Grey's Anatomy

Season 3 Episode 9

From A Whisper to a Scream

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 23, 2006 on ABC

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  • George is nervous about Burke performing surgery on his father, and requests Erica from Seattle Presbiterian to do it instead. Cristina struggles to keep Burke's secret, but has to put up with Burke's ungreatful behavior. Derek wants to be intimate.

    First of all i want to say that i think George is being a complete and total a**. I understand that his father is having surgery and that he (George) is nervous, and i would have requested a different doctor as well to do the surgery. However, he does not need to keep treating everyone like crap, with his over zealous attitude on his crusade against Izzie, Callie and Cristina. These people are his friends, and it seems he keeps treating them like crap, and then apologizes later on hoping they will forgive him. Well, human beings can only take so much, so he'll only be able to burn that bridge a few more times before people get fed up with it. I think he handled the situation with Callie wrong too, especially when she took a huge step bringing the truth to him. I wonder if he had any idea how hard that was for her. Also telling her basically that she had no place caring about his family, that was just a bunch of BS. Another person being a complete selfish punk this episode is Burke. After everything Cristina has done for him, stood by him, helped him with his surgeries, he's going to treat her that way? What an arrogant, ungrateful SOB. I could not believe how he treated her this episode. I was thinking to myself "How dare you make her feel that way?" He dragged her into this mess to begin with. She had no choice, she loved the man and was doing it to help HIM, and he knew it. Then he treats her like crap in the O.R., and he wants to throw her out after he acted like a lifeless, inhumane piece of dirt? What a crock. So Izzie still has to shadow people because of her probation. I think what George said about her to his parents, bringing up the whole Denny thing was totally uncalled for. I wonder when she'll be able to actually perform something again. Miranda is her usual self in this episode. I felt bad for the old couple. I thought the girl with the shard of glass in her heart was kind of funny, the things she said. On a happier note, although Derek was upset with Meredith at first for not telling him about Burke (who, she had just found out herself), their relationship seems to be going pretty well.
  • A traumatic car accident fills the ER. Izzie pushes the boundaries of her probation. Cristina has a crisis of conscience about her deceptive teamwork with Burke.

    This is my favorite episode of the entire 3rd season. This is a great episode with wonderful performances by all the cast members. Particurally Sandra Oh and Isiah Washington! This episode really belongs to them. Sandra Oh provides a wonderful and almost chilling voice over as she prepares to turn Burke in. Besides that, we've got Mr. O'Malley in the hospital. Plus, we get a visit from future show regular, Dr. Hahn! One of my favorite parts of this episode is when Callie starts to beat up Meredith when she thinks that Meredith told George that she slept with Mark. This is Grey's Anatomy at its finest.
  • Secrets, loyalty, responsibility.

    I thought I would have a lot to say about this episode, but it's left me speechless. It was absolutely brilliant! I've felt the tension from the very beginning, and untill the very end. Cristina did the right thing telling the chief. What she and Preston did was very irresponsible, but she at least decided to stop. I'm glad Meredith and Derek worked things out at the end.

    George was a complete ass. I mean, I can partially understand why he is behaving like this, but still... Maybe Callie deserved it, but Izzie certainly didn't. I'm not sure I would be able to forgive him if I were her.

    And one other thing... Did Addison and Alex have a thing for a moment there?
  • One word: AMAZING.

    I just watched this episode on DVD, and I just can say WOW. This episode was tremendously freaking good. The blood, the sighs, the Cristina's Voice-over, the O'Malley desperation; everything fell into place to make an awesome episode, that now is on the top of my Grey's list. I really liked the almost no-music thing throughout the episode, the lack of sound really made an impression of drama, and the 3 songs that were featured uncovered the tearjerking face of this episode. A magnific work by all the cast, and, certainly, by the writer and director. So, to sum up, the whole hour was clearly unique, and it's going to be an unforgettable event for me, and I hope for everyone else too.
  • Wow! Let's talk 'bout tension! The episode with most tension in this season. It was a mix, it had some 02x06 "Into you like a train" stuff and some of 02x24"Damage case" stuff as well.

