scrub nurse. And now I'm the crazy girl out of Fatal Attraction who goes around stabbing surgeons.
        Derek: Sorry. I'm so... I'm sorry.
        Rose: There's an opening in peds. I start on their service tomorrow. Again, very sorry about your hand.

      • Bailey: Karev, is Michael Brier ready his ex lap?
        Alex: He was ready an hour ago.
        Bailey: And I'm ready now, book the O.R.
        Alex: Fine.
        Bailey: Dr. Karev, what time is it?
        Alex: It's tomorrow. His insurance expired.

      • Lexie (to Michael): It happens. People make mistakes. They ... sleep with the wrong person and ... they hide it but, if you ask me, it's the part that comes after that matters. The part where you make it right. And I think you're off to a good start.

      • Derek: You want to hear how I cut my hand? It's a good story.
        Meredith: I am not sure that moving in together is a good idea.
        Derek: Okay. Fine.
        Meredith: Fine? What does that mean?
        Derek: It means that I know you.
        Meredith: So, what, you didn't believe that I would let you move in in the first place?
        Derek: I believe that you believe it. Look, I'm gonna move very slowly-- Baby steps, no sudden moves. You're like a deer in the woods.
        Meredith: Okay, I built the house of candles. That is unprecedented in the Meredith chronicles.
        Derek: Fine. Let's move in together.
        Meredith: Fine.
        Derek: Unless of course, you just want to go ahead and get married. (Mer looks at him, he laughs) Ah, gotcha. You wanna know where I learned that? Goes with the story of how I cut my hand.
        Izzie (walks up): What did you say to Alex?
        Meredith: I- I didn't say anything. I just s-said that I think it's nice that you two are friendly again.
        Izzie: Oh, damn it, Meredith. Why can't you just mind your own business? I-- You know what? Forget it. I should have never have told you anything. You can't keep anything to yourself unless it's for Cristina. (walks off)
        Derek: So, marriage?
        Meredith: Not funny.

      • Cristina: Tell me about trauma surgery.
        Owen: Trauma? Quick and dirty. There's no time to make things pretty and no time for mistakes.
        Cristina: No time for mistakes, huh? So what, you don't make mistakes?
        Owen: I make mistakes and people die.
        Cristina: I'm the best surgical resident in my program and... today I killed a man because I couldn't do a stitch.
        Owen: In the field, you do what you can, you work with what you have. It's about something. It's not about being the best. It's about saving lives. ... I make mistakes. Guys die by my hand, good guys, guys who are fighting for their country in a desert. And I don't know everything. Nobody does. So I make mistakes, and I learn. And the nest time, I don't make that mistake again. So the next time, the next guy, that guy, he lives. Mistakes are how you learn.

      • Anna: SaraBeth... Vincent's dead, and Betty... We don't know if she's gonna be okay, and... and... Phillip, and Michael--
        SaraBeth: Don't you mention his name to me.
        Anna: SaraBeth... More bad things have happened to us today than have ever happened before. We have been blessed until today. I took it for granted. I took you for granted. We've been friends for 50 years, ever since we were little girls. And I made... one awful, awful mistake. But I need my best friend.
        SaraBeth (crying): You slept with my husband.
        Anna: Please.
        SaraBeth: I'm going to go see Betty. I'm going to go see my friend. (walks off, past Mer and Izzie who watched their exchange)
        Meredith: I'm sorry for teasing Alex.
        Izzie: I forgive you.

      • Lexie (about Michael): But uh, he wrote you um, this letter.
        SaraBeth: I'm not interested. (turns to leave)
        Lexie (reading the letter): 'SaraBeth.' Sorry. Um, that wasn't me, th-that was the letter. It... 'I know that you hate me.' Um, again, it's not me. It's the letter. I'll-- I'm just gonna read. Um, 'I know you hate me right now. And you have every right to. I betrayed you, I betrayed our marriage. But I had lost my job and I couldn't tell you, so I told Anna instead. Which was wrong and stupid. And I've wanted to tell you a million times and let you know how truly sorry I am, but now I have no voice. So, I'm begging you, please, if you could just listen with your heart.' Oh, that is so poetic. That-- That was me, so-- Not him. Sorry. Um, 'If- If you could just listen with your heart when I tell you that I know you can't forgive me right now but I'm gonna do everything in my power to make it up to you. And no matter what happens, no matter what you decide to do, I'm gonna love you until the end of time.' That's it, I'm done-- Well, he's done talking. He's done. It's the end.

      • Derek: Patient is still alive.
        Richard: He's stable.
        Derek: You let some soldier off the street talk you into something that could have killed a man.
        Richard: He deserved the chance.
        Derek: We have no way of knowing if it helped or hurt.
        Richard: He deserved the chance, Derek. He deserved the best, the most that this hospital could give him. I've let a lot of things slide over these past few years. I've been... soft.
        Derek: It's not about you being soft.
        Richard: Yeah, I think it's the fact that Meredith's here, the fact that Ellis' daughter is here.
        Meredith (walks in): Chief. Vincent Kenner... We gave him 31 units of blood. Fresh frozen plasma. Multiple liters of LR. We did everything we knew how to do, we just couldn't bring him back.
        Richard: You don't know how to do anything... None of you. You're half way through your 2nd year of residency, and you walk around this hospital like it's your God given right to be here. Well it is not, Dr. Grey. I assure you. You are here because I allow it. You are here to do what I say. And the one thing I ask you to do you can't even save--
        Derek: Richard! We can't save everybody.
        Richard: We should try harder. We should try harder.

