Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 1

Good Mourning (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on ABC

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  • Pretty decent

    Sad episode, but things started progressing wehre they were at pause in last season.

    My only peeve is a completely out of place british chick who can't act to save her life. These chicks get thrown into a tv episode or movie with plot holes to cover screen time. Its annoying as he**.

    Otherwise, good progressions.
  • A GOOD episode in which we have to be MOURNING the show.

    I had a few problems with this episode.

    First of all, the beginning with the whole "That's not GEORGE" thing. If they hadn't gone to commercials we wouldn't have been so excited over nothing. And even so, it was wrong. They were toying with us.

    Then there's the reason of the MOURNING. With GEORGE gone, every main character is in a relationship. Although BAILEY and MARK & LEXIE announced they were terminating them, it wasn't concrete by this point. So there's no more of the show that became famous not because of the medicine, but because of all the sex!

    Aside from that, I enjoyed it.
  • Sad!

    The first half of the two hour premier, Good Mourning, was so sad. I was teary-eyed throughout the whole thing. Georege will be greatly missed. Izzie's reaction tore me up the most, when she put her hand on his, so touching. Callie also had several really good scenes in this episode. Dare I say it, but she may be becoming my 2nd favorite character (behind Izzie). Baily was stone, I've never seen her like that, it was awful. Derek possibly taking the chiefs job would be weird for me. Yanno? Because the chief has always been the chief, it would be weird if he just wasn't anymore. Overall, the first half was great, a solid 10.
  • A weak season opener.

    I was anticipating a much better season opener than this, especially after the strength of last season. The episode felt ... messy almost. I didn't feel the hurt and upset that I thought I would with the loss of George. Callie's reaction was ridiculous and Lexie basically accusing Meredith of making a mistake was ridiculous. Richard, Christina, Owen, Alex, Meredith - pretty much everyone who should of felt some grief, didn't. Izzie was the only one who I felt had an accurate reaction to his death, although laughing at his funeral was a bit awkward to watch. I hope the next episode get's better, because I love Grey's very much and would hate to see it go down hill.
  • I wanted more!

    First, how could they kill George? Second, why didn't I cry more and Third, are the rest of the episode going to be better? I don't mean to sound critical but I sat down prepared to cry my eyes out and I was completely dissappointed. Yes I did cry through out the episode but barely. Georges passing for me wasn't dramatic enough. There was just something, and I'm not completely sure what, that made me bored during the episode. I didn't like how they skipped from one day to the next it made the episode loose the dramatic edge that Grey's Anatomy is best know for. None of the characters apart from Callie really seemed that upset, they moved on and that was it, denial I know but you'd expect more. I did. I've been waiting for this episode for a long time and when I watched I had no idea why. All I have to say is that whoever compiles the trailer is amazing because it made the episode look everything that it didn't seem to be, dramatic, suspenceful and upsetting. Moving on I can't believe that we're not going to have any more George Omalley. Now thatv is sad to me, I loved him. He seemed to be the one that kept everyone together in the group. He is going to be missed, I just hope that Greys Anatomy is going to be as good without him!
    There were are few parts that I enjoyed in the episode and that was Callie and Doctor Mc Steamy. When he went to her apartment building. Now that I got a giggle out of and the funeral when Christina, Alex, Meredith and Izzy all laughed at what had happened in their lives. You couldn't help feeling their pain.
    I just hope that from this episode the season will get better, because if it doesn't I don't think that I am going to be a hugh Grey's Anatomy fan.
  • Decent episode, but killing George off is not good for me, and now it can be seen that Grey's Anatomy is not what it once was... is not the Grey's Anatomy I started enjoying five years ago.

    The season finale was pretty good and that episode had a lot of material for season six...
    But now we are in season six and clearly, there are some things missing. Words fail me, but it doesn't feel like GA anymore.

    -Izzie surviving was a big joy, at least they didn't get rid of one of the best characters of the series. I hope that the writers had a lot in store for her. And i loved that it was not forgotten that Izzie "used to laugh in funerals" as stated in season 2 with that bomb thing.
    -very good performance by Callie, she transmitted a lot of sadness through her tears, and that was a fine touch.

    The rest didn't catch really my eye. I loved the sad background, they hadn't done anything like this before. Part 1 was okay, but they shouldn't have got rid of George
  • Season 6 Premiere Part 1

    The premiere of the sixth season begins where the heart-wrenching, shocking, probably best finale ever left off: with two main character's lives in jeopardy. It was already leaked during the summer that Izzie lived and George died, so it wasn't shocker. The beginning was amazing!! but the rest was just good.

