Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 16

Freedom (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 22, 2008 on ABC
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A couple undergoes surgery. Derek and Meredith clinical trial has another patient. Izzie helps Alex. McSteamy hooks up with someone.

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      • Dr. Wyatt: What do you remember about it?
        Meredith: Um, we were at home.
        Dr. Wyatt: You were there?
        Meredith: Yes, I was there.
        Dr. Wyatt: It's okay to talk about it.
        Meredith: Dr. wyatt, my mother took a scalpel and sliced her wrists in front of me. And I sat on the kitchen floor in a pool of her blood waiting until she passed out so I could call 911. It's not okay to talk about it.
        Dr. Wyatt: Why did you wait until she passed out?
        Meredith: She asked me not to before she slit her wrists. So, I knew I'd get in trouble if i tried to save her life.
        Dr. Wyatt: But you did save her life.
        Meredith: She didn't want it saved.
        Dr. Wyatt: You must be very angry at her.
        Meredith: No, not at her.
        Dr. Wyatt: Who are you angry at?

      • Meredith (opening voiceover): My mother used to say that for a surgeon, a day without death is a rare day. Everyday we face death. Everyday we lose life. And everyday we're hoping for a stay of execution. We are attached to death, chained like prisoners. ... Captives.

      • Lexie (whispers): Who's there?
        George (whispers): George O'Malley. I was paged to the supply closet.
        Lexie: Are you alone?
        George: Lexie?
        Lexie: Um, remember how I said I wasn't a thief? (George sees the files on the floor) I think maybe I am.
        George (gasps): Alexandra Caroline Grey.
        Lexie: I couldn't help it. I had to know and once I knew, I knew.
        George: No, we have to get these back to the chief's office right now.
        Lexie: It doesn't matter now, I read them all. I tried to stop reading but I couldn't, and I have a photographic memory, which is how I got through Harvard med, my photographic memory. And I read all the files and the information and it's like burned into my brain. And I read your file--
        George (grabs the file from her): No, no, I don't want to know.
        Lexie: George, you failed the intern exam by one point. One point.

      • Meredith: You nervous?
        Derek: I have my ego to keep me warm.
        Meredith: Can't you feel it?
        Derek: What?
        Meredith: The majesty of lifesaving.
        Derek: Since when did you become an optimist?
        Meredith: Selling your land...
        Derek: I'm trying to move forward.
        Meredith: So am I.

      • Beth: What if you die?
        Jeremy: I won't.
        Beth: What if I die?
        Jeremy: You won't.
        Beth: Okay, but... You changed my life, Jeremy West, you made it better, you made it brighter, full of joy, and if I die--
        Jeremy: Don't you dare die. Okay? We're not finished yet. I'm not finished loving you. (they kiss)
        Beth: Okay, go ahead. Get your head chopped open. I'm right behind you. (they wheel Jeremy out) Do not kill him.

      • (While standing outside Jeremy's room while Beth's in there)
        Beth's Mom: Did something happen? Beth's not in her room.
        Meredith: Oh, well, that's because I had my intern take her down for a pre-op MRI.
        Beth's Dad: Thank god. I was afraid she was lying somewhere in pain.
        Derek: No, she's not in any pain.
        Meredith: Well, we should go to the conference room because there's some pre-op paperwork that you haven't filled out yet. (turns back to look at Derek)
        Derek (smirks): Yep, I'll be here. Doing my thing.

      • (They are standing outside Jeremy's room while Beth is in there)
        Derek: I have never in my life gotten a patient laid, much less two patients.
        Meredith: It's really sweet.
        Derek: We're pimps. (Mer laughs) Yentas.
        Meredith: They're so in love. It's all new and fresh and exciting.
        Derek: I've never been a fan of new. I like to know the person, their bodies, what makes them moan.

