Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 19

Elevator Love Letter

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 26, 2009 on ABC

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  • Both a heartbreaking and uplifting episode, this will be one of the classic episodes of the series.

    Well after last week's top class episode I had high hopes that this episode would be just as good. How wrong was I? This episode was one of the best episodes of Grey's Anatomy and is high up there as my all time favourite episode.

    Where to begin?
    Alex. Alex was heartbreakingly beauitful tonight. The episode began with him pacing outside Izzie's window and the mess he goes through the entire episode is hard to watch, I was openingly crying when he poured out his anger to Meredith about how crap the whole situation was and how this is not how he pictured him and Izzie having a baby. Kudos to Justin Chambers, he is really owning his performances as Alex. Christina and Owen. Oh how my heartbreaks. The choking scene was hard to watch and to see Christina go to Owen after he had choked her and tell him its okay was beauitful. I loved the protective nature of Callie and especially Meredith towards Owen. Christina defended her actions towards forgiving him so quickly and I loved it! When they consumated their relationship at the end and Christina was lying there awake my heart broke, that they broke up was hard to see. But I got why Christina had to do it. And I am so proud of Owen for taking Derek's offer for help at the end. That really showed how much he loves Christina.

    Izzie and Bailey tonight were so perfect. The fact that none of her friends were visiting her made me angry but Bailey was fantastic as the mother figure to Izzie and letting Izzie know that she believes she will be here a year from now. Bailey making sure she didn't get rusty made me so happy and hopeful.

    Meredith and Derek. Oh how my heart smiles. Tonight reminded me of how much I love Meredith and Derek as a couple and showed how much they have grown. When Derek was practically begging for Meredith to agree to the engagement and Meredith kept saying no ("not like this") I loved it. Meredith has been the queen of tough love the last couple of episodes and I love her for it. But when Derek proposed to her in the elevator, oh!!!! Awwwww!!! It was perfect. I never really pictured their engagement until that elevator opened. It was just....PERFECT!

    The very last minutes of the episode. Christina and Meredith. Meredith telling Christina she's engaged and Christina saying she broke up with Owen was exactly how it should of been. The Mere and Christina relationship is still strong and they both are there for each other for the happy and the sad. I loved it.

    But my favourite scene tonight wasn't the proposal, or Alex's breakdown or even Christina and Owen. My favourite moment was when Alex got into bed with Izzie and Alex's voiceover was playing about stepping up. Alex made me proud and I am so happy Izzie and Alex are now going to go through this together.

    To one of the best episodes of Grey's Anatomy there isn't anything left to say. It was perfect.
  • What an amazing episode!

    I have to say, I was almost giving up on Grey's Anatomy but I'm really glad I didn't. Those past few episodes were really amazing.
    Also, I don't want Izzie to leave, like I did before. She's back to the character I loved in the previous seasons.
    I have to say, Yang keeps surprising me time after time. She's really my favourite character and Sandra's performance the other night was outstanding! I really didn't expect her to break up with Owen but I'm glad she did. It's better for them to wait until Owen overtakes his nightmare problem, so that he and Yang can be together without any life-threatening problems.
    Oh, and Derek's proposal was simply beautiful. The perfect proposal, I can't imagine any better way for him to propose. And the elevator was the perfect place to do it.
    I really hope that Grey's continues this good until the finale...
    Oh and what is ABC thinking?! 4 week hiatus?!
  • Fabulous Episode

    I don't even know where to start, this was one of the best episodes ever… the writers somehow took off the pressure on Izzie's brain tumor and landed it on a second term. Not that it was bad, it was genius… a big change from last week, when we were all sad about that issue. Now Izzie is safe (I hope so), so lets focus on the rest…

    I hear McWedding coming soon! The proposal was so romantic, what a better way to get your fiancé to marry you than asking her in the place where lays so many memories… and doing it remembering her all the surgeries they did together? That was such a great move, romantic, very surgeon and of McDreamy like!

    Poor Cristina… almost dying "in the hands" of your love? I'd be scared too. I was not surprised at all when she decided to keep going on with Hunt, but I also wasn't surprised when she decided to ended it… its hard to explain, I know she likes difficult relations, but it'd sure be very hard to sleep after that… good thing Owen is doing something about it, that proves he loves her.

    Could Alex be more in love with Izzie? They all were a little bit jerks for leaving Izzie alone, but he's willing to have children with her… That's amore!
    Bailey going all mama bear as usual is the best! I think is one of the top characters on the show.
    To bad we only saw a little of Callizona and Slexie/Marxie/Slexy or whatever the name is…
  • Derek returns to surgery.

