Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 8

Forever Young

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • A very powerful episode!

    I loved this episode, it could be one of my faves of the season. The whole concept was good, the hospital was being compared to a high school. One great thing about this episode was that Bailey had a big part, her speeches are great as Gerorge says and she is really funny. So Izzie and Georges relationship seems to be over but is there friendship? I don't know, I hope not. Sloan being compared to someones dad by that teenage girl was very funny and his face was priceless. Now Thatcher, still annoys the hell out of me. I loved Lexis speech to Meredith, everything she said was so powerful. I hope they give us a bit more info on Thatchers drinking problem. So a potential love interest for Dereck, weirdly I kinda liked this woman, Rose I think it was, though she was hardly in it. Can't wait to see how Meredith and Derecks relationship will go. Sydney was funny and the whole idea of her dating Dereck was funny too. I've actuallty warmed to the idea of Alex and Lexi so I hope they start dating soon. Cristina was as usual funny, the brown noser remarks was great. So this episode was brilliant and I can't wait for more season 4 of Grey's!
  • This is one of the episodes that makes Grey's so lovable.

    A school bus crash leaves many students injured. One boy, Danny, is left with a pencil stuck in his eye. Much to the devastation of his only and best friend, Marissa, he does not make it through the surgery. This sees an outburst of fake sadness care of the classmates that never knew him. The students force the doctors to look at who the were in high school, a somewhat painful reflection for some.

    This was truly Grey's back at it's finest. It contained all the elements that made Grey's so lovable in the first place: identifiable drama, heartbreak, comedy, lust and interesting patients and cases. It was interesting to see who everyone used to be and that Miranda Bailey actually did, and does, have a weakness. I felt sorry for her. People always expect so much from her, and she always delivers, yet the second she slips up people are jumping down her throat. This episode also led me to hate Dr. Hahn. Who does she think she is...but why didn't Bailey stand up to her or her old high school "friend"? I did enjoy her speech to Derek, I love all of her speeches. When she broke down it showed the little girl behind the tough women exterior, and I felt for her.
    Also felt for Meredith in this episode. It was depressing for her (and me) that all the things she always wanted to hear from Thatcher was just the alcohol talking.
    Mostly I felt for Marissa. Losing the only person in the world who understood her! I was so proud when Izzie told those girls to get out of Danny's room, then went on to comfort Marissa.
    This was just such a touching and memorable episode.
  • HELP!!!! I live in Australia, and I will not be able to watch this episode!!! If anybody could send me detailed info on it (or the podcast???) it would be greatly appreiciated. .

    HELP Me please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
  • In this episode, they show what kind of teenagars are there in the world. Who didn't feel identified with (at least) one of the teenagers? The best episode of the season so far, WAY better than the previous seven episodes

    Before reading this, I have to say that I'm from Argentina , I'm 16, and the educational system has some diferences. Any thoughts written about this episode have to do with my society. If you agree or not, have in mind that my society is different from yours (or maybe not in all ways) and I'd like to have some kind of feedback about this episode with anyone who'd like to share their past or recent experiences.

    Even though the topic of Mer's narration is repeated (in 02x18"yesterday"), this episode is excelent.
    Because I'm a teenager myself, I felt like at least three of the teenagers in this episode, and I have to say that (except the cheerleading, because such thing doesn't exist here) anyone who hadn't feel like any of these teenagers in the past, have no idea of how hard is to be a teenager this days.
    True, there will always be some people isolated because they decide to be this way, there will also be "freaks", the slutties, the tortured because of other people's words and actions (and that may change things about the way they are because of the need of fitting in, which is, in my opinion, overrated) , the hot boys and girls who get around like all the time, the fake girls that say they gonna be best friends but later they betray you and it's like a vicious circle.
    Like Alex and Derek said (paraphrasing), "being a teenager sucks". Our teenagers discriminate more, they are blind because of new (unnecesary) technologies, fashion, silly relationships, and specially because of the "I want this and I will have it now (asking daddy to give me money!)" way of thinking (like babies...). Seriously, mobile phones, laptops, extravagant clothing (which is a repeated pattern), same hair looks and all those shallow items are keeping us really away from truth and the real world.
    Do we need to discriminate because of people begin different? Do we need all those shallow props to fit in? Why do we need to fit in anyway?

