Grey's Anatomy

Season 2 Episode 12

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Dec 11, 2005 on ABC

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  • Merdith gets caught by Christina, Christina gets caught by George and Geroge gets caught by Izzie who does what Jesus would do.

    Merdith drops a surgery to helph Alex study, pretending she is a patient. Christina walks in on them, and Meredith leaves her to helph Alex when she gets paged. Christina is preteding to be a patient when George walks in saying;
    Whaat the? Does Izzie know this? Does Burke know this? Christina explains him and leaves him to helph Alex, but in the end he got caught by Izzie. In the end she decides to helph Alex out. Both Meredith and Derek feels down in the Christmas, and Addison does not understand what is going on. In the end Derek reveals to her that he loves Meredith, and just because he chose her does not mean it just stops. Christina and Burke are having an argument about Christmas, and santa claus and sprits. She mocks him for beliving in spirits, but in the end she manages to get a boy who does not wanna live anymore, to wanna live. Though she wont reveal it :P

    Izzie and Derek are working on a guy who changes personality, but they manage to change it back. George is working on a lady with gastric ulcer, with the most horribel family ever. Bailey is struggeling with her pragnecy while she is operating.
  • wonderful episode! funniest was when christina, meredith and george were trying to help alex study, it was hilarious. am so happy the way the have all bonded and now have something in common. i felf sorry for addison the whole episode.

    i think addison should take the hint and do something more constructive intsead of waiting for everything to get back to normal with derek, cos seriously in his mind all he is seeing is her having an organsim on his favourite sheets with his best friend! i felt so sorry for alex but i loved it when izzie came to help him study, it is really what Jesus would do!dr. bailey was fabulous. really christiana should really treat burke better for crying out loud already.
  • A satisfying holiday episode.

    Cristina actually being Jewish was a nice surprise. I was wondering if any of the characters would be (because every show ALWAYS has a Christmas episode, and most do not acknowledge other religions), but I definitely did not expect it to be Cristina.

    It was nice to see Izzie being her cheerful self again, until she blew up at everyone for helping Alex. It was very selfish and immature of her to not be able to separate work from pleasure.

    Meredith actually giving up a surgery to Alex was sweet. For once, she was thinking about someone other than herself.

    The plot line with Justin (the kid who didn’t want the new heart) was so sweet. Only a child would see past the fact that he got to live and be upset about the kids who died. Cristina trying to convince him to live was touching. I love seeing her softer side.
  • Merry Christmas!!!???

    What's a better place to discuss the holiday's than a hospital. Izzie loves celebrating christmas, and the rest just let her do what she wants to do because they feel sorry for her.

    The fact that they all helped Alex for his exams showed what good friends they are. I really like that about this serie.

    Seeing Bailey pregnant as she is was really funny. For a moment, I thought she was about to give birth during the operation! I'm really curious if we are gonna see her as a mom. I bet she will do a great job!

    I wonder if things will work out between Addisson and Derek. Right now it seems he doesn't really want to try. He stays with Addison while his heart is with Meredith. He has got to make his mind up, because right now he isn't fair against both of them.

    I liked Cristina with that little boy. It seemed that she was the only one who understood him.
    I hope she and Burke will stay together for a while. She is right when she says that they have nothing in comment, but he makes her see the world in another way and I like that.

    I hope that we can enjoy Grey's anatomy for a long time!!

  • I love these people

    Every time I watch an episode I realize that I love these people.
    It was so funny that Izzy overdecorated the house (my daughter and I both yelled "Christmasnazi" because that's what she was called in Roswell).
    I don't hate Alex, I understand and I also understood why they all helped him.
    I loved Bailey for what she always says, in this episode it was what she said about Alex to George.
    She's so funny.
    I always love George, the way he talked to that patient's family after Bailey okayed it with him was very good.
    I still like Derek with Meredith, if I have to believe all you guys, that will change, but for now I'm sticking with it.
    Christina and Burke crack me up.
    Christina has so much humor and she's so straight to the point. Beautifully spoken words to that boy, she really came through.
    As I said before, I love these people
  • Serie's Classic.. Not everybody deals with holidays the same way...

    Holydays coming and everybody feel different about it. Everybody is been supportive with Izzie, despite their own feelings. Even Meredith and George want to kill her portrait as the Xmas fairy.

    Every intern has its own particular way to find their holyday spirit. Even Cristina, who in her own twisted personal way helps the little boy with his new heart transplant. Meredith is helping Alex to study for his medical boards. I loved when she tells Izzie that Alex is family. He is the uncle every family hates to love. He is the uncle that embarrasses everyone.

    The best part of the show was when Derek tells Addisson that he fell in love with Meredith and his sadness for not been with her.
  • The holidays raise a number of issues for the staff at Seattle Grace. Religion, spirituality, family and the ties that bind are the focus...

