Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 1

Good Mourning (1)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • In Season 2 Episode 17 (as we know it) while Mer and Cristina are on the floor with the bomb Izzie says to Alex "I laugh at funerals." And at George's funeral that is exactly what she does.

    • O'Malley has a freckle on his right hand shaped like Texas that Torres used to tease him about when they were together.

  • Quotes

    • Lexie: Clara, you just moved your fingers, like, you waved. You waved good-bye. This is huge!
      Clara: That's huge? That I waved a finger? That's... That's my life from now on? That's the best that I have to hope for?
      Lexie (referring to Mrs. O'Malley): Clara, do you see that woman out there, talking to Dr. Hunt? We... We buried her son, this week. He had an accident, like you. He wasn't even as bad off as you are. And he didn't make it. Clara, I know that it doesn't feel like it, but it is a miracle that you lived. It is a miracle. So, you should call your mom, she would wanna know the truth.
      Clara: You stupid little bitch. You really don't get it, do you? You should've let me die. You had no business... I have one working hand, I may never walk again. Do you think you're God? You had no business... Your friend is better off. His mom is better off. Do you think this is a miracle? Who wants to live like this? Just let me die!

    • Mrs. O'Malley: I'm... I'm having trouble... I'm having trouble. I-- I think it's because I'm having trouble understanding, there's a piece of the puzzle missing. I do better when I understand things. How things happen. And George, my George, the boy I knew, the boy I raised would never have joined the Army. So, I'm trying... I'm trying to understand that piece of it. I'm trying to understand why Georgie wasn't at work that day. Why he was on his way to my house to tell me that he joined the Army in wartime. I don't understand. And Dr. Webber said I should talk to you.
      Owen: Mrs. O'Malley, I didn't know him like you knew him. I didn't know him long. But, he had tremendous potential as a trauma surgeon. He was very fast on his feet. He could think and act simultaneously under intense pressure. He had tremendous potential. And, you know, he was impatient. He wanted to become better, faster. He wanted to save more lives. He was good. And he was thoughtful and generous. I think in the end, I think he was heroic and noble. And I liked him very much. And I think he gave you a good reason to be very, very proud.

    • Alex (after he opens the door and catches Mer and Der having sex on the stairs, his hands immediatly cover his eyes, and Mer runs up the stairs and Derek covers himself with a shirt): Whoa.
      Izzie: Oh my god, Derek!
      Derek: Hey, Hi!
      Alex: Dude, get a room!
      Izzie: On the stairs? Doesn't that hurt?
      Meredith (giggles): Leave us alone, we're newlyweds.
      Izzie: A post-it wedding does not make you newlyweds.
      Derek: You know what... you're newlyweds too. (throws keys at Alex) You need your own space.
      Alex: Dude, what are these?
      Derek: Key's to my trailer, your new home. Enjoy.

    • Mark (knocking on Callie's apartment door): Open up! Open the door, Torres. (knocks again) Open the door. I'll keep knocking and potentially damage my million dollar hands. (looks over sees the apartment across the hall, vacant)
      Callie (comes out of the apartment, crying): My ex-husband died, he died. He actually got hit by a bus. George got hit by a bus. And now... now I have to get a new job and I'm never gonna see my friends anymore and Arizona keeps bringing me doughnuts!
      Mark (Callie grabs onto Mark, they are hugging, as he soothes her, he looks over into the vacant apartment again): Is this place for sale? It's nice.
      Callie (pulls back to look at him): What?
      Mark (puts her head back against his chest): Oh, nothing. Nothing. Shhh. Shh.

    • Bailey: Okay, any pain here? Now, take a deep breath. Any dizziness when you stood up? Take a deep breath.
      Izzie: No.
      Bailey: Okay. You are going home. You are gonna come back in 12 days for another round of IL2 and then you have your PET scan 2 weeks after that. But, there's no need for you to keep living in this bed. You should take it easy. You are still a cancer patient, but you're no longer a surgical patient.
      Izzie (hugs her): Thank you, Dr. Bailey. I don't know how to... thank you.
      Bailey (gets choked up): Uh, don't forget to sign the discharge papers before you leave.

