Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 1

Going Going Gone

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 27, 2012 on ABC

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  • Waiting Game

    I've seen the episode and I was really bracing myself since I know that Eric Dane will not be part of the next season, so this is my take on the last episode. Story wise, no major drama and I kind of miss the old Grey's when there is a case that is worth hi-jacking and they will unfold the drama from there. It's pretty much what happened a month after the crash.

    Eric Dane with those little videos and clips that shows different sides of him specially the last one where he was smiling, it made me cry the for about two hours. I wish Adison was there as well, because more that just an ex-boyfriend they are also friends. If I can have it my way he shouldn't have died because of Sophia an Callie. It also showed the dynamics of his relationship to Callie most of all not just because she is the mother of his child but because she is the girl bestfriend.

    In this episode, Callie shined in those very sutle way like when he told Karev that somethings just dies, and for a second there I was hoping that Arizona's character did but alas she is still alive. The look in her face when she was telling Arizona to snap out of it and when she was made aware that there is a new peds hired. She know how to connect with her audience without saying anything or contouring her face or crying to show her frustrations. Arizona insufferable as usual.

    Seems like Bailey and Meredith has switched places. Meredith, her character is abysmal. I think they should have lost Derek in the woods since he stunted the growth her character. Will they always be like that kissing in the corridors like teenagers for the last 8 seasons? Really Mer , after losing a sister? Not having Cristina around? The stony faced and Bailey attitude doesn't work for me. She needs to connect with the audience and being a lead, earn their sympathy.

    And Cristina state way not in rain but in a snowy hospital. She is still emotionally unavailable but I admire the command for sincere drive to succeed and separate personal issues when she enters the operating room.

    Alex is staying and Avery, not a lot to go on still. April will be back and maybe just maybe things will pick up in the next episodes or so.