Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 3

Everybody's Crying Mercy

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 03, 2013 on ABC



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    • Arizona: Oh! Thank god. You came.
      Callie: I've been wishing that you hadn't told me... (sighs) And that we could go back to our life, to being happy. Except we weren't... happy. At least you weren't. And so we do things like have sex with other people.
      Arizona: Callie, I made a mistake. One mistake--
      Callie: Yeah, I don't think that it was a mistake. I've been picturing you screwing that woman over and over again. I-I can't... think about it or talk about her anymore. I'm-- I'm all done with that for right now. So... I'm not going into that room. But I think you should. I think you need to.
      Arizona: No. (voice breaking) Please. I really need to talk. I really need you to-- To do this.
      Callie (voice breaking): I know. You wore the red dress and everything. (turns and walks out)

    • Cristina: Eventually, I'm gonna touch your arm, and you are going to kiss me good luck before surgery.
      Owen: Cristina...
      Cristina: Let's... Date other people. Okay, it'll-- it'll suck and it'll feel forced but maybe it'll help. Maybe eventually, I won't want to take your hand when we get off the elevator at the end of the day.
      Owen: No, come on.
      Cristina: Don't. Just tell me you'll try.
      Owen: ... I'll try.

    • Jo: We have the house to ourselves. But I want you to know that just because I'm about to jump into bed with you does not mean that I'm an unfeeling slut who isn't sad about Heather, because I am sad. I'm also very, very--
      Alex: No more talking.
      Jo: What? (Alex picks her up, puts her over his shoulder and carries her up the stairs) Oh, thank God.

    • Meredith: You're up?
      Derek: Barely. I got paged.
      Meredith: Me too. Well, who would page us? We're not even supposed to be here.
      Derek: I was having the nicest dream.
      Callie (runs up): Wait. You guys got a page? God, what happened to the guy?
      Meredith: Apparently everything. (cuts to Arizona & Cristina)
      Cristina: Hey, you were paged, too? Why outpatient surgery?
      Arizona: Well, it's a disaster area. Maybe someone got hurt. (they all meet in front of the outpatient surgery doors, they open them to find Jackson & Owen there)
      Owen: It worked. I cannot believe that that worked.
      Callie: Uh, where's the trauma?
      Jackson: There is no trauma. This is a meeting of the board.
      Meredith: There's no trauma?
      Cristina: A meeting about what?
      Jackson: We're gonna have a party.
      Arizona: Is-- Is this-- A trauma, a meeting or a party?
      Callie: I'm so confused.
      Derek: I'm so tired.
      Jackson: We're gonna have a party, folks. A big one. Gala fund-raiser. We're gonna invite the richest people that we know, and we're gonna charm the money out of them. But first, Dr. Hunt is gonna tell us exactly how much money we need and where it needs to go, starting with what used to be this room. So... Let's settle in. This is gonna take a while.

    • Bailey: Ross, what did you do?
      Meredith: You were supposed to wait until--
      Shane: He was overdue for the tube, and nobody seemed to wanna do it. He was starving to death right in front of us. So I did what had to be done.

    • Owen: Shepherd?
      Derek: Oh. Have you seen my wife and baby?
      Owen: Wait, Meredith's here?
      Derek (sees Mer): Meredith.
      Meredith: Crap. I meant to text you.
      Derek: I woke up to nothing and nobody.
      Bailey: The woman's wearing mismatched shoes. Cut her some slack.
      Meredith: I have to go check on Richard. (blows kiss to him)
      Derek: Send me a note next time.
      Owen: You look like hell. You know, you're in a building full of beds.
      Derek (sighs): I just need to go lie down.

    • Leah: There is one other I need to tell you. Before she went into surgery, your wife told me to tell you--
      Callie: That she loves you. She told us to tell you that she loves you.