    TENSION, JUST LOVE IT! It was perfect from beginning to end. I loved everything of this episode. Cristina and Burke, that was the best part, I loved them arguing and questioning what they were doing. Cristina made the most clever move she has ever made, it was right to tell the chief about Burke, I would have done the same, but maybe earlier. And Dr Hahn, I love her! Honest, cold, passionate for her work, really, that's a real doctor. And Mer, finally, at the end of the episode, she caved! Izzie, I liked her performance here, it was really good to see her being herself in front of George's parents. I wouldn't have done different, and George really crossed the line, there are some things that are not supossed to be said, that was mean. I can't find more flaws of the episode, because the rest was just amazing, even the few music that was shown. I've seen better episodes, though this is in the top 5 of Grey's Anatomy (4º for me). Awesome episode. 9.74
  • Shhhhh...

    In a departure from its established style this episode opens not with a narration by Meredith Grey but with a voice-over by ambitious but conflicted intern Christina Yang. As Christina runs covered in blood in her surgical scrubs down a hospital corridor to the sound of a thumping heart, she muses in voice-over about secrets concluding sadly that ‘not all secrets can be kept’. Those who have been following this addictive hospital drama will know that the talk of cover ups and the suggestion of an operating theatre crisis don’t auger well for one of the shows best-kept but most contentious secrets: the fact that Christina’s lover, gifted surgeon Preston Burke has not fully recovered following his gun injury and has been operating, with her help, even though he has a tremor in his hand. What follows involves the bloody aftermath of an accident in which a car driven by an elderly man runs into a fish market. This episode, infused with a sense of urgency and sadness set up in the opening sequence, raises questions about loyalty, trust, responsibility and betrayal.
  • OMG well written and done, my fav episode of the three seasons!

    This episode is my favourite of all time. Here are some reasons why.

    1. The voice over was not done by Meredith but Christina.
    2. Burke and Christina were pushed to the edge.
    3. Well acted through the whole cast.
    4. Izzie once again meddles with things and creates more tension.
    5. More and more tension between all the surgeons particularly Burke, Bailey and Sheppard.
    6. Great scenes with Meredith and McDreamy.
    7. More Alex and Addision scenes. (love them together) 8. Burke had been offered the position of Cheif but feels guilty and isn't sure if he can take it.
    9. Dr. Han comes to visit.
    10. And of course my favourite, the ending. The ending was excellent. Makes you wonder what's going to happen with them.
  • A pure example of why people enjoy this show and how well written it is.

    This episode is a fine example of this show's success and why it has a good fanbase. This episode is flawless and the introduction plus the difference in choice of narrator really hones in on the central focus. The initial scene, the teaser if you will, gives a sense of urgency and suspense. This episode displays a pivotal moment in Burke and Yang's relationship and we see some brilliant character development in both of them. Lately, we have seen some major shifts in the characters of others and it is only fair we see Yang get her turn. There are many emotional conflicts revealed in her character.

    A truly fine example of a good TV show!
  • Ive only watched Grey's Anatomy a few times and if most of the episodes are close to being as good as this I might start watching more.

    Ive only watched Grey's Anatomy a few times and if most of the episodes are close to being as good as this I might start watching more. So yeah ive seen like about 4 episodes and all of those were because I was watching tv with my grilfriend. This time was no different.

    I think the characters are really interesting on this show. I had to get my girlfriend to explain a fair bit because the last episode I watched was about halfway through season two. Like Meredith and Shepard are together now... since when.

    I liked the conflict in this episode between alot of the characters. George and Lizzie had it out about who would do his dad's surgeory, Dr Burke or that other chick. Meredith wasn't exactly being honest with McDreamy and Dr Burke and Cristina were having major problems on how to deal with a tremor that Burke was experiencing that could potentially ruin his career as a surgeon.

    One thing that annoyed me about this episode was how Cristina's character was acting. I mean dammit she just couldn't leave Burke alone to do a surgeory by himself. After a little while it got kinda childish and annoying.

    Overall a solid episode and i very much enjoyed it. Ill have to start watching a bit more i think.

  • Cristina centric.

    Cristina has a hard time dealing with Burke. She has a moral dilemma and conciousness trouble. She wants to tell on Burke and everything goes downhill after one surgery. This episode was absolutely amazing. Cristina is telling the story from her personal Point of View and finally she gets the strengtht to tell on Burke which will cause massive problems to their relationship. An old grandpa didn't have a sense of feeling into his feet and he cause car accident. A gril that was hit by a car is pregnant and has a piece of glass in her heart.
    Amazing episode and extremly shocking.
  • Basically this episode is brilliantly written, very well played out but also very very sad for all the Cristina/Prston shippers out there

    I confess I am in some shock. I Looooved the whole Preston/Cristina thing. They were perfect together. And in the past few episodes when Cristina tried to help Burke, that was awesome acting. That Cristina had to crush under the pressure was also well written and set up very good.
    Only thing with Preston and Cristina I don't get, is the end. Why is he closing the door on her?
    She is the young intern who is already overworked who sticks with him, who helps him cover up his tremor (maybe she was a little pushy on that her self, but again she is the young intern) and lies to all her friends.
    He on the other hand is the experienced attending who is just to proud and scared to speak up. And the second things get complicated he treats her like garbage. I confess I did not understand all the medical talk, but he was pretty agressive in his tone.
    So why does he get to shut the door on her, because she finally cracked? Seconds before he did or he wouldn't have gone to the chief. This is just wrong.

