Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • Decent episode. Problem? Too much spoilers, too much contractual details, too much false expectacions...

    I am going to analyse this episode a bit differently this time. I will expose my take both on the episode and the background behind this.

    Part 1) "Flight" by itself.

    A) On Teddy being fired. This was eventually going to happen. Her main storyline was displayed nicely on season 6, and it resolved as we expected in season 7 season opener. Even then, when she seemed not to have any better storyline, Henry appeared and gave her a very interesting storyline (with some similarities to Denny Duquette's appearance) for a full season. When it seemed to have resolved itself, I personally thought, she had no storyline left. And then she tried to sign a truce with Owen (e.g. 8x21). So nothing really interesting was left for her: no love triangle, no Henry, no coping, no more drama with Owen so her departure was obvious. However, I think this last part shouldn't have happened so fast. Personally, I would have liked to see a better reconciliation between Owen and Teddy, so her departure could have been in a happier way (even if it was necesary for her to be in another season, or in some episodes of it). I would have much rather prefer her leaving with their friendship stronger, in terms of comparing it with the time she arrived (let's say, season 6 or 7). I was a very bittersweet ending for her. Ideally, I would have enjoyed more this scenario, but with her resigning by herself (e.g. I want to leave because this hospital reminds me of Henry all the time and I feel like my work here is done regarding Cristina-). So I take this as a very abrupt and not nice conclusin.

    B) On plane crash storyline. As I will state later, this plane crash idea shouldn't have developed as much, or even this season (later I will say that 8x23 could and should have been a proper ending, considering some changes and regarding odd-contractual situation). I feel this is out of sync with the season, although is a slight cliffhanger for next season. Without knowing what will happen next season, it's an interesting way to make all doctors stay (in a way or another) in SGMW, even if they stated the opossite, because they need to be for each other in this critical time. So it's very interesting how this will reflect on their decisions in terms of leaving or staying in SGMW. Still, this was out of proportion to me, and, I I'm allowed, nonsensical. This plane crash plot is very hard to digest

    C) On April and Jackson storyline. Although Jackson is being incredibly supportive (as every single time), April is not managing her situation succesfully (I thought algo, she would be leaving the hospital and missing that fancy dinner, so I did not understand what "you're fired" of 8x23 really meant). It is clear that she's in a huge crisis and she doesn't want him to leave, but I do not understand her lashing out on him. I see a potentially good couple here, but she's not trying hard enough, and she's giving Jackson all reasons to leave Seattle. Maybe she needs to relax a little bit and go with it, since this relationship may change the way she sees everything.

    D) On Lexie dying. Absolutely sad, but incredibly well performed. I couldn't believe that the spoiler-mistery would resolve so quickly and dramatically. Too bad, since she seemed to have a future in neuro and regarding Mark. I would have much prefered some time watching them toghether (or even kiss!) before something like this even happened.

    E) On Bailey. Interesting cliffhanger, since we don't really know how this attempt of long distance relationship (or not, because we don't know what they arranged) will work out like. I see her shining, like no time in this show, and as a very complete woman who survived traumatic experiences and lost previously in love. Want to see how she handles with everything!

    F) Overall, although unnecesary, it is a decent episode, but a weaker as a season finale, comparing to previous ones. This is the order of season finales that I enjoyed the most: 2-6-7-5-4-1-3-8 (analysing as season finales, regardless of the score I assigned them as episode quality).

    Part 2) Background. Contracts. Spoilers. 8x23 as a proper season conclusion.

    I feel very dissatisfied with this series right now, because of the treatment this season finale received before even airing. I cannot watch this season and past ones without a bittersweet taste, since this episode last aired (today it's 05/22). I feel something has been broken, and this plot (plane crash) is absolute inadequate with this season.