    First, Callie's performance of her reaction when George died was amazing. She is an outstanding actress! The doctors grieve with the loss of George, when his mother shows up and must decide what to do with his organs, she decides to let Callie make the decision, but she decides to let Izzie make the decision. So they donated George's organs. I liked Lexie's relationship with the British backpacker. I did think the laughing at the funeral went a little far, but I did like that they laughed, because that's classic grey's for ya. I loved when Callie told the Chief off, it was an outstanding performance from Callie.
  • The most depressing episode ever! Can we just forget what's happened and start fresh? I was looking forward to a start similar to the very first episode: fresh, funny, with interesting characters to explore, instead we get a recap of the horrible past..

    I don't want to be mean, but please, will you just let them die already!? O'Mally, Izzie, stop dragging out the suffering and the depression! Did they really think that the viewers want to start season 6 with horribly depressing stuff? Yes we all loved Izzie and George, but just let them rest in peace already! We all want to get over it and see some new material! Give us some new characters, turn the mood of the show to the positive, and make Grey's what attracted viewers from the beginning again! What's that? Sex in the on-call room, sexy doctors nicknamed after Mcdonald's hamburgers, clumzy interns, love triangles, drama!

    I'm really very disappointed and I'm one tiny inch away from giving up on it entirely.
  • Wow.

    The Grey's Anatomy season premiere drew nearly 18 million viewers, easily besting CBS' popular dramas The Mentalist and CSI, but it failed to produce two hours worthy of those ratings. This was essentially 85 minutes of crying and laughing, at the most inopportune, awkward times. Outside of Lexie Grey and Izzie Stevens the characters really have no direction and do not interest me whatsoever. I do not care about Callie and never will, and Chief Webber's problems with the board are not interesting either. This season looks like it could be the end of Grey's Anatomy being must-see TV if these are the kinds of storylines we are going to get.
  • Not the best!

    Grey's is pretty much my life.

    The finale was the biggest finale on tv and it was a solid solid 10 and the premiere it got was kinda disappointing. Too much is going on in the premiere. Richard has to grow the hell up, Bailey has to shut up and stop being so danm annoying. Lexie has to go, I can't stand her, she is too annoying. I want Callie and Mark to hook up. The lesbianness is just getting so annoying.

    This whole merging thing better be a phase, and Alex better grow up too. If I was a guy and had a girlfriend like Izzie, I would do whatever I could to make her happy.

    It was a good episode but it definetly wasn't the best one ever. I don't really know what to expect from that but I expected to be blown away and I wasn't But I still do love grey's :)
  • Season 6 Opener Part 1

    After a 2 hour finale in May, Grey's Anatomy picked up right where it left off in a 2 hour premiere. The 5 minute teaser that was circulating around last week, had us reconfirming whether or not TR Knight will be around, though the deal was that he's gone.

    So with O'Malley dead, Seattle Grace mourns his death in some ridiculous ways. Meredith acts like a stone, still unable to shed a tear. Cristina binges on sex, Bailey starts over controlling others. This might look a little weird until you watch the second hour. The other plot involved Izzy coming back from the dead. So again we get confirmation on issue#2 - 'overrated movie star Katherine Heigl' will stay on the show. Chief Webber has administrative problems of his own, with the board favoring Derek as the new chief. Again this is another mystery that was being built up for the second part. A decent opener, nonetheless.
  • Good but not too powerful

    This episode starts George and Izzie trying to be saved.
    For me it was obvious only one of them was going to die. And most probably it would have been George. Last season he did not get much air on the show and was sort of pushed aside from the real cast being the side guy of the show. So rather than sending him to the army, they wanted to make him look like a hero, a guy who would do anything to save others.

    Katherine (izzie) acted really well in the both the episodes 601 and 602. Her crying her words were very believable. The only problem with episode 2 was in the end when grey was crying, I really didnt feel like it was crying but more like acting only. Izzie gave her best and made it look believable. Other than that the acting was really good. But the episode was Okay.

    Secondly even if someone is gay you dont go on to someone else's bathroom when they are showering naked. that was not just weird but that was TOTALLY ridiculous.

    Yang was as usual a bit heartless but funny at the same time. I like lexie..she has a heart very different and caring and interesting.

    Derek was trying to act like he was the DAD of everyone. NOT bad. Sort of acting like the chief of everyone.

    Alex and Christina are a bit screwed. Alex needs to give his wife support. Callie needs to get a room. Izzie and Bailey are amazing. And I am glad Izzie did not die. I am not sure if I will miss george, but if Izzie had died I would have missed her a LOT!