Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 1

Free Falling (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 22, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Teddy: Hey, you guys going to that breakfast thing?
      Arizona: Uh, yeah after we drop her off at day care.
      Teddy: Oh my, God. Look at her she is so beautiful. (in baby voice to Sofia) Hey, hey. You are beautiful. And you got the best mommies, did you know that? Yes, you do. Oh, you so do. (Sofia coos) Hello, hello, hello.
      Callie: What's wrong with her?
      Arizona: She's getting laid, she's unnaturally cheerful. (Lexie walks by with a group of interns)
      Callie: Oh, new interns. I hate new interns.
      Teddy: Seriously? I love new interns. They're the future, the next generation, filled with hope and promise, innovation.
      Arizona: Wow. The sex with Henry must be really good.
      Teddy: Earth-shattering. (Arizona covers Sofia's ears) Not even Yang is gonna get me down.