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Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • Plane Crash!!!!!?????

    It's so weird because its like Shonda wrote this episode really fast so everything could get over with. I don't like that especially that this is a great series.
  • This made me roll my eyes

    Maybe I'm missing something, but...

    You have five matches in the middle of a forest, and you can't get a decent fire going?
  • The writing was poor

    First of all, I don't mind that characters get killed, as long as they are killed in a good written way! Unfortunately this was not the case. The crash just suddenly happens, and all the episode goes into all this many emotions and drama, sadness, and so dark. But it felt out of place, like it wasn't like the end of the season of the shooting. The shooting had a scale of how it got a little tense until it got really intense. Here it was all climatic from the beginning, and the audience feels disconnected with whatever is happening here.

    Lexi suddenly dies, without enough story to back it up, she was kill just to finish her role. I think Lexi was an excellent character, yes I know this is what the actress wanted, to leave. But I don't think that story wise, Lexi should have died. She could have just left, the same way Izzie did back then. And at the very least, they should have make her die at the end of the episode not so soon, it felt anticlimactic. And it's really sad because Shonda before this episode, has always written good episodes. George's death was a surprise because it was written well in a way you couldn't see it coming. But really a plane crashing? Lost has used this, Ghost Whisperer used this on a season finale as well.

    It's a shame because the scenes that were taking place in the hospital with April, Hunt and the others were beautifully written. That you wonder how can those scenes match with the out of context airplane. I am not sure if I am going to continue watching, I mean all episodes before this well so perfectly written, in all seasons, and this episode felt like it was rushed out, like they had to record it really fast or something. So long for an amazing show!
  • Great finale

    Before the complains about the plane crash and "Shonda sucks cuz' she killed Lexie", it should be known that: Chyler Leigh was asking to leave the show since the season started. This is a DRAMA series, so it's kind of obvious that some really tragic stuff was going to happen. I find this season finale very dramatic, yes, and it should be dramatic, the tragedies change the course of the show, and the show really needed a change of course, all the characters were affected by the crash, physically and mostly, psychologically, and I can't wait to see how every character's going to deal with the consequences of the accident. I think we're up to an amazing season.
  • Great Season. Great finale.

    I thought this episode was amazing, it might have been full of drama, but lets be honest that's why we tune into the show.
  • Terrible season finale...

    Gunshootings, Bus accidents, bombs, earthquakes, car accidents, etc... and now a plane crush! Really???
  • Television at it's worst

    Tonights episode was an example of the blatant example of fan manipulation that has been going on with this show since the first few years. Relationships are created and torn apart using the most angst possible, all the while show creator and writers are promising that if we just wait, and sit through all the crap, there will be a wonderful ending.

    I am tired of being played for the sake of reviews. This episode was so far fetched that it was ridicules. They killed off a fantastic character who the lamest possible way and left many others simply hanging.

    So long Grey's Anatomy. I've watched my last episode, purchased my last DVD, and urge others to join me in boycotting a show that is so far down the drain it was over two years ago.
  • Love this show!!

    I hated how they ended the season because they killed off people that they didn't need to!! So mad about that besides that it is a twist and loved the twist.
  • This was Terrible

    There was so much they could have done with this episode. Everyone was leaving, and it could have been beautiful, amazing, and truly one of the best episodes in Grey's Anatomy history. Instead they ruined a great season finale with one of the worst out-of-no-where could never happen in real life crap. The drama was so dry it was terrible. There were plenty of ways to remove characters without this unnecessary bit. Horrible ending to the worst season of Grey's Anatomy yet, and I'm sure they lost a lot of viewers over it.
  • 8.24 'Flight'

    This was one of those episodes when I expect more but the final product still leaves me me very shocked, surprised and satisfied.

    I loved the sequences ahot on location - with the small group of surgeons out there including Meredith, Derek, Mark, Lexie (RIP), Arizona and Jerry the pilot (guest star James LeGros). Lexie's death was heartbreaking although never my favorite character her last scene completely ripped my heart out with Mark being there with her until the very end saying how much he loves her :( beautiful acting and I loved that little twist when we thought Mark died. Thank God they fixed him. Plus Arizona's constant screaming and loud crying gave me hard shivers.