    • Jackson: You okay?
      April: I just lost a patient. And now I am waiting for more bad news.
      Jackson: Still haven't heard?
      April: You know, when I failed last year, I found out before I got home that night. It's been 48 hours and nothing. I think that if you fail twice, they just stop talking to you and hope you get the hint.
      Jackson: I'm pretty sure that's not how it works.
      April (phone buzzes): It's them. It's here. Uh... (hands phone to Jackson)
      Jackson: Me? I'm-- No-- I don't--
      April: Please? I can't. (Jackson takes the phone) What?
      Jackson: Congratulations.
      April: Yes! Yes! Thank you, God.
      Jackson: Like you said, it's all you. Congratulations.

    • Cristina: You gotta get over this 'special' thing. Just throw her over your shoulder, take her to be, and go to town.
      Alex (sarcastically): Every girl's dream.
      Cristina: She's the thing that's special, dumbass. God, you have the right person right there. You both want the same thing. Stop being scared. This family is not scared. This boy is not scared. I am not doing this because I want to. I'm doing this because they asked me to and because I can.

    • Owen: Avery, I have one more patient for you.
      Jackson: No. No, no, no, no. No more. And I'm calling Cara McAdams first thing and I'm doing the pro bono surgery, and the board is gonna discuss your behavior.
      Owen: Avery-- Avery. Look. (points to room with Cara) She's all set for you first thing tomorrow.
      Jackson: You said you transferred her.
      Owen: Mmhmm. I lied.
      Jackson: You lied?
      Owen: Yeah, I-I just moved her.
      Jackson: So that means that you decided that three liposuctions were more important than this lady's facial recon--
      Owen: No, but the three lipos will pay for this lady's facial reconstruction. The money has to come from somewhere. So, yeah, I lied and now you have the money. ... Avery, I needed to make a point with you. I know we're all doctors, and we're all busy, but until the board members are willing to solve the bigger budget problems caused by the storm, the doctors' problems aren't going away. So you need to do something now.
      Jackson: You are right.
      Owen: Yeah. You all need to meet. I can't force you to--
      Jackson: No, no. You can. You're our boss, and you can lie.

    • Richard: What the hell do you think you're doing?
      Shane: You have dysphagia and laryngeal edema. Even if you could eat on your own, which you can't, you're at risk for aspirating your food. You need an N.G tube or you're gonna starve. And I'm not gonna let another one of us die.
      Richard: You're an intern. Don't talk to me like I don't know what's happening.
      Shane: You're pretending like it isn't happening, and Dr. Bailey's letting you. Dr. Grey is here. She came all this way with a baby, and there's no way she's gonna leave without forcing this thing through your nose and into your stomach. And I think that you don't want her to be the one to do that. I'm offering to take care of this right now. Just you and me.

    • Bailey (seeing Mer): Hey, what in God's name--
      Meredith: Ross showed me Richard's chart.
      Bailey: But you have staples in your body!
      Meredith: I took them out. I'm a skilled surgeon.
      Bailey: You have no pain?
      Meredith: I have a lot of pain. It's called sleep deprivation. Richard is starving.
      Bailey: We have a plan.
      Meredith: We have a plan? He's a patient here. He doesn't get to make decisions.
      Bailey: No. We do. We who are here. We who have the plan. So, why don't you go back home--
      Meredith: I will once I know he's okay.
      Bailey: He's not okay. And it isn't as simple as sticking a feeding tube down his throat.
      Meredith: It is that simple. We all know he can't get well unless he eats, and he can't eat if he can't swallow.
      Bailey: You know as well as I do that a feeding tube is psychologically devastating. It takes away a man's dignity--
      Meredith: So does dying! I really wanna talk to the radiologist about the swallow study.
      Bailey: Well, fine. Let's go!
      Meredith: Okay!
      Bailey: What's in your hair?
      Meredith: Baby vomit.
      Bailey (makes a face): Give me the damn stroller.

