Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 5

Haunt You Every Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • First of all, consider I just hate halloween! This episode wasn't interesting at all, but at least, the story changes a bit.

    1)Halloween: I don't celebrate it 'cause I'm from Argentina. Most of people here do, but it's not an argentinan tradition.
    So, it's all so taken for granted that it's even insulting to me. Like Valentine's day, it's just another comercial reason for companies to make money, because we're so stupid that we buy it. Bad!

    2)Callie's speech: I liked it, but from this take: it made the story change. Now everyone knows about her affairs, new world for you Iz!

    3)Cristina and Mer's reaction: Meredith's reaction was as dumb as Cristina's. Meredith wasn't even shocked! She tried to process it, but it was like a toddler when he learns to read! Cristina was judgy here, and I didn't like her speech because it was contradictory. The phrase "I slept with my boyfriend" it's contradictory. Cristina slept with her boss, and it was wrong (maybe), so she can't tell Izzie she did a bad thing. Alex had the right to say so, and he did, but Cristina had no business at all to tell her she made a terrible mistake or that it was unaproppiate. And Meredith didn't sleep with somebody else's wife, because she didn't know that part, which makes both Izzie's and Cristina's speechs contradictory. Anyway, I liked that Izzie claimed they were a close circle.

    4)Ava: I liked she came back, but I didn't like she was "disguised". It's an explosion, but that 03x25 episode's love changed to a sexual thing. She should escape from everything. Yet, it's not easy when you thing about her child and her husband.

    5)Trick and treat (I don't know if it's well writen): ears.

    It was something tender at the beginning, but it was later tacky. 6)Erica's entrance to the show.

    It seemed great at the beginning, but it was later something silly: it's unprofesional to judge someone by something that has nothing to do with work. I expected more from her.

    7)Norman's departure:

    One of the few good things: I didn't like him. So good he's gone.


    The other good thing was Kendall Payne's song "I will show you love"

    9) Meredith's dream sequence.

    I saw this before! The same camera effects from 03x17"Some kind of miracle"! It was really unoriginal.

    One of the worst episodes so far.
  • Great episode for two reasons, 1) I don't have to see Lexie as much and 2) the little boy trick or treating for ears was laugh out loud funny.

    This episode isn't really integral to the main plot of the show. Not much happens to the main characters in this episode, except for Callie telling the residents (Meredith, Cristina, Alex, Sydney and Bailey) that Izzie slept with George, and Dr. Hahn takes over Burke's old position, and pushes Cristina out. Derek also realizes that he has to start dating, Richard looks for a new apartment, and after a weird dream she has, Meredith finally gets rid of her mother's ashes, in a place very dear to Ellis' heart. Season 4 hasn't been a great season so far and this episode is no exception, however the little boy popping out from behind stuff and saying "trick or treat" is pretty funny.
  • Happy Halloween Seattle Grace!

    I absolutely loved this epiosde. Meredith brought her mom to work, in a plastic bag. That was soo hilarious. Everyone was all freaked out. Priceless moment. Well at least she's not in meredith's closet anymore. The little boy trick or treating for ears, was so sad. But at least he got new ears for free. The Ava and Alex thing, was soo boring to me. I don't like them together. Hello, she is married. Get over it and move on. Bailey missing out on her son's first Halloween was sad. But it was for a good reason. The biggest thing for me wa swhen Callie told everyone about Izzie and George's affair. I was soo shocked. As was everyone else, on the show. At least the secret is finally out. It was soo surprising, how she told everyone. One of the best Grey's Anatomy moments ever, because it was just soo funny. By the way, Halloween, is one of my favorite holidays. (Christmas first, Easter third.) I love dthis episode.
  • This season is still going strong.