    Meanwhile at the hospital - Hunt fires Teddy because he wants her to take an opportunity of the lifetime (she was planning on turning down the new job and staying at Seattle Grace to help him cope with the collapse of his marriage), Bailey proposes to her boyfriend Ben (I seriously hate their scenes, she's especially annoying these days), plus Richard invites all the 5th year residents to have a very special dinner with him, he wanted to make a special toast but he had decided to wait for Meredith and Christina. Owen is still at the hospital at night but he notices that something is apparently wrong when he receives a message that the plane never arrived as scheduled.

    Sandra Oh, Ellen Pompeo, Chyler Leigh and Jessica Capshaw were all amazing in this episode and I would give them at least an Emmy nomination. That was some very strong acting, same goes for Eric Dane and Patrick Dempsey although the ladies do all the acting magic for me on this show, guys are kinda being there. Also I'd love to compliment the director of this episode and the editors as well. That was some brilliant work last night. 9,5 /10
  • Drama.....

    This episode is pure drama! Shonda Rhimes did a good job of shocking all of us... It's so sad they killed off Lexie.. So what happens now to Mark? Oh well, I guess that's for the next season. It is also sad that they're letting go of Teddy. I will definitely miss Teddy but I guess letting her go was foreseeable since she had no story line anymore, after they killed off Henry. Wow, they're killing off so many characters.. Hm.. is it budget cut???

    I hope they don't kill off Callie!
  • So Sad

    This is the saddest episode ever. I really thought Sloane and Lexie will end up together.
  • A plane crash wasn't very original, but that is okay. Lexie and Teddy will be missed!!!!!

    I have to first say how sad I am that Lexie is dead. I understand Chyler Leigh wanted to complete her starring role with season eight, but I am still sad. She was one of my absolute favorites. And I had been waiting for so long for her and Mark to get back together, or at least for some closure. Well, I got my closure, even if it was a little too permanent. Poor Mark though... How is he going to go back to a normal life after that?

    I have to admit that this season was not as good as others. Now that it is over I am having trouble recalling more than a few important things that have happened.

    (Aside from the crash injuries and all) Meredith and Derek are okay now and have Zola finally; Cristina and Owen are in a really hard spot right now. I hope that they can manage to work thing out because I like the two of them together; I have NEVER been a fan of April Kempner and I am not ashamed to say it. Having said that, I do feel bad how things turned out for her in the end. Did she fail the bar because of the God talk? Or because she was a basket case? And I don't know how I feel about the relationship between her and Avery. He could do better...

    Now with this crash, nobody even knows what is going on. Owen wasn't answering his phone all day. I imagine that when he gets through his messages, he will have an idea... The devastation that with plow over Seattle Grace will be immense.
  • why are they continueing? What will be next season?

    Ok, i don't understand why all those characters were on the same plane? Where were all of them flying to together? Also i thought if they made this the last season of grey's anatomy (as this show made it to the magic 8th season like so many other shows then stopped) i thought all the residents moving on to different hospitals to start their knew careers would be a good way to go out but what would be next season, would everyone stay in settle now due to this plane crash, probably not. So again after this immediate storyline of the plane crash ends what would be next for the chaacters of grey's anatomy which will sustain another season of this show?
  • bad ending!!

    very bad ending!! and why you killed Lexie !!
  • What?

    Disappointing. Plane crash? Come on.
  • Why Lexie

    Why Lexie Shonda?? Why not April Keptner
  • Season 9 previsions?

    I really hope April gets pregnant in Season 9!!!

    How awesome will that be? I think her and Jackson make a cute couple.

    She failed her boards, it would be perfect timing for her.

    I reckon she will probably marry Jackson too!!! Am I the only one who likes "Japril" together??
  • No, I don't forget why I watch the series...

    Yes, we watch it because of the drama of the characters. But we watch because of the drama of the medics of a hospital... This whole tragedy trhing is waaay over the top, look at all they went through.. Yes It's a TV show, but c'mon, don't need to be forced like this.

    I just feel like Lexie's death was rushed... She deserved a better death, in the last minutes of the episode :(

  • FABULOUS finale!

    I loved the finale. It was fabulous and heart wrenching.
  • Exactly why we watch one of the greatest TV shows of all time...

    I have read so many reviews, and I can't believe the fans. Everyone is so angry, so frustrated, so upset that they've forgotten why we watch this show in the first place. The drama. The amazing characters. The events.