      • Beth: Am I going to get to be alone with Jeremy? I mean 'alone' alone?
        Meredith: Alone?
        Beth: We've never done it, either of us. We've been waiting until we both were tumor free, but the surgery-- Anything could happen. We can do it, right? It-- It won't kill us or anything?
        Derek: No, no. No, it won't kill you.
        Beth: I mean, you've done it, right?
        Derek: With each other?
        Meredith: He-- I've-- He's done-- He's done it and I've done it, yeah.
        Beth: What's it like? Is it magical?
        Derek: Yes.
        Meredith (glances at Derek): It can be.
        Derek (looks at Mer): With the right person. (Derek and Mer exchange smiles)

      • Lexie: Hey, have you seen Cristina? Because I have done everything that I'm supposed to do, everything that I know to do, but if she sees me doing nothing, I am not in the mood to get yelled at today.
        George: She's in with the cement boy.
        Lexie: There's a cement boy?!
        George: Don't bother. They don't need interns-- they don't want interns in there. Interns are in the way! I'm not complaining.
        Lexie: Two minutes. Two minutes of complaining between me and you. No one has to know.
        George: I have all this power! Supposedly. I supposedly am imbued with the power of being the chief's intern. But there's a cement boy, and I'm stuck in here running labs and researching the effects of cement on the human body in the vain hopes that somebody asks me a question. I'm not in with the cement boy because even though I have all this power, I can't use it because it's not real power.
        Lexie: It's fake power?
        George: Fake power. I can go into the chief's office, whenever I want. You know what he has in there? Files. Confidential files on every resident in this hospital. And I'm just allowed in and he's not worried because he knows and I know that I don't have any real power. I don't have any power to look at those files.
        Lexie: Would it make you feel better if you could look at the files?
        George: You know what would make me feel better? It would make me feel better if I could feel like there was a reason for this, if there was a point.

      • Dr. Wyatt: You're angry at him. The chief.
        Meredith: But why? Why are am I angry at him?
        Dr. Wyatt: Because you have opened up your past. It's like you're reliving it all right now. You're angry with him. You're angry with your mother. You're angry with yourself.
        Meredith: The chief went back to his wife. My mother didn't want to live. I get that. He did what he had to do. She did what she had to do.
        Dr. Wyatt: Meredith, I don't think your mother wanted to kill herself.
        Meredith: No, she did.
        Dr. Wyatt: How can you be sure?
        Meredith: How can be sure she didn't? You weren't there.
        Dr. Wyatt: The answer is right in front of you. Think about it.

      • Meredith: Hey.
        Rose (drops her chart): You intimidate me. I mean, you're not an intimidating person but the legend... of Meredith and Derek. It's intimidating.
        Meredith: There's no legend.
        Rose: He's selling his land because of you. There's a legend.
        Meredith: Derek's selling his land?
        Rose: He doesn't say it's because of you but he was making plans to build a house when the two of you were together, and now... I'm-- I'm not trying to... (sighs) ... I just really like him. And you... intimidate me.
        Meredith: There's no legend.

      • Derek: Do you see the plasmic viral cells in the malignant cells but not in the normal tissue?
        Rose: I have no idea what you're saying but it sounds brilliant. Boring, but brilliant.
        Derek: You said that you wanted to spend more time together.
        Rose: I meant going to the movies or ball games but a clinical trial is just as good.

      • Izzie: You seem... Cheerful.
        Cristina: I'm getting my groove back. I'm getting jiggy with it. I'm getting down with the... get down. Meredith gave me the sparkle pager.
        Izzie: What?!
        Meredith: She needed it for her mojo.
        Izzie: Did you ever stop to think that maybe I needed it?
        Cristina: Oh, you'd waste the sparkle pager. I need it to get out from under Hahn. I won't have to beg her for OR time if I have the pager. You know, if she's not going to teach me, I'm gonna teach myself.
        Izzie: She's just going to use it for evil. I-- I will use it to do good. And besides, the pager is sacred. Sacred sparkle. You can't just give it away. Right? (hits George) Right? She can't do that.
        George: I think it's non-transferrable.
        Cristina: You don't make the rules.
        George: But I am the chief's intern.
        Cristina: Uh, you're the chief's bitch. And you have no power because the power... Oh! Is in the pager.
        George (pager goes off) Oh, look it's that's the chief with something important and powerful. No need for pagers covered with glue and glitter when you're the chief's intern.

      • Izzie: Where were you last night?
        Meredith: I had to stay with Cristina last night. She needed me.
        Izzie: Oh, that's so nice. But Rebecca's at the house. I needed you.
        George: Apparently she's crazy.
        Meredith: Now, George, we've had this discussion and we've decided that it's not appropriate to for you to call Izzie crazy. She's spirited.

