Grey's Anatomy

Season 6 Episode 2

Goodbye (2)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Sep 24, 2009 on ABC

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  • Part 2 is the beginning of a row of louzy episodes. They have a lot to write about... Still, those ideas didn't get the attention they needed because they weren't treated in depth...

    Part two was not okay at all and could not keep up with part one.

    With the merging, Callie going on and off the hospital, MerDer dissaperaring at times, a short period of time to treat Alex-Izzie storyline, among other things, it seems that we cannot see the spirit of GA anymore. This is rather too different from what I (or we) used to watch. I don't see anything reminiscent of past seasons (forget that they've cut off four characters) to make me in love with the series again.

    -MerDer: it seems like it's all over, the thrill of the chase, or rather, the thrill of them trying to be togheter was what kept it interesting (in season one with them being and affaire, in season two with Addison in the way, in season three trying to be a good couple but with a lotta trouble, with season four with S and M, Rose and anger -which was the worse for them- and some episodes of season five when they are trying to get married)and now everything has been done... Remember that this was one of the central ideas of the beginning of the series, and now we are left with nothing.

    -Alex and Izzie: love them, but really the writers didn't give them enough time to treat the recovery plot and their marital problems. We now see a scared Alex that hurts the world because of his inner wounds (again, far off the initial Alex that was tough and still had some humanity signs inside, but nice anyway) They deserved more, since season 5 mainly revolves around them trying yo be toghether and with her disease.

    -Lex-Mark: Another couple that ahs lost its drive. There is not anything interesting abnout them.

    -Callie-Arizona: I still think, even though i like her, Arizona is a replacement of Erica. It's good to see the story working up up to this point and I hope writers have a lot in store for them.

    -Merging: absolutely the worse idea ever, because it makes the series really confusing. I don't see why Mercy West had to merge with Seattle Grace, since they previously were in a better position. It seems to contradict the fact that Mercy West were (or are) in the first positions of that list posted in episode 5x1, it wouldn't be clear why ehad economical troubles. -Miranda: suddenly, she doesn't talk about her fellowship in peds. What about that? The writers simply forgot that?

    Cristina and Owen: I still think that Owen is trying to somehow replace Burke (even if Cristina does not have a storyline indeed). But at least they are trying to solve their issues.

    -Cristina: give her a storyline already. I don't remember much more (sad, I used to remember tha cases presented in each episode).

    I would like to see GA go back to basics, because it seems like I'm watching another series. I don't know how are they going to do that, though...

    Prepare yourselves for this to worsen...
  • The return of Grey's after a few month's absence and a cliffhanger ending for the previous season. Yet another excellently made episode, but not as strong as I expected.

    I'll start with the good parts, since we've been waiting for Grey's to return for quite a long time, and there were many good parts in this double.

    First of all, merging the two hospitals together with Webber staying on as Chief is in my opinion an excellent decision. Derek just wouldn't cut it as Chief for me. Plus, the environment where the show is taking place has pretty much exhausted all of its possibilities. It will be exciting to include new characters, new settings and new challenges to the show.

    Callie and Arizona staying together is also a good thing, this shows that the writers weren't treating the issue as a short-term shock-factor. Also, Christina and Owen staying together is great. Owen is a strong and solid character and their relationship is very promising script-wise. The therapy sessions are a great idea. Hope they keep it up. Also, focusing on George's death through the reactions of everyone else was a good thing. The scene where Izzy decides about the organ donation however, and the scene in the surgery where Bailey asks where the organs will be given, were very cheesy and looked more as if they belonged in a regular soap-opera. The comic moments where Lexie freaked out about Callie and Mark were predictable (as is in fact all of Lexie and Mark's relationship at this point), but Clara and the way she dealt with her infirmity was realistic, and refreshing. A good start, but after the previous season's cliffhanger I had my heart set on something more special. Let's see where things lead us after the big merger.
  • Season 6 Premiere Part 2

    In the second part of the sixth season premiere, Callie begins work at Mercy West. Cheif prepares for a very important meeting and gets in a car accident and ends up at Mercy West, where Callie is treating him. Mark moves into his new place where Lexie learns that Callie lives right across the hall and Lexie doesn't like this when Callie changes in front of them and when she walks in when Mark is in the shower to talk to him, so she confronts Callie, but Callie tells her she really is gay and that Mark doesn't look at her boobs anymore when she walks in a room. Derek still is mad because Cheif is not making him the new cheif. At the end of the episode the Cheif makes a big announcement that Seattle Grace is merging with Mercy West.