    Seriously, this show (still after 8 long years!) knows how to make you cry, laugh, stop your heart and scream all during the same hour. Not enough shows know how to keep their audience interested after this long time. And yes, fans left with George, and fans left with Izzie...but you people who are reviewing with such low scores and such negative opinions--clearly, you're still here because you still care and you still watch and you still love the greatest TV shows of all time.

    Lexie's death was climatic. It was sad, frustrating and yes--it made me so mad because I wanted Mark and Lexie to have their happy ending. But welcome to life. Suck it up and stop complaining. From what I heard, Lexie wanted out so at least we got a "bittersweet" farewell to this wonderful and amazing character. Kudos for Chyler Leigh for such an outstanding performance there. It was truly amazing.

    Come to think of it, every single actor was amazing in this finale. I feel like they all really gave performances of a lifetime. Performances that should be Emmy-worthy and noted. Sandra Oh? Wow, she never surprises me anymore because of such brilliant acting. Eric Dane was someone I usually don't care so much for, but I was in love with his performance in "Flight". His farewell to Lexie was touching, and I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a few tears while she was dying.

    Glad to hear that Teddy won't be back on the show. I never felt she gave much to her character and never thought she was very interesting. (Yes, finally a negative comment about the show, right?) Another thing is Owen. Loved him in Seasons 5 and 6. But then I don't know what happened.

    It is a great tragedy to say goodbye to Lexie, but I'm more worried about where this finale ends. They're still lost and it is terrifying. I truly cannot wait for Season 9, and hope that people will stop complaining and cursing at Shonda. You think you can write better than that? Show us your talents.

    Kudos to all the cast, the writers, and just everyone who was involved in this episode--and who IS involved in this show. Will never stop watching because I know the quality will never get to a level that annoys me. Great, great episode.
  • enough with the cliff hangers...

    Seriously. Do we need a cliff hanger? We are die hard fans that already know we are going to watch next season. What we wanted was a nice wrap up and lead into next season. Lexie and Mark getting back together for example. I am really disappointed that Lexie died. I agree with everyone that if she chose to go fine, but if Shonda kicked her to the curb that was a bad move. We were all excited about the up coming reunion of Mark and Lexie. We loved her. We loved watching her. And I totally thought that is why Mark went from salt and pepper to light brown hair. We all thought that we to make him look younger for his new story line with Lexie. I dont want Greys Anatomy to end. It is the highlight of my week. But Shonda should consult us before making decisions! lol! Really though, if we stop watching the show ends, so what we think is important. We want the show to go on. We want Derek to stay. We want Meredith to stay. And all the original cast. AND WE WANTED LEXIE TO STAY! Maybe they can make it all a dream and no one died in season 9. I enjoyed this season. I read that some were thinking it is dying, I disagree. I love Callie's humor this season. She cracked me up. She finally became a strong woman and so funny. I really liked the way Meredith and Cristina's friendship is still strong. But we've been watching Derek build this house since the beginning. Him just wanting to up and move didn't go at all. I do like the new Jackson and April thing. I never liked her. This is the first time I am starting to. So now I hope she stays. I like her now. I am looking forward to the new April Jackson drama now. I like them together. And how can anyone not love Bailey! I love Bailey's looks. She doesn't even need lines, just her looks alone make her a strong and funny character. Karev the hard guy who loves kids, we love him. I think the show is still strong. I think it was a bad move to kill Lexie though and if Derek leaves or any more of the original cast I think it will wreck the show. I am a little tired of the Cristina Owen thing and her being so cold and unspiritual and against having children tho. I am hoping the original crew stays and they move up and then have new stories with new residents and interns under them. And I have really learned alot about medicine from this show over the years and it inspired my daughter to be a surgeon! She just graduated and is now applying to colleges and wants to be a surgeon! So Greys Anatomy is a big part of our lives in many ways. I want more. Shonda give us more! We love it!
  • old dogs, old tricks.

    Was I the only one who felt like I turned in to a "Lost" episode? :) The idea behind it was good, but the episode was not as entertaing and thrilling like the Shooting finale or some of the previous cliffhangers Grey's succesfully pulled off. The episode was OK, but very predictable.

