Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 1

Going Going Gone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • SeattleGraceMercyDeath - Through Hell and Back (Spoilers)

    The episode opens a month after the crash and rescue, with Mark about to be pulled off life support. Through snippets of conversation we learn that Derek has not operated since then and will be going into his first surgery, Meredith is referred to as 'Medusa' by her interns because she has become cold, mean and hostile, Cristina is in Minnesota and hating it, Arizona is out of the picture (at this point, presumably dead), the characters were stuck in the woods for a week (wow, one can only expect the next episode to be brilliant since it will be a flashback to the woods) and Alex is getting ready to leave for John Hopkins.

    As the episode moves forward, we see the characters cope with life - Derek drops a surgical instrument and walks out of the O.R, Callie spends time talking to Mark, Meredith overhears the interns refer to her as Medusa, a new attending has been hired to take Arizona's place and Owen just looks like keeping people from falling apart is enough work for the day.

    The most heartbreaking parts of the episode are when a) Mark dies - the episode is also interspersed with different memories of Mark to remind the viewer of how awesome and important he was and b) when Arizona is finally revealed at the end of the episode, lying on the bed at home - Callie asks her to snap out of her depression and Arizona, disbelief written all over her face, says "Snap out of this?", pulls back the covers and continues "how am I supposed to snap out of this when you cut off my leg?" and the camera pans to show that her leg has been amputated at the thigh. Honestly, this bit was worse than Mark dying because Mark belongs with Lexie and it made sense for him to die in a weird way. Arizona's leg - that was terrible.
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