Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 8

Forever Young

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 15, 2007 on ABC

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  • In this episode, they show what kind of teenagars are there in the world. Who didn't feel identified with (at least) one of the teenagers? The best episode of the season so far, WAY better than the previous seven episodes

    Before reading this, I have to say that I'm from Argentina , I'm 16, and the educational system has some diferences. Any thoughts written about this episode have to do with my society. If you agree or not, have in mind that my society is different from yours (or maybe not in all ways) and I'd like to have some kind of feedback about this episode with anyone who'd like to share their past or recent experiences.

    Even though the topic of Mer's narration is repeated (in 02x18"yesterday"), this episode is excelent.
    Because I'm a teenager myself, I felt like at least three of the teenagers in this episode, and I have to say that (except the cheerleading, because such thing doesn't exist here) anyone who hadn't feel like any of these teenagers in the past, have no idea of how hard is to be a teenager this days.
    True, there will always be some people isolated because they decide to be this way, there will also be "freaks", the slutties, the tortured because of other people's words and actions (and that may change things about the way they are because of the need of fitting in, which is, in my opinion, overrated) , the hot boys and girls who get around like all the time, the fake girls that say they gonna be best friends but later they betray you and it's like a vicious circle.
    Like Alex and Derek said (paraphrasing), "being a teenager sucks". Our teenagers discriminate more, they are blind because of new (unnecesary) technologies, fashion, silly relationships, and specially because of the "I want this and I will have it now (asking daddy to give me money!)" way of thinking (like babies...). Seriously, mobile phones, laptops, extravagant clothing (which is a repeated pattern), same hair looks and all those shallow items are keeping us really away from truth and the real world.
    Do we need to discriminate because of people begin different? Do we need all those shallow props to fit in? Why do we need to fit in anyway?

    Well, this episode shows the aforementioned items. I didn't like how Mark is being treated (everyone is turning him down!), how Hahn is annoying for no reason at all... Gizzie drama is just frustrating... But yesterday I watched a (little) stronger Meredith. She doesn't have to hate Lexie anymore...(maybe she did in the first two episodes).
    I liked Jeff Perry's performance, but I hate Thatcher.
    Poor Miranda, I felt really bad about her... There are always people that do other's homework just to like them, or to be seen or noticed... But those lazy ones only take advantage of that need of being noticed. You have to get through it, and realize that they're using you. Marcus deserved the speech of his life, he's a dog! People who want their homework made by others: Start doing this for yourselves! People who other's homework to fit in: open your eyesd! they're using you! Don't keep everything in, say what you feel!
    That nurse...that was odd, I'd like to see Derek hanging out with that nurse in order to make Meredith use her brain and realize she can't live without him...

    It was an excelent episode... The first 9 of this season! I hope the next ones are as good as this one!