    I am very very very very very mad that Shonda killed off Lexie, just as she was on the right path to be back with Sloane. That was the only couple I was cheering on. I just hope that Chyler Leigh was not fired and walked away on her own terms.. in the interview with the creator she says that it was ''the right time for her character's journey to end''. No Shonda, it was NOT the right time for the journey to end, things were finally looking good for this show that is slowly becoming dull and repetetive (sorry, hardcore GA fans, I used to be one too!).

    As far as Grey's season's finales go this one was a 'hmmm...okay" one.
  • Decent episode. Problem? Too much spoilers, too much contractual details, too much false expectacions...

    I am going to analyse this episode a bit differently this time. I will expose my take both on the episode and the background behind this.

    Part 1) "Flight" by itself.

    A) On Teddy being fired. This was eventually going to happen. Her main storyline was displayed nicely on season 6, and it resolved as we expected in season 7 season opener. Even then, when she seemed not to have any better storyline, Henry appeared and gave her a very interesting storyline (with some similarities to Denny Duquette's appearance) for a full season. When it seemed to have resolved itself, I personally thought, she had no storyline left. And then she tried to sign a truce with Owen (e.g. 8x21). So nothing really interesting was left for her: no love triangle, no Henry, no coping, no more drama with Owen so her departure was obvious. However, I think this last part shouldn't have happened so fast. Personally, I would have liked to see a better reconciliation between Owen and Teddy, so her departure could have been in a happier way (even if it was necesary for her to be in another season, or in some episodes of it). I would have much rather prefer her leaving with their friendship stronger, in terms of comparing it with the time she arrived (let's say, season 6 or 7). I was a very bittersweet ending for her. Ideally, I would have enjoyed more this scenario, but with her resigning by herself (e.g. I want to leave because this hospital reminds me of Henry all the time and I feel like my work here is done regarding Cristina-). So I take this as a very abrupt and not nice conclusin.

    B) On plane crash storyline. As I will state later, this plane crash idea shouldn't have developed as much, or even this season (later I will say that 8x23 could and should have been a proper ending, considering some changes and regarding odd-contractual situation). I feel this is out of sync with the season, although is a slight cliffhanger for next season. Without knowing what will happen next season, it's an interesting way to make all doctors stay (in a way or another) in SGMW, even if they stated the opossite, because they need to be for each other in this critical time. So it's very interesting how this will reflect on their decisions in terms of leaving or staying in SGMW. Still, this was out of proportion to me, and, I I'm allowed, nonsensical. This plane crash plot is very hard to digest

    C) On April and Jackson storyline. Although Jackson is being incredibly supportive (as every single time), April is not managing her situation succesfully (I thought algo, she would be leaving the hospital and missing that fancy dinner, so I did not understand what "you're fired" of 8x23 really meant). It is clear that she's in a huge crisis and she doesn't want him to leave, but I do not understand her lashing out on him. I see a potentially good couple here, but she's not trying hard enough, and she's giving Jackson all reasons to leave Seattle. Maybe she needs to relax a little bit and go with it, since this relationship may change the way she sees everything.

    D) On Lexie dying. Absolutely sad, but incredibly well performed. I couldn't believe that the spoiler-mistery would resolve so quickly and dramatically. Too bad, since she seemed to have a future in neuro and regarding Mark. I would have much prefered some time watching them toghether (or even kiss!) before something like this even happened.

    E) On Bailey. Interesting cliffhanger, since we don't really know how this attempt of long distance relationship (or not, because we don't know what they arranged) will work out like. I see her shining, like no time in this show, and as a very complete woman who survived traumatic experiences and lost previously in love. Want to see how she handles with everything!

    F) Overall, although unnecesary, it is a decent episode, but a weaker as a season finale, comparing to previous ones. This is the order of season finales that I enjoyed the most: 2-6-7-5-4-1-3-8 (analysing as season finales, regardless of the score I assigned them as episode quality).

    Part 2) Background. Contracts. Spoilers. 8x23 as a proper season conclusion.

    I feel very dissatisfied with this series right now, because of the treatment this season finale received before even airing. I cannot watch this season and past ones without a bittersweet taste, since this episode last aired (today it's 05/22). I feel something has been broken, and this plot (plane crash) is absolute inadequate with this season.