    • Mark: You want a ride home?
      Lexie: I was gonna clean out his locker. Give his stuff to his mom but... I was a bad friend. To George. I was about as good a friend to him as Clara's friends, who keep sending postcards from the trip she'll never get to take. I just... I... I abandoned him completely. I-I... I just moved out and stopped talking to him. And... Why? Because, because he didn't think I was as hot I thought he was? Because he... he didn't love me back?
      Mark: This may be bad timing but I gotta ask. What did that guy have? I mean, he wasn't much to look at. But, you and Stevens and Torres. Tell the truth. Was he... you know... hung?
      Lexie: That's...
      Mark: I know, I said bad timing.
      Lexie: I...
      Mark: But seriously, he was kind of a dorky little dude.
      Lexie: Stop! Stop talking. (laughs)
      Mark: Sorry. Sorry.
      Lexie (laughs): He-- He died. I... (starts crying) George died.

    • Richard: Not now, please. Not now.
      Derek: It's been a week. You've been avoiding me.
      Richard: Not now.
      Derek: I am buying you time you know. I am buying you time.
      Richard: You have no idea what I've given. You have no idea what I have sacrificed. For every miscalculation you think you see there have been a hundred things that I have gotten right no one knows.
      Derek: Look, I'm on your side, okay? I'm-- I'm not the board, I'm not Jennings.
      Richard: Then back off, then. Just... back off. And gimme time to think. Let me have a minute. O'Malley was my intern, and I'm trying to just take a minute... So, Derek, please... back off.

    • Izzie (laughing): Sorry.
      Meredith: You're laughing?
      Alex: She's laughing.
      Izzie (laughing): George is dead! He's dead! They're about to put him in the ground and the priest is doing classic rock lyrics! And that girl, that redhead, is crying harder than his mother and she never even met him! It's just--
      Cristina: You are far more twisted than I ever realized.
      Izzie (still laughing): You got married on a post-it! (they all laugh)
      Meredith (laughing): I got married on a post-it. I did. I did.
      Cristina: You guys got married for real! (they all laugh again)
      Izzie (laughing): And I got cancer!
      Alex (laughs): O'Malley got hit by a bus! (they all laugh, and stop as they see Amanda walk by crying, but burst out laughing again after she passes)
      Izzie: She hasn't stopped crying. (they all laugh a little harder)

    • Owen (they are making out, Cristina straddles him and opens her lab coat revealing sexy lingerie): Whoa... you are evil. You are the devil!
      Cristina: I am, I am the devil.
      Owen: Cristina you know the rules.
      Cristina: Oh, rules are stupid. (kisses him)
      Owen: Are you saying the shrink's stupid?
      Cristina: I'm saying she's a prude. She's prudey and misguided. (Owen moves her so she's laying on the bed, he hovers above her)
      Owen: She wants us to get to know each other. She wants me to keep getting to know myself. She does not want me burying myself in you. If we start to have sex, I'll bury myself in you.
      Cristina: Oh, now whose evil?
      Owen: It's not gonna be too much longer. Do you want me to quit therapy?
      Cristina: No! Crap! (starts to get redressed)
      Owen: Alright, we've gotta go to O'Malley's funeral anyway.
      Cristina: No. I hate funerals. Let's skip it. Ah, we can push up ceviche's debereavement. That's a good excuse.
      Owen: Ceviche?
      Cristina: Chopped up fish. Propeller accident. Ceviche. It's funny.
      Owen: Right. It's sick!
      Cristina: That's what makes it funny.
      Owen: We're going to the funeral, come on.

