Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 12

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on ABC
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The holiday season has started, but not everyone is in a festive mood. Burke and Cristina struggle with young patient Justin, who fiercely opposes a life-saving heart transplant, and his overbearing mother. Meredith, George, and Cristina try to support Izzie after her breakup with Alex, but she is furious when she finds them helping Alex study for an important exam. George has a female patient with a bleeding ulcer, but it's the outlandish behavior of her family members that tests his strength the most. Lastly, Derek treats a young father facing brain surgery after falling from a ladder, and Derek's negative attitude about the holidays in general might be having an indirect impact on his patient.moreless

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  • Merdith gets caught by Christina, Christina gets caught by George and Geroge gets caught by Izzie who does what Jesus would do.

    Merdith drops a surgery to helph Alex study, pretending she is a patient. Christina walks in on them, and Meredith leaves her to helph Alex when she gets paged. Christina is preteding to be a patient when George walks in saying;

    Whaat the? Does Izzie know this? Does Burke know this? Christina explains him and leaves him to helph Alex, but in the end he got caught by Izzie. In the end she decides to helph Alex out. Both Meredith and Derek feels down in the Christmas, and Addison does not understand what is going on. In the end Derek reveals to her that he loves Meredith, and just because he chose her does not mean it just stops. Christina and Burke are having an argument about Christmas, and santa claus and sprits. She mocks him for beliving in spirits, but in the end she manages to get a boy who does not wanna live anymore, to wanna live. Though she wont reveal it :P

    Izzie and Derek are working on a guy who changes personality, but they manage to change it back. George is working on a lady with gastric ulcer, with the most horribel family ever. Bailey is struggeling with her pragnecy while she is operating.moreless
  • wonderful episode! funniest was when christina, meredith and george were trying to help alex study, it was hilarious. am so happy the way the have all bonded and now have something in common. i felf sorry for addison the whole episode.moreless

    i think addison should take the hint and do something more constructive intsead of waiting for everything to get back to normal with derek, cos seriously in his mind all he is seeing is her having an organsim on his favourite sheets with his best friend! i felt so sorry for alex but i loved it when izzie came to help him study, it is really what Jesus would do!dr. bailey was fabulous. really christiana should really treat burke better for crying out loud already.moreless
  • A satisfying holiday episode.

    Cristina actually being Jewish was a nice surprise. I was wondering if any of the characters would be (because every show ALWAYS has a Christmas episode, and most do not acknowledge other religions), but I definitely did not expect it to be Cristina.

    It was nice to see Izzie being her cheerful self again, until she blew up at everyone for helping Alex. It was very selfish and immature of her to not be able to separate work from pleasure.

    Meredith actually giving up a surgery to Alex was sweet. For once, she was thinking about someone other than herself.

    The plot line with Justin (the kid who didn’t want the new heart) was so sweet. Only a child would see past the fact that he got to live and be upset about the kids who died. Cristina trying to convince him to live was touching. I love seeing her softer side.moreless
  • Merry Christmas!!!???

    What's a better place to discuss the holiday's than a hospital. Izzie loves celebrating christmas, and the rest just let her do what she wants to do because they feel sorry for her.

    The fact that they all helped Alex for his exams showed what good friends they are. I really like that about this serie.

    Seeing Bailey pregnant as she is was really funny. For a moment, I thought she was about to give birth during the operation! I'm really curious if we are gonna see her as a mom. I bet she will do a great job!

    I wonder if things will work out between Addisson and Derek. Right now it seems he doesn't really want to try. He stays with Addison while his heart is with Meredith. He has got to make his mind up, because right now he isn't fair against both of them.

    I liked Cristina with that little boy. It seemed that she was the only one who understood him.

    I hope she and Burke will stay together for a while. She is right when she says that they have nothing in comment, but he makes her see the world in another way and I like that.

    I hope that we can enjoy Grey's anatomy for a long time!!

  • I love these people

    Every time I watch an episode I realize that I love these people.

    It was so funny that Izzy overdecorated the house (my daughter and I both yelled "Christmasnazi" because that's what she was called in Roswell).

    I don't hate Alex, I understand and I also understood why they all helped him.

    I loved Bailey for what she always says, in this episode it was what she said about Alex to George.

    She's so funny.

    I always love George, the way he talked to that patient's family after Bailey okayed it with him was very good.