    A) On spoilers. For me, too much spoilers actually spoiled (no pun intended) this finale. Less should have been said, although it prepared us for this abrupt ending. All contractual status should have been revealed after this episode aired, without making us speculate with lists and statements, and thus, giving us false and unrealistic hopes (e.g., Shonda saying that Slexie fans should wait more, but it would have been worth it even if the original idea was using Julia as the role Rose had in season 4). Soooo much was said out there, but this episode was weak and left us in awe (and in anger, most of all fans) and not in a good way. All producers and Shonda should say less and let less information to flow, in order to make us fans surprise more. The seasons watched without the influence of spoilers were the best for me (Seasons 1 to 5), but they are hard to avoid if you are not in USA or Canada and need to wait more for fresh material. Anyways, only "one of them is going to die" was the only thing needed to say, the rest was unnecesary (contractual renews, specially).

    B) On plane crash plot. On 8x23 as a much proper season finale. If 8x23 were the season finale, it would have been greater to the show. Sure, some adjustments were required, but leaving that episode with that finale (only Mer's face in the woods, and nothing else; no scenes that could show who took that flight, and so on) would have been a smarter move. That way, and not revealing actors' situation, a strong open-ending cliffhanger is left in the air. Then, eventually, in season 9, with contractual situations defined, they could manage how to make characters depart, killing them off or not. And that not-knowing feeling was enough for all to watch another season, without generating a huge amount of hatred amongst the fans What happens is, that this season was resolving itself slowly, but gradually (since 8x14, with studying boards and so on, accelerating on 8x19 but steady every next episode), and a lighter finale was required. I do understand that it was hard for all writers to genere something with such a random scenario, contractually speaking. Still, a stronger finale would have resulted, if we knew (or maybe if we didn't) doctors choices to leave to start their carreers (for instance), or who stepped in that plane; or a season finale alike to season 7, that didn't need to be traumatic but yet, powerful and incredibly well-written. But overall I feel like Cristina when she resented the amount of death and traumatic instances on this eight years. This season was slow and steady, and unleashing this death (our of the blue, of course; unlike season 6, that was connected with a previous storyline -6x19; 6x21) was taking another direction; mind you, a wrong one. All in all, 8x24 "Flight" was not a required episode, as a season finale or not.

    C) On killing off Lexie. That is a very strong move, and very unexpected. It is very risky because of all expectations for her, that we would have wanted to see in the future Because she had more to offer, and because the wrong timing, I did not enjoy it and basically convicted this show to soon death. I would have enjoyed it more if Mark and Lexie were together for a small amount of time. And killing her was unnecesary, not this season at least; maybe watching her leaving Seattle or being transfered to another hospital (for instance, with some storyline like 5x09, but with worse consquences, in episodes 8x22 or so on, and leaving us hanging until the season finale, whatching her go away but with the door opened for Mark) would have been more enjoyable. The problema relies on time: writers delayed too much Lexie pouring her heart to mark (8x22). They should have been together a few episodes ahead, and maybe her death wouldn't have been such a hatred generator. And basically this last situation happened because of all expectations that we fanatics had (unnecesarily triggered and potenced with Shonda's statements), since this love story was developing to that place. So the problem is not her being killed off, the problem is the timing: in a way, the problem is her being killed off in this moment, with so much stored for her in the future. This is a turning point in Grey's Anatomy, a sign of a posibble and probable decay, unless a magic move is made. Frankly, I do not know if we will see this series ending soon with any grace.

    All in all, considering this episode on itself and the background revolving it, I feel really sad, and disappointed. This episode should never have been aired, not this season at least. This season was strange, but great. It did not deserve this season finale (I repeat, not that bad as an episode, but horrible as a season opener, encouraged by all spoilers). Fans are wounded, for what I can read, and I don't know how they can't be conforted; not without stop watching this series, for all the rewievs in all sites I'm reading But since I am a hardcore fan, I will continue to watch it, until I feel like I do not want to anymore, but not so much has to happen to bring me to that feeling. I hope this show's quality improves, STAT.

  • Saw it coming, but still hurt like hell

    (Spoilers ahead. Although seriously, you should know what happened by now).

    Because I am one of those people who is way too invested in their favorite shows, I have been analyzing who was gonna bite it on Grey's for weeks. Before the news that Meredith, Cristina, Alex and Derek were all coming back next year was released, I didn't think it was them anyway because I didn't think Shonda would kill off anymore of the original five and Derek should be exempt because he almost died already.

