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Official 'How Insensitive' topic -- (May 6th)

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    It was a good episode. I really enjoyed it a lot and it reminded me of the ga I loved

    Lexie was hilarious on the pregnant part. I'm really starting to like her more ever since she got paired up with Alex lol I actually find them cute so I hope Shonda doesn't put her back with Mark.

    I'm really not liking Owen at all this season. I'm not sure why Shonda did this to him but if he left I wouldn't miss him. I was kinda upset when Cris didn't want to talk to her person Mer.

    I liked the scenes with Cris and the little girl and her and Jackson. I think her and Jackson would/could be hot.

    Callie and Arizona broke up was the best thing ever but annoying that she's still into chicks. I don't think their breakup will last

    The Derek stuff was interesting too and Mark and Derek looked hot playing golf at the end.

    I can't believe it but I'm actually looking forward to the next one. Shonda just needs to fix the couple thing.

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    alirk wrote:

    jade38 wrote:

    I'm just wondering, does anyone know if the heavyset man's weight was real, or made up??

    I follow Shonda Rimes (GA creator) on Twitter & she said it was just a really good fat suit

    My friend thought fatness that looked so fake. LOL!
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