    • Leah: So um... what do I tell the husband?
      April: You tell him... We did everything we could, but despite our best efforts, we--
      Leah: Not that part. The part about how she slept with his brother.
      April: He's about to hear that his wife is dead. I think that's enough.
      Callie: Hang on. The woman trusted you, Murphy. She wanted him to know the truth.
      April: It's his last memory of his wife.
      Callie: Yeah, well, at least it'll be an honest one. He deserves to know. And you made a promise. You're gonna tell him and I'm gonna make sure you do.

    • Leah: Okay, I'm a 60 year-old woman, with abdominal pain, a fever, and significant discharge.
      Stephanie: My initial diagnosis is that you're gross.
      Jo (walks up): You guys have gotta go. No study hall at Alex's tonight.
      Stephanie: But it's our spot. We're study buddies.
      Jo: No, you are a freaking human chastity belt. I know that we've been grieving, but it's been a week. I am all grieved out.
      Stephanie: Ooh. Celibacy's made you mean.
      Jo: Heather would understand. She'd want me to get laid.
      Leah: Pushing it, but okay.
      Jo: Okay, look, this is my last pair of clean, sexy underwear. Then it's all granny panties until laundry day. It has to be tonight.

    • Meredith (about Bailey): Is he asleep?
      Derek: No. He hates sleep. He's staring at the mobile.
      Meredith: I don't know how... such a little kid can puke on so many things.
      Derek (sleepily): I don't know.
      Meredith: Are you asleep?
      Derek: No. Nobody's asleep. Are you asleep?
      Meredith: No, I'm too worried about Richard to sleep. He needs an N.G tube, and of course he doesn't want one. And he's intimidating Bailey into not ordering one. But that's what he needs. He made me his family, and then I abandoned him. It's just a mess over there. (looks over to Derek, who's sleeping)

    • Jackson: Hey, what do you mean 'No pro-bono surgeries'?
      Owen: Well, all funds are being reallocated to storm repair until further notice.
      Jackson: What? Who said that?
      Owen: The board did, so... You.
      Jackson: Alright, okay, well, my lady's facial reconstruction surgery was booked way before the storm. She teaches kindergarten.
      Owen: Avery, I don't make the rules. I just get to be the bad cop here.
      Jackson: So then I'll just have the board meet, and they're gonna approve it.
      Owen: Well, that's gonna be tricky since everyone on the board has their own pro bonos that they wanna do. So when you all get together, maybe you could come find me and tell me how you plan to fund repairing the outpatient O.R. so we're not drowning in patients.
      Jackson: Come on. We're gonna get to that when things slow down.
      Owen: Things won't slow down until we get to it.
      Jackson: Well, if you let me finish my reconstruction then--
      Owen: Avery, we do not have the money for this surgery.
      Jackson: Listen to me, all due respect, you said it yourself-- You don't make the rules. I do. Now, Cara McAdams, that pro-bono is not gonna be cancelled. I need you to be a good cop, a traffic cop.
      Owen: Uh, I'm sorry?
      Jackson: Move some patients around. If we're overloaded, then transfer them to Seattle Pres. I don't care. But make some room.
      Owen: Yes, sir.

    • Jackson: Of course I pissed him off. But transferring my patient to some other hospital just to spite me?
      Stephanie: Seems extreme.
      Jackson: Yeah, he can't do it.
      Stephanie: Yeah, he can. He's your boss.
      Jackson: No, I'm his boss. Right? The board is his boss.
      Stephanie: That's a jacked up system.
      Jackson: The system is actually fine. It's just that in this particular situation, it becomes--
      Stephanie: Jacked up?
      Jackson: Complicated.
      Stephanie: You know what's not complicated? This. Unless I'm missing something, you just suck the fat with that hose.
      Jackson: Well, pretty-- pretty much.
      Stephanie: Okay. And the next lipo will be just like this?
      Jackson: Oh, it's gonna be a different butt entirely.
      Stephanie: Do you really need me here? 'Cause everyone else is studying.
      Jackson: You said something about being with me all day. Thought we were changing lives?
      Stephanie: Yeah, but I also wanted to see the look on our patient's face.
      Jackson (smiles): Get outta here.

