Grey's Anatomy

Season 9 Episode 15

Hard Bargain

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2013 on ABC

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  • Hard Bargain

    Like all of season 9, I was waiting for the boom to come down. Another fantabulous cliff hanger that had me walking to n fro in my home at the end with, years of anger and shock. This show could EASILY GO ON FOR ANOTHER 5 seasons without one moment of writer's block!!! It is one of THEE GREATEST SERIES OF ALL TIMES!! It CAN NOT EVER BE DUPLICATED!! Now each episode has kind of lost its excitement knowing this season is its last. I'm disappointed and HORRIFIED at the thought off its ending. The writers are now having writers block because they don't know how to end it with so much more to say and do!!! The Actors are amongst the most a amazingly talented, refined, and true to life actors ever known. Each one is so passionate about their character that each one deserves a star on the wall of FAME and, an Oscar!!

    How can anyone pick a favorite episode?? I'll let you know more of what I think of episodes around season 12 or so. pleas pleas DON'T MAKE US SAT GOOD-BYE!

    Cyndi Sieving
  • Everyone together to buy a hospital!

    This couple of episodes, (and I know about the next one too) are all about saving the hospital. The secondary plot is just cases of not so important patients. That's what it's look like, though. Hunt is desperate to sell Seattle Grace to Pegasus and the rest of the team - with no clue at all - trying to figure something out to buy the hospital. Overall, the episode was enough to entertain my wife and myself.
  • Grey's Anatomy: has it lost it's spark or is it just temporarily?

    Has Grey's Anatom lost it's spark or is it just temporarily? I hope it's just temporarily! I love Grey's Anatomy! I really do. But, lately I feel that Grey's Anatomy has lost it's spark. It's only about the plane crash, the changes of the hospital (is it going to be sold?) and Derek, Meredith, Callie, Arizona, Christina talking about their money and now buying the hospital? It's getting boring. Just wrap the storyline and get on with it! The writers need to make drastic changes, more interesting storylines because this is not working for me. It's has to go back like the earlier seasons. Anyway, I hope Christina and Owen will last, will they after she quit Seattle Grace? Owen's face when they all quit. I do look forward to next week episode.