    How many times did Alex say "crap" in this episode? I don't know why they insist on having him have the dialogue of a 12 year old who just learned his first swear word. "Crap" just is not an appropriate catchphrase for a character in 2009.

    How creepy was that Owen choking scene too? I will admit that Grey's Anatomy really ventured outside the box here, for the first time in awhile, but this was just a peculiar storyline that seemed like it belonged on Law and Order: SVU as opposed to the ABC medical drama.

    The supporting cast all got ample time, and for some that was good, but for others, such as Callie, it just made me hate her even more.
  • Great episode, not focused only on one or two of the characters, but at all the ones we wanna see. We can see a few quite good - and sometimes great - moments not only about the emotional parts, but also from the actors.

    I loved the fact that they gave enough attention to Izzie's disease, but also how Christina and Owen's relation turned out, how exciting and very true to their relationship was Derek's "proposal" (the bed of roses and candles was all very romantic, but this way was much more "Mer/Der" - and Meredith's acceptance... and how Alex is becoming a great man by Izzie's side!! Oh, and of course... Bailey's words to everyone after the surgery.
    I really love them all, love the show... and after a weak 5th season's start, I really think that for the past - I don't know, 10 episodes, they've came together quite well. Hope to keep seeing great scripts like the last ones from now on!
  • Series defining quality.

    Best episode since the season two finale. For about two seasons Grey's slided into a depression that was so boring and endless that I stopped watching. Twice. What kept me coming back was the mere fact that I loved these character intensely and GA was one of the few shows that had managed not to scr*w up characters that I cared about excessivly. Halfway through season four the show (right when Addison reappeared, go figure) the show captivated the spirit that made it once strong, and it was promising, yet when coming back for it's fifth season, the show went to ghost lovers and, well, if there are storylines this year that I can remember I would tell you, but they weren't. Yet today they proved that everything that had happened, happened for a reason, it was to build up to an astonishing episode that blew every hope for quality for the past two years out of the water and replaced it with the confidence that the show is still rocking. Hard. Because simply every storyline, from Izzie to Huntina, from the simpelest side-plot of a family that keeps on stopping by for their aunt to die, to the very series defining moment of Derek saying "I love you" in a very special way, the episode was outstanding. Alex had his best scene ever (I can't help but to love the Meredith/Alex scenes) and Bailey proved to be the best character on board, by not only standing by Izzie, but also protecting Derek from an annoying big mouth. It was the best from the best, and it's fantastic to see the show earning the respect it once got and the ratings it actually gets no matter what quality it is. Yep, this episode proved to be a powerful, important and, well, awesome, because for the first time in a long time, there was no character without an interesting plot, no character that wasn't relevant, no storyline that can be forgotten and nothing that didn't matter, it was all great and all exactly why we love this show.
  • A fantastically emotional episode.

    A fantastically emotional episode culminating in Derek and Meredith's engagement and Cristina and Hunt breaking up. It was great to see Derek make it back into doing surgery again so that he could do Izzie's operation on her brain tumours. I got shivers down my spine when Hunt tried to strangle Cristina, it was obvious it could not carry on any more. I'm so glad the proposal finally got accepted, hopefully now Meredith and Derek can get their lives sorted out now. The elevator scene was so lovely, great Grey's Anatomy nostalgia. This was probably one of the best episodes of the season.
  • Certainly the best episode of the fifth season of Grey's Anatomy, and one of the bests episodes of Grey's Anatomy ever (or maybe the best!)

    First of all, I got surprised that in this episode, Alex made the narration. It was a good surprise, though. And so, I got shocked right on the beginning of the episode, with Christina and Owen hanging scene. I have never been and Owen's fan, and even though I know he didn't mean to do that, I am happy he and Christina kinda broke up.
    Then there was Izzie. Alone Izzie waiting to make the surgery. Dude, I got so sad everyone chickened out and nobody came to visit her. And when Alex finally decided to, she wasn't there anymore. Then there was the sperm/eggs, that also gave us good scene.
    Derek thought he wasn't ready. But he was. And even though there was that new boring doctor, Derek made the surgery another success of his career. That's why we all love Derek.
    And then when he proposes in the elevator to Meredith, showing her a lot of surgeries they made together, that was also a very expected moments for Mer/Der fans. I am not one of their fans, but I was hoping for their happiness together, so... yay!
    Perfect episode, it seemed like we were in the second season (the best season of Grey's to me).
    Way to go!
  • Beyond words. It was that good!