    Well, this episode shows the aforementioned items. I didn't like how Mark is being treated (everyone is turning him down!), how Hahn is annoying for no reason at all... Gizzie drama is just frustrating... But yesterday I watched a (little) stronger Meredith. She doesn't have to hate Lexie anymore...(maybe she did in the first two episodes).
    I liked Jeff Perry's performance, but I hate Thatcher.
    Poor Miranda, I felt really bad about her... There are always people that do other's homework just to like them, or to be seen or noticed... But those lazy ones only take advantage of that need of being noticed. You have to get through it, and realize that they're using you. Marcus deserved the speech of his life, he's a dog! People who want their homework made by others: Start doing this for yourselves! People who other's homework to fit in: open your eyesd! they're using you! Don't keep everything in, say what you feel!
    That nurse...that was odd, I'd like to see Derek hanging out with that nurse in order to make Meredith use her brain and realize she can't live without him...

    It was an excelent episode... The first 9 of this season! I hope the next ones are as good as this one!
  • Bailey meets up with an old high school friend when he winds up in Seattle Grace. Rumors fly about George and Izzie's relationship problems. Callie gives Yang advice about Dr. Hahn. Derek tries to date other women.

    The episode starts with Derek and Sydney having a drink at Joe's. God that woman is so weird! Sydney is such a flake. The episode revolves around clicks, and whether or not we truly grow up when we become adults. A bus crashes and lands some people in the hospital. One girl, a cheerleader, comes in with cuts on her face and some broken bones. When she said "I broke my a**?" I thought that was cute. When she finds out that one of her "friends" is replacing her as team captain and she might not be able to have things go back to the way they were before, she feels like her life is over. However, Callie tries to bring some insight and tells the girl that she'll probably be ok. Mark struggles with his age during this episode after some teenie boppers tell him he looks like one of their fathers. George and Izzie are having problems with their relationship and George starts avoiding her. They both admit that they want their best friend back so they can talk to each other. I wonder if this is the end of their intimate relationship already. Dr. Bailey gets to reminice with an old high school friend when he shows up and they learn there's something wrong with his heart. After Miranda saves his life, he still doesn't really see her for who she is. After George brings it to her attention that the man is taking advantage of her, she realizes George is right and that he even did it in high school. This upsets her and she takes it out on Derek. A nurse named Rose tells Derek that the staff at Seattle Grace is clicky, and backs this up with the fact that she's assisted on 36 of his surgeries and he never even noticed her. The two share a couple moments that we really don't think anything of, but i wonder if we're going to see more of Rose in the future. Later on at Joe's, Sydney and Derek agree that they aren't really meant for each other, and Derek leaves with Meredith, but he did notice Rose's presance. Meredith's father winds up in the hospital drunk because he had cut his hand. After he tells Meredith all the things she wished he'd said to her before now, she confronts Lexie and tells her she should keep a better eye on their father. Lexie puts Meredith in her place by giving Meredith a play by play of all the things her father probably told her, and backs it up by saying he does the exact same thing to her. Meredith gets upset and has to have a moment with the chief to calm down. Yang was still not impressing Dr. Hahn this episode as Hahn made obviously clear. Hahn also had some choice words to say to Miranda, such as calling her a blithering idiot. Finally, Callie gives Cristina some advice and tells her to back off a little because she's coming off as a brown noser. Yang tries to take this advice and Hahn finally pages her. A boy named Danny comes in with a pencil lodged in his eye, and his best friend by his side. When Derek tries to take the pencil out, Danny's brain swells which puts him in a coma for the rest of his life. His friend gets mad because there are kids there from the school that were in their own clicks pretending that they cared about him, when in fact they really didn't know him at all. This was a pretty good episode, but i thought it was just a tad bit average.
  • Perfect

    There is a scchool bus crash and many teenagers get injured. One guy gets a pencil stuck into his eye and Shepherd surges him. Unfortunately, when the pencil got out a part of the brain came too and caused the patient to fall into a comma. The school's cherleader squad chief gets her ass and her face badly injured and a new one takes her position. After some talk with Callie, who also lost her position as Chief Resident, she realizes that sometimes it's better to not be at the top and enjoy the life from below.
    The school bus driver is an old crush of Bailey's, who she used to do his homework to, but he just used her to get away with doing it himself. When he is taaken to the ER they start flirting with each other and later he gets heart arythmia and has to be taken to surgery by Erika. When his surgery finishes, his and Bailey's relationship has the same ending again.
    Shepherd tells Meredith that if a woman shows up that fits his needs and she's ready to marry him he would leave her. When another doctor shows up, Meredith gets jealous but the other woman says that Shepherd doesn't fit her needs and that he doesn't bring much at the table.
    Izzie and George have problems in communicating and they both individually ask for advice from Meredith. At the end of the episode they tell each other that they want their best friend back (meaning each other :p)
  • Okay so Callie is not gone, but what is going on with George and Izzie????