    Once again loved this episode. There was humour, drama in the cases and new friendships were formed. Does this mean George and Izzie will finally be together next episode? I hope so, the final seen with them saying "We made through the day" was the thing that hinted this for me. The start with Callie telling everyone was funny and izzie just walking out was great. Though I liked the Rebecca bits I thought the way the storyline started was all a bit rushed. Normans stroke didn't really interest me, just didn't like him. Lexi wasn't in this episode much but she still is a good character. The women kept looking at Dereck and smiling, now his reactions were funny. Where the hell did the Callie/Cristina friendship come from? So Callie is now going to live with Cristina or Cristina is moving out and Callies moving in, I don't know guess we'll find out next week. Is there trouble a head for Baily and her husband, judging from that phone call I think so. I liked what meredith did with her mothers ashes. I thought that story in a whole was good, she brought in her mother in a baggy.
    Another brilliant episode of Grey's and season 4 has gotten off to a great start. Can't wait for next weeks!
  • Very funny. The little boy without ears was well done.

    ~~~~It's Halloween at Seattle Grace! There may be jokes, pranks, and/or scare tactics. Some of the women form a club based on an experience they all share. A man volunteers for what most of the doctors believe is an unnecessary surgery. One of the patients is in the hospital because they tried to carve a pumpkin in an unconventional manner. Alex receives a visit from Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca. Meredith is having mommy issues. Callie has an announcement to make.~~~

    My thoughts:
    Very funny. I loved the "Nurses United AgainstMark Sloan" Sloan "Are there any club activities?"

    But my very favorite was:
    boy to Sloan: "daddy?"
  • i loved this epp!!!omg callie told everybody about izzie and george!!loved it!

    this is a hysterical epp!!! i love halloween at seattle! they make every holiday unique with characters personal lives. my favorite part is when callie told everybody about izzy and george, thats what callies role is for. i think alex is soo dumb by keep on seeing that girl rebecca, he has lexi and rebecca is married. you can tell that bailey isnt content about her life when she takes it out on derek. merideth bringing her mom to work is so funny to watch the other doctors reaction when she puts her in her locker. all that i can really say is GO CALLIE!!!!!
  • Worst Grey's Anatomy episode ever...

    I still haven't recovered from this horrible episode.

    What the hell were they thinking using this script. Meredith is annoying, Christina is annoying, everyone is annoying... they all act like they are 13 years old.

    The story of the "ears" boy was done with such bad taste, I just can't believe they did this episode, I can't believe ABC aired this 40 minutes of pure crap. They need to stop and think about what they're doing, go back to the first episode and understand that the characters they created then are not the same ones being used now. Go back and see how funny Christina and Bailey were, how Callie didn't take crap from anyone... I just hated this.

    I am such a Grey's fan, I don't hope this one doesn't stay on my memory too long.
  • An unexpected familiar face shows up at Seattle Grace. Meredith struggles to decide what to do with her mother's ashes, and the chief announces a new head of Cardio. Meanwhile, Callie spills the beans to everyone about Izzie and George. Sydney comes back.

