Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • old dogs, old tricks.

    Was I the only one who felt like I turned in to a "Lost" episode? :) The idea behind it was good, but the episode was not as entertaing and thrilling like the Shooting finale or some of the previous cliffhangers Grey's succesfully pulled off. The episode was OK, but very predictable.

    I am very very very very very mad that Shonda killed off Lexie, just as she was on the right path to be back with Sloane. That was the only couple I was cheering on. I just hope that Chyler Leigh was not fired and walked away on her own terms.. in the interview with the creator she says that it was ''the right time for her character's journey to end''. No Shonda, it was NOT the right time for the journey to end, things were finally looking good for this show that is slowly becoming dull and repetetive (sorry, hardcore GA fans, I used to be one too!).

    As far as Grey's season's finales go this one was a 'hmmm...okay" one.