    Alright, another great episode. But I am getting a little tired of how much they are dragging the whole Izzie and George thing. They can just solve that easily. I really hope they are not gonna break them up. I hope the whole thing at the end about wanting the best friend back doesn't mean they are breaking up and becoming best friends only. I really want them together. They are so cute. It seems like Cristina's storylines are just becoming non-existant. She is hardly ever on. I liked the whole G3(all grey characters) storyline. I hope they can figure stuff out. Lex seems really nice and I feel really sorry for all the stuff she's been having to put up with her dad without anyone helping her and still having to deal with losing her mother. Can't wait til the next one!!!!
  • Learn more about the staff as kids!

    I think we get to learn more about the staff as they were in high school. Like some of them, played instruments which was quite a shock. The show really showed good character development. I think that hopefully, Christina will back off a bit. As she is getting too big for her bridges. And that it seems like the Izzy/George relationship is hitting one big stall after another. As a bunch of kids were injured in a bus crash with the staff going to try to treat them. Shows you and gives you hints on what kind of kids that the staff was back then.
  • Apparently I'm the only one that didn't enjoy this episode, It was tedious derivative and out of character.

    This episode is classic november sweeps fare with a story that tries to tell too much and falls painfully short. From the beginning of the season Grey's Anatomy has suffered from bad writing and the characters seem out of it most of the time. They just keep going in circles with the same stories told over and over again. The Grey/Shepard story is tiring either split them up or put them together. We've endured 3 seasons of the same thing already. The Bailey thing was apparently just a ratings stunt and I really hate how out of character she seems now, dancing because she got the job and crying because "she's not seen" bu hu hu...

    Another chapter in the Izzy/George relationship lead absolutely nowhere.

    Christina is getting on my last nerve being a lap dog and doing really stupid things for a surgery. People Christina may be insensitive but she is being written as a really bad person with no self value.

    And now they come up with the old "character that was always there but never noticed" crap. Come on... it really shows that the good writers jumped ship to Private Practice.

    I really liked this show all the way to the final episodes of season 3 but I hated the season finale and I am starting to hate this season, I just hope that with the strike the writers get their stories straight and stop murdering what was once a great series.
  • Excellent, I loved it.

    The theme of the episode is excellent. Do we ever really truly grow up? Or are we just the same as we always were, simply hiding behind our responsibilities and the expectations of others, this episode of Grey's Anatomy answered a lot of those questions, which made it truly watch-worthy.

    "Hahn hates me." A thing that has been evident between the relationship of Christina and Dr. Hahn for the past few episodes now. Callie gives Christina a one on one and shows her how she can be a less annoying resident. We see Christina trying her best, and it is hilarious.

    Izzie and Derek
    They deal with a male student who is a loner in their school. Due to an accident, a pencil goes straight into his eye, touching his brain (it's really sick you have to see it!). It was really sad for his girl friend, well could you really call her that because they don't really seem to be close that way, but I think way too close for friends.

    Hilarious! "Uhmmm... my friend here says you look like her dad." Nuff said.

    Guess who's visiting SGH, no other than daddy dearest. Meredith is his favorite? What? Grey unexpectedly enjoys his company, but Lexi tells her something that changes her mind.

    One of the best Bailey episodes ever! We find out more about Bailey's life in high school, and her speech at the end was just awesome, you have to check it out.

    Episode Quote (courtesy of Meredith Grey): There comes a point in your life, when you're officially an adult. Suddenly, you're old enough to vote, drink and engage in other adult activities. Suddenly, people expect you to be responsible, serious, a grown-up. We get taller, we get older. But do we ever really grow up? In some ways we grow up; we have families… we get married, divorced… but for the most part we still have the same problems that we did when we were fifteen. No matter how much we grow taller, grow older, we are still forever stumbling… forever wondering, forever… young.
  • A bunch of teenagers come to the hospital and we find out more about what it was like for the doctors when they were in high school.