    The episode starts out with Meredith having a very strange dream which convinces her that her mother is haunting her. She then decides to put her mother's ashes in a baggie and bring them to work with her so she can decide what to do with them. Everyone including Derek (who bumps into Grey and has to help her pick up her mother's ashes) thinks this is weird. Ultimately Grey finally decides to wash her mother down a scrubbing in sink with the help of the chief. So Callie comes into the locker room to give everyone directions where she decides to announce to everyone that Izzie has been sleeping with George. Yang seems to have a problem with it and decides to exile Izzie until Izzie confronts her. Bailey tries to help George later by telling him he's not a bad guy even though he made a poor decision, and then confides in him about what's going on with her family. However, George and Izzie do survive through the day. George helps convince a man that needs a heart transplant to take his daughter off life support and use her heart since she was an organ donor, after finding out she was badly injured when a brick went through her windshield as a result of a Halloween prank. The man finally accepts and Dr. Hahn comes to do the surgery. Dr. Hahn must pick a resident to assist on the surgery, so Yang and Izzie battle for the position. After Hahn basically tells Yang that she doesn't agree with Yang's methods of sleeping her way to the top to gain surgeries, she picks Izzie to assist. Later on Cristina confronts Hahn and gives her a piece of her mind. Hahn responds "oh this is gonna be so much fun." I found that pretty funny. The chief then announces that Hahn will be the new head of Cardio replacing Burke. I thought to myself "ooo this is gonna be so good!" They are both strong stubborne women and they are going to clash so badly, and i love both of them! I can't wait to see this battle. Meanwhile, Yang is also trying to decide who to rent Burke's apartment to. She agrees to give it to the chief, but after she found out about Dr. Hahn she tells the chief he can't have her apartment. I thought that was pretty funny. She ultimately decides to let Callie move in with her, which i thought came a little out of nowhere. I wonder if these two will be friends now, or if they already sort of were...Which would explain Yang's reaction to George and Izzie after the truth came out. Callie and Yang laugh together at their misfortunes in marraige during a surgery in which the new old intern Norman passes out. We find out he had a stroke, and he announces to Alex that he is deciding to do Psych instead of surgery. A man comes to the hospital complaining about his foot which appears to have some sort of spasm. The man thinks his foot has a mind of it's own and it isn't his, so he requests to have it amputated. Bailey refuses to perform this surgery on what appears to be a perfectly healthy foot. She then treats a man who seems to have chopped his finger off with a chainsaw during the annual chainsaw pumpkin carving contest, but his finger was still in the chainsaw. They then realize that someone took the chainsaw and they hear it start up. Bailey runs to find the man with the foot complaint cutting off his own foot with the chainsaw, and blood is everywhere. I have to admit i thought this scene was a little disturbing and kind of sick. However, the man got what he wanted and his foot was amputated. Ava/Rebecca shows up to Alex's surprise and he expresses that he is obviously happy to see her. She expresses how she feels about how he never showed up before she left. The two sleep together and she talks about her daughter. I wondered if that was going to scare him off. When she says something about what they are going to do, Alex acts like he is asleep. He gets paged and when he comes back later she is gone again. I wonder where she went. Grey tries to convince Mark,Chief and Bailey to get a team together so they can all help perform a surgery on a boy who has no ears, and she wants them to do it free. I thought Bailey's reaction to the little boy "He's trick or treating for ears?" was hilarious. They agree and the little boy finally gets ears. Mark puts the word out that Derek is single and looking so Derek is getting more attention. Sydney the flake is back this episode, and i think we see a little jealousy from Grey when she witnesses what appears to be Sydney hitting on him. Mark finds out that the nurses have formed a club against him. He even hits on Callie. I thought the scene where the little boy who wants ears walked up to Mark and said "Daddy?" was hilarious. Of course we find out that Derek paid him to say it. Derek confides in the chief and announces it's time for him to start dating again (Derek). Meredith and Lexie share a bit of a moment. I wonder if Bailey is heading down the same road as the chief. I can't wait to see the next episode. This one was great, and i'm really looking forward to seeing some Yang-Hahn showdowns.
  • Meredith's mommy rests in the sink....

    It's Halloween time and a guy comes in because he tried to cut a pumpkin with his chainsaw. Another guy says that his left foot doesn't belong to him and he steals the first guy's chainsaw to cut it. He says it's better to live without having the feeling that there is something on you thta doesn't belong to you. An old man needs a new heart and when his daughter has a car accident and she's brain dead, Chief has to offer him his daughter's heart. When he won't accept, George tells him that he knows how it feels to lose a father and that if he could save his dad he wou;d give him his heart at any cost.
    Norman faints during surgery and when he wakes up he says that surgery doesn't suit him.
    Meredith organises a charity to give an ear to an earless kid and when she gets all the needed staff the operate on him making him soo happy.
    Ava is back to town and she sleeps with Alex. Lexie seems to be going better with Meredith and Callie announced to everybody that George and Izzie slept together. She then moves out of the house.
    Meredith brings her mom's ashes to work and when they call it a night she sprays it all over the sink saying that this is the place she'd wonna be.
  • Happy Halloween!!!

    A great episode in terms of the violence (very realistic) and the comedy (some parts were hysterical)

    Personally, I hate halloween but I was brought up like that. I know how much America loves Halloween and this episode showed that. I did not understand the whole Meredith's mother haunting her thing, because the dream she had at the beginning was about herself and her mother was not even involved and she has been in her closet for ages now, and suddenly its haunting her? ahh well, I dont particularly like Meredith anyway. All the other characters remained strong, personally my favourite line was Callie revealing to everyone that Izzy slept with George, that was a right slap in the face.

    The jokes and pranks had me laughing out loud especially when Derek convinced the boy to tell Sloan he was his son. I think thats possibly one of the best jokes I have seen on Grey's. Also Sidney Herren flirting with Derek made me laugh because of his reactions.

