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Season 1 dvd question

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    [1]Dec 4, 2011
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    Hi guys,

    I am new to Grey's Anatomy and I just finished series 1 on dvd and I enjoyed it, I orderd series 2 on wednesday but it didn't come yesturday so it might come tomorrow anyway this is where i need advice as i am confused.

    In the series 1 dvd boxset it says episodes 1 - 14 but i am confused as i have been to wikipedia and it says they are only 9 episodes but what is the extra 5 episodes for in the dvd boxset?

    Can anyone reply back and let me know thanks, Alax and derek are my favourite characters so far!

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    [2]Dec 18, 2011
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    I also have the Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD as well and I think I can help you on this. The actual reason why the Grey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD only has 14 episodes is because ABC made Season 1 the shortest season because they didn't know how successful Grey's Anatomy was gonna be on TV but it was also to sell the season DVD at a real inexpensive price. I watch myGrey's Anatomy Season 1 DVD almost every day and I love the episode with Keith David in it because I secretly have a crush on him but I actually got Grey's Anatomy Season 1 on DVD because my favorite character on Grey's Anatomy is Derek Shepherd played by the handsome Patrick Dempsey. Gotta love Pat,

    Hope you found your answer 24,


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    Grey's Season 1 was supposed to be 14 episodes, but they shortened it to 9 episodes so that it's finale would air the same night as Desperate Housewives (Grey's used to be on Sundays during seasons 1 & 2) but they had already filmed the last 5 episodes, so they were moved over to Season 2, giving that season a total of 27 episodes. Here in the U.S. Season 1 was released as is with only 9 episodes, and season 2 with 27 episodes. DVD sets sold outside of the U.S. season 1 is sold with all 14 episodes for season 1.

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