    I loved how they made this episode high school themed. It was really interesting to see what everyone's lives were like when they were in high school. I loved Bailey's storyline and it was good to see a different side of her. I also loved when she confronted McDreamy and we found out he wasn't to cool in high school. I liked Roses role in the episode and how she pointed out that there are cliques in the hospital, which is so true. Having all the high schoolers around also made it good. I felt so bad for the girl who lost her best and only friend. I also liked how Callie helped to put the poms girls life in perspective. The part where the girls told McDreamy he looked like their father was so funny. Christina trying not to be too pushy was also really hillarious. I liked how Izzy and George were trying to work it out so they could talk agian. Merideth's plot was better than usual, because it seemed like her dad meant it, but then she found out from Lexie what her dad is really like.
  • Meredith believes that is becoming closer to her father only to discover she knows absolutely nothing about him and Baily is back in charge and Gizzie is finally laid to rest.

    This is exactly why I watch this show!! This episode was solid all around. The acting was top notch and the character development throughout was absolutely terrific. Meredith first thought she was getting closer to her father (even though he was drunk) only to discover that he says the same things to Lexi (and more on some occasions). I feel bad for Lexi for having to put up with him and it really made me feel for her character which (outside of meredith hating her) i really haven't had a chance to do. The new cardiologist Dr. Hahn or however you spell it needs to go like yesterday! I love Christina and so the fact that she just can't seem to do anything right for her Hahn just makes me angry. GET HER OUT!

    I love George......I love Izzy.....I used to love Gizzie. I'm almost glad things fell apart because i feel like to opens up whole new set of story lines the writers could go down. Should make things interesting in the future with Callie ;-)

    I didn't think it was possible for me to love Bailey anymore but, this episode did it! We always see such emotion from the character and when she wasn't able to go back in to say somethign to that scumbag I really wanted to give her a hug. I wanted to cry with her at the scene near the end where she yells at McDreamy. That was some powerful writing there!! (Let's get this strike over with so Shondra can do what she does best)

    And speaking of McDreamy this new love interest could prove to be interesting. But in my heart I must believe that Meredith and Shepard will end up together. I loved their little exchange at the end where she says she's awkward and freaky. When they smiled at each other I giggled I swear. But, this nurse.......let's see what happens with her....Rumor is *spoiler*.....

    She'll be around for a little while
  • George and Izzy are on their way out! Yay!

    This episode was wonderfully Bailey-centric. It started with Bailey telling the residents, her residents, to grow up, but then she went all hypocritical, crushy teenager. And we found out, and this was a bit of a revelation to me, that Bailey is not infallible. Sometimes she just can give her speech to the person who needs it. Sometimes she's over her head. So she takes it out on Derek, which I loved. How cute was that? And pimply, mouse-free Derek is such an adorable image. Derek and Bailey are band geeks! Excellence.

    Derek seemed to realize that he was that guy who didn't notice that girl who scrubbed-in to 37 of his surgeries and talks to Rose. Who by the way is absolutely gorgeous! But then he falls back into a pattern, because he and Meredith are like a broken record. They run off to have sex, nothing less, nothing more. But really, it is more, they just try to convince themselves it isn't. He is weak, and he will choose the worst moment possible to display strength, I know it. Meredith, Meredith, Meredith. I thought maybe some growth was going to happen with the whole Thatcher thing. I, like Meredith, thought he was being sweet and charming. And then it turns out he's just a drunk and he really doesn't want to fix the problem. Gah. I feel so bad for Lexie, I can't imagine what she has to go through daily, but Alex can. I kind of wish Alex would be more sympathetic since he's gone through it himself. But then he wouldn't be Alex would he? I'm loving the Alex back story-ness. Christina Yang, oh my. I love her, I honestly do. But can she get anymore suck-up-y? Never cut a class. Ever. I'm really glad that she and Hahn are getting along better though.

    But I have to say, my favourite part was the Izzy/George bits. They are so crashing. They want to be friends again, they can't talk anymore. My theory is that after sleeping with Izzy, George convinced himself that he did it because he was in love with Izzy rather than because he was unhappy in his marriage. Now he can use Izzy as an excuse to get out. Rather than be a man about it and say: Callie we don't work, he can say: Callie, I fell in love with my best friend. That way he doesn't have to think about his own issues and why he and Callie were wrong for each other. Izzy related to the girl whose best friend was going to be in a coma forever because she lost her best friend too. You know a relationship is doomed when you look at dating him and him being permanently comatose as near equivalents. This is Jamie Coleman, Signing out. HQ at
  • The doctors return to high school in this amazing episode.

    Is it just me, or is season four getting better and better?