    Alex tries to study for his upcoming second chance at his medical boards exams, gaining support from the other interns, which produces some laughs as they act out symptoms as wacky patients for Alex to diagnose. We see just a hint of Alex's regret for cheating on Izzie, showing he is human.
    Christina and Burke learn a little more about each other, religion and spirituality are a major focus...what they believe in, or in Christina's case, what she doesnt believe in, seems to put another road block in their path. Although for the most part Christina seems cold and detatched when it comes to believing in "something", we learn she chooses to believe in scientific fact and in medicine...which lead me to wonder whether there is something in her past that turned her against organised religion and spirituality...and more to the point whether there will be a storyline down the track that tells us a little more about her past...
    Izzie works with Derek on a case that makes her question how someones personality can change so dramatically...and if theatre talk can subconsciously affect the patient.
    George tries to treat a patient who's family seems to only make her condition worse...and when given a second chance gives his patient some much needed peace and quiet.
    Addison tries to involve Derek in the Christmas cheer, but he seems to be a little out of sorts, not much is said but the knowing nods between himself and Meredith, again show the strong bond between the two.
    Meredith takes a backseat this week, with little of the show focused on her, despite this two great moments are when Meredith asks Derek if anythings wrong and he replys that is the holidays, and then later when Derek repeats the question to Meredith and she answers in the same way...verbally not much is said, but the looks given to each other says it all...
    Okay...we all knew shouldnt have come as any surprise, but.... Derek telling Addison, matter of factly, that he wasnt saying it to hurt her but almost as if he just needed to get it off his chest...that his relationship with Meredith wasnt a fling or revenge, but that he fell in love with her...that the feelings he has for Meredith dont just go away because he and Addison stayed married...awwww what a i cant wait to see how Addison will deal with the information...
  • WOW!

    Okay so I have to think the most amazing part of the was when Derick told Addison that he fell in love with Meridith and she doesn't get up and leave. I know a lot of people hate her for cheating on him and breaking up the D/M relationship, but I think this was big. The truth of it is that many marriages face problems with infedality and I think it sends a good message that they are willing to stay with eachother and try to work things out. even if they don't end up together in the end, I give them a lot of credit for not simply throwing their marriage away.

    But come on, there can be such a thing as too much honesty
  • A very revealing episode although I think Yang's character needs to start developing a little.

    I really loved this episode. It was very revealing - Izzy still loves Alex but is (rightfully) still hurt by what he did. I think he really does like Izzy, and that's why the "perfomance" issues. This relationship is going to make a come-back.
    You find out that Derek still loves Meredith, though we knew it really, he said it out loud and to Addison no less. That was a great what will Addison do? Knowing her husband still loves someone else? Will she settle for that, will she cut him lose, will she torment Meredith even more now, knowing that Meredith really has won?
    I am getting a little tired of Yang's insensitivity. Unfortunately I think that's her make-up and I realize that they are slowly but surely softening her up but her character seems to be getting so boring because you know what she's going to do or say. Plus I'm feeling really sorry for Burke and that whole relationship. He keeps getting kicked in the head with all these things that she keeps revealing about herself. Is this relationship really going to work? I'm glad he put her in her place though when she mocked him in his O.R.
    All in all, a great epidode.
  • I love this episode but despite all the nice philosophical arguements, there are acting flaws and music mishaps. Apart from that, this episode should be a thinker for those Bible Thumpers. The atheists would be sitting there thinking, "I'm above all this"

    Let me begin by saying that I identify more with Burke than Yang.
    This episode begins with Izzie being all Christmas-sy and everyone else just hates it. A boy who had a heart transplant once, didn't believe in Santa or God. This makes it hard for his new heart to heal. A pastor tries to convince him with alot of religious mumbo but he still doesn't accept it until Christina comes along and gives realistic & materialistic reasons to live.

    Notable Patients:
    1) Boy needing new heart.
    2) Woman needing an operation for ulcers.
    3) Izzie the "farmer".

    Finally for once in this season the spotlight is not on Meredith. She does have her moments but she's not thrusted into the limelight like always.
    It goes without saying that case 1 is the philosophical one and I have to say that it was very well written. They showed the strength and weaknesses of Burke and Yang's beliefs..or lack of thereof.
    Case 2 seems like a filler one. But I loved the ending (As I said, I identified more with Burke :-) ). Although I have "eaten" that food for thought, it is still quite a valid question. "Who do we thank when good things happen and who do we curse when bad things happen?".
    Izzie acted as a patient so help Alex study his exams. Katherine Heigl sure can cry. Her face is all messed up like most of us are when we cry. Sandra Oh looked like she was laughing when she cried (in another episode).