    • Scrub Nurse: The patient is George O'Malley, 29, procedure is organ recovery for donation. I will call on the receiving surgeons. Kidneys.
      Dr #1: St Luke's Children's. Boise.
      Bailey: Whose it for?
      Dr #1: Sorry?
      Bailey: Who are his kidney's for?
      Dr #1: I gave all that to the nurse.
      Bailey: I would like you to tell me.
      Dr #1: Molly Kemper, 8 years old, hypo-plastic kidney's.
      Bailey (fights back tears): Thank you. Lungs?
      Dr #2: Lungs and heart are going to Portland Medical Center. Terry Class, aged 22. Cystic fibrosis.
      Bailey: Liver? (screen fades to commercial as Bailey goes down the line of doctors)

    • Lexie: Are you here to give an update on the boating victim?
      Cristina: Uh, yeah. Where are--
      Lexie: They left, her friends left. They said they had a plane to catch and something about a concert in Vegas that they didn't wanna miss, they left her pack for you.
      Cristina: She's got dozens of surgeries ahead of her, if she survives this one. She needs a support system. Okay, until we find her family, you're it.
      Lexie: Wh-What... I'm sorry, you're ordering me to... What be her friend?
      Cristina: She's gonna wake up in a lot of pain, missing one of her legs and unable to use either of her arms, so yes, I am ordering you to be her friend, 'cause I'm sure as hell not gonna do it.

    • Richard: Did Torres decide about O'Malley? About his organs?
      Derek: I don't know.
      Richard: I'm gonna see where they are.
      Derek: Look Chief, I... I know this is the worst possible moment but, we need to talk. The board is planning a coup. They're saying that you've dropped the ball. That our ranking isn't coming up. They wanna oust you. They're asking me to support it. They're asking me to step up to take the job.
      Richard: Take my job?
      Derek: I told them I'd think about it. I bought you some time, but you need a plan.
      Richard (after his pager beeps): Torres has made a decision.

    • Derek: Hey.
      Meredith: Hey.
      Derek: Need to go home?
      Meredith: No.
      Derek: Did you eat?
      Meredith: No.
      Derek: Can you eat?
      Meredith: No.
      Derek: You should cry.
      Meredith: No.
      Derek: Maybe if you cry you'll feel better.
      Meredith: I... you just... just you being here is... and don't say anything. Just be here. That... that helps. How are you?
      Alex (walks up): Meredith, we need you.
      Meredith: Okay, excuse me. (walks off)

    • Arizona: I have a kid in there, 15 years old, previously healthy. Has back pain bad enough to cause vomiting. Can you talk it through with me, cause I can't figure out what it is and I think best out loud.
      Bailey: Did you not hear about George O'Malley?
      Arizona: I did. It's incredibly sad.
      Bailey: I cannot talk to you right now. I cannot work right now.
      Arizona: Dr. Bailey, I hear that, and I don't mean to be insensitive but, this kid... this kid's still alive. And I don't know what's wrong with him, not a clue. So, I need you to work. I need you to talk through this living patient with me Bailey. Please.
      Bailey (teary-eyed): ... How's his neuro exam?
      Arizona: Normal.
      Bailey: Could it be a compression fracture?
      Arizona: Plane films and CT are negative. (screen fades as they continue to talk)

    • Callie: What about his heart? (Izzie nods) Okay. His eyes? I know... don't wanna imagine him without his eyes.
      Izzie: George would give everything. His skin, his eyes, he would give everything.

    • Izzie (into phone): George, it's me. You know, I pretty much died not too long ago so I need you to call me back. Please. (hangs up) I know, I played the cancer card. I'm gross. Whatever.
      Alex: I need to tell you something, and I need you to not panic. I need you to keep breathing. I need you to stay alive 'cause... I swear to god, I need you to stay alive. Alright?
      Izzie: Okay.
      Alex: O'Malley, he got in an accident. ... He's brain-dead.
      Izzie: I'm sorry, what? (fades to commercial)

    • Alex: I didn't tell her, okay?
      Callie: Karev.
      Alex: We just ignored her DNR, her kidney's quit and she coded. She was freakin' intubated. She's not strong enough.
      Callie: What's her BUN?
      Alex: 15.
      Callie: And her creatine?
      Alex: 1.5.
      Callie: She's strong enough. She's strong enough, and you have to tell her.
      Alex: Why? It can wait.
      Callie: N-No, it can't. It can't wait because George's organs are not gonna be viable for long. If they want to use them they have to do it soon and I have to decide if they get to use them. And, I need Izzie to help me, because she's the one who should decide. ... She's who should decide. So that's one reason. And... the other reason is... Karev, if you let them unplug George without giving her a chance to say goodbye, I mean it, she will never forgive you. You have to tell her.