    I still like Derek with Meredith, if I have to believe all you guys, that will change, but for now I'm sticking with it.

    Christina and Burke crack me up.

    Christina has so much humor and she's so straight to the point. Beautifully spoken words to that boy, she really came through.

    As I said before, I love these peoplemoreless
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Ellen Pompeo

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Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens

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Justin Chambers

Dr. Alex Karev

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T.R. Knight

Dr. George O'Malley

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Chandra Wilson

Dr. Miranda Bailey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: In the scene with Burke asking Cristina about her religious practices, you can see the camerman and lighting man in the reflection of the windows.

    • Goof: When Derek and Addison were talking in the CT room Derek takes his iPod from his neck, wraps it up and puts it in his pocket. But as he is leaving the room it is back around his neck.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Cristina (about Justin): Okay, we need to get him back on the donor's list. It's a bad heart.
      Burke: It's not a bad heart.
      Cristina: Well, can you get him back on the list?
      Burke: He's waited two years for this heart. He has to fight for it. He has to decide if he wants to live.
      Cristina (frustrated): Okay, medically speaking is there anything else we haven't done?
      Burke: The way you're feeling right now … is why I have to believe in something bigger than me. Because if I didn't, that powerlessness would eat me alive.

    • Addison: Dr. Stevens. (Izzie ignores her and continues walking, Addison calls out after her) Nice talking to you. (to Derek) Think she'll ever talk to me again? (Derek is silent, staring at the CT screen) Am I invisible? I'm feeling strangely invisible. (Derek is still silent) Also inaudible.
      Derek: What?
      Addison: Another surgery? So I guess dinner-shopping is out.
      Derek: Yeah, it's not gonna happen tonight. Sorry.
      Addison: No, you're not. I'm just trying to figure out why you're not. It's Christmas Derek.
      Derek: Yeah. I know.
      Addison: It's our season. What's going on? Are you mad? Are you depressed? What?
      Derek: No. Mr. Epstein here is depressed. He's bleeding from his frontal lobe. Everything's fine. We're fine Addie. You know, I'll see you at home, okay?

    • Meredith (while doing surgery, Bailey backs away from the table): Dr. Bailey?
      Bailey (raises her hand to silence Meredith): Just wouldn't want to throw up in the body cavity.
      Meredith: Do you need …?
      Bailey: I just need a minute Grey. Oh when you operate the rest of the world goes away. Hunger, thirst, pain. You don't feel it in the O.R. But it's not that way when you're sharing you're body with another person. Okay. (she walks back up to the table and starts operating again)
      Meredith: Are you sure you don't want me to find someone to take over for you?
      Bailey: What I want you to find me is a strawberry milkshake. Extra thick.
      Meredith: Seriously?
      Bailey (nods): Yeah, nausea. Comes with the hunger, Grey. Go. (Meredith runs off)

    • Izzie (about Mr. Epstein): You had his brain open. Literally open. He was laying there unconscious and vulnerable and …
      Derek: You think I poisoned him with my anti-holiday venom.
      Izzie: Well you're the one that's always saying that there's a lot about the brain we don't know. How do you know that your words didn't speak to him on some unconscious level? I mean he trusted you to be his … Shepherd. (Izzie seems shocked that she said that)
      Derek: Dr. Stevens, you should be a little embarrassed.
      Izzie (nods): I am.
      Derek: Good.

    • Mrs. Hasting (to Derek): He's the love of my life, and I know that you have a lot of other patients to take care of, but he's the love of my life. (starts crying) And I need your word that you're going to treat this change in my husband's personality the same way you'd treat a fatal cancer, because that's how this feels to me and my kids. We were a family. We were a happy family, and if you could just fix it... just please fix it.
      Derek (takes her hand): I'm gonna do everything in my power, Mrs. Hasting.

    • Mrs. Hasting (bringing her kids in to see their father after his brain surgery): See, kids? Daddy's okay.
      Jessie (jumps on his bed): Daddy, Daddy! I can kiss it better, Daddy!
      Tim (to his wife): Jillian, I have a headache.
      Leah: I'll sing for you, Daddy. Dashing through the snow......
      Tim: No--
      Leah: In a one horse open sleigh...
      Tim: No, no, damn it, Leah, shut up! I can't stand that insipid song!
      Mrs. Hasting: Tim!
      Tim: Just get out! Get out! Get the hell out of here, all of you!
      Jake (to Shepherd): You stupid shepherd! You broke my dad's brain!

