Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 1

Going Going Gone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • Devastatingly, utterly heartbreaking

    (Spoilers ahead).

    I took it when George died. Watching Derek shot was hard. There were tears shed when I watched Lexie die holding Mark;s hand. But damn this episode did me in, and I can;t think of a bleaker way to begin a new season.

    Not to say this episode wasn;t good, and didn;t do what it was intended to do. When the news was released that Eric Dane wasn;t coming back, Shonda said they planned to give him a "proper sendoff" and I, like many other fans, thought that there was no way to do that that didn;t involve killing him off because he would never leave Sofia. But even knowing that going in, watching him die was surprisingly hard.

    Partly that was because he was still there, Mark was still there, lying in bed, just looking like he was asleep and particularly when Avery was talking to him like he was having a conversation with him I kept waiting for Mark to open his eyes and agree with him. And then he didn't.

    His two main mourners are Derek and Callie, and you can tell how much he meant to both. Coming from Mark's first appearance on the show when Derek nailed him in the face to them becoming friends again and him and Callie going from hooking up to "I hate you-You love me" to having Sofia that watching the pain both were going through was truly heartbreaking.

    Everything else in the episode didn't seem as big or as hard to watch or the Mark stuff, but it was important. Christina didn;t return to Seattle and is in Minnesota but doesn;t like how her new hospital runs (although her attending was none other than MR. FEENY! If you don't get that reference, my heart goes out to you and if you do, you were probably just as excited as me). While she is skyping with Mer regularly it would become apparent that she and Owen haven;t been talking as is noticed how forlorn he looks when he sees her talking to Mer. Owen meanwhile, after putting interns in their place left and right goes to Iowa where April is literally walking a pig to ask her to return. I'm glad about this because while this may be the minority opinion, I've always liked April, the show really needs a character like her and I'm glad she'll be around once again.

    Alex is all set to leave for John Hopkins when he finds the new guy won't be continuing the work he and Arizona did so it looks like he's staying too. One of the only light moments in this episode came when Bailey who has been getting it on with Ben quite a lot finds she has a new nickname and Webber won;t tell her what it is "(Because I'm a gentlemen and I don't want to!") Alex tells her the interns call her Booty-Call Bailey. Those stupid, stupid interns.

    Which brings me to Mer. She has also been given a nickname by the interns, Medusa, because she is cracking the whip extra hard. All the interns are terrified of her and she hears them all talking about her in the gallery and Owen yells at the one who was in an appy with her because of how tastelessly she addresses what happened to Mer and the others. The one thing I found fault with Mer was leaving when Mark was dying. Yes she was just in the hall with Webber and Bailey, but her husband was watching his best friend die and she should've been there for him! I know she just lost the only family member she had and she;s Mer and this is hard for her but at the end when Derek is at home with Zola, Mer should be there with them.

    And the last big bomb to drop was Arizona lost a leg. After not seeing her for the entire episode, Callie goes home after Mark has died and tells her to snap out of it and Arizona whips off her blanket to reveal she lost a leg.

    Other than that, this was an incredibly sad episode, especially with the clips of Mark sprinkled throughout, particularly Mark being happy with baby Sofia and Callie and Arizona. It also got me when Avery had finished going over surgeries "with" Mark and his voice started breaking off when he said he thought he could take it from here, because it was clear he didn;t want to. Mark was a great character and he will be dearly missed by the show, and I worry to watch next week;s when they;ll be struggling in the woods again.
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