    I just finished watching this episode and i actually can't stop smiling! Its odd because at the start of the episode i got the feeling that this would be an episode that would make me do anything but smile... oh how wrong i was!
    The episode's start was so unexpected. Owen and Cristina asleep beside each other in her bed. Everything is fine, then Owen has another attack and ends up choking Cristina. Wow! If Callie hadn't come in and woken up Owen then Christina could have died!!
    From there the episode just kept getting better! With Callie and Meredith trying to keep Owen away from Cristina even though she kept saying everything was fine, it was brilliant. Then when she broke up with him at the end after admitting that she was afraid of him. It was so sad but at least now he will get the help that he needs! And of course the whole Izzie thing which was central to this episode! So sad. It really kept me on edge because i honestly didn't know if she would make it!
    Then of course there was Derek, who i loved in this episode! He was so worried about operating on Izzie but Meredith never lost faith in him. She kept telling him that he could do it! I loved the scene where Derek ran after Meredith before operating to ask her whether he would still have her even if Izzie died. Then when Derek succeeded and izzie survived the surgery!! Wow! Of course, Izzie surviving was by no way the highlight of the episode. It was of course, the thing i've been waiting for since day 1 - Derek's proposal!! Incredible! I loved how he proposed in an elevator, which is so fitting for their relationship because of all the many many elevator scenes that they've had! And of course, this one was the best!! At first i didn't understand why he had all the CT scans on the walls of the elevator but when i understood, i thought it was so amazing and a brilliant idea! The way he went through the patients that they had saved together and how each of them made him realise that he needed Meredith! So sweet! And then when Izzie was the last one and he said how her being dark and twisty wasn't a fault, it was a strength! That's when i cried. I loved also how he didn't ask her to marry him, he just said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and then she said that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him! So beautiful!!!
    Overall, as you can clearly see, i loved this episode!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I'm sorry if i bored you with my MerDer rantings but as you can tell, i'm obsessed!! Basically this was a ridiculously good episode, it couldn't have been better! 10/10!
  • This is one of the best episodes this season and why I watch the show.

    Wow! What a great of the best this season. It was great to see Mer/Der finally get engaged. Izzie's condition and everyone's reaction was also interesting. You really get the sense of Bailey's influence on those around her. Bailey is a mother to Izzie and everyone's conscience. It builds on the last episode and it's obvious that the Chief took Bailey's words to heart and he is trying to show his softer side.
    The storyline with Owen and Cristina is one of the best. I hope that they will be able to work through the his PTSD. I think the writers did an excellent job of bringing home the reality of the complexity of life for a veteran, even one who seemingly appears fine to the casual observer.
    I can't wait for the rest of the season...great writing!!
  • When Grey's Got its Groove Back

    When this season was halfway through I had given up: too many characters, too many not at all interesting stories and most of all, the unbearable denny-as-a-ghost storyline - I didn't care anymore. Then, a couple of weeks ago, something happened: Grey's got its groove back. And yesterday's episode was classic-tearjerking-Grey's material: I cried from beginning to end, I CARED again about the inhabitants of Seattle Grace and each and every storyline was good and emotional and gripping. And who'd have thought to see that day? MerDer are finally engaged! But will this be the wedding in Episode 100? I suspect an Izzie&Alex wedding before she dies. Hm.
    Oh, and what a simple but heartbreaking theme throughout this wonderful episode: People are better than no people. Welcome back, Grey's Anatomy!
  • izzy is sick. owen and christina are a wreck. derrick is fresh from the woods. alex is going nuts. merideth has to stay calm. you are on the edge of your seat.

    this episode it the epidemy of what greys anatomy is as a show. i mean, i don't want to ruin it for anyone who hasn't seen it but if u were a fan before and have been getting shaken up with all the strange things the show has been going through lately then this will be the episode to remind you why you fell in love with the show in the first place. and if this just so happens o be the 1st episode youve ever seen then you know why everyone loves it. From superb writing to top notch acting its truly one of the brightest shining episodes of the series, which makes it on of the brightest shining episodes of any tv series on any channel period.
  • Season 5, Episode 19.