    The violence was fantastic for a Halloween episode, you all know what I am talking about...the chainsaw cutting man, that was brilliant! As one character said "dude...SICK!!" The story I waited for finally was Alex and Rebecca. If I am honest it disappointed me a little, I want her to come back and for them to get together! We can only hope...

    Oh and glad Norman has gone into Psych.

    Bring on the next episode!
  • It was a decent episode, but the patients weren't that interesting and their wasn't much plot development.

    I liked how they made this episode Halloween themed, but I feel like they could have tooken it over the top a little more and made it more about halloween. The girl who was killed in an accident and gave her heart to her dad was interesting. The boy who needed ears was entertaining, but it didn't seem like enough to make a storyline out of it. I did like how he ended up helping Merideth decide what to do with the ashes. It was funny how she cared them around and they kept coming up. The whole chain saw injury from cutting a pumpkin wasn't very developed and it was just put in there so the other guy could cut his leg off. The cutting off of the leg was interesting because you just want to be able to understand why someone would do that. I loved Bailey in this episode. It is good that we get to see more about her personal life. The pranks between Derek and Mark were also funny.
  • More epi's like this and I wont abandon the show completely!

    Finally an Epi I didn't tune out of half way through. From beginning to end it was like the old Grey's. Enough quirky to keep it going with just a spice of medical stuff and a dash of romance. I think the part that annoyed me the most was when 'Eva' came back. Are we not over her?! And really Izzy and George are so unbelieveable as a couple it hurts. But the laughs and real story were with Calli and Cristina in the OR, Mer trick or treating with the cute earless kid and the playful friendship rebuild of McSteamy and McDreamy. In the end I felt bad for Baily who missed her son's first halloween which left her feeling like her choices didn't matter to her husband who doesn't understand the life of a resident. And I enjoyed the moment between the cheif and Mer with the ashes. Even Lexy didn't annoy me this epi with her obviouse flirthing with George and her inability to act. She seemed more like a shadow.
  • Okay, this was probably the best episode in a really long time for Grey's.....

    I absolutely loved this episode. I don't think there was a better episode in whole season three and it is the best one so far in season four. The whole trick or treating for the kid with Meredith was a really good storyline for her, especially with her mom haunting her. I was so excited to see my two favorite characters finally trying to make it happen, George and Izzie. They are so cute together. I really hope Callie lets him go. I love Callie, but George and Callie are just not right for each other. I was shocked to see at the end that she was taking Cristina's apartment. Cristina is some friend. I really hope Meredith and Lexi can have a relationship together. They would be surprised of how much alike they are. I was so excited to see Ava back. But I just don't get the vibe that Alex wants to pursue her. I wonder if she will be back. I still think he is hung up on Izzie. I can't believe after all that drama from the finale last year, Adelle is still divorcing the chief. I don't like how she doesn't understand that this is his job and he can't just let go of his life. She should give him a break. Derek needs to forget about Meredith. She's too complicated and too dramatic. Move on! I miss Addison!
  • Oh boy

    It's Halloween and the truth about Izzie and George is out.
    I thought that Meredith had already taken care of her mother asses but apparently not.

    Who brings someone's asses to work? only her lol

    Halloween is a really busy season and they even get a guy that wants to amputate his foot, he says the foot is not his! He gets his way with a chain saw! GOD!

    There are some news too, Dr. Hahn is joining the hospital...
    That kid is cute, Meredith made is wish possible. When she wants she gets and she got him a pro bono surgery!

    This was a hell of a day, heart transplants from daughter to father, foots sawed, hears got rebuild, Norman passed out, Ava came back...

    I simply love this show!!!
  • This episode was very important. We see a lot of changes in everyone.

