Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 7

Give Peace a Chance

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 29, 2009 on ABC

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  • Patrick Dempsey Special..any need??

    Patrick Dempsey might be one good reason why millions of female (and some men)tune in to watch Grey's Anatomy. I get it, he is like the heartthrob of the show, and honestly that's not why I tune in and it's about time they gave him a realistic storyline. I still do not get why he is so invincible, why is he the next best thing to god, and why on earth do we need an complete episode centered around him. Once the show starts to single out actors and dedicates a full hour of screen time on them, that's exactly where you lose it. And yes, I did rate this a 7 -reason being the story was still good and had a theatrical drama like feel to it. And the diaper comedy was definitely laughable.
  • Contrary to my expectations, this new format is quite likeable!

    I can't say that I miss the cancer drama, or Izzie, or Meredith for that matter. I am liking this lighter, more upbeat version of Grey's Anatomy. This was actually a nice episode. I was generally involved with the patient of the week's story. That almost never happens to me. I found the story inspiring, instead of the usual doctor drama we get week after week. I look forward to more of this. I don't look forward to Izzie's return, nor Meredith's, because I fear the show will revert back to its dispicable ways...

    On another note, if I see Christina whining about her wasted perfect surgical hands one more time, I will scream. Either quit, or live with it, but please get a grip.
  • Best episode ever.

    A lot of suspense, intrigue, futures in the balance, and life-changing bets made this episode one of the best if not THE best in the whole six seasons of the series. I am sincerely hoping to see more of the kind but with more of Meredith's presence in them. It showed me how worthy and rewarding efforts can be. All of these factors literally kept me stuck me to my screen while I was watching it. I thought it was good enough to be turned into a movie or at least a series finale or special episode. I would like to thank ABC for providing us with such a human and emotionally challenging show. Thank you CBS.
  • Another amazing episode

    I thought last week was amazing, but this one...I can't decide if it was better or all Derek episode was a smart idea. It's a character I'm very fond of. Even though last season he had that pregnant woman storyline which almost led him to drop medicine, he is the center of attention this time.
    Lexie is now a character I really like too, every week she keeps bringing good performances. Meredith had more screen time I think, and it was worth it. When they are in bed talking about the tumor and he draws in the wall, I loved that scene. It's great to see what they have become.
    Lastly, Chandra Wilson's direction, nicely done! She did a good job.

    I can't complain about this season, the way they are experimenting new far it's been awesome.
  • Great!

    A very interesting and surprising episode. Derek's case was truly one in a million and even though this is Grey's, there was still a chance of failure. Lexie's diaper monologue was wonderful and I'm glad how she and Cristina seem to be getting closer. There were some great Callie/Arizona and Mark/Lexie moments in this episode, i.e. holding hands (Callie/Arizona) and the "You love me" line (Mark/ Lexie).

    Alex was really emotional in this episode and I felt really sorry for him, even though he acted like an ass in some moments. Reed is starting to grow on me, but I'm not liking Jacskon so much after this one.

    I hope Izze and Mer get back and that we have more episodes like this.
  • Memorable episode. The writers know what they're doing. Grey's Anatomy continues to impress their viewers. As Derrick and the Chief argue, Derrick goes rogue doing an inoperable surgery, without the Chief's consent.

    Each character played an incredible part, from guarding the door, to assisting Derrick in the O.R All the residents covering up for Derrick by lying to the Chief and guarding the door was played brilliantly. Arizona was awesome throughout the episode, firstly for convincing the Chief to leave Derrick's surgery alone, and let him finish. Callie and Arizona's relationship has been publicized with the holding hands, and a shoulder to lean on. Although we didn't see Meredith a lot, MerDer relationship felt mutual by being consistent at home and work. I'm not a big fan of Lexie, but now I'm starting to slowly like her through this season.

    The storyline was fabulous and engaging, as all the characters were involved.
  • Awesome episode that truly defines what Grey's Anatomy is all about.

    This is what we've been waiting for this year. An incredibly gripping, fast-paced, adrenaline pumping episode of Grey's Anatomy. After being nothing more than a background figure for the past dozen episodes finally Derek Shepherd got a real storyline to make us actually care about him. While we knew there was zero chance he would fail, it was still an exciting ride to see the show revolve around one case for an entire episode. No dumb comedic side storylines, just one, real medical mystery.

    I think we all love the Lexie Grey character but when Chyler Leigh can deliver an Emmy-worthy monologue about wearing a diaper in the O.R. you know that you are witnessing a special episode.

    Don't sleep on Grey's Anatomy anymore. The show is back.