    • (Izzie is helping Alex study)
      Alex: Uh, is the nausea constant or intermittent?
      Izzie: Constant.
      Alex: When, when did it first start?
      Izzie: After I worked in the fields all day.
      Alex: Do you have any allergies you're aware of? (Izzie is struggling really hard not to cry. Her eyes are filled with tears)
      Izzie (shakes her head) No.
      Alex (sits next to Izzie who is now crying): Izzie... I never wanted to hurt you.
      Izzie (crying): You didn't hurt me. I don't even know you. I'm a farmer!
      Alex: You, you're still the patient?
      Izzie (still crying): What does it look like?
      Alex: It's organophosphates. (Izzie nods) Pesticide poisoning. Crying is a symptom, that's right?
      Izzie (nods and keeps crying): Right.

    • Jimmy: How is she?
      Mrs. Shelton: Is she gonna be alright?
      Bailey: She lost a lot of blood but we were able to replace and repair the tear. She's gonna require several days of observation but she should have a full recovery.
      Jimmy: Oh, thank god. (Bailey is smiling as she starts to leave)
      Mrs. Shelton: Thank god is right 'cause we're certainly not going to thank you. (Bailey turns back to face her) We should sue you for all your worth! We sat here and sat here and sat here and sat here and sat here …
      Bailey (whispers to George): You wanna help me out?
      Mrs. Shelton: And watched you take patient after patient after …
      George (whispers): Really?
      Bailey (whispers): Yeah. You got your second chance. Just don't screw it up.
      Mrs. Shelton: You made my daughter wait for 3 whole days for her operation! I should sue you and this whole damn hospital!
      George: Okay, yeah you could sue us or you could just consider the possibility of just shutting the hell up.
      Mrs. Shelton: What did you say to me? (to Ernie) Did you hear what he said to me?
      Ernie: I heard him.
      Josh: You can't talk to an old lady like that.
      Mrs. Shelton: Where is my daughter? I'd like to see her.
      George: Well, you can't. I'm her doctor and she is my patient and this is a hospital which is the kinda place where people could generally use a little peace and quiet. So no right now you can't see her. And I'm not saying this just because you threatened to sue Dr. Bailey who spent the last several hours saving your daughter's life (the family look outraged at this, while Bailey just looks smug) saving your wife's life. I'm saying this because she is my patient and she is in the recovery wing of this hospital trying to recover! And visiting hours are over! So goodnight! (a little calmer) and Merry Christmas. (he walks off, leaving the family looking shell shocked)
      Bailey: Interns. Too emotional. Oh, apologies. (she walks off now too)

    • Cristina: You know I don't believe in Santa either Justin or God. (Justin looks over at her slowly) I believe in medicine. And it's a medical miracle you're alive. With that you heart you had, you should've, you should've died after two weeks after you were born. Except some surgeon figured out a way to give you someone else's heart which is, is so much cooler than Santa. ... So I'm just saying ... I think you should decide to live. ... Live so you can become a doctor and you can find a way to do heart transplants without someone having to die. Or live so you can grow up so you can have kids and you know what raise them not to believe in Santa. And that, that would piss your mom off. (Justin smiles) Just decide to live because in your case dying really isn't the best revenge.

    • Burke: You equated my spirituality with a belief in Santa Claus.
      Cristina: Burke, science is the one thing. You know it's the one thing we have in common. I'm an intern and you're not. I'm a slob and you're not. I say I want to keep our relationship private and you go and tell the Chief of Surgery and you asked me to move in with you and now you're religious.
      Burke: Spiritual. There's a difference.
      Cristina: Well not to me. ... I don't know what we're doing.
      Burke (looks angry): Well, right now we're working.

