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NEW Forum rules, submission guidelines, newbie info, etc.

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    Hey, I'm Kasey. I'm the new editor around here. I realize there's already a topic like this, I like to make a new one with my guidelines although they are very similiar to Yakira's. Please read this over when you get time. Thank you.

    I'm pretty open to any suggestions you might have, just PM me with your sugguestion. Also, if you have a problem with something or someone on the board, PM me. I'll handle it. If someone insults you, starts a topic that you know will 'cause or problem or causes a problem in an existing topic, please PM me and tell me. It's impossible for me to check every post in every topic. So, I do need some help around the forums. If you would like to add anything to this, just PM me and I'll add it if I think it's helpful.

    Newbie Info...

    -- Please, please, please..,do not start new topics just to ask one question. Any questions that you have ask them in the 'General Questions and Answers--Please Post All Your Questions Here' topic. I don't care if a question gets asked 1,000 times, just ask it there.

    -- Please use spell check, and double check your spelling in topic titles.

    -- Please remember, Cristina isn't not spelled with an H in it. Izzie is spelled with two Z's and IE at the end not with a Y. Lexie has an E at the end and is not spelled Lexi..

    -- Please do not bump any threads that have not been posted in for more than two months. There is a reason it's not being posted in anymore.

    -- Please do not copy and paste large parts of the script into a discussion thread. It's hard to read through it or scroll through it. Bits and pieces is fine, not the whole thing, please.

    -- Please check the first few pages of the forum before starting a new thread. There's a distinct possibility there is already a thread on whatever topic you were starting it for.

    -- A lot of your questions about the actual site can be answered in other forums, like the Tech Support forum, or the Welcome New Users forum. Basically, I am sick of answering fifty million questions on how to add pictures to a post.

    -- Under no circumstances is it ever acceptable to insult a specific person. Take Thumper's advice: "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." We're nice people, but sometimes we may get a little frustrated when we have to answer things over and over.

    -- Please be careful about posting spoilers. Some people on this site don't read them. If you're not sure how to properly post spoilers, here's how ... you just post them in the thread that's pinned at the top of the page entitled 'Spoilers Only Thread.' Don't post spoilers in new topic titles, or in a topic that doesn't have a warning that you're posting a spoiler. But you shouldn't even be start new topics for spoilers since there's a pinned topic already for them.

    -- Just wanted to add that you shouldn't go onto a shippers thread and say anything bad about that specific ships couple. They're there for people who support the couples, not for people who don't.

    -- Hmm, to answer the non-serious question seriously, I'd say if the thread is more than a month old and maybe misspelled and 20 billion pages back, open a new one. If it's only a few pages back (like 3-4) and isn't done being talked about (such as someone just asked a question and no one ever answered it) I'd haul it back to the front page. If no one posts in it again, that's when it's time to let it die.

    -- If you need music from a certain episode try tunefind. If that doesn't work, ask in either the episode discussion or the general questions and answers topic.

    -- Please, please, please!! Don't start Shipper vs. Shipper threads. They always end with individuals from both sides getting defensive and usually lead to personal attacks. And you'll never talk the other shippers to join your side. I know you think you can, but you won't. Just agree to have your own opinions and like what you like. Also, Shipper vs. shipper threads will undoubtedly be ignored by most of the regulars here and will soon fall by the wayside. So just don't start them and allow the peace to live on in the forums... Also the "I Hate *insert character or ship here*" threads are also annoying. Don't make them! I guarantee that every single character and ship has at least one supporter. Also, this site is all about the Grey's Anatomy love. If the topic you want to make has "hate" in the title, I'd rethink it.

    -- If someone asks a question where the answer may be considered a spoiler, don't assume that everyone wants to know the answer.

    -- Want to post a spoiler? Spoilers Only Thread.

    -- Want to talk about spoilers or reason out the semantics? Spoiler Speculation Thread.

    -- Want to guess about what you think will happen next but don't plan on indulging in any spoilers? Speculation Only Thread.

    Also there are weekly episode threads for almost each episode that airs, including specials.

    Submission Guidelines...

    Episode Allusions...

    Allusions are an implied or indirect reference to something in a different episode, tv series, movie, play, poem, etc.


    Episode Title: A Hard Day's Night

    A Hard Day's Night is also the title of a Beatles song. Incidentally, so is the title of the 1987 Patrick Dempsey movie "Can't Buy Me Love".

    Episode Notes...

    These and episode trivia are confused, so below are some examples. All featured music, original international air dates, and anything to do with production of the show goes here.

    When you add music the word MUSIC goes in bold, and the song titles go in italiics.

    When you add international airdates, I want you to make sure the title is ORIGINAL international air dates; PLEASE.


    Sandra Oh (Cristina Yang) did not appear in this episode.

    Parts of this episode were filmed in Seattle.

    Episode Trivia:

    This is where obscure trivia and goofs go.

    Episode Quotes...

    Quotes are specific dialogue between characters. Below are specific examples of how a quote looks:

    (George, Izzie & Cristina are there looking at the babies as well)
    Meredith: Okay, fine. George and Izzie you can move into the house.
    George: Yes. Yes!
    Izzie: I can't believe she caved.
    George: Thank you.
    Meredith (to Cristina): I can't believe I caved.
    Cristina: I blame the babies. They make you toxic.

    When submitting quotes, I like the names to be a certain way, to make it uniform with the rest of the guide... So when submitting quotes, please use Mark, not Sloan. Bailey not Miranda, Erica instead of Hahn... Here's how I want the rest of them.... Derek, Meredith, Cristina, Chief (not Webber, please) Callie, Alex (not Karev, please) It's not wrong to do it the other way, it's just that every other quote pretty much in the guide has the names like this and I'd like it to stay that way.

    Anything you put in parenthesis must be in itailics. Ex: (to Derek)

    Please make sure the colon goes OUTSIDE the bold tags.

    Also, when you add the voiceovers for the episodes please indicate whether it's the OPENING or CLOSING voiceover in the quote, it should like this...

    Meredith (opening voiceover): ........ Meredith (closing voiceover): ........

    If you need help on how to do the itailics and bold, please PM me or look in the submission guidelines in the main forums.

    Episode Recaps:

    For this, you want to give as much detail as possible, although it shouldn't be a transcript of the episode.

    A good example of a good recap is one of the pilot episode.


    If there's a name missing, go ahead and submit it. I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

    New Episode...

    If you have a new episode to submit, be sure to provide proof of this episode. If you got the information from a website, include the web address in the submission comment section. If sufficient proof isn't provided in the submission, it will be rejected.


    As long as you go with the regular guidelines found in the Terms of Service and the Official FAQ, you should be just fine here.

    One thing which I want everyone to follow in addition to those rules has to do with the "Official [Insert Episode Title Here] Discussion Topic" threads. While I don't have a problem with someone other than myself creating them, I'd rather they not be created until the day of the episode airs. I don't want people to be posting spoilers in such a thread until the episode has aired. I'm sure you can understand the reasoning for this.

    I'm sure I missed several things, so if you have questions, don't hesitate to post here or send me a PM.

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