    Flaws: Meredith. Her block-wood talk is back again. This is especially noticable when she yells at Izzie for not helping Alex.
    Music. Given the track record (pun..hehe) of Grey's choice of music, I'd expecting a little something better than what was aired. But this is just a minor one. Still a good selection by TV standards...just not "WOW" like it always does.

    -0.7 Bad delivery of lines by Ellen Pompeo
    -0.1 Mediocre choice of Christmas music
  • Interns, doctors, patients all intermingled in this wonderful show.

    Oh my goodness. What a show. Derek loves Meredith. Izzy really does care for Alex. Christina and Burke are trying to find out who the other is. What better show could you ask for? Last night we got a treat. Hope shines for Derek and Meredith with the confession of his love for her. The holidays brings all sorts of emotions to everyone and this showed all of them. Stress, despression, excitement, spiritality, all which need to be addressed but how do you do that without offending anybody. That little boy with the heart transplant was heart breaking to say the least. Mothers only want the best for their kids, but when is it time to be honest with them? Times last night I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and I think I even held my breath. Last nights show was spectacular. Wonderful.
  • Reaveals Izzie's true hurt about Alex and McDreamy's Love for Meredith.

    I loved Izzie's breakdown beacause not only does it reveal how badly she was hurt but it shows Alex as well. Now he knows how badly he hurt her and this may begin a new stage for his character. Yet, good Tv alway needs that one character to stur things up and that it Alex.
    McDreamy telling his wife that his relationship with Meredith was not just a fling but that he loved her was awesome. Before one could tell that their was a strong bond between the two but we only saw Meredith's pain. Now we get to see how he really feels and the impending pain he feels over leaving Meredith. This should prove for more interesting story lines to come.
  • All I have to say is...WOW!

    Religion means different things to different people. This episode explores what it means to believe, while at the same time delving into forgiveness, and life. The episode starts off normally enough, with a boy needing a new heart, a woman with a family that won't allow for a moment of peace, and man with a bleeding brain. But when the episode starts tackling the meaning of spirituality vs. religion, as well as Jesus vs. Santa Clause, then look out, you will lose yourself in this episode, just like I did. I even found myself going several minutes without blinking. I've seen some great Grey's Anatomy's in my time, but none as magical as this one.
  • Dr. Bailey\'s pregnancy is starting to affect her work, Alex has one last chance to stay in the program, Christina & Dr. Burke are still struggling with their differences, Izzie is still not over Alex cheating on her & Derrick tells Addison he still loves

    Wow. This was a great episode. So much going on. It had some really great lines that I can\'t wait to find and quote. Too funny. Not only was it funny and entertaining, it had a lot of good messages in there. Too many times do TV shows and other media outlets just brush aside those who aren\'t sure what they believe in (religion-wise). Tonight\'s show hit that subject right on the head. It covered all different views of religion and how it affects people\'s perceptions of you. I\'m glad they were brave enough to address it. I felt it spoke very true and it showed that Christina isn\'t completely cold hearted. This episode was best of all because it had Derrick say something that we were all DYING to hear (but were pretty sure of already): that he still loves Meredith. Whew! What a cliffhanger (AGAIN!) But I do think it\'s mean to leave us hanging on that note while the show\'s on a short hiatus! :)
  • Surgical Christmas !

    Christams is here but not all doctors are big fan of holidays.
    Tim fell of his roof and he is bleeding into his brain. Derek operated on him but during the operation he damaged the personality area of the brain and when he woke up he was a different persone. He had to undergo another surgery.
    Nadia needs operation but she is always delayed because of some emergency surgery. Her family is furious because of that.
    Justin, kid, got a new heart. His mother is highly religious but he is not. His body refused the heart for a little bit but Cristina told him to live.
    Amazing and heartbreaking episode. Love it soo much.
  • everybodies different views to the holidays,all brillintly portrayed

    nobody is really into the holidays except Izzie who is managing to go totally over the top turning the house into santa's grotto.
    With Cristina being jewish, it causes a few religious diferences between her and burke, which in true romantic style they manage to get past.
    Alex failed his practical exam last time around and it is his last day to study, and if he fails he will get kicked off the programme.
    Derek seems to be seriously resenting Addison,so maybe bad memories from past holidays?
    So with everyone trying to be very supportive of Izzie but help Alex study at the same time, it is obvious that it is all going to blow up.So when Izzie finds out,she gets angry and then she helps him.Nearthe end when she is telling him her symptoms and crying,I dont think there was a single dry eye anywhere!!
    This really added a new side to Alex, a vulnerability which makes him seems a little less of a jerk.
    This episode is a really good growing point for many characters and they can grow even further from here. After this episode,the rest of the season is lokking even more enjoyable with , hopefully, lots more twists and turns!!!
  • What a great episode!