    On the other storyline we have George behave like an ass to everybody around him, which is understandable given his situation. Callie wrestling Meredith which is yummy :) and Addison spotting a patient covered in blood which is scary.
    So basically this episode is brilliantly written, very well played out but also very very sad for all the Cristina/Prston shippers out there.
  • WOW!!!! They just dont get any better than this.

    This is definately the best episode of the 3rd season and probably the best one that has been made out of all three seasons. It comes right up there with the season 2 finale. This episode was totally amazing how so many things wree revealed. So many things happen throughout this episode that its amazing it was fit into one. It makes the veiwers consider that maybe christina and Burke's relationship may not be ment to last if Burke wont forgive christina. Mer and Ders new relationship is sorta starting to become more like the way it was before although it never will actually be like it was. They have a big fight because Derek is mad That Mer didnt tell him about Burke's hand in surgery but Meredith tells him that it should have been him that knew about it and it really shows how meredith is able to tell derek things. There wasnt anything in this episode that i didnt like. it is a total masterpiece and everyone should watch it.
  • Has got to be the best episode yet, Christina telling on Burke. Wow!!

    Just the way this episode started, for once it was Christina talking and not Meredith at the beginning. Burke operated without Christina's help. Korean girl with glass in her heart still survived with her baby. In this episode George is really getting on my nerves, it's not everybody's fault his dad is in the hospital. Telling his parents about Izzie and Denny. Dr. Preston Burke getting promoted to Chief of Surgery and Dr. Hahnn replacing him. The best part of this episode is when Christina runs out of the O.R. into the chiefs office and tells him everything! Man! What's not to love about this show!
  • WOW!!!! That\'s the only word that can describe this episode.

    Amazing episode! It was interesting to have Cristina do the voiceover instead of Meredith, but I think I still prefer Meredith\'s voiceovers. Bringing in Dr. Hahn was a good idea, and I noticed that her hair was now down and blonde, an effort to add to her sex appeal perhaps? If she\'s joining the cast full time she needs to have that sex appeal. Loved seeing more of Meredith and Derek together, they are so cute together. The look between Addison and Alex was great, I totally saw a thing between them coming, and it seems I was right. Can\'t wait to see where that goes. Hopefully eveything will turn out okay with George\'s dad. Also, I hope George and Callie work things out soon. The Cristina and Burke storyline was great. I hope Burke still is able to be the new Chief even after Cristina came clean about his hand tremor. I hope they stay together even though he did close the door in her face. Lots of loose ends will be tied soon I hope.
  • Damn, I love this show.

    I personally think this season is the best so far and maybe this episode was the best of this season... so far. There were a lot of drama, a lot of blood and a lot of unsolved problems that left me hanging at the end. I don’t want Burke and Yang to break up, I don’t want George to be such a b*tch, I don’t want Burk not to be chief... and I especially don’t want Alex and Addison to get it on. Because that was what that little moment was all about, right? God, I hope I’m wrong. Stevens was as annoying as always, but I didn't find Meredith annoying at all this time. Thumbs up.
  • In this episode they just make you see that secrets can't be kept forever... :S

    In my opinion this is the best episode yet!!!!! ohhh my god!! First i absolutely have to say that i adore the fact that Meredith and Derek are in a happy place being a happy couple! :D :D :D I really think that George needs to get back together with Callie that poor thing :( she loves him so much, i just really want to see them being happy and a couple, george really needs that
    And well, about Christina and Burke, well she just shouldn\'t have gone and tell the chief alone, she should\'ve talked about it with burke and go together or something.... I\'m just getting over the whole shutting the bedroom door in her face. I mean seriously!!!!!!!
  • wonderful connections between characters with metaphors showing the true meaning of life love and happiness

