Musical Episode (March 31st)

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    IAmsterdam wrote:

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    IAmsterdam wrote:

    For one I do think that Flores was happier with Hahn, than she is with this onwholy character. I guess that I do hate Arizona galore! From her very first appearence with the wheeled sneakers... And yes, it was a big big mistake that Flores took her back! -also a mistake from a writer's perspective, it sends a message that it is OK to harass your ex, just because you changed your mind- Where did she get the right to move in into Callie's appartment when Callie had screetched at her to live her alone? -stalking; had a guy done this it would have been deemed sexual harassment-. And also trying to hold her hostage during the operation of the girl that almost lost her leg because Stark wouldn't go the extra mile and save it? -that right there is also stalking- And, when Callie divulged she was pregnant she had the nerve to become angry?!? WTF? Where did she get the moral credit to be able to do this? She dumped Callie!!! To top it off she says she feels the mother of the kid?!? Only if you carry it to fruition you are the mother, otherwise you are a mum. [that's me rambling my dislike of Arizona] I was also angry at her for not understanding that Callie was upset that George was joining the army, if she thought that it was so noble, she should have enlisted, like the Cardio-chick --Freddie?-- did.

    okay first its TORRES not flores... and second you completely missed my point, yeah i get it you dont like arizona but you dont have to go overboard with the stalking thing, its how thee writers have MADE THE CHARACTER ARIZONA - that WHEN SHE REALISES what she wants, she doesnt give up till she gets that right e.g. S6E1+2. and its not about being politically correct, its about being good drama and great television and THIRD she thought enlisting was honourable BECAUSE HER BROTHER DIED IN THE ARMY CAUSE THERE WASNT ENOUGH MEDICS, please get your facts right about the show if you are going to belittle its storylines

    Sorry, yes Torres it is. My bad. :s

    I got what you said and meant. That it is a character, and yes, I know that it is a character created by the writers and that this a dramedy on TV and not a reality program... And yes that you mean she reacts in a tenacious way because she realizes that she wants Callie back. Got that. What we disagree on is that when you take things too far you are infringing on the space of others. And yes, you try and you try, got that I've done it myself. But it is crossing a boundary to move into her old apartment, as a neighbour to where she is living because she had sub-let her appartment! That is crossing the line. Yet I saw no-one's outcry on this big infraction in the forum. Double standards! Also by the writers because if a guy does this the scene gets a dark tone and the music is ominous... Callie in very clear and precise terms let her know she didn't want her back; and yes she still wasn't over her, but she understood she didn't need Arizona in her life, and Arizona causing this accident proved that it indeed is a fatal attraction...

    I also got the fact that she thought it honorable to join the army because they needed medics Teddy left an attending gig at Columbia because of it, that is why I wonder why she herself didn't join? Her brother was off'd in the war, so join! She claimed that his death was due to a shortage of medics, I say that it was due to a surplus of lead being shot at you. [because you are invading another country?]...

    In no way I am belittling the storyline. What we do in this forum is to comment on what's happening and theorizing on 'what-if's'. I just dislike this character and I see a double standard because she's a chick. Just see the different reaction that, for instance Stark had to Kepner's rejection. That was an appropriate reaction to the circumstances. Moving in into your ex-girlfriend's sub-letted apartment as a neighbour is offensive, yet you see no ill of it at all. Imagine if a similar sit happens to you in real life... What, do you need to find a rabbit kooking in your spaghetti pan? I'd say that earlier mentioned (infr)actions by Arizona are more than enough proof.

    the scene gets a dark tone and the music is ominous??? explain to me when that has EVER happened in Greys?? I understand that you see my point of view, but you are still looking at this too literally, you say that its double standards yet you fail to provide an example of a similar situation in greys with a male instead of a female.

    The whole Stark and Kepner situation isnt for you to say knowingly that it "was an appropriate response" because people can react in any way they wish to react, stark wanted something more and kepner didnt but they werent in love (like calzona, hence why she tried harder for callie) and there was no dark and omnious setting either. If Kepner said no and stark kept pursuing it (which he may well still) people wouldnt get all oh he is being a stalker and there is double standards. If you see my point about being a television show, then why on earth are you still taking this to heart??? Its fictional, and in most times over dramatic, its there for viewing, sure we are here to comment on it, but comment on the show dont bring politics and world theories into this(invading a country....) we are here to escape the realities of life by discussing a completely invented situation..... and on that note, I really want to leave it cause I love GA too much to focus on the tiny insignificant aspects that happened ages ago, that have no reflection on greys at the moment.

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    If anyone would like to hear more of Sara singing she has an EP out on Itunes the songs are fabulous. I loved the episode. Everyone who is annoyed at Arizona right now buck up, she is just being this way because she truly loves Callie and feared losing her forever....

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    Why? Please don't do it again.

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