Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • Powerful finale yet again.

    Grey's Anatomy often perfects season finales. And once again Shonda Rhimes pulls out all the stops in 'Flight'.

    I couldn't believe how they killed Lexie within the first twenty minutes. It was more shocking because it was so quick. It's horrible and sad because Lexie was always so happy, lovely and funny. Her scene with Mark was brilliantly heart-breaking. Everyone's reactions were so well done too; Mark shutting down, Meredith breaking down in tears. Just powerful stuff.

    Then they must all fight for survival and in an open ended ending they are left in the woods...having no idea if they'll be rescued. I do understand that it's unsatisfying but we haven't had a real cliff-hanger like that in ages and it worked. I also thought Cristina's rant about Seattle Grace Mercy Death was genius. Arizona laughing in shock was too. It was all very gripping and gory. I wonder what will happen too them...September is TOO far away.

    Meanwhile at the hospital, Teddy finally is nice and accepts what she's done to Owen in a touching scene where she expresses her loyalty to her. Then he fires her and she can leave. It was a nice ending for a character I've never truly liked. OH and Bailey is getting married to Ben. Very sweet as always. And the chief throws a dinner for the residents. Only Jackson and April (who shared a lovely happy friendship scene) and Alex (who sweetly calls Arizona and tells her he made him who he is) attend because the others are clearly otherwise engaged . And Callie plans a hot night in with Arizona...not knowing she's not coming home.

    All very well done and powerful. Shame we know whose contracts have been renewed though.

    Another excellent Grey's finale.
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