    I loved the metaphoric connection between the older couple and Christina and Burke. It was a perfect parallel, showing how not wanting to betray a loved one plays such an immense role in peoples decisions and there awareness of right and wrong. Christina, I believe just didn't know what to do she had this inner conflict going on while she was outwardly concerned with Burke, another amazing fact about this episode is the lack of music which plays on the fact that Christina has no inner soundtrack due to the amplitude of her life at this point, she really just doesn’t have time to worry about the silly things in life, she is expected to be the best, and while they were fighting Meredith and Derek finally make amends and he realizes just how much he hurt Meredith and just how important her friendship to Christina really is. All together this made for an absolutely amazing episode and I cannot wait until next Thursday.
  • A freshing look from Cristina\\\'s point of view, the tension between her and Burke was very well played out.

    She finally realized being the best, and/or managing the situation in the best manner, will not eradicate the importance of the truth. Riveting!!! on the flip side, there could more of Cristina in the narration. On a serparate note, George seems like a jerk in the earlier part of the episode, makes me wanna hit him.
  • Superb stories, hot men and great music. What more do you want from a tv show?

    Finally Cristina shows her true selfish colours and Meredith has to decide what friendship should mean.

    It is an interesting issue, how doctors cover each other\'s backs, potentially at the expense of a patient\'s life. Quite a few people know that Burke is not up to scratch and yet nobody says anything. would you want an intern doing a complicated surgery on you or a member of your family? George does not want Burke working on his Dad but is quite content to let Burke operate on other people. This is not right. It is not about \"telling\" on someone, there should be no solidarity when another person\'s life is at risk.

    How hilarious is Derek when he is being denied bedroom action. Meredith should make him wait more often.
  • Cristina, not Meredith, narrates this one!

    This episode was a great one planned for Thanksgiving as
    Meredith usually does the voiceovers and this night she takes "off" and Cristina does it on a rare occasion. But it is about guilt great and small as well as Izzy may lose her job as she pushes her probation one step higher. And Cristina and Burke bicker about an operation. As a car goes through the er.
  • i love this episode. christina doing the voiceover. whao the betrayals and guilt smal and big ones where evident! it was as if everyone came into their own this episode. it was fantastic.

    it starts sweetly with mer/der in her bed, der grumbling about no sex, then he grabs her, christina walks in and wants a private moment with mer it was a lovely scene,, how they are comforable with each other as if they had never been apart. i felt so sorry for christina and burke, the burden was becoming to heavy in the light of george's dad coming to the hospiatl, everyone was just violent in their emotions today.
    callie trying to beat mer up cos she tot mer was the one that spilled the bean about her and mcsteamy, and it sad she didnt apologise when she found out it wasnt mer that told. then george embarrassing izzie in front of his parents that was a tad too hurtful but i understand he's worried about his dad but still. so is that the end of christina and burke? mer/der had their first fight, i guess her mentionig chris was there for her when he wasnt is part of the baggage in question, but they made with sex,and christinas voiceover and grace haveniks song was really apt for this episode.
    it was a great episode!
  • GOOD EPISODE! The writers did a really good job to show the characters actions. The McDreamy and Meredith sex discussion, Burke and Christina's deception, Callie beating up Meredith. Even Izzie and George's talk about Denny through their talk about Burke.

    I thought From a Whisper to a Scream was an outstanding episode. It brought the intensity only Grey's Anatomy is capable of as well as some humor (Mcdreamy and Meredith at the begining of the episode). It also tested major relationships, Christina and Burke (obviously), Burke and the Chief, Derek and Burke, Izzie and George, Meredith and Christina...basically the entire cast. I thought Christina\'s voiceover was an incredible surpirse and really summed up the entire episode. Im just not so sure I would be able to forgive Christina if i were Burke. I mean i know what he did was unethical but she was the one who egged him on the past few episodes. I know that the situtaion hit an all time high this episode but i thought it was really backstabbish to tell the chief after at the beginning of the episode she told him not to tell. Obviously the chief should have known but i dont think that was the best way he could have found out (of course i am saying that as if i were a character...for watching the episode Christina telling him made it all the more intense). Another thing i noticed was that there was barely any music during this episode which is surprising in that greys is known for placing music in scenes to make them more intense and such. But i thought that not having music was very appropriate because it make the audience focus more on the challenges presented in the episode.
  • An old dude crashes his car into a fish market injuring thousands in his made dash to regain his youth. Burke’ secret is out with career ending complications. Meredith and Derek are cute and annoying.