    • Andy's Mom: Do I need to take my son to another hospital?
      Arizona: What?
      Andy's Mom (looks over at Steve): That doctor's hands are shaking as he tries to stick my son with a needle. And those nurses are crying... You and your friend, what the hell is going on here?
      Arizona: There was an accident and one of our people died.
      Andy's Mom: Andy is my person. He's my only person. And something is wrong with him, so what I'm asking you is... Do I need to take him somewhere else?
      Arizona: No. No, okay? I'll make Andy my person. I'll make Andy my person, too.

    • Arizona: I'm so sorry, I just heard. I don't know what to say. Go home, you need to go home. You need to cry and scream and... When my brother died I ate doughnuts. I ate a lot of doughnuts and that helped some but, god. I don't... I don't know what to say.
      Callie: His mom wants me to decide about his organs. He lost his wallet in the accident. They don't know if he's a donor and now his mom wants me to decide, and I can't. I can't tell her no, but I can't decide. I mean, we were only married for a few months.
      Arizona: Okay. But, during those months you were the most important person in George's life.
      Callie: No... No, I wasn't.

    • Callie (watching as Richard talks to Mrs. O'Malley): This doesn't feel real. Does this feel real to you?
      Bailey: No... I don't know.
      Callie (seeing Mrs. O'Malley approach): Oh, crap. I can't... (turns to walk off)
      Bailey (softly): Oh, come on, don't walk away now.
      Callie: Mrs. O'Malley, I'm so sorry. I...
      Mrs. O'Malley: You were his wife. In God's eyes you're still his wife. You should decide about his organs. You should decide.
      Callie: But I--
      Mrs O'Malley: I can't. I can't do it, Callie. I can't do it. You understand? Ronnie and Jerry are off on some fishing expedition in Alaska and they're gonna come home and I have to tell them that Georgie... (crying) That's all I can do. It's all I can... I can't. I... I can't even see him like this. I can't. You need to do this for me. Can you do this for me? (Callie nods)

    • Richard (as everyone's pager's go off): You people answer your pages! ... George O'Malley jumped in front of a bus today. He knew what he was doing and he did it anyway. And he did it to save a life. So, I'm not gonna allow you doctors to stand here. There are lives on the line. There are lives we can save. So, if George O'Malley can jump in front of a bus, we can answer our damn pages. So, lets go. (everyone walks off) Damn it. Damn it, O'Malley.

    • Meredith: He wrote in my hand. (everyone questions her at once about it) He grabbed my hand, and he squeezed it, and he wrote with his finger.
      Derek: He wrote with his finger?
      Meredith: You know... in my hand! He wrote 007.
      Bailey: Wh--Give me... (takes Mer's hand and writes with her finger) Okay, what did I write?
      Meredith: Joe?
      Bailey: N-No. I did not write Joe!
      Everyone: Are you serious? It could not be him? How do you know?
      Mark: This is funny.
      Richard: Did anyone try and call O'Malley? Can we get him on the phone? (everyone takes out their phones and calls)
      Meredith: I'm telling you he squeezed my hand.
      Bailey: Shut it! You don't get to talk anymore. You don't get to talk ever again.
      Meredith: I could have sworn it was George.
      Cristina: I got his voicemail.
      Lexie: He's not answering.
      Callie: He has a freckle on his right hand, it's shaped like Texas. I used to tease him about it. ... I'll check. (she goes into George's room, and looks on his hand for it, everyone awaits her reaction outside the room, they see her sigh, defeated and start crying, they know it's George)

    • Lexie: Who said that was George? Why do we think that's George?
      Callie: Meredith said... I don't know.
      Lexie: That's not George. Look... look at his feet. Look how tall he is. That's not George.

