Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • So wrong in so many ways

    I really think that the only surgeons stupid enough to let a fire die with just one match left are TV show surgeons. If however that was the only senseless death in this episode I would say nothing about it. This show kills too many doctors.
  • I hate that Lexie died too, but...

    Does anybody know if it was her choice to leave or Rhimes'? If the actress wanted to leave, I say killing her off is actually the most satisfyingly dramatic way to do it. I still think there is a good chance that both Mark and Arizona will bite it, too. I liked the episode - the only reason I didn't rate it higher is because I am OVER cliffhangers as season finales. If a show is strong, I'm going to watch it next season regardless. Shows don't need to emotionally manipulate me at the end of every season to get me to tune in. I think more and more shows are wrapping up at the ends of their seasons, which is good. I'm just annoyed now that I have to wait til the fall to find out who else dies, how they get rescued, etc. I agree with what someone else wrote that a 2-hour finale would have been better.
  • Goodbye Lexie

    I cried like a bitch. I really did for the of the episode. I cried cause I didn't understand the point of killing Lexie. I cried cause they fucked up again, after George, this was NOT a character to kill. This wasn't suppose to happen. We've been waiting for Mark and Lexie to get back together so they could FINALLY rise above all the shit Mark put her through and SHE DIES ? SHE FUCKING DIES ? I MEAN : ARE YOU SERIOUS ? Shonda put a freaking knife in our backs by doing that and it's not cause she didn't see the point of Lexie that she had to kill her. Dammit ! April is leaving and going back home cause she's gonna disappear after being fired and she's not dying and yeah it would have been sad, but waaaaaaaaaayy less than Lexie. Jackson's leaving and we don't even know if he's really going to have a story anymore cause his is kind of over. I wouldn't have accepted if it were Meredith or Derek, cause let's face it, even though they've been there since the beginning, the show is called GREY's Anatomy, so it would not have made sense. Fuck off, I'm pissed and sad and heartbroken cause seriously, that was a lame move.
  • So stupid.

    Don't get me wrong, it was a good episode but if there's one thing I hate, it's pointless character deaths. I don't watch Supernatural but I know people who do and this is one of their biggest complaints about that show too. I have no problem with beloved and major characters being killed off, PROVIDED THAT THEY'VE SERVED THEIR PURPOSE AND RUN THEIR COURSE.

    There is nothing more annoying than killing off a major character simply for the shock value of it. Lexie's death was so stupid. Her character wasn't done. She had so much more to give. As much as I like April(and I know I'm the minority there), I would have been OK with her dying, or even Meredith given how her story is kind of finished, as there doesn't seem to be much for her character to do. They didn't kill Lexie cos it served the story. They did it just to shock people which annoys me. Very poor form IMO.
  • Heartbreaking.

    Can't believe that they killed off Little Grey. I absolutely adored her, and the show will not be the same without her happy, nervous and so adorable personality. She will be incredibly missed.

    The episode was amazing, but so short! It would've been better as a 2-hour finale, but I do think that they made a pretty good cliffhanger. I'm excited to see where they'll pick the show up next season. Hopefully, we won't loose to many characters. I really want to see April and Jackson's relationship develop, but I am afraid that they'll disappear along with Teddy.

    God, I don't want to loose any characters! I love all of them, and I kinda hate new ones. It just feels so comfortable and nice to keep the same characters year after year, but I guess every show has to move forward.
  • Why Lexie Why ?

    When we first saw Lexie, I hated her, because she looked so naive and she had had everything Meredith hadn't. But she kind of grew in me, that''s what she does and that's what she did with Mark. Lexie and Mark was my favorite couple after Owen and Cristina and I was waiting ALL SEASON to see them together again and now that ? I'm so disappointed in this choice when we had lots of characters we could easily do without (April, Jackson, Teddy etc...). I don't know why they keep breaking good couples but breaking Mark and Lexie that way was just awful. Awful.
  • Wait... what??

    I believe they could have done so much more with the episode, expected something more dramatic to happen, even though little grey died. i was so sure arazona was going to be the one dying! i think dereks career is done for sure. yang is probably staying for hunt.

    They defiantly needed a longer episode!

  • no one is safe yet....

    cant say im shocked about little grey but i sill think someone else will die who your not expecting. im thinking that dereks career is over so he wont need to be in it as much. hope arizona makes its. it wont be solved in the next episode thats for sure and as for arizonas friend getting her heart im not doctor but he has cancer so putting a healthy organ wont save him. i see him dying to nd arizon going to a very dark place. cant wait for next seasson
  • Kind of disappointed

    As sad as the death of little Grey was, I can't help feeling like they've done all this before. It's an act reminiscent of season 5's finale, in that we have people in peril and then, fade to black, oh wait guess you'll have to wait til next season. There's no climax, no turning point everything just sort of happens and then it's over, nothings been resolved or decided. To top it all off you also have no idea what direction the show is going to go in for the next season (I had the same issue with OUAT's season finale).

    Sad to say, while you have tiny emotional moments, overall this just kind of falls flat.
  • That just ain't right

    I knew it...but I still don't like it. Why couldn't it be Teddy? Or Jackson? Or any surprise twist of somebody back in Seattle dying? Lexie was awesome!

    So, depending on mind changes next season, Karev, Jackson & Teddy are gone. Obviously Lexi and probably April. Am I the only one worried Grey's is going to turn into another ER with a rotating cast of doctors coming and going?

    A good episode, though a touch anti climactic with Lexi dying so early into. I suppose there will be questions as to how damaged Derek's hand is forcing he and Meredeth to stay in Seattle. I'm gonna guess that Mark isn't going to die as well. Just kinda missing out on the OMG fade to black moment. Frankly, I would have been okay with last episode being the finale
  • Where's my shoe?!?!?


    I def. guesses Lexie! B/c they needed to tear @ our heart strings!

    Guess relax. Georges death was MUCH worse!!!

    Well Xtina has a job @ Seattle now! :) (Xtina was SOO funny!!!)

    Alex will have to take over 4 Arazone till she can walk, and same w Jackson. Derks offer will dissapear b/c of his arm/hand & the pilot might get to walk again!!!

    I wander what happened to those babies they were to operate on? That other hospitals prod PISSED they didn't show up!
  • It's Stroke Time!!!

    I think I suffer a small stroke every year around this time...after watching last nights episode I cant imagine GA losing one of the main characters. For some April could be considered "beloved" and my guess is that she will be the one I think she commits suicide!! In the review for next week it says that the cheif is planning a party for the interns so I dont think that It will be him.Mer, Christina and Mark are living I think I saw Alex up and moving?? Arizona looks pretty bad so that is a possibility too can her heart be transplanted into her friend? I cant stand this wait!!
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