    This episode was a classic in the series! I loved every little aspect. Owen has a nightmare and ends up choking Christina. I loved that whole sequence, and Meredith looked pretty good at 3:00 AM. Plus, Izzie looked hot after surgery, even with that cast around her head. I found it sad that Christina and Owen broke up, but just a little. He has a sexy body. So does Alex. The thought of him releasing his swimmers in the Dixie cup was HOT, as well as thinking of him doing the action to release them. Too bad we couldn't see it. Plus, Meredith and Derek are finally engaged! :) Awesome episode, and definitely one of the best in the series.
  • People are better than no people.

    Love that quote. Really tugged my heartstrings. Finally, finally Meredith and Derek reached a great decision for their relationship. It has been such a long wait, but really worth it. And the way he profess his love for Meredith is so endearing.

    I feel bad for Cristina and Owen. But I still applaud Cristina for being strong for Owen. At first Owen were on denial, but when Cristina told him that she is in his arm where she should feel safe instead she's scared, that got him. I hope that they can resolve their issues as well, I feel that they are good together.

    Alex, narrates this episode and it's so refreshing! I feel his pain, him being scared and his love for Izzie.I really do hope Izzie survive and strange as this may sound, I hope Izzie wouldn't leave Grey's Anatomy.

    George, hmmm, I wanted to understand his hurt, him being upset and everything but, I guess the storyline they made for his character wasn't as good as everyone. It just feel so not there.

    Lastly, it's good to watch Grey's Anatomy getting back on track. It has been quite a while.
  • This episode shows us how ALL the hospital felt and how they would react when one of them is in danger.

    I loved they way Derek was show unsure of himself but tried to be there for Meredith and Izzie's sake. I loved how Meredith believed in Derek even after he shot her engagement ring into the bushes yet not going to give in when he blackmailed her by saying he is not ready yet and that he has to know that she is there for him whether he came through for Izzie or not. This episode was also revealing in the sense that it explained Alex's lack of emotional reaction in the previous episode. It showed us that he tried to be detached because he couldnt yet process what was happening to Izzie and that in a way he blamed himself for not figuring it out sooner. It gave us an insight to why he is reluctant to stay with Izzie and to "fill the cup". He is afraid that there is not Izzie in his future.
    We also see how the rest of the residents and the interns react to Izzie's sickness. It was all emotional. How the seemingly "heartless" Bailey was the one who stuck to Izzie and tried to lift her spirit How Callie went to church to pray for Izzie even though she is a doctor who believed in science and that only science can help her.
    We also see Owen and how he was mesmerized by the fan and tried to strangle Christina. I have to say that I admire how calmly she tried to deal with the situation and I truly understand it when she broke up with him later because, honestly, how can she close her eyes when he might jump on her any second and choke the life out of her. Although | have to say that I liked the Christina I saw with him. She has changed into a more mature and caring person since she met him.
    And that is my take on the episode.
  • They are back on track.

    I was complaining a few episodes a go how grey's was all messed up and everything but they made it better with the last 2 episodes.

    I love the Hunt/Cristina relation, hunt's very sexy but also very messed up. I was screaming when he tried to choke her. To bad everything went down and she broke up with him, but i have faith that they will get back together again.

    Poor Izzie, i am so sorry for her. She always has bad luck, dead fioncé, now the cancer. I like her very much and i am feeling sorry for this. I am very glad she has alex. We have seen before how he can care about persons (rebecca) and i think he will be there for her.

    And the proposal, how original! I love the whole, everyting in the elevator stuff. Derek really loves her and meredith really loves him back, and finally they are setteling. yay for that.

    I am happy to see Grey's is getting back to the old version i loved to watch. Keep this going!
  • Very emotional episode.

    This whole cancer storyline with Izzie has really improved the show this season. It has always been great but now its just brilliant. Throughout the episode I felt sad and happy...there was humour but drama. Seeing Izzie as a patient was heart-breaking but it gave us great scenes like Bailey worrying about her to Alex breaking down with Meredith. That was a very well acted and believable scene.

    I liked how everyone avoided her during the day but couldn't stop worrying about during the big surgery. Which brings us to the long overdue proposal which was both sweet and original. She finally accepted. Now talk about intense, the opening scene with Owen strangling Cristina was just really shocking. How traumatised must she have been. It was well done with Meredith being called by a panicked Callie.

    Cristina tried to be strong and support his PTSD but she couldn' was so dark to see her not able to sleep because of the fear. The break-up was needed because he needs to figure this stuff out, which Derek looks to be helping him with. Another strong Grey's episode!
  • Such a beautiful episode, and finally Meredith and Derek are engaged! It took 5 seasons, but they made it after some bumps in the road along the way.