    The high school storyline was great. I can't imagine losing a best friend like that girl did. Derek holding her while she cried was so sad. And the cheerleader, or pom, or whatever she was – go Callie for teaching her a lesson! It was hilarious when her friends told Mark that he looked like the other one's dad! That wiped the smirk off his face. Also, it was funny when Rose let Derek know that cliques certainly don't stop in high school.

    So, Derek. And Sydney. And Nurse Rose. That was a little disheartening. It seems as though Derek was just being the nice guy by going on a date with Sydney, though. She asked him, and he didn't want her to feel bad. But that Rose, she's awfully flirty. A possible romantic interest for Derek? If the ending of this episode has anything to do with it, no. But I won't be too surprised if she crops up in the future. Back to the ending – how absolutely sweet was that? The shot of Derek and Mer holding hands was so cute!

    Now, the Greys. Three of them, to be exact. Thatcher just ruins everything. The only good thing about him showing up drunk is that Meredith now knows what Lexie has had to deal with for the past few years. (It was heartbreaking when Alex said he had to deal with that since he was seven, though!) Anyway, Lexie's freakout was justified, and you can't blame her for venting. But it's not Meredith's fault that she didn't know her father was a drunk! That's the biggest problem between the Grey sisters – they hardly know anything about each other, so each assumes she has the right to yell at the other. It's pretty annoying, when they could just talk instead of screaming.

    If this episode doesn't equal an Emmy for Chandra Wilson, I don't know what will. Wow. What a performance! Whenever we see the weaker side of Bailey, it's always very powerful. And this episode provided a major contrast: newly Chief Resident Bailey and High School Geek Bailey. It was so nice of Derek to listen to her, and let her know that she wasn't the only band geek in the hospital. (Aww, just imagine a 110-pound sax playing McDreamy!)

    I think, or hope, it's finally safe to say that Izzie and George are over. They are amazing as best friends and I'm very happy they both recognized that. I guess I understand that that to end Gizzie, the process had to be slow. Shonda couldn't all of a sudden have the couple split in one episode; it wouldn't have been realistic. (But on the other hand, they were not a realistic couple to begin with.) Anyway, we'll know for sure next episode, but the best friends seem like they're going to be best friends again.

    In all, this episode was funny, heartbreaking, and romantic – everything a good episode of Grey's should be (and hasn't been for a while). I hope this excellent writing keeps up, but that would entail the writers not striking. It sucks to have only a few new episodes left, but we do have to support the writers. I mean, they have the power to separate, or not separate Gizzie… just keep that in mind. :) And support the writers!
  • How the people change through time...

    Lets see, Bailey got her job back last episode but today it's official, I loved that little winner's dance she made, it was funny.
    A bus crashed and brought a lot of teenagers to the hospital, there are some important cases. This brings some memories to the characters.
    That guy, Bailey's friend, she loved like a teenager and because of it he took advantage of it just like in high school. She used to be his tutor and he made her to it again. The other case is that kid with the pencil in his eye. I felt sad for his best friend, he went to surgery but he came back in a coma. Those two girls, the blond and the brunet, they were starting to annoy me! the only scene I liked with them was the one with Mark at the cafeteria. When they were by that kid's room, talking like they knew him and were his friends, they weren't! Izzie was great kicking them out.
    Meredith's father comes to the ER and she treats him. He is drunk and for her that's no big deal but for Lexi is, that speech she made at the end, that was rough. And there is a new character, Rose. She and Derek, I don't know...
  • Not the best, but as always good.

    The episode was a bit boring, but I still liked it. A bus crashes causing many injured people to come in, most of them young. A kid has a pencil in his eye, and a best friend who portrays the gothic "no emotion" role, but in the end, cries when she finds out the kid was in coma forever. Yang didn't have as many funny lines. Calle told Yang not to kiss up to Hahn so much so Hahn will like her, and it works when Hahn asks Yang for help. Meredith's dad comes in and once again Lexi and Meredith fight. Thats getting old. Good episode.
  • Was just ok. Was expecting way more !

    Well, i was definetely expecting more than i got.

    This whole episode was just "blah". Nothing very interesting, besides getting to know more about * life with his dad.

    And the fact that Miranda and Shepard were both "so called losers" in high school.

    Meredith dealing with her dad was nice, but there was some action missing.

    George and Izzie being friends x lovers thing is kind of getting annoing already.

    Derek is getting to know some other women, while he is slepping with Meredith, im kinda confused about this relationship.