      • George: Dr. Bailey, I got an answer for you from the chief about yours shedule. He said you're not spending enough hours in the OR between the clinic and your chief resident work. Now, I know it's not easy, but I took a look at the numbers and I checked with the attendings and I nailed the chief down to a hard count. You need to spend at least 15 to 20 more hours per week in surgery in order to sit for your boards. Should I tell the chief that's possible? Just trying to use my power as the chief's intern for good, so... Dr. Bailey?
        Bailey: Hush, I'm trying to see something. When I'm trying to see something I can't do it if you're asking me questions.
        George: What are you trying to see?
        Izzie (walks up): Dr. Bailey, listen, I am really worried about Ava. I mean, Rebecca, I mean Alex. Well, Alex and Rebecca... Who used to be called Ava that's why I keep-- Anyway, listen she's crazy. And I don't mean funny crazy, okay? I mean, bad crazy, okay? Alex is home with right now and he's all, 'take a bite, take a bite.' And it's weird and sad and... I want to help, But I don't know what to do. So I need you to tell me what I have to do. What do I do?
        George: She's trying to see something and when she's trying to see something, she doesn't need you in her face asking her questions. You don't see me asking her questions. (to Bailey) What are you trying to see?
        Bailey: The bigger picture.

      • Mark: I tried to change, turn over a new leaf. But the leaf isn't turning.
        Richard: You weren't ready to change and that's okay. Adele wanted me to change, to retire. But I'm still the chief and this weekend I'm moving back home.
        Derek: Does Adele know that?
        Richard: She'll should be fine. Adele was wrong, I was right and now we're--
        Mark: Doing it like bunnies. I- I can't change.
        Richard: Be who you are. I am who I am. A man.
        Mark: A man. I have a way about me. I'm a man who is who he is. I have a right to be that man.
        Derek: I'm not gonna say anything. No judgment. But, the man you are slept with my wife. (turns to Richard) And you, you've been on my land for six months but I got no judgment.
        Richard: I'm gonna miss staying on the land.
        Mark: It is a beautiful piece of land.
        Derek: Wanna buy it?
        Richard: You can't sell this land.
        Mark: You have blueprints. This is your living room window. The house that Derek built.
        Derek: Yeah, well, that's over. I'm thinking about getting a place in town.
        Richard: But you love this land.
        Mark: This land and ferry boats are who you are.
        Derek: A man can change. I'm selling the land. And ferry boats... crash.

      • Meredith: Do you wanna dance it out?
        Cristina: No.
        Meredith: Do you wanna drink tequila?
        Cristina: No.
        Meredith: Do you wanna call me names? Mock me endlessly?
        Cristina: No.
        Meredith: I'm trying to cheer you up.
        Cristina: Yeah, well, stop it. It's annoying, and it's not working. I'm deep in the wilderness here.
        Meredith: Do you want the sparkle pager?
        Cristina (sits up): That's not funny.
        Meredith: You're sad, actually sad. Do you know how I know it's the right thing to give you the sparkle pager? Cause you're so sad you're not even asking me for it. I'm giving it to you. The shiny, shiny pager with lots of shiny, shiny surgeries.
        Cristina: If I were the kind of person who kisses people, I would kiss you.

      • Erica: Hi, Callie.
        Callie: Hi. Hello, Erica.
        Erica: What's the matter with you?
        Callie: Nothing. Just-- N-Nothing.
        Mark (smirks): You look all hot and bothered.
        Callie: Uh, no. It's just-- There's a trauma, and it's really big. That's all. It's big. It's a big trauma.
        Bailey: You're acting weird.
        Mark (whispering to Callie): She uses one finger to--
        Callie (loudly): Really big trauma.
        Bailey: I swear, Torres, it's like you haven't seen a really big trauma before.

      • (They are having sex)
        Mark: It's just you, me and Erica and we're grabbing you and rippin' off your clothes.
        Callie: Uh-huh.
        Mark: And then you're naked. You're so hot... And naked. And then Erica starts kissing you. (Callie's pager starts vibrating)
        Callie (softly): Hold on a minute.
        Mark: And then Erica's kissing you like you need to be kissed. (Callie's pager keeps vibrating) And then I pin your hands... (they kiss, she tries to interrupt him again) Above your head. (her pager continues to vibrate) And then I watch as she uses one finger to--
        Callie (covers Mark's mouth with her hand): Hold on a minute! (checks her pager) Oh. Okay. I'm sorry because that was good for me, really good for me. Good boy. But I have a big tramua coming in downstairs so we're gonna have to do this the fast way, okay? (Mark smiles and slides down her body)

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