    So I had narrowed down to Mark or Lexie and whenever I thought about it, I couldn't think of who I wanted to die less and could never come up with the answer.

    But I wish it wasn't Lexie. I can say that now.

    Watching her die was heartbreaking, especially because her and Mark had just gotten to a place where maybe they could be together again. And she died with Mark by her side, but seriously? SERIOUSLY? It's just so....unfair. Stunning. Kind of amazes me how upset I got over it, but killing off Lexie Grey? Her last name is in the show title!

    If I had to pick, I would've prefered that Alex died. Because I love Alex, but his is the only character that doesn't have any budding relationships or anything of that caliber and even though he is one of the original players, it would've felt like less of a loss.

    And I wonder where does the show go from here? It's based at Seattle Grace but as Cristina said, who really wants to work there again? These poor doctors have almost been run over. And shot at. And oh, um, Meredith WATCHED HER FREAKING SISTER DIE, FOR GODS' SAKE. And so the people for sure coming back next year, what does that mean? Where do we go from here? Is it time for them to hang up their labcoats and for the show to be over?

    Cause honestly, I was almost hoping it would be cancelled after this year. Meredith and Derek were happy with their baby, Callie and Arizona were happy with their baby, and Mark and Lexie were *this close* to being together again! But no, instead Lexie has to die. In a way, it hurts more then when George died. I loved George, but because we didn't know it was him for most of that episode when Mer figured it out by that time it was more a reaction of... "That was George... and now he's gone?" It was more shock and then sadness. But this was watching poor Lexie die and dealing with it for another half hour.

    Another thing about Lexie dying is that now (at least for me) whenever I watch an episode with Lexie, "reality goggles" will set in. This happens whenever I watch one of the early episodes, and smile at Meredith, George and Cristina all drunkenly dancing on a table, or Meredith, Izzie and George lying in bed together talking, that I then feel sad knowing that someday soon, there will be no more George. And now whenever I watch Derek attempt to explain to Meredith why she should care about her sister or Lexie striding into Mark's place, asking him to "teach her" and taking off her shirt, I;ll get that sad feeling that she too will be gone soon.

    I don't know if this was Shonda's idea or Chyler's. Because if it was Chyler's idea, okay, she wants to move on, she has three kids of her own (I know, right? I couldn't believe it either) that I would understand. But if it was Shonda's idea, just for the shock value, why, girl? Couldn't April have just gotten pregnant or something instead?

    This was a finale that was just... sad. Incredibly, incredibly sad.
  • Powerful finale yet again.

    Grey's Anatomy often perfects season finales. And once again Shonda Rhimes pulls out all the stops in 'Flight'.

    I couldn't believe how they killed Lexie within the first twenty minutes. It was more shocking because it was so quick. It's horrible and sad because Lexie was always so happy, lovely and funny. Her scene with Mark was brilliantly heart-breaking. Everyone's reactions were so well done too; Mark shutting down, Meredith breaking down in tears. Just powerful stuff.

    Then they must all fight for survival and in an open ended ending they are left in the woods...having no idea if they'll be rescued. I do understand that it's unsatisfying but we haven't had a real cliff-hanger like that in ages and it worked. I also thought Cristina's rant about Seattle Grace Mercy Death was genius. Arizona laughing in shock was too. It was all very gripping and gory. I wonder what will happen too them...September is TOO far away.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Teddy finally is nice and accepts what she's done to Owen in a touching scene where she expresses her loyalty to her. Then he fires her and she can leave. It was a nice ending for a character I've never truly liked. OH and Bailey is getting married to Ben. Very sweet as always. And the chief throws a dinner for the residents. Only Jackson and April (who shared a lovely happy friendship scene) and Alex (who sweetly calls Arizona and tells her he made him who he is) attend because the others are clearly otherwise engaged . And Callie plans a hot night in with Arizona...not knowing she's not coming home.

    All very well done and powerful. Shame we know whose contracts have been renewed though.

    Another excellent Grey's finale.
  • OOh well! whats to come?