    • Izzie: What a great family. Hanumas. Chrismakkuh. And how cute are those kids?
      Derek (sarcastically): Really, Dr. Stevens. Chrismakkuh.
      Izzie: I think it's sweet.
      Derek: Do you know what time of year neurosurgeons are the busiest, Dr. Stevens?
      Izzie: There's a time of year?
      Derek: There's no hard or fast rule, but brain injuries tend to pile up around the holidays. Like our friend here. Folks fall off their roofs while they string up lights, or when they go skating for the first time in a decade, break their heads open. (Izzie looks slightly ill at this) And every year people drive through blizzards to get to parties where they kiss germ-infected strangers under poisonous mistletoe. And then they get so drunk that they smash their heads through their windshield on their way home. Like I said, there's no hard or fast rule. (Izzie looks more ill now than before)

    • George: Paging, Dr. Karevian. (everyone laughs except for Bailey)
      Bailey: What did you just say?
      George: Ah... it, it's a joke, Kevorkian, karevian... Alex Karev?
      Bailey: I get the joke. I just don't think it's funny. You see this O'Malley? I make one mistake with this scalpel and this man's dead. My husband, he makes mistakes at his job all the time. As far as I know he's never killed anyone but I have. And you will. And Alex did. He made a math mistake and a man died for it. Run that past your accountant... see how he'd feel if every mistake he made, someone ended up dead. You don't have to like Alex, you don't have to care about him, but you damn well have to be on his side.

    • Meredith (in old lady voice): I don't know. It hurts here and here and back here.
      Alex: Any chance you got hit by a truck and forgot about it?
      Meredith: You're judged on bedside manner Alex. I wouldn't be surprised that's why you failed the last time.
      Alex: Could you be any more patronizing? I didn't ask for your help.
      Meredith: Enough with the ego! You big baby! I gave up a surgery for this! (she lies back down and goes back to old woman's voice) Now like I said, it hurts here, and here and back here. Oh and this morning I noticed my poop was a funny grayish color. (Alex looks unamused)

    • Burke: Justin's depressed. You heard him. He doesn't want to live. I just hope he changes his mind before it's too late.
      Cristina: Uh, what do you mean too late?
      Burke: With all medical realities being equal, why does one patient live and another dies? I believe there's a mind-body-spirit connection. And if Justin really doesn't want this heart, his body will reject it.
      Cristina: Okay, let me get this straight. You don't just celebrate Christmas, you actually believe in Santa Claus?

    • Addison: Okay for your mom, I got a lamb's wool blanket, hand made in Edinburgh. It's soft, comfortable and says don't hate me for hurting your son. Accept the fabric.
      Derek: Addie, you know my mom loves you.
      Addison: No, she used to love me. I got a lot of ground to make up for with these gifts. (she holds the catalogue to Derek) So what do you think? Plain or plaid?
      Derek: Uh, I dunno, whatever you want.
      Addison: But you love Christmas shopping.
      Derek: I'm just really not in the mood for it right now.

    • Meredith (closing voiceover): There's an old proverb that says you can't choose your family. You take what the fates hand you. And like them or not, love them or not, understand them or not, you cope. Then there's the school of thought that says the family you're born into is simply a starting point. They feed you, and clothe you, and take care of you until you're ready to go out into the world and find your tribe.

    • George (about Bailey): Look at her belly! She's almost as wide as she is tall!
      Meredith: Are her ankles swollen? Is that why she's waddling?
      Izzie: What's gonna happen to us when she goes on leave?
      Cristina: Leave? She's going on leave?
      Meredith: What do you think happens when people push babies out of their vaginas?
      George: Do you think we're gonna get a new resident?
      Alex: Nah, they'll probably just let us all walk around unattended, see how much damage we can do.
      Izzie: Yeah, well, you would know. Hey you guys, we should all get together and get Bailey a Christmas gift for the baby. Or we could um, organize some sort of secret Santa thing.
      Cristina: Okay, listen Tiny Tim you can take --- (Meredith and George move quickly to block Cristina and interrupt her loudly)
      George: Sounds great.
      Meredith: Secret Santa sounds great Izzie.
      Izzie (smiles): Okay. (Izzie walks off. George and Meredith turn to Cristina, who looks pissed)
      Meredith: We're being supportive.