    • Alex: Promise me if it looks too gnarly you'll just close him up.
      Cristina: Will you stop wringing your hands? God. No wonder you can't have sex.
      Alex: I can have sex. (everyone in the O.R looks at him) I can have sex.
      Cristina: Are the hydraulics not working? I can write you a script.
      Alex: Look, that's not... She's just... bummed about her dead friend and stressed about her exams.
      Cristina: Ugh. Those are not valid.
      Alex: Alright. There's been a lot of girls since Izzie. A lot of nobodies. But this girl is not a nobody. She's... I don't know. When I think about it, it just seems important. Like... Like it's gotta be the right time.
      Cristina: You want it to be special.
      Alex: What?
      Cristina: Nothing. It's sweet.
      Alex: Are you making fun of me?
      Cristina: I am not. ... Can I ask you one thing? When we're done here, will you braid my hair? (laughs)

    • Callie: What part of 'Don't cut the clavical' do you not understand?
      April: I fixed it. Massive bleeder just under the right--
      Callie: You made a clean cut right down the middle. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to repair bone with this little surface area?
      April: There was no way to do the repair without visibility.
      Callie: Mm, no, there was no easy way. And because you're careless and thoughtless, that seemed prohibitive to you. You think you can just do whatever you feel like in the moment, and ortho will just put everything back the way it was supposed to be.
      April: She was dying!
      Callie: No, just go. Let me clean up you're mess.

    • Owen: Your mitral valve replacement?
      Cristina: Yeah. A 17 year-old infant heart transplant recipient. Karev doesn't think I should do it.
      Owen: His E.F's only 25%.
      Cristina: Yeah, that sucks.
      Owen: And there is a lot of scarring to get through. Karev is right. This kid should go straight on the transplant list.
      Cristina: It's risky, but the parents want it, and so does the kid.
      Owen: Sounds like you're going to go ahead then.
      Cristina: Yeah.
      Owen: Well, good luck.
      Cristina: Thanks. (goes to shake his hand) What?
      Owen: Normally, I'd kiss you. I'd wish you luck and then I'd kiss you.
      Callie (appears in the doorway): Hey, you guys did couples therapy, right? Was it good? Did it help? I mean, obviously not, right? I mean, look at you guys. Uh, no offense.
      Cristina: Offense.

    • Jo: Hey. What are you doin'?
      Alex: Scavenging. NICU's low on blankets. What are you doin'?
      Jo (holding her flashcards): I have a painful erection that won't subside. (Alex gives her a look) Oh... Pfftt. Not me. Uh, cards. My condition is priapism Major causes are sickle cell and... crap.
      Alex: Leukeima. I hope it goes away soon.
      Jo: Uh, hey, you know, you can kick my friends out if you want to. I mean, it's your house. They shouldn't be there all the time.
      Alex: No. Hey, uh... (sighs) Your-- Your friend died a week ago. You guys should hang out or whatever.
      Jo: Yeah.
      Alex: Unless you're over it already.
      Jo: No, I mean. I'm-- I'm still really sad, of course. But, uh... um--
      Alex: Look, I get it. I mean, they can crash however long they want.
      Jo: You're being really great about this. Really, really great.

    • Jackson: Hunt. Where did my pro-bono go?
      Owen: Well, I took your advice about transfers so I found someone at Seattle Pres who could do it.
      Jackson: That is my patient--
      Owen: Not anymore. You patient is, uh... (looks at iPad) Let's see... A gluteal liposuction? With two lipos after that.
      Jackson: You can't just fill my day with--
      Owen: Of course I can. It's what a traffic cop does. (walks away)
      Stephanie: Gluteal lipo. So that's--
      Jackson: Sucking butt fat.

    • (Mer is sleeping on the bathroom floor with the showering running)
      Derek: The shower works better when you're in it. (Bailey is crying) He's hungry and my nipples are of no use to him.