    Review: Christina, you don’t jog. We don’t jog. Meredith, sometimes, I jog without you. Worse line of dialogue in the history of the universe. Who writes this crap; George Lucas? On crack? That verbal garbage aside, the episode was very good and marks an improvement for the series’ lagging third season. The major trauma this week involves an old man, who causes a car accident injuring many people. Among them is an oddly delirious, pregnant woman. I’m not sure if she was in shock or just an odd person, but she seemed really weird. I guess having a giant piece of glass stabbing you in the heart could do that to you. How in god’s name did that baby survive that? That uterus must be lined with lead or something.

    The car accident leaves a lot of people injured and Burke soon finds himself over worked. When Christina finds out that George has brought another surgeon in to do his father’s surgery she turns into a crazy person. I found her character very annoying this episode. I’m not sure if she loves Burke as a person. Like Fifty cent once said, “Girl...It\'s easy to love me now. Would you love me if I was down and out? To bad Christina isn’t more like the fat kid that loves cake. You always know where his loyalties lie! Burke feels that she like the idea of Preston Burke, famous surgeon more than who he really is. Thus, she drove him to this point in order to maintain that image. She sees things differently. To her, Burke felt lost and incomplete after his injury, and needed the pushing to regain his sense of self. Regardless, her decision to go behind his back and turn him into the chief will be the end of their relationship. Dr. Shepard is such a baby. Alright, he has cool hair and I guess being a brain surgeon is an ok career, but all he does is complain! When he whined to Burke about having to give up five seconds of cuddle time with Meredith while she and Christina had a serious conversation I prayed he would never get to have sex again. Sadly, Meredith did not hear my prayer. The Dr. Torres and George thing is so played out! Enough already. He doesn’t like you and you are way to into him. This will they, won’t they **** got old with Derek and Meredith so I really don’t have an interest in seeing it played out again with less attractive characters. Alex and Addison though could be interesting. That came out of nowhere! I guess it pays to finally be the good guy.

    Parting Thought: Sloan is boring and one dimensional, bring on new interns!
  • Cali tries to win George back. George's father needs surgury. Burke and Christina's secret is out and threatens their relationship. The Cheif tells Burke about his plans to resign.

    This episode was brilliant. It could have been a season-end cliffhanger, as I am at the edge of my seat waiting for next week. The Cheif tells Burke about his plans to resign and his reccomendation that Burke be named new Cheif of Surgury. Burke is honored, yet he feels conflicted due to his recent deceptions. He and Christina go into yet another sugury so that she may help him if need be, but when he dismisses her, she becomes angry and confused. She leaves the operating room in a daze, symbolically cover in blood. The show ended with Christina going home to Burke after having betrayed his confidence and going to the Cheif with their secret. Burke shuts the door in her face. Meanwhile, Cali is trying to win George back, but he is too preoccupied with concern for his father and anger at Christina to talk to her.
  • Super!

    Absolutly fantastic. I'm completely satisfied with this season so far and this might be the best episode yet. Great job all around. Grey's Anatomy keeps on bringing great episodes and great drama. I truley love how George is taking control and stepping up and putting Christina in her place. I really hope he and Callie patch things up. He has to love her and we already know that she loves George, so whats the hold-up? I'm finally glad that Meredith and McDreamy are together and that arc is over because they were dragging it on for too long. GASP! Addison and Alex. I have been calling that from day one and its looking like they are on the horizon. I hope he goes back to OBGYN. Good for him. As for Izzie, she's just gonna be Izzie for now. I really hope Bailey puts Christina in her place and Burke dumps her. That would turn her around in a minute and make the show more interesting. Now that the main parts of the drama are over the change in the characters are great and I hope they keep coming. Good Job all around!
  • Wow!

    This episode was by far the best in this season. So much happened, it mainly revolved around Burke, Cristina, George and his dad!

    I'll start with George, I've never been much of a fan I've always considered him weak and the actor not the best! But this episode you see a whole new side to him, where his bitter, resentful, overprotective and basically not puppy dog George! I liked this George he showed the actor can actually act! I have to admit: I loved George this episode!

    Burke is awful! After everything Cristina did for him, in where the boys are she didn't give him up to Bailey even if it meant no surgeries! She isolated herself from her friends and did so much to try and help him and make sure everything went smoothly during surgeries he turns around and blames her! He is the one with the tremor yet he takes it upon himself to blame everyone around him! Cristina for 'forcing' him to lie, Derek for clearing him for surgery, George who's expectations are too high and Izzie who sent him to the hospital in the first place! I'm sorry but Burke needs to get his priorities sorted out! I currently HATE him!!