    • (Izzie catches George helping Alex study)
      George: Izzie wait.
      Izzie: I say I like the guy and you can't stop hating him.
      George: Izzie.
      Izzie: And as soon as he screws me over--
      George: Izzie!
      Izzie: -- You're his new best friend.
      George: Izzie, he failed his boards. This is important.
      Izzie: He cheated on me.
      Meredith (walking up): Busted?
      George: Yeah. I'm busted.
      Meredith: His exam is tomorrow.
      Izzie: You're in on this too? He cheated on me! God!
      Cristina (she's walking down the hall with a Christmas tree): Oh, I told you she'd find out.
      Izzie: Oh, of course you're in on it.
      George: She let him touch her boobs! (Cristina hits George with the Christmas tree)
      Izzie: He cheated on me with George's skanky syph nurse!
      George: That is just plain rude!
      Meredith: We know, he cheated on you! That's why we let you turn the living room into Santa's freakin' Village.
      Izzie: What?!
      Meredith: We're not big on holidays, you know that. But we're trying to be supportive because you're having a hard time. But right now, Alex, he's having a harder time.
      Izzie: Why does everyone care what kinda time Alex is having?
      Meredith: Because he's dirty Uncle Sal. (Cristina and George give her a weird look)
      George: You lost me.
      Cristina: Sorry? Wha-- ?
      Meredith: He's dirty Uncle Sal. The one who embarrasses everyone at family reunions and who can't be left alone with the teenage girls, but you invite him to the picnic anyway.
      Cristina: Sorry. What?
      George: I'm still lost.
      Meredith: I have a mother who doesn't recognize me. As far as family goes, this hospital, you guys, are it. So, I know you're pissed at Alex but maybe you could try to help him anyway. Sorta like in the spirit of this holiday you keep shoving down everybody's throats. (Izzie and Meredith walk away in opposite directions)
      Cristina: You.
      George: What?
      Cristina: Boob!

    • (Cristina is helping Alex study)
      Cristina: Okay, the way you're grabbing me now, that's assault. (she shows him how to do it the right way, and George walks in)
      George: What? What the hell? Does Izzie know? Does Burke know about this?
      Cristina: Un-bunch your panties, George. We're helping Alex study.
      George: I can't hear you when his hand is on your boob.
      Cristina: Take your hand off my boob, Alex.
      George: Thank you. Study for what?
      Alex: Shut it, Yang.
      Cristina: Alex failed his boards.
      George: Seriously?
      Alex: I failed one part of one board. That's it.
      George: Still... that's pretty embarrassing.
      Cristina (she gets paged): Ah, he's all yours Georgie do your worst. (gets up and leaves)
      George: You're not giving me a rectal. Do not ask me to cough.

    • Bailey: Grey, Karev, cover the pit. You can expect all sorts of holiday idiocy sooo... that is my gift to you.

    • Meredith (opening voiceover): It's an urban myth that suicide rates spike during the holidays. Turns out they actually go down. Experts think it's because people are less inclined to off themselves when surrounded by family. Ironically, that same family togetherness is thought to be the reason why depression rates actually do spike at the holidays. (seeing Izzie decorated the living room for Christmas) Yeah, okay. Izzie doesn't count.

    • Bailey: Do not kick me!
      George: Excuse me?
      Bailey: Are you kicking me under the table, O'Malley?
      George: No!
      Bailey: Then clearly I wasn't talking to you! (sighs, to her stomach) You cannot kick me while I'm doing my job. (deep breath) Thank you.

    • (Cristina walks in and sees, Alex touching Meredith)
      Cristina: Okay, seriously, if you are that lonely there are excellent vibrators, I can give you a catalog.
      Meredith: He failed his boards, I'm helping him study.
      Cristina: You failed your practical?
      Alex: Glad to know you can keep a secret, Grey.
      Meredith: I kept your secret, it didn't do you any good. He needs our help.
      Cristina: Oh, you're not serious.
      Meredith: What if it were you?
      Cristina: It wouldn't be.
      Meredith: But what if it were?
      Cristina: It wouldn't be. (Meredith gets paged)
      Meredith: I have to go. Be a patient do it for me.
      Cristina: Fine, but when Tiny Tim goes all Norman Bates on us, I'm blaming you.
      Meredith (calls out): Diagnosis?
      Alex: Gall stones.
      Meredith: Yes! (she leaves, Cristina gets on the bed)
      Cristina: I'm a 55 year old man. I'm nauseous and I can't stop throwing up.
      Alex: Forget it alright. I didn't ask for anybody's help.
      Cristina: Look evil spawn, you can nurse your pride, key word being nurse. Or you can pass your test and be a doctor. Up to you.
      Alex (pauses): Any abdominal pain?
      Cristina: Yes, from my giant fat belly all the way to my back. Oh and I'm drunk. Hiccup. Hiccup.