    • (On the phone)
      Cristina: So I'm waiting on the kid's M.RI and if it's too crappy, I have to put him on the transplant list and no surgery. So what do you think?
      Meredith: I think he went to the store and took a nap in the parking lot. Where's my nap, Cristina?
      Cristina: I don't know. I didn't steal your nap.
      Meredith: I'm sorry. It's just that my boobs hurt and they're covered in Lanolin and I smell like an old couch.
      Cristina: Okay, got eyes on Webber. No N.G tube.
      Meredith: Damn it, Shane.
      Cristina: I almost touched his arm today.
      Meredith: Webber's?
      Cristina: No. Owen's. He's so stressed out about the hospital, and I thought, you know, I'd offer some support and touch his arm. But... you know, you touch his arm and then you're in bed, and then... nothing's changed. Hang on. I got my valve kid's M.R.I. Mer? (Mer fell asleep) Mer? Oh, big help.

    • Bailey: Funny thing. I didn't order an N.G tube. Did you hear me order an N.G tube Dr. Webber?
      Richard: No.
      Bailey: So you can imagine our surprise when a nurse brought one in along with a feeding pump. Dr. Webber worried that I had changed his course of treatment without consulting him.
      Shane: Dr. Bailey--
      Bailey: I told him I did not. So then we got to thinking about who, perhaps, could have ordered these things and your name came up.
      Shane: I was trying to be proactive in case repleating his electrolytes doesn't work--
      Richard: You wanna be proactive? Get me some soup.
      Bailey: You heard the man.

    • Meredith (as Derek just walks in the door): An hour and a half to go get milk?
      Derek: I think, um... I might've closed my eyes in the store parking lot.

    • Arizona: Sorry, just confirming. I'll see you tonight at 7:00?
      Callie: Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.
      Arizona: Callie, we agreed to couples therapy.
      Callie: Yeah, we agreed to a lot of things. So...
      Arizona: Okay, well, I'll be there.

    • Leah: Do I have to tell her husband?
      Callie: Tell him what?
      Leah: She grabbed me with her bloody claw and said to tell him if she dies that she slept with her brother.
      Callie: Whoa. Bitch.
      Leah: Why would she ask me to do that?
      April: Maybe she wants a clear conscience.
      Callie: Maybe he cheated first and trashed the marriage. Maybe he's an inconsiderate cheating bastard, and she wanted to get the last word.
      Leah: So... I don't have to tell him, right?
      Callie: How about you just don't let her die?

    • Callie: Hey, Kepner, did you hear back yet, by the way?
      April: No, not yet.
      Callie: Mm.
      April: You think that's bad?
      Callie: You think that's good?

    • Jackson: You alright?
      April: Yeah. ... No-- No, I haven't heard yet. ... About my boards.
      Jackson: Oh. Yeah. Well, don't freak out, you passed.
      April: Well, if I didn't you'll know that the first time wasn't your fault. (laughs) It was all me.
      Jackson: Don't freak out.

    • Cristina: Haircut.
      Arizona: Yes. ... You can't just say haircut. You have to say "nice haircut." Otherwise, I'll think it's a bad haircut. And I'm wearing a dress and I got a haircut because I want to look nice today. Do I like nice?
      Cristina: You look tense.
      Arizona: Say I look nice!
      Cristina: You look nice.
      Arizona: Was that so hard?
      Cristina: Mm.

    • Stephanie: Where the hell is Shane? He was supposed to study with us.
      Leah: Mm. More practice for us. Jo, hit me.
      Stephanie (turns to see Jo in her underwear): Dude, pants!
      Jo: Ugh. Crap. Sorry, I'm stuck on a question.
      Leah: What's with the underwear? Totally not work appropriate.
      Jo (sighs): I'm waiting for Alex to make a move, so I'm prepared all the time.
      Leah: What about grooming?
      Jo: All the time.
      Stephanie: That's exhausting. Why don't you just make the first move?
      Jo: Because I'm not the slut who jumps into bed with someone right after her friend died.
      Stephanie: Really?
      Jo: Well, I'm not gonna advertise it. (Leah leaves, to Stephanie) It's been a week and he hasn't made a move. Is that weird?
      Stephanie: Yeah.