    A) On spoilers. For me, too much spoilers actually spoiled (no pun intended) this finale. Less should have been said, although it prepared us for this abrupt ending. All contractual status should have been revealed after this episode aired, without making us speculate with lists and statements, and thus, giving us false and unrealistic hopes (e.g., Shonda saying that Slexie fans should wait more, but it would have been worth it even if the original idea was using Julia as the role Rose had in season 4). Soooo much was said out there, but this episode was weak and left us in awe (and in anger, most of all fans) and not in a good way. All producers and Shonda should say less and let less information to flow, in order to make us fans surprise more. The seasons watched without the influence of spoilers were the best for me (Seasons 1 to 5), but they are hard to avoid if you are not in USA or Canada and need to wait more for fresh material. Anyways, only "one of them is going to die" was the only thing needed to say, the rest was unnecesary (contractual renews, specially).

    B) On plane crash plot. On 8x23 as a much proper season finale. If 8x23 were the season finale, it would have been greater to the show. Sure, some adjustments were required, but leaving that episode with that finale (only Mer's face in the woods, and nothing else; no scenes that could show who took that flight, and so on) would have been a smarter move. That way, and not revealing actors' situation, a strong open-ending cliffhanger is left in the air. Then, eventually, in season 9, with contractual situations defined, they could manage how to make characters depart, killing them off or not. And that not-knowing feeling was enough for all to watch another season, without generating a huge amount of hatred amongst the fans What happens is, that this season was resolving itself slowly, but gradually (since 8x14, with studying boards and so on, accelerating on 8x19 but steady every next episode), and a lighter finale was required. I do understand that it was hard for all writers to genere something with such a random scenario, contractually speaking. Still, a stronger finale would have resulted, if we knew (or maybe if we didn't) doctors choices to leave to start their carreers (for instance), or who stepped in that plane; or a season finale alike to season 7, that didn't need to be traumatic but yet, powerful and incredibly well-written. But overall I feel like Cristina when she resented the amount of death and traumatic instances on this eight years. This season was slow and steady, and unleashing this death (our of the blue, of course; unlike season 6, that was connected with a previous storyline -6x19; 6x21) was taking another direction; mind you, a wrong one. All in all, 8x24 "Flight" was not a required episode, as a season finale or not.

    C) On killing off Lexie. That is a very strong move, and very unexpected. It is very risky because of all expectations for her, that we would have wanted to see in the future Because she had more to offer, and because the wrong timing, I did not enjoy it and basically convicted this show to soon death. I would have enjoyed it more if Mark and Lexie were together for a small amount of time. And killing her was unnecesary, not this season at least; maybe watching her leaving Seattle or being transfered to another hospital (for instance, with some storyline like 5x09, but with worse consquences, in episodes 8x22 or so on, and leaving us hanging until the season finale, whatching her go away but with the door opened for Mark) would have been more enjoyable. The problema relies on time: writers delayed too much Lexie pouring her heart to mark (8x22). They should have been together a few episodes ahead, and maybe her death wouldn't have been such a hatred generator. And basically this last situation happened because of all expectations that we fanatics had (unnecesarily triggered and potenced with Shonda's statements), since this love story was developing to that place. So the problem is not her being killed off, the problem is the timing: in a way, the problem is her being killed off in this moment, with so much stored for her in the future. This is a turning point in Grey's Anatomy, a sign of a posibble and probable decay, unless a magic move is made. Frankly, I do not know if we will see this series ending soon with any grace.

    All in all, considering this episode on itself and the background revolving it, I feel really sad, and disappointed. This episode should never have been aired, not this season at least. This season was strange, but great. It did not deserve this season finale (I repeat, not that bad as an episode, but horrible as a season opener, encouraged by all spoilers). Fans are wounded, for what I can read, and I don't know how they can't be conforted; not without stop watching this series, for all the rewievs in all sites I'm reading But since I am a hardcore fan, I will continue to watch it, until I feel like I do not want to anymore, but not so much has to happen to bring me to that feeling. I hope this show's quality improves, STAT.

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