Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 20

Every Moment Counts

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Apr 12, 2007 on ABC

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  • Waste of viewers time!

    A waste of time like the others say. Don't get me wrong but I think that I love the show. But a recap show is just a waste of time and hopefully they don't do this again. As really it wasted a lot of the viewers time as they wanted a REAL episode. Not a recap show no offense. Love seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan on there though.
  • Not an episode, but it was good.

    It wasn't as good as an episode, but I can't deny it. It was good. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (best known as Denny Duquette and John Winchester from "Supernatural") did a great job. I liked the way the recap was done. It was funny and good edited. I loved the "seriously" and the "elevators" parts. I like those recaps. It's good idea. They could include some bloopers. So, this recap would be a lot better. They could include it on the dvds. Unfortunately this isn't going to happen. This recap was like resting in the park after running. After all, this was good.
  • It was a trip to memory lane... very nice :)

    it was nice to see the old episode recaps but it was a waste of time im sorry :-S to me it was nice to recap good episodes and loved the whole "seriously" sequence but there was no point for it.

    Grey's anatomy continues to wow us every week and these guys continue to surprise me. Love the whole Derek and Meredith adventure but i hate the fact in the beginning Addison was seen as a nasty character because now.. she is my fave character.. I live in Australia and yes we are a lil behind but it is all worth the wait for all of us :D

    Cheers everyone!
  • what was it for anyway?

    7.5 yesterday was greys anatomy's day and i was really excited cause i was going to see everything happening...and out of nowhere denny starts doing a 2 season recap and i was like......holy crap? what's going on here? and then i realized what it was.....and i couldnt believe it i mean i wanted greys anatomy not a recap about everything i have seen!!!!!
    well...whatever...greys has a lot of sex and i never noticed that it was that much!! i think the best sex part was addison and mcsteamy when she said she wasnt thinking about him....right then :D hilarious....but lets hope there are no more episode recapssss cause it made me lose my time!
  • i didn't realise greys had so much sex

    greys was great, i didnt realise ther was so much sex, hopefully thers a season 4. um i really want callie and george to stay together, and i want alex and addison to get together coz they are a great couple. i reallyhave been enjoying season 3 and i thought merdith looked really gross when she came out of the water blue. um i feel sorry for mark sloan when addison breaks the "no sex" thing they had going. um its really sad how christina and burke dont get married, and im only writing this so that my comment can go through coz u need a 100 word min for the review
  • Absolute bollocks. Even worse than the average filler "recap" show that at least gives you more than one word from the rehashed old episodes dragged up for lack of any creative inspiration.

    Dead guy narrates one-word flashbacks from past episodes, making you wonder why you bothered watching this show in the first place. I'm sure I recall the real episodes being better than this one. If nobody has the time and inspiration to do a new show, at least do a boring re-run that we can miss rather than pretending there is some reason for watching this drivel. Bitter? Yes. If you have the chance to see this, don't waste your time. Really. Even if you want a primer on all the shows you missed (of what is actually a great series) don't bother. Cut yourself or something and take a trip to a real hospital, it will be more entertaining.
  • Great episode

    I don't know what every one's problem is this was a great episode.
    Nice to see Denny again and it was a great recap episode
    which is what this was supposed to be.
    It inclucded all the major events in season 3 and the music was fantastic.
    The recap episodes are good every now and then as it reminds you of everything important that is required to understand the next several episodes.
    This was a great episode I loved it.
    It is so funny...
    I am looking forward to the last few episodes.
    I wonder what is going to happen to derek and meredith....
    I am also looking forward to private practice.
  • A recap or clipshow however you wanna slice it it's still unneccessary. Are the writers really out of ideas so soon into the shows run. At least most scripted shows attempt to create a new epidsode out of a clip show.

    It's dissappointing that the writers resorted to a clip show, and a not well done one at that, so early in the shows run. A scripted show like Greys does not need a Survivor-esque recap episode, with a host and whatnot - I found it insulting. At least use some creativity and write a clipshow into an actual episode - the episode where Meredith died and Denny was convincing her to go back would have been perfect if they really felt they needed a clip show.
    I lost a lot of respect for Grey's after this episode. The show isn't old enough to really warrant a clip show, and after all the starts and stops the show has had this year - new episodes for sweeps and then nothing for 3 weeks, etc - the fans it has are loyal and have already seen everything covered in the clip show - probably more than once.
    Having Denny host was a blatant attempt to get viewers simply because they have a hottie that people missed seeing. If you miss seeing him, a quick Google, will get you your hottie fix

    Very dissappointing! and I hope it's the last for awhile.
  • What a waste of time.

    Really..all of us have watched every episode. They were just using this as a filler...I guess to save money...rather than producing and airing a new episode. A realy boring hour....well actually I didn't watch the whole hour...I turned to another channel. If we wanted memorires of other episodes, we could always cone to this site and look up the episode and watch what this site has on the program.
  • all the best moments...

    So this is the first of the Grey’s Anatomy recaps that I have watched. I skipped the two in the past as I never, ever miss an episode of the show, so I figured why watch the recap. Now I see why I should have. I like the humor that is mixed in. Plus it gives you a chance to laugh and cry and quote your favorite moments. Plus any chance to see Denny again is good in my book. I did find it random that he was hosting and not a current regular, but he still did a great job.
  • i luv the part when Jeffrey Dean Morgan was hosting it.

    well it was a good catch up. it shows all the major parts in season 3 which was hot seriously. when u see mcsteamy and mcdreamy coming out of the shower wow. for me personaly it was a sad part in the end like when deeny see izzy and izzy stops for a sec. it would of be better if she said his name or something but it still was great. oh yeah Mark is a man-whore he slept with Callie and addison he would of slept with Meredith but she turned out she was too smart for him. but i still like him hes MCSTEAMY. anyways over all it was asome. :)
  • A Waste of time for real Grey's fans...