    • (On the phone, about Richard)
      Meredith: Hi. How's everything going?
      Bailey: It's fine. Uh, not the easiest patient but I got his number.
      Meredith: Is he still losing weight?
      Bailey: His appetite's not great. But that happens you know that.
      Meredith: Right. And you're sure you don't need my help?
      Bailey: Absolutely not. Go snuggle your baby.
      Meredith: Okay. Will you let me know if his albumin drops below 2.5?
      Bailey: I'm hanging up. Stop callin' me.

    • Callie: Where are Sofia and Zola?
      Meredith: Uh, um, Derek is putting their shoes on. Are you sure you can handle both of them?
      Callie: Yes. They're the only people who don't piss me off right now. I'll text you when they're both in daycare.
      Derek (comes in with Sofia and Zola): Ah! You're a goddess.
      Callie: And yet my W-I-F-E still sleeps around. (to Sofia & Zola) Okay, ladies, here we go. We're going on a ferry ride.
      Derek (to Zola): Here take your duck. (to Callie) Thank you. Have a good day. (shuts the door behind them and slumps against it) Ohh. What are we gonna do when she fixes her marriage and leaves us?
      Meredith: Oh, I think we're a ways off from that.

    • (Alex is sleeping, Cristina sits next to him on the bed)
      Cristina: Move over.
      Alex: What the hell?
      Cristina: I couldn't sleep all night. I'm bored. Really bored.
      Alex: Nope.
      Cristina: Oh, don't kid yourself.
      Alex: Call Hunt.
      Cristina: No.
      Alex: Then try the internet like everybody else.
      Cristina: For porn?
      Alex: For dating. Find somebody else to get horny with. I have a girlfriend.
      Cristina: Oh, she's passed out with her friends. Again. Did she ever sleep with you? Did you guys have sex, and it was awful? Was she awful?
      Alex: No.
      Cristina: Were you awful, and now you're so ashamed you can't even look at her?
      Alex: No.
      Cristina: Ooh, was it weird? Is she a man? Ooh. Secret penis.
      Alex: Shut up!
      Cristina: Well, why don't you guys ever sleep together?
      Alex: We will!
      Cristina: Ooh, you two haven't done it yet.
      Alex: We do.
      Cristina: Oh, you do done it?
      Alex: We have.
      Cristina: Oh, oh, we have?
      Alex: We-- We-- We-- We do.
      Cristina: You do? Oh, okay.
      Alex: Just get out!
      Cristina: Okay. Hmm. Okay. Just think about that. 'Cause it's been like, a week, and you haven't closed the deal. What have you done to evil spawn?
      Alex: I was sleeping.
      Cristina (laughs): Oh. Oh, god. I knew you'd cheer me up.

    • Meredith: I'm sorry. I know I haven't been here. You picked me as your family--
      Richard: Stop it. Stop it. I didn't call you my family. I'm not your father. I chose you because I thought you could put emotion aside and make the right call. I knew Bailey was too weak. But you, I thought I could trust not to let them operate on me when I was all but-- when I was all but dead. Not to bring me back to a life where I have to get my meals from a--from a tube. I thought you wouldn't be sentimental. I was wrong. I chose the wrong person.

    • Meredith: (closing voiceover) In the game of mercy, when one kid cries out... the other one listens, and the pain stops. Don't you wish it was that easy now? It's not a game anymore, and we're not kids. You can cry mercy all you want, but nobody's listening. It's just you screaming into a void.

    • Arizona: You know, right now this hospital needs doctors more than it needs board members.
      Owen: What this hospital needs is both. If you people can't be both, then we are in a lot of trouble.

    • Meredith: (opening voiceover) There's this playground game that kids play. They lock hands, and on the count of 3... They try to snap each other's fingers off. You hold out as long as you can or at least longer than the other guy. The game doesn't end until someone says stop. Gives up, cries mercy. It isn't a fun game.

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