    I just got to watch this episode of lexie dying and my eyes are so swollen i cried for almost all of the episode because i really loved her and i was really rooting for her and MArk but the show must go on. she took too long to tell Mark how she feels. well we know that Christina Husband HUnt will come to her recue.. Avery will propose to kepner... i guess we will now have Grey's anatomy in the bush instead of in the hospital!! oh welll!! all i can say is keep it coming i look forward for the next episodes for all the twist and turns of the events. it was so touching that episode thus the ratings
  • Lexie

    btw, just thought you ought to know that Chyler Leigh (Lexie) chose to leave the show so she could spend more time with her family as she felt she couldn't juggle both family and work.

    This episode was just very emotional. However, I don't care for Bailey which is why I only gave it a 9. When lexie died though, i could not stop crying! she is an amazing actress and Mark (Eric Dane) is an amazing actor.
  • Why is it wrong?

    It's my first ever comment on after being a fan for more than 4 years. I just felt I had to speak my mind this time.

    I read so many reviews condemning the writers about Lexie's death. So many people use the argument "it's wrong for Lexie to die because her character had so much more to give still, whilst others had run their courses". Or "it wrong to kill a character just for shock value".

    How on earth does that make sense? This is a tv show about real-life situations and people. It's not Dr Who, it's not Game of Thrones, it's not the A-team. Maybe a lot of non-realistic situations have happened to Seattle Grace, but still, that's what it's about. Real life.

    And in real life, who lives and who dies is not decided upon who's got more to give and who is like the most.

    I find Lexie dying a very brave decision creative-wise. The shock value most people talk about is the drama value in my eyes. Grey's Anatomy is a drama. It has it's fun moments and it's love connections, but the core is a drama. In a drama you are supposed to see stuff that will be..well...dramatic. If Kepner was killed who would give a shit? Very few. If Teddy was killed still not many people would care, as she supposedly had nothing more to do.

    Hell, there've been people suggesting Meredith or Karev have done all they could as characters, their charactes matured and all that, so if any of these two was killed it would be justified. How on earth is a death justifiable? Lexie dying shows exactly what life is about. Chance. A plane crashes and she's the one to die. Well in most case all of them die, but there wouldn't be any show then, would there? So one has to die, and it's random. Or if there was a factor in choosing Lexie and it was the shock value, I am all up for it. Because if somebody dies that you know of tomorrow, you can't say "glad he died, he was 90 with kids, grand kids and so on, made a fortune and saved the world, so he gave all he could". Tomorrow a kid will die, a newlywed will die, a promising athlete will die. That's life.

    I understand how we can get over-attached to our favorite shows and characters, but it's creepy to start dictating what makes sense and whatnot in terms of who lives and who dies. The only thing that would be sort of nonsense decision would be to off Meredith as the show's called Grey's Anatomy. Like destroying Galactica and run more seasons when the show's called Battlestar Galactica, or having Hawai 5-0 move to Jamaica and retain the title. These things are obviously weird (and bad) creative choices. But killing a character because they could still "give" stories is not a valid point. If it's bad it's only bad for the show itself IF it's proven in the future that they could have really used that character.

    I think Shonda has proven that a show can go on without a character, two or three. Some people still like George. What??? Izzie?? Jesus!!! I cried my heart out when Denny died but man did Izzie become quite annoying after that. And George?? He was the most idiotic character of them all. I am sorry if some relate to him, but that kind of person is not a character to 'last'. Washington yes, he would have been an asset. But his leaving was a non-creative decision.

    Kepner is off but who cares about Kepner right? Still why kill her? Just to show that you can always end a season with a death? THAT is a cliche. If you kill somebody in an act of randomness though, that shows GUTS. And I don't know if more of them die (Mark or Arizona), but I can understand it and it would make sense for such a show. If I want to watch a show where what happens is what I want to happen, then I'll write my own and find somebody to produce it.

    There I said it.
  • Why the hell would u do that???

    Oh God. I like Greys anatomy. But what the hell is up with you guys killing the only good characters left in this show!! FOR GOD's SAKE!!!

    Lexie is dead. Awesome!! I loved her character, i love how she talked and acted. And they end up killing her. She had so much to give in this show. DAMN U!!!!

    I am only giving this episode a 7 because these damn writers just kill ppl for no damn reason!!

    And then the cardio surgeons whats with changing that every freaking season???????

    Why cant they damn settle with one damn cardio surgeon

    I loved Teddy!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!!

    First they kick Izzie and i loved her now they kick out Teddy!!!


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