    • Alex: You can't tell her.
      Meredith: Alex...
      Alex: She coded in my arms. Out of nowhere, she died. Just... I'll tell her. I'll tell her when she gets stronger.
      Izzie (calls from her room): Alex...
      Alex (walks towards her): You okay?
      Izzie: I had a dream. He was in his uniform.
      Alex: What?
      Izzie: George is gonna die in the army if we don't stop him. Hand me my phone, I need my phone.

    • Amanda: Who's George?
      Lexie: What?
      Amanda: John Doe, the guy who threw me out of the way of the bus. The guy who saved my life. Everyone's crying and they keep saying "John Doe is George." Who's George? (Lexie and Mark look worried and run off)

    • Callie: Chief... I-I um, was just wondering, I-I haven't heard anything about my application for attending, so...
      Richard: Well, Dr. Torres, Dr. Chang's 401k took a hit so he's putting off retirement for another year or two.
      Callie: So... So what, you're not giving me the job?
      Richard: There is no job. Not this year. I'm sorry, I assumed you heard.
      Callie: Okay, um... Dr. Chang is basically a figure-head, you're clear on that, right? I mean, when people want the best they page me, I have been basically running Dr. Chang's department all year.
      Richard: Dr. Chang has an impeccible record.
      Callie (talks over him): He is a dinasour!
      Richard: And so am I!
      Callie: You're... this is... You're gonna regret this. (turns to leave)
      Richard: Dr. Torres.
      Callie: No. No. I am... just... I am excellent! I am excellent and any other hospital would be thrilled to have me! (switches to a scene with Derek and Jennings, now Calllie is walking away from Richard and right by Derek and Jennings) Yes, I am! I'm a superstar! A superstar with a scalpel!
      Richard: Torres...
      Callie (turns around to face the Chief): No! Don't say my name. Do not. I am too big a star for you to say my name. I build arms out of nothing! And legs. Like God! And when I win the Harper Avery and every other prize there is, you will rue this day, Chief Webber. That's right. I said rue!

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): In medical school, we have a hundred lessons that teach us how to fight off death, and not one lesson on how to go on living.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): According to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, when we are dying or have suffered a catastrophic loss, we all move through five distinct stages of grief. We go into denial because the loss is so unthinkable; we can't imagine it's true. We become angry with everyone, angry with survivors, angry with ourselves. Then we bargain, we beg, we plead, we offer everything we have. We offer up our souls in exchange for just one more day. When the bargaining has failed and the anger is too hard to maintain, we fall into depression, despair, until finally we have to accept that we have done everything we can. We let go. We let go and move into acceptance.

  • Notes

    • Ellen Pompeo was currently pregnant with her first child (Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery) when the started of season 6 began filming. This is the reason for her lack of screen time she received for the first quater of the season.

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Pět stupňů zármutku (Five Stages of Grief)

    • This episode spans the time of 13 days. Covering Day 1 to 13 after George's death.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Finland: November 4, 2009 on Nelonen
      Latin America: November 9, 2009 on Sony Entertainment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony)
      The Netherlands: November 23, 2009 on Net5
      Croatia: January 14, 2010 on RTL TV
      Australia: February 2, 2010 on Channel 7
      Saudi Arabia: February 3, 2010 on ShowSeries
      Germany: March 31, 2010 on ProSieben
      Norway: August 3, 2010 on TV2
      Czech Republic: June 20, 2011 on Prima LOVE

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. Wade In the Water by Sweet Honey In The Rock
      2. The Fox by O+S
      3. Speaking a Dead Language by Joy Williams
      4. This Sweet Love by James Yuill
      5. Wade In the Water by Sweet Honey In The Rock

    • Jessica Capshaw ("Arizona") became a regular, and was added to the opening credits, while T.R. Knight ("George") was removed from them.

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