    I personally didn't enjoy this episode for the simple fact that I was expecting a real new episode. I can understand that the team behind Grey's wants to bring in morw viewers and by doing episodes like this they can do that, but for those of us that have watched since the beginning, it was a waste of time. I didn't enjoy it becuase I've already seen all the episodes and didn't need a recap...I can understand if an episode like this was done at the beginning of a season but in the last half of a season, I just thought it was a filler. I'm so annoyed by all these shows that keep us waiting so long... enough already just put on the new epsiodes!
  • A great review of the past seasons that allowed watchers to catch thier favorite moments one more time.

    I like this episode. I abosolutely love that Jeffery Dean Morgan hosted it. I have a pretty big crush on the guy, even if he is old enough to be my father. There were parts where i didn't remember seeing that episode and some moments from my favorites. I especially liked when they showed the humorus clips. I always feel like crying when i see the part where Denny and Izzy in the hallway or the scene right after he died. He was such a loveable charcter. I also enjoyed watching the character develpment. You see where they went from not caring about each other, to crying and loving each other (especially Izzie and George!)
  • I absolutely loved this recap special. I especially loved seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) hosting it. It showed alot of great memories from the past season(s). There were some funny moments, sad and angry ones. I loved all the storylines from the past.

    I absolutely loved this recap special. I especially loved seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Denny) hosting it. It showed alot of great memories from the past season(s). There were some funny moments, sad, and angry ones. I loved re-living it all, and the storylines that took place. It was really enjoyable to watch.
  • This recap episode was really great! It made me laugh, it made me cry….ok, maybe not cry, but there were some sad parts. I loved that it was hosted by Denny! (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) I was so happy to see him, without it being a part of the living dead.

    This episode was a great way to catch up if you missed anything. It also had some of the shows funniest lines, as well as some of the most heart-warming moments. My favorite part was the beginning when the showed everyone using the now trademark word, SERIOUSLY! It was too funny. And also when they had the part about how nobody ever meant it when they said they were ‘fine’. It was also funny when they showed how Izzie, Mer and Cristina came up with a Mclabel for Mark, but the saddest part is always the scene at the hospital, when Izzie and Denny are in the exact same place at the same time, and can feel eachother there, even if they can't see eachother.The new song that premiered at the end, ‘The Story’ was alright as well, however the music video was better.
  • I'm aware that this was a clip show, and so yes - I will be evaluating it at as a clip show. It sucked.

    Like so many people have said, yes - it was a clip show. But ABC has done far better clip shows this week with Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives. The key to an entertaining clip show is two things:

    1) Making people feel like there is SOMETHING extra that you're getting from this.

    On UB, they had the producers talking and explaining. Denny making "hilarious"(ly bad) comments while showing us montages doesn't make for any new format.

    2) Showing clips that are relevant to upcoming storylines.

    This wasn't about catching up viewers. This was about saying, "Hey - remember when we didn't suck? Remember how GOOD we used to be? We could still do that! We could! I... don't know how, but VAJAYJAY! Wasn't that a classic?

    This wasn't helpful or entertaining. It was a montage, and now that there's YouTube, I see far better fan music videos, etc. than this.
  • it was a good catch up i loved

    i thought that this was a good catch up for people who just got into greys anatomy and if you missed the passed 3 seasons or one this helps it gets you caught up on where meredith and derek are and how they go there and burke and dr yang with there weird but cute relationship and izzie ,george, how there relationship took a big turn in the last episode
  • A recap of the past three seasons

    I wish we could have seen a new episode but this was the next best thing. I really like how they grouped all the moments together. It was so funny to see that everyone really had sex with everyone else. I also liked how they focused on how competitive they are and then showed the battle for chief over the years. It was also great that they focused on certain characters. I also liked some of the music playing in the background. Even though I liked some of the music early on I did not like the new song very much. It was really great to see Denny again. He was the perfect person to host the episode. It just makes me miss him, and wish he was still on the show. I enjoyed watching to past moments, but I can’t wait to see next week's new episode.
  • "Seriously!" "I'm Fine" lol

    Althought I'm ready to see the next episode I enjoyed seeing this special hosted by Denny! I never realized how many times they say "seriously!" that was too funny to me. And it's true what he said about the statement "I'm Fine" no one is every really fine when they say it. It was a good catch up for me. I watched a few of the episodes in season one then came back in the middle of season three, so I enjoyed seeing some scenes I had not seen before. I didn't remember Yang being so star struck about Burk in the first season. That was too funny to see again. Anyways, I thought it was a good catch up and can't wait till next week!
  • Just pretty much a catch up, But a good catch up at that!

    It was a good episode, it pretty much brought you up to speed, if you haven't been watching lately. I love how they played most of the funny moments, the funny quotes is what the episode pretty much was. Oh and also i loved the new music video, didn't love the song so much but the video was good. Then Denny hosted it which i also loved because i think him and Izzy were so cute together. But out of all the quotes i would have to pick a favorite one i think it would be Izzy.
    "Alex I haven't had sex in 8 months and 12 days. I'm horny, I'm half naked, and I'm saying yes. You wanna stand there and talk metephores OR you wanna literally take of your pants."
    Haha i love Izzy, even though there are really other funny quotes.
    But anyway, good job with the episode.