Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 24


Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 17, 2012 on ABC

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  • enough with the cliff hangers...

    Seriously. Do we need a cliff hanger? We are die hard fans that already know we are going to watch next season. What we wanted was a nice wrap up and lead into next season. Lexie and Mark getting back together for example. I am really disappointed that Lexie died. I agree with everyone that if she chose to go fine, but if Shonda kicked her to the curb that was a bad move. We were all excited about the up coming reunion of Mark and Lexie. We loved her. We loved watching her. And I totally thought that is why Mark went from salt and pepper to light brown hair. We all thought that we to make him look younger for his new story line with Lexie. I dont want Greys Anatomy to end. It is the highlight of my week. But Shonda should consult us before making decisions! lol! Really though, if we stop watching the show ends, so what we think is important. We want the show to go on. We want Derek to stay. We want Meredith to stay. And all the original cast. AND WE WANTED LEXIE TO STAY! Maybe they can make it all a dream and no one died in season 9. I enjoyed this season. I read that some were thinking it is dying, I disagree. I love Callie's humor this season. She cracked me up. She finally became a strong woman and so funny. I really liked the way Meredith and Cristina's friendship is still strong. But we've been watching Derek build this house since the beginning. Him just wanting to up and move didn't go at all. I do like the new Jackson and April thing. I never liked her. This is the first time I am starting to. So now I hope she stays. I like her now. I am looking forward to the new April Jackson drama now. I like them together. And how can anyone not love Bailey! I love Bailey's looks. She doesn't even need lines, just her looks alone make her a strong and funny character. Karev the hard guy who loves kids, we love him. I think the show is still strong. I think it was a bad move to kill Lexie though and if Derek leaves or any more of the original cast I think it will wreck the show. I am a little tired of the Cristina Owen thing and her being so cold and unspiritual and against having children tho. I am hoping the original crew stays and they move up and then have new stories with new residents and interns under them. And I have really learned alot about medicine from this show over the years and it inspired my daughter to be a surgeon! She just graduated and is now applying to colleges and wants to be a surgeon! So Greys Anatomy is a big part of our lives in many ways. I want more. Shonda give us more! We love it!