    • Patricia: Chief, Adele just called.
      Richard: Tell her I'm in sur--
      Patricia: She knows you're not in surgery and she said to tell you, quote, "We are going to our niece's school pageant this morning. You have known about it for months. And after what you pulled on Thanksgiving... ", and then she started using a great many words that I don't feel comfortable repeating.
      Richard: Look, I have 7 surgeons on vacation...
      Patricia (cutting in): And there was something about divorce.

    • Izzie (she slaps him): Wake up! God no wonder you failed your boards. How do you expect to learn this stuff? Through osmosis?
      Alex: What are you doing here?
      Izzie (crosses her arms): I'm a farmer. Okay? I've been drooling, puking, and crapping my pants.
      Alex: You came here to help me study?
      Izzie (annoyed): Well, I'm not actually crapping my pants now, am I?
      Alex: Why would you wanna help me after what I did?
      Izzie (pauses then yells): Because... it's what Jesus... would freaking do!

    • (After Izzie decorated the living room)
      George (to Meredith): It looks like Santa threw up in here.
      Meredith: Just ... go with it. We're being supportive.
      Izzie (big smile): Oh hey! What do you think? (they both fake smile back) Did I go too overboard? Oh I know, I know sometimes I can go a little overboard.
      George: No, we love it.
      Meredith: It's great.
      Izzie: Oh yay! I love Christmas.
      Meredith: We know.
      George (forced smile): Clearly.

    • Addison: Christmas Derek. We love Christmas. At least we used to.
      Derek: Yeah. ... Christmas makes you want to be with people you love. I'm not saying this to hurt you or because I want to leave you, because I don't. Meredith wasn't a fling. She wasn't revenge. I fell in love with her. That doesn't go away because I decided to stay with you.

    • Burke: What day does Hanukkah fall on this year?
      Cristina: Uh, no idea.
      Burke: Oh. Well are there any more traditions you want me to be aware of ...
      Cristina: Seriously, Burke, I haven't observed religious holidays since I was old enough to know better.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Sweden: June 13, 2006 on Kanal 5
      Bulgaria: July 6, 2006 on bTV
      Australia: July 17th, 2006 on channel 7.
      Norway: October 31, 2006 on TV2
      Germany: December 05, 2006 on PRO7
      Finland: January 24, 2007 on Nelonen
      Italy: March 23, 2007 on Italia 1
      Romania: May 29, 2007 on TVR1
      Ireland: May 29, 2007 on RTE Two

    • Music Featured In This Episode:
      1. The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole plays when Izzie is decorating the tree,
      2. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town by Lou Rawls plays when Burke and Cristina tell Justin and Mariann the great news,
      3. This Christmastime by Mascott plays when Burke tells Justin he needs the new heart,
      4. Back Door Santa by Jet plays when Alex is examining Cristina,
      5. Christmas After All by Maria Taylor plays when Derek and Izzie talk about the patient, Tim Epstein,
      6. Here Comes Your Ride by Holidays On Ice plays when Derek and Mrs. Epstein talk,
      7. Latke Clan by The LeeVees plays when Bailey, George, and Meredith perform the gastric ulcer surgery on Nadia Shelton,
      8. Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming by Catie Curtis plays when Cristina talks to Justin,
      9. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear by Sixpence None The Richer plays as Meredith leaves the hospital.


    • George (about Alex): Paging, Dr. Karevian. Just, it's a joke. Kevorkian, Karevian.

      Jack Kevorkian is a pathologist who is mostly known for his opinion supporting the patient's right to die and that doctors should assist those patients via euthanasia. He assisted in many ending life of terminal patients procedures and served time in prison for second-degree murders. George is making an allusion to Robert Martin, the patient from previous episode that was given wrong dosage of drugs by Alex.

    • Cristina: Fine, but when Tiny Tim goes all Norman Bates on us, I'm blaming you.

      This refers to two fictional characters: Tiny Tim being a character in Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" and Norman Bates being the killer in Alfred Hitchcock's movie "Psycho".

    • Mr. Epstein: Hanumas. Chrismukkah. We go all out.

      Chrismukkah is a holiday that was invented by the character Seth Cohen on "The O.C.," whose mother is Christian and whose father is Jewish.

    • Episode Title: Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

      This is the name of a popular Christmas carol. The song was written by Randy Brooks and popularized by Elmo & Patsy. It has also been recorded by The Irish Rovers, Less Than Jake, and K.T. Sullivan.