    Good episode. For a premiere though. eh. The things I didn't like were the Derek-Cheif storyline - how many times are you gonna make them fight over cheif. I can't even remember what happened wih Meredith, Christina, Alex, and Izzie in this episode.

    It's episodes like these that make me love Callie, Lexie and Mark because without them this episode would of been ok.
  • Seriously?

    I was highly disappoointed in season 5. But in the end, the writers really made up for their crappy ghost storyline and other crazy things.
    And after the amazing finale we had, my expectations were high.

    I have to say, the season opener was really disappointing. Grey's Anatomy is famous for writing amazing things when it comes to drama and death. But this time they really messed up.

    Laughing at George's funeral? Seriously? They didn't even manage to make me cry while Izzie and Alex's wedding made the tears stream down my face.

    Exploring the 5 stages of grief was a good idea - even though it's not new - but something was missing.
    The only intense part was when each character said a sentence and that Cristina finally realises that George is dead.

    I don't know what to expect anymore for this show...
  • Season 6 Opener Part 2

    The second part tries to veer away from the O'malley storyline, and attempts to focus on issues that will make storyboards for the current season. However, the episode provides closure for the George saga, with the realization of his death finally sinking in on the characters. So yes, tears are shed, silences are broken, and good old memories are recalled.

    I loved the way writers handled the plot. Most dramas would make a montage of George's moments over the last 5 years, with a melodious track rolling in the background. I especially liked the scene where the realization finally sinks in for Meredith, when O'Malley's lockers are cleared out to create space. It was so symbolic in a countless ways.

    Well the story forward, will be more in line with the current economic situation. With Seattle Grace and Mercy West merging, we might get to see some new faces rolled out. I also observed how Derek, though he seems like the nicest guy around, is made to act like a total d**k. He clearly was vying for the Chief's post, and toward the end we see his dreams were shattered.

    Finally, I would like to see how Heigl exits the show temporarily. I hope ratings soar when she' not there, so that they can kill her off completely.

    p.s. Yes, I hate Katherine Heigl.
  • Absolutely gutted! such a sad two-parter start to the season!.

    just watched it and i am wiping my eyes it was so sad. I will miss George so much, his relationship with Izzie was the golden egg of the show for me and i'm gutted they couldn't get him back for the new season as well as Izzie.
    To be honest though, we saw less of George last season than i would have liked and it was a good way to go and this 2-parter was well structured in how the characters dealt with the loss.
    Maybe we could see George in a few episodes as Izzie starts hallucinating again?? I didn't agree with the hallucinations last season but if we see George again i have no objections.
    All-in-all a very sad episode but a good one.George dead is a huge blow for me and i will miss him and Izzie, but he went out in a good way which reflects everything about him.
    I did enjoy the scene though where Arizona talks to Derek about his nickname McDreamy.i did laugh a bit at that one. Also the last scene with Alex and Izzie was a nice touch - although were they just talking about them or were they coping more with the loss of George??
  • Good but not great

    Both Goodbye and Good Mourning were good episodes, but not Grey's best. As ususal, the acting is very solid. Favorite moment in Good Mourning was Bailey asking about the recipients of George's organs. Very touching and well acted. I thought Goodbye was more of a return to Grey's with a mix of humor and sentiment. The story line between Owen and Cristina is one that continues to draw fans! The inclusion of their sessions with Dr. Wyatt was a great idea and gives better insight into some of the challenges that may lay ahead. I find myself fascinated by these two characters!