    The holidays bring out the best and worst in us all and that was shown through out the whole episode. Izzie getting over her pain to help Alex because ‘It’s what Jesus would freakin do’ is a classic example. The characters all pulled off great performances through some hard subjects. Christina being Jewish was a great twist. Overall I thought the episode added to the character development and had some great story lines.

    I especially love the part where Bailey is in surgery and she says “you can’t kick me while I’m working”. Totally hilarious… the OR staff are all just looking at her and she just gets back to work… I’ve been waiting a long time to see Christina’s softer side and I finally got a glimpse. Telling Justin to “Just decide to live” nearly brought a tear to my eye… Well maybe not, but it was very touching and very unlike Christina…
  • Mnogo gotin epizod. Mnogo sme6en. Mnogo se kefq na tozi epizod. :-D

    Kato pomagaha na Alex za ispita i se praveha na patzienti mi be6e mnogo sme6no kak si prepravqha glasa. Drugo koeto mi be6e sme6no be6e kogato George vidq kak Alex pipa gardata na Cristina i kak zapo4na da gi pita dali Izzie i Burk znaqt. Mnogo mi haresa kogato Derek kaza na Addison 4e ne kazva tova za6toto iska da q narani ili napusne a za6toto Meredith ne e bila uvle4enie ili otma6tenie toi se bil vlubil v Meredith no tova ne zna4ilo 4e 6te napusne toi 6tq da ostane s jena si. Predi tazi replika toi kaza e na jena si 4e vapreki 4e tova bil tehniq lubim praznik toi ne bil 6tastliv za6toto na Koleda 4ovek trqbva da e s lubimite si hora (toest trqbva da e s Meredith). Mnogo se radvam 4e razbrah 4e Derek obi4a Meredith za6toto az znaeh 4e tq go obi4a. Bezumno mnogo se radvam ot tova 4e i dvamata se obi4at i se nadqvam da se saberat.
  • Special. Not only because of Christmas, but because of the changes indicated

    Finally!!! He finally admitted that his decision was a mistake. And I had to wait for it like, what, twelve episodes? Unfortunalety, this is the last episode I'm gonna see i the near futures, hence this review.
    I consider this ep one of the best in the whole show career. It was sensitive, it contained major changes. Derek told Addy that his decision was wrong. Izzy finally got her feeling coverd. Alex is on the verge (for what it's worth, I hope he fails his exam and leaves Izzy alone to find someone with a bigger heart; this whole "I-had-an-abusive-father act doesn't work for him in my eyes). Izzy also got her lesson from Addy that will help her in the futre I;m sure. Christina and Burke are getting closer and closer, and the scene in his apartment, with this cute-ly decoreted Christmas tree and Hanukkah thingy - it was beyond funny. I love the way he does things for her with no muscel flickering on his face.
    And the ending, with Meredith, Izzy and George (who finally stepped up!!! way to go!!) watching light chaning, like their lives change. It was nice.
    I like it.
  • Snazz-tacular way to wrap up the first half of the season.

    I enjoyed this episode for a number of reasons. Let\'s start with the ending: that aerial shot of the Xmas tree was a nice way to wrap up the first half of Season II. Seriously.

    I also enjoyed the cast sparring with Alex on a (mostly) individual basis. I happened to have been in a similar situation as this character, and this episode aired the night before my (successful!) rematch. I really didn\'t care for Chambers\' character at the beginning of this season, but the writers have done an excellent job developing him beyond the one-dimensional \"Stiffler\'s Smart Twin\" paradigm. I hope he passes his exam and gets to stick around for the rest of the year. (Otherwise, I fear that Irish midget will drown in estrogen.)

    Finally, I believe this is the first time I\'ve ever seen two attractive female leads make references to their fecal matter in the same episode. Go ShondaLand™!

  • An excellent episode.

    This episode goes back to the original season 1-esque type of plot. I think the black kid who rejected the heart that "Santa" sent to him was sweet. Izzie gets pissed with the others for helping Alex study but finally makes up with him. There was humour in this episode, especially those about Dr. Bailey and George. The dialogue was good. An excellent episode overall.
  • Grey's anatomy never fails to make me laugh and cry within the span of a single episode! This "Christmas" episode was no different.

    Grey's Anatomy never fails to make me laugh or cry within the span of a single episode! This "Christmas" episode was no different.

    The little boy with the heart transplant was heart-wrenching and Christina's honesty and scientific, matter-of-fact manner in dealing with him could have been the key to saving his life.

    I thought they would focus on the quintuplets from last episode, but there was little mention of them - however, Izzie is not speaking to Addison due to Addision's "stunt" to make Izzie a better surgeon.

    The "Nazi" is appearing soft as her pregnancy progresses and the interns are all wondering what will happen when she delivers.