    So we start this episode with Meredith feeling like her mother is haunting her. And then she decides she has to put her mother to rest which leads to all sort of weird/funny scenes since she is carrying around with her, her mother's ashes in a plastic bag. But everything gets closure in a very moving, teary scene in which she and Dr.Webber put her mother's ashes in to the plumming in the scrub room. But Meredith is doing other things in this eppy. She is helping an earless boy getting ears. Izzie and George are doing their usual boring thing, but now everyone knows they are together.
    Ava shows up at the hospital... OMG!!!!!! Alex was so sweet this week. He couldn't sleep and he finally does. They get together, talk and other things, but then she has to go, but she leaves behind her shirt, a sort of a confort blanket, like she does her baby, so he can still smell her. It's so beautiful and I'm not a big Ava/Alex fan. Dr.Hanh shows up again and this time is for good.
    Dr.Bailey and George have another heart to heart talk, which I really liked.
    Cristina has problems since Dr.Hahn, now the new cardio chief doesn't really seems to like her.
    The episode ends all the stories with Mer's voice on the back and with a BEAUTIFUL song by Kendall Payne, which fits so perfectly to all the stories.
  • Trick or Treat!

    Another great installment to the show, I like how they had their Halloween episode, it was very Grey's Anatomy.

    Meredith + James
    Well, Meredith helps a young boy get ears for Halloween, and with the two of them working together, they manage to get help from Sloan, The Chief, Bailey and a couple of nurses to make the surgery happen. I loves this story, it was just perfect.

    She is forced to deal with a man who cut off his foot with a chainsaw (priceless scene!) and she seems to also have marital problems, which is very disappointing because I thought Bailey would be the stable one in the bunch, I guess the life of a doctor is really that hard.

    The nurses have formed an anti-Mark group that boycotts Mark Sloan, I found it hilarious, but it didn't really go anywhere, though I hope it does, it could contribute to a number of laughs.

    Meredith + Her Mom
    She finally decides to get rid of her mother's ashes, but can't seem to find the right place. Though when Lexi shares the story of who she buried her mother with, Meredith has a really good idea on where she should spread her mother's ashes.

    Alex + Ava
    This was perfect. I love Ava and seeing her character back was just the best possible thing that could have happened! Though Alex being with Ava causes someone to faint, indirectly.

    George and Izzie
    I hate this couple, them getting together is a really bad idea, and they should both be ashamed of themselves for what they did, not get together!

    She moves on and makes a new very close friend who actually seems to have very similar characteristics as her. I hope their friendship reaches a new level.

    Episode Quote (Meredith Grey): It isn't just surgeons. The truth is I don't know anyone who isn't haunted by something, or someone. And whether we try to slice the pain away with a scalpel, or shove it in the back of the closet, our efforts usually fail. So, the only we can clear out the cobwebs is to turn a new page or put an old story to rest. Finally, finally to rest.
  • Halloween at SGH. Yang is fighting her corner, Izzie and George struggle to be accepted as their friends find out about them and Meredith goes trick or treating for ears :-D

    I found it very cute, Mere trying to help a boy get pro-bono surgery. There was a great little exchange with her and Sloan too. She told him a little about how her mother during her childhood and he made a good comment about it. Its always nice to see the guarded characters like Sloan and Alex just say something nice for no reason sometimes.

    I was a little bit shocked by Meredith and the mother's ashes thing, but that might be because my dad was only cremated last year, I got used to it by the end of the ep. Liked the exchange with Lexie, more growth there. Then ultimately, Mere setting her mother to rest in the scrub room with the Chief, kinda fitting.

    The Alex thing was alright, but how exactly does a Resident get away with spending his whole shift with a woman in the on-call room? I found the whole thing a bit weird, especially afterwards when she was talking about her husband. Surely that would have made Alex uncomfortable?
    I'm not sure where they are taking it all.

    Yang of course, got some great lines. She always makes me smile. Poor Bailey fighting hard for her family.
    The only let down for the ep was me realising how bored I am by the George/Izzy thing!
    I've never really been a supporter. I really liked how they were such close friends and thought the sleeping together thing ruined it all. I wouldn't be shocked if it all fizzled out for them now they can actually have each other. I can but hope :-P
    Another oddity was Derek in this ep. I don't even know what to say on the matter. He HAS to start dating does he? Because Sydney was being nice to him? Bah.
  • This episode really felt like Grey's was getting its groove back again.

    The episode revolves around a few medical cases. Sloan and Meredith work with a boy to get him some ears. George, Izzie, and Dr. Hahn(sp?) work together with a heart transplant, Bailey, Callie, and Christina deal with a "crazy" man while Alex gets a visit from Ava(sp?)

