Grey's Anatomy

Season 10 Episode 12

Get Up, Stand Up

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 12, 2013 on ABC

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  • Finally, Grey's Anatomy is back.

    Season 10 has been kind of disappointing, let's face it, and I'm saying this as a fan.

    Seasons 1 to 3 have been AMAZING, 4 to 7 quite good, 8 and 9 had their ups and downs, season 10 was mostly either annoying or boring (did they really have to stretch some of the storylines for so many episodes???).

    But this episode was a solid one. After half a season of people avoiding their own issues, each character was forced to deal with his/her problem, dilemma, mistake or choice. FINALLY.

    I get building the drama, but I slowly got from "I can't wait an entire week!!!" to "Oh, I DVRed Grey's Anatomy too!" and that's too bad, cause there's still some potential left, as proved this week.

    Some random thoughts:

    FINALLY Jackson got it right, as we all knew he would (again, dragging a storyline for too long), and the writers found a way to make a great scene out of it. Good job.

    Justin Chambers is doing (as always) a remarkable job. Karev is my favourite doctor, mostly thanks to Chambers' great acting (gotta love his face at the end of the episode!).