Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 12

Get Up, Stand Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • Grey's Scandal?

    Oh my God!! Derek's going to meet Fitz! :D and Olivia :D and then we will see which one holds the scene better! :P
  • Brilliant episode !!!

    So many unexpected undercurrents packed seemlessly into a cracking cliffhanger.

    Lots to look forward we didn't have to wait so long.
  • Finally, Grey's Anatomy is back.

    Season 10 has been kind of disappointing, let's face it, and I'm saying this as a fan.

    Seasons 1 to 3 have been AMAZING, 4 to 7 quite good, 8 and 9 had their ups and downs, season 10 was mostly either annoying or boring (did they really have to stretch some of the storylines for so many episodes???).

    But this episode was a solid one. After half a season of people avoiding their own issues, each character was forced to deal with his/her problem, dilemma, mistake or choice. FINALLY.

    I get building the drama, but I slowly got from "I can't wait an entire week!!!" to "Oh, I DVRed Grey's Anatomy too!" and that's too bad, cause there's still some potential left, as proved this week.

    Some random thoughts:

    FINALLY Jackson got it right, as we all knew he would (again, dragging a storyline for too long), and the writers found a way to make a great scene out of it. Good job.

    Justin Chambers is doing (as always) a remarkable job. Karev is my favourite doctor, mostly thanks to Chambers' great acting (gotta love his face at the end of the episode!).
  • WOW *Beware of Spoilers*

    Jackson admits how he feels and it's about time. Well actually the timing wasn't too great but it was a heartfelt and romantic gesture that got a side of me to swoon big time! I liked that he was following a piece of advice given to him by Sloan, it was a nice shout out to a former character that I miss having on the show. I do hope that April will choose Jackson. Don't get me wrong, Matthew is a nice and good looking guy, but I just personally feel that he is too much like her. In my opinion, Jackson would prove to be a better match for April in the long run. Yin and yin wouldn't work, yin needs to have yang.

    Speaking of yang, Christina's thing with Shane needs to end, right now. He is so boring and I find myself hoping his character will get written off the show before long. I'm also glad that her and Meredith may be patching things up. The catfights were good material for a while but there comes a point when it's just gone on long enough. Considering this is Sandra's final year on the show I am hoping for amazing storylines during the latter half of this season.

    Derek's call from the president was a surprise and that is sure to cause discord between him and Meredith. I am interested to see where that will be going.

    Alex stood up to his father, again, and gave a short and sweet speech to Jo. I like the two of them together, and I hope it continues. His father's status is left in question as the episode ends, so it is good that he'll having someone to comfort him if his dad doesn't make it. Even though Alex doesn't like his father he still cares in spite of everything because he's a good man. Oh, and his face during Jackson's impromptu speech at the end was priceless.

    Bailey is still not in great shape and her marriage is suffering but I see a glimmer of hope on the horizon for them. I just hope I'm not wrong about that because she has gone through a lot lately.

    I'm not sure how to feel about the Callie, Arizona, Leah storyline. Personally I feel that letting Arizona back in was a mistake but that's just my opinion. I'm not a fan of Leah either, but I can appreciate that she had some guts in this episode. She veered away from being near Arizona and helped get Shane away from a patient that he had no business operating on in the first place. I should have known Webber would be the attending that showed up. If there's anyone who can get through to a person and help them through almost anything it's Webber. I am very glad that he is back on his feet and doing surgeries again.

    I can't wait until February so I can see what all of this will lead to.

  • Yes Yes Yes Jackson

    Did you have to wait all that time to tell her how you felt.

  • Awesome!!

    I loved that Jackson finally aknowledged how he feels about April, and that he did it remembering Sloan's advice was just perfect.

    I'm really into Christina and Mer's differences and fights, I wonder how this arc is going to finish knowing Sandra Oh is leaving.

    I really hope Shane gets fired! He is so annoying