Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 1

Going Going Gone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • Answering Questions Indirectly

    This is a dangerous game to play. TV shows need to when they end with a cliffhanger pick up where you left off or at least answer questions. We spent the entire episode not really knowning what happened. Our questions all got answered indirectly and not through direct plot. Rumor has it the next episode will deal with the rescue.

    It was great getting to see how people have changed. Meredith going all intense isn't surprising. She's in a dark place (just like her Mom was).

    Bailey no longer being the Nazi made me laugh. She'll get it back. She kept people in fear of her for many seasons. She'll get her reputation back. The question is at what cost?

    At the end they finally revealed that Arizona didn't die but that he leg had been cut off. I'm glad they didn't kill off another major character. It's sad enough with Mark and Lexie being gone. It makes sense. They were in this twisted love hexagon sort of thing. However Arizona has always been this peppy source of energy and renewal. They are taking her to a dark place. Will it be permanent? If not how will she recover? If she is completely better in the next two episodes that's not going to feel real.

    They need to fix the story with Yang and fast. Her whole subplot is incredibly uninteresting and just isn't her. She's in a no-where hospital and she has to work with the dude who gave the Board Exam to her. Get her out of Minnesota guys. She also can't get on a plane? Yang would be the one to power through this sort of thing. Meredith freaking out makes sense. Meredith freaks out sometimes. I mean she had dreamed she was going to die one day and then ended up with her hand wrapped around a bomb.

    I'm glad they are bringing April back. She's a character I've always liked. I can feel like she's a more Christian representation of Izzie (and I've missed Izzie since she's been off the show.)

    I'm glad Derek isn't just bouncing back. The damage to his hand was extensive enough that him just jumping back into the OR makes it seem like maybe he wasn't on the plane and not effected by the crash. Will be interesting to see if his hand will stay numb or if he'll find a way to recover.

    Overall they tried to show us some new Interns, maybe to replace the people we are losing? Either way introducing new characters in a long running show is challenging. It will be interesting to see how these newbies fit in at Seattle Grace.

    It wasn't horrible but it wasn't the best. Hopefully in the next few episodes they'll get back into the swing of things.