    It's Derek's first day back at the hospital to operate of Izzy, who has "things growing on [her] organs". Meredith rejected Derek twice in this episode before accepting after he had done the surgery and him realizing he can't do things without her support, which lead to him proposing in an elevator. Christina came up with problems with her relationship with Owen, as he started to strangle her as she slept. Never mind anyone else, but I really was not expecting this, especially since she hugged him after. At the end of the episode Christina realized that she is terrified of falling asleep with him next to her and that they should break up, resulting in Hunt going to Derek for help. So I hope they get back together in a future episode when he's better.

    Izzy is now spending a lot of time in the hospital, and non of her friends are visiting her, giving her plenty of time to knit a scarf, who she later gives to Bailey, the only person who went to visit and gave her support. Izzy was given the option to save some of her egg, just in case she wanted children in the future, upsetting Alex more since this situation isn't what was suppose to happen. Alex was beating himself up the entire episode, since he didn't think about her symptoms (of seeing Denny) earlier.

    Overall this episode was certainly, in my opinion anyway, the best episode of the season so far and I can't wait for the wedding.
  • Great of Bailey to worry about Izzie. Don't like that the others were distant about the situation. Or at least the writters could focus of that a little bit more.

    I'm agree, it seems like we're back in second season, perfect arc story for Izzie, this and the previous episode we're so great, so sad that Katherine Heigl is leavin the show, but at least it seems that the character it's not been killed in dumb way, i think that even is Izzie die, the writters of the show are taking serious the story of GA, hopefuly the show remains as good as the last couple of episodes.

    By the way, the drama about Christina & Owen, wow, just as soon i saw it, i knew the episode will be so great.

    And the thing about Bailey, so great that she said to the others to worry more about their friend Izzie, don't like that the entire episode they were worry about but don't show it at all, it sounds in some parts like they talk about the sickness of Izzie, but they give up so easily.

    Great episode!
  • Easily one of the best ones.

    Grey's Anatomy consistently delivers some good soothing or tearjerking drama. But sometimes there are these incredible plots that they just blow you off your feet. This installment just represents what I am trying to say here.

    Alex's voice overs provided the apt beginning and closing sequences. Though it was the final elevator scene that stole the thunder, we definitely can't deny the fact this episode was Alex's. Some powerful scenes involving Cristina and Owen covering the PTSD drama were exemplary. We also had good supporting scenes from the Chief, Bailey, George, and Callie. They really complemented the whole mood surrounding Izzy's tragedy. It sometimes reminds me of the time when Meredith almost died from the drowning incident. Well, it's no rocket science that Izzy would survive, given the fact that Shonda has vehemently denied that Heigl and TR will be leaving the show. I must mention the story involving the old lady was really touching. And the choice of music was simply top notch. Great episode.
  • But in the best possible way!

    I know there are the nay-sayers who are not fans of the show and the direction it's been taking lately. Ok, there was the Denny business, but, thankfully, it had a purpose. We've been on one hell of a journey, and we're now at our destination, and I gotta say I'm happy here.

    Enough with the crap metaphors now! Cristina and Hunt: Scotch and Whiskey! Oh my God! The PTSD was beautifully acted. Kevin McKidd's accent never even faulted. For a guy who started out in Scotland, he sure is rocking America. Sandra Oh, as always is fantastic - she deserves an Oscar, let alone a Grammy or Emmy or whatever that award they get is. Sorry, I'm Irish, I don't follow the award's ceremonies.

    MerDer - I've never been a great shipper, never will be. However, the proposal was great. Some fans are critical of how she all but ignored him, but that's her character. Nonetheless, she stuck by him. Had she suddenly morphed into Izzie, we'd be complaining!

    Callie - great scenes. Not so sure about the Arizona thing, they need to develop her character yet before if I see a spark.

    Slexie... I'm not a Lexie fan. She bores me. Oh well. Not everything can be perfect. She's got no fire in her! George - I constantly read reviews of how Rhimes is ruinging Knight's career and I'm curious. That's not how it looks to me. Sure, he's not always onscreen, but not every actor can always have screentime. Maybe Rhimes doesn't like him, but he should be fortunate, few lines or otherwise, that he gets watched by 15 million people every Thurday night.
    He may have slipped into the peripheries, but I'm sure he's on the precipice of something greater!

    Overall, this was a great, great episode. I don't usually write reviews, but this episode compelled me too. I'm looking forward to the next episode and watching Izzie's condition progress.