      • (Looking at Cristina's x-rays)
        Cristina: What do you see?
        Dani: Um, it kinda looks like it's hitting nothing?
        Cristina: Oh, it looks like it's hitting nothing? Because it's hitting nothing!
        Steve: So, like, uh, w-what does that mean?
        Cristina: What does that mean, what does that mean? Don't you know how to read an x-ray?
        Steve: You-- You always read them.
        Cristina: Well, get out. All of you... just get out. And find me someone with a brain. (the interns leave, and Owen walks in)
        Owen: Are those your interns? They seem pretty scared of you.
        Cristina: I'm not scary. (Owen glances at Cristina's x-rays, and leans down close to Cristina) What are you doing? (Owen pulls out the icicle) That's my icicle. Um you took out my icicle. I didn't give you permission to do that.

      • SaraBeth: Why do men cheat? My husband slept with my friend, he lost his job and then he slept with my friend, all the while telling me he loves me. Why?
        Alex: Maybe he was low. He was down and he didn't want you to see him like that, in pain, weak, as less than a man. He has his pride so, uh, he turned away. It's not right but it doesn't mean he doesn't care about you. I swear it doesn't.

      • Anna: They're freezing Phillip to try and help him walk again. I- I don't... They explained it me very well. And Betty's having surgery on her brain, and poor Vincent here is barely hanging on... and Michael...
        SaraBeth: It's alright. (grabs her hand) We'll survive. We always do. ... I wish he would just look at me.
        Anna: SaraBeth... Michael lost his job eight months ago. The firm let him go. He just... He couldn't bring himself to tell you. He- He just felt like such a failure.
        SaraBeth: I- I don't... Wh-WHy do you-- How do you know this? ... He told you. He told you. (removes her hand from Anna's)
        Anna: SaraBeth...
        SaraBeth: Anna... Have you been sleeping with my husband? (Anna starts to cry)

      • Izzie: Hey. Callie's gonna freeze her patient. You wanna go check it out? Hello? Alex? Why are you ignoring me?
        Alex: I'm hoping that if I wait long enough, you'll be as annoyed by the sound of your voice as I am and just shut up.
        Izzie: Okay. Did I do something?
        Alex: You know what you did.
        Izzie: NO, I don't. Alex just tell me. What did I do? I thought that--
        Alex: Just shut up. I had a bad night, I cried like a girl. I'm over it. You need to get over it, too.

      • Meredith: Anna... Are you feeling okay?
        Anna: Her whole world is about to fall apart and she has no idea. (sighs) It's all my fault. What should I do? I know I'm a terrible person, but what should I do?
        Meredith: She should hear it from you. You're her best friend, even if it's the most terrible thing in the world, you should tell her.

      • Meredith (taking Cristina's x-rays): Hold still. Hold still because I want to ask you a question.
        Cristina: What?
        Meredith: Did you mean what you said about me and Derek?
        Cristina: Oh, well this is not fair, I'm impailed.
        Meredith: I know that I talk about it too much, and I know that I've gone soft and gooey and disgusting. And if I had to listen to it, I'd puke, too. But you said what you said because you were mad, right, not because you meant it?
        Cristina: Can you just-- Just take my x-ray? And-- And it doesn't matter what I say.
        Meredith: Of course it matters what you say! Of course it matters.

      • (Trying to get an x-ray of Cristina's chest)
        Dani: Is this positioned right?
        Cristina: If I'm getting a mammogram. Lower, to the right. Two, what are you doing?
        Steve: Dr-Draping so your parts are safe.
        Cristina: Get-- Get away from my parts.
        Meredith (walks in): How are you doing?
        Cristina: Please take my films because my interns are idiots.

      • Derek: The chief is under the spell of some insane man in camouflage.
        Mark: He saved my patient's life. He'll never talk again, but still, life saved. What happened to your hand?
        Derek: Ah, scalpel. Rose. Not intentional.
        Mark: She's a dead mouse on the kitchen floor. At some point, you gotta pick it up and throw it away. Want me to take a look at that?
        Derek: Mer's gonna take care of it.
        Mark: I'm a renowned plastic surgeon.
        Derek: It's just a scratch.
        Mark: Grey's a resident.
        Derek: She gives me sex. Especially when I'm wounded.

      • Richard: We're going ahead with the freezing.
        Derek: Ever since this morning you've been pissing on everything with a pulse trying to prove you're not number 12, and you're not. But right now, with this decision, you act like number 12.

      • (Cristina is thinking about her and Mer as old ladies)
        Meredith: What are you doin'?
        Cristina: Eating cereal.
        Meredith: I got us a chicken for dinner.
        Cristina: Chicken. Seriously?
        Meredith: You're not gonna be hungry now.
        Cristina (as Mer goes to carve the chicken): Oh, you're doing it all wrong again, as usual.
        Meredith: I'm not. I'm cutting from the mediastinum out.
        Cristina: You can't even see the mediastinum without your glasses.
        Meredith (with her glasses around her neck): Damn it. Where are my glasses?
        Cristina: No. Put it down. (picks up Mer's glasses) They're right here. Move. (goes to cut the chicken)
        Meredith: What would I do without you?
        Cristina: Starve.

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