    Cristina, Cristina, poor thing! I really felt for her this episode she done so much for Burke and he abandons her! I think the reason she finally went to the chief is because Burke wasn't taking any help from her and in terms of the patients safety that could be very dangerous because no one else would help him! Also I think it was because of some selfish reasons but you can't blame her!! Burke closing the door on her face was truely sad and emotional!

    Addison and Alex well something is going to happen there but I'm not sure I want it to! I feel that she's going to be ashamed for dating him and it just won't work out!! I prefer him and Izzie!

    Izzie is still on probation but I feel that she is a bit shallow when it comes to Callie, she's always putting her down when in acutal fact Callie really feels for George!

    George confronted Callie asking why did you sleep with Sloane so Callie goes looking for Meredith and attempts to 'kick her ass' but she realised that Mer can't have told George about Mark!

    Last of all Meredith, she didn't have a major part in this episode@ Her and Derek were really cute and he wanted to have sex but she was all no no! Then he reliased at the end she knew about Burke and he was like how could you not have told me? and she said Cristina's my friend and she was there for me when you wern't! They are soooo cute!!

    Overall, a fantastic episode! SO much happened, I loved it!! :D
  • I think the classification says it all. Literally the pivotal episode of the season.

    This episode is THE pivotal episode of the season, even the series. Everyones innocence has finally been ripped away. Izzie was hit hard by Denny but this, I would argue, just had so much more intensity than that, but then maybe thats just me because I've only just watched the episode >_<

    The George thing. It was scary to me, he was always such a light hearted character, even with Meredith it was just like a wounded puppy. But this was just plain dark and twisty. Christina and Burke, I guess its almost as if what they were doing didn't seem so bad the last few episodes, like she said "no one has died". They were saving lives just with two pairs of hands as opposed to one, yet when that blood splattered on Christina you could just see the breaking point. Blood tainted them both. All I can say is damn good writing. I hate to say it but I was concerned that with Meredith and Derek back together + Denny that the show had hit its peak, would start lacking in good material and head into ERish, a-typical medical drama style. Now I'm looking foward to some really intense upcoming episodes.

    On a lighter note...ALEX AND ADDISON!!! What can I say, never expected that one, maybe Alex switching to the gyny squad but not THAT. I like it though, its hot. So A++++++++ episode 10/10 all round.
  • I'm speachless with so much emotion that's what Grey's anatomy about..

    I'm speachless!! seriously i mean seriously. that's what's great about grey's anatomy one episode which don't feel have any story line but then an expectedly a great episode i couldn't blink...
    so dramatic with so much emotions.About Christina i think it's about time to let the Burk thing out besides he seemed confused and not knowing what to do any more.
    For Goerge it was another side of him i mean he is not the silly loveble intern he is a human that changes due to all things that happened to him..I love George then and I love him now even more.
    Mer is a good friend she didn't betraied Christina and remembered that she was there for her when Derek walked away i love that in Merdith she is very loyal to everyone around her.
    once again great one and i can't wait till next week..
  • Christina, Christina, Christina...

    So where does she go from here? It was Christina that pushed Burke, she got him to pull up out of his misery and begin to heal. But did she really push him into surgery? She is the intern, he is the attending. He did not want to stand up and make her stop. Burke wanted to be back in surgery and he allowed himself to led by Christina. And yet Christina became so engrossed in the power Burke had bestowed upon her, she stopped seeing that her enabling was directing them right into a brick wall. Now Burke was offered Chief of Surgery, but will probably lose his biggest dream. But what will become of Christina...
  • Christina...the most misunderstood intern

    I don't know how many times I could feel myself telling Burke to just "slap her!" The confrontation between Burke and Christina in the physicians' bunk room was very well written. You can see Christina being so controlling and Burke not knowing exactly what to do...what to say. The story line needs to create an opportunity where Christina comes to understanding her behavior without out totally wiping her out. With George going through the wringer I can see why he is uptight, but verbally destroying Izzie in his parents' eyes was not the appropriate thing. As another reviewer has noted, it's time for Izzie to stop with the "Denny" thing. Izzy needs a new interest. Somehow I wish Bailey would jump in, but she's not their "mother", she's their instructor, so she really can't do anything to save them as they stumble. But, in the long haul, a very well written episode. Congratulations to all of the writers, you have the viewers out on a limb, not knowing what is going to happen next. Betrayal and trust are big issues.
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