    The best thing overall was the fact that Bailey was back in charge, i do love her character.
  • Now I enjoyed this episode very much but have you ever thought that this show was too heavy duty? not that I don't like this show. I start to burst out in tears when I watch this show because it's a little too emotional. I liked all of the characters.

    I thought this episode was well written but last week they overkilled on the time this episode took to end because Mountain Time this airs on Thursday at 8:00 well the episode did not finish till 9:15 and I missed a quarter of half of my #1 favorite hospital show ER this is my #2 favorite hospital show. Now in that bus crash how could have that cheerleader have broken her behind?. I thought this episode was brilliantly made. And how come Mark Sloan looks a lot like Leonardo DiCaprio?. Now Calliope Torres how come she has a flaming temper that goes off most of the time?.
  • Clicks are everywhere.

    I loved watching Bailey taking charge and telling the crew that things were about to change, especially the need to eliminate all the talk about personal lives. Then contradicting herself by becoming all mushy over a former high-school crush. George kept trying to bring her back to reality but she would not listen
    It made me sad when Derek told the girl that her best friend was not doing well and in a coma. Then later when Izzie had to chanse the wantabe friends out of the room. Izzie confession about her role in school was also touching. It brought her down from her princess status.
    I also felt bad for Meredith - finally it seemed liked she was getting a little relief from the issues surrounding her and her parents. Only to have Lexi telling her the real deal.
    Having the girls tell Sloan that he looked liked one of the girl's father was funny. Nothing stings the male ego than indirectly being told that you are getting old.
  • Bailey is back in charge....'nough said!

    Watched the show almost all the way through for the first time in a while last night. Yeah, I tend to change the channel when the bed hopping starts. Loved the patient stories. Loved seeing Madeline Zima on screen again. Can that girl get ANY taller?? The pencil to the eye was an effectively gross close up and extremely touching story. Loved Izzie's revelations to Zima's character about her own high school years. Looks can be totally deceiving. That's something we have known about Izzie for a while. Hee..loved watching Bailey harken back to those dopey days when you would do ANYTHING for a high school crush. TOTALLY loved her taking control of her residents again. 'Nothing in the break room that requires locking the door'...Hear! Hear! Ah happy to see you totally back to your procedure hoarding days and trying so hard not to brown nose. Hee. Am loving Brooke Smith's Dr. Hahn. So much so that I may check in again some other time.... Just don't have her start bed hopping as well. Sigh.

    So i like reaaaaally liked this episode. Izzie wasnt annoying at all and Christina was freaking hilarious. however, I HATE rose or whatever she is SOOOOOO annoying and Derek is getting on my nerves too. The best part, BY FAR, was when Sydney was all like you dont have much to bring to the table. I was like totally hating her up until that point but Derek got what was coming to him, in his face.:] There was other thigns i liked but im too lazy to put them here. I just wanted to rant a bit about Derek and that stupid girl that the writers want him to date...EW.
    ANYWHO, Next week looks TOTALLY awesome, who else is excited!?!?!?
  • Good episode.

    I really liked the story in this one, with the kid and his friend. Not a happy way to end it, but that's not a bad thing. I like how she talked about the people that were crying over somebody they didn't even know. The kid's injury really made me cringe too, things going into people's eyes like that always does. Ouch...

    The scenes with Meredith and her father were good, and the one at the end with Lexie was great. I'm glad she's changed since her first appearance.

    Izzie talking about her time in High School was good, but anything with her and George wasn't. They just don't go well together, at least in my opinion.

    The scene with Bailey and Sheperd was good and bad at the same time, I didn't really like her crying but everything else is good. I do think it's weird that she's screaming and the people around them just go on like nothing is happening. I would at least stare, or something...
  • Filler.

    It sucks that we might have to end the season with plain fillers...oh well. On to the review.

    So Meredith found her drunk dad "charming", which I guess is good in a way. But I'm glad Lexie confronted her about it. Something needed to be said...Meredith sounded rude when she said, "You need to keep an eye on him."

    I felt bad for Miranda. If Derek starts going with this Rose chick I'll be disgusted. I'm sick of this will they - won't they crap they keep pulling with Meredith and Derek. We all know: THEY WILL! They belong together, it's a no brainer, they will end up together, everyone knows that. Why all this crap in the doesn't even really make for good television drama. Oh well, that's just my opinion.

    I just want George and Izzie to realize that they were much better together as just friends, and just break it off already. That would be wonderful.

    Overall...filler episode, but still entertaining.
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