    Overall, this one is my favorite of this season so far. Sure there were moments in the other episodes that held my attention, but it wasn't until this ep that I felt everything and everyone really working together. Maybe it just took some getting used to the new group dynamic now that the intern phase is sort of over and Addison is gone.

    Some of my highlights include the on going comedy with Derek and Sloan. Tonight, Callie and Christina were on the money especially Christina. I loved her remark to Dr. Hahn and the Chief at the end of the ep. Alex was his usual self and Meredith showed some growth by finally dealing with her mother. I don't know how I feel about George and Izzie just yet, I kind of wanted them to stay as friends. Anyway, looking forward to next week for that "extra long" Grey's Anatomy.
  • Horray for Halloween.

    The episode starts out normally, people with wierd issues come in. A guy who thinks his foot isnt his comes in, and a girl complains about her fathers care, and a earless boy. O and also Meredith brings her mothers ashes to school and Callie tells everyone Izzie slept with George. Like I say wierd issues. Its also chainsaw pumkin carving contest time in Seattle and i guy comes in with a missing digit and a chainsaw. The chain saw goes missing. We hear the saw start up and then we find the man with the foot problem completely sawing his foot off. The lady who was complaining gets hit by a brick and goes into a coma and isnt going to wake up. They offer to take her off life support. She is an organ donor so her heart would go to next of kin, her father who doesnt want to take it but does. The earless boy wants new ears for free, and he gets them because Meredith rounds up a team to do it. Meredith also washes her mothers ashes, that she had carried around all day down the scrub sink drain.
  • This is the Grey's anatomy we all know and love! The theme of haunting carried so masterfully through the experiences of each character. All this is done with a wonderful blend of humor, irony, love, wisdom, and pain.

    This was one of my favorite Grey's Anatomy episodes of all time. I have been critical of the newer seasons, but the writers returned to form with this episode. All of the principle characters were developed in such a cohesive fashion. I believe some of the greatest moments occured this episode - 1) Meredith and the Chief returning Ellis' ashes to the place she loved the most. 2) Callie calling Izzie out in front of the staff - there has to be consequence for adultery. 3) The brother-sister vibe between Izze and George 4) The renewed friendship between Derek and Mark 5) Dr. Hann - a female - being made head of cardio-thoracic surgery - in front of Christina.6) Ava returns like a ghost to re-claim Alex 7) MY FAVORITE - Norman believes his wife wanted him to be a surgical intern so he would be surrounded by top notch doctors when he had a stroke. This was the roller coaster ride I had begun to expect from Grey's Anatomy. Enjoy!!!
  • Between cremated ashes in lockers, adorable kids, hysterical pranks, and people **trying to have limbs removed** it's a pretty interesting episode. (WARNING, review has SPOILERS)

    This was an all-around clever and well-written episode. Mere deals with the fact that she hasn't moved on after her mother's death, and handles that in...interesting ways. McDreamy pulls a very funny prank on Sloan, and Christina gets taken DOWN by the organ transplant doctor. (And she's right, it WAS unprofessional, but daaaaaang did she get smacked.) And for a touch of creepy, an otherwise normal-looking patient begs the doctors to remove his foot. Because it's not his. He says. And lemmie tell you, I leave the room for two minutes and come back to find out he's *tried to take it off himself with a chainsaw!* Yipe! (And not to get too off track, but this is an actual disorder! There's people out there who're convinced that certain parts of their body don't belong to them, and they'll do just about anything to remove them. And before you think "hey, if that's what makes them happy, let 'em," the article I read mentioned a guy who finally managed to destroy his leg enough that it had to be removed, and he was so happy!

    He's currently under medication, because now he thinks the other leg needs to go.

    "Body integrity identity disorder." Google it. And happy Halloween.)
  • Halloween at Seattle Grace brings out all the crazies

    I actually kinda liked this episode which is a lot more than I can say for a lot of the episodes this season which I think really have been sub par. I still hate George and Izzie, as far as I'm concerned, they could both leave the show and I wouldn't even miss them a little bit. I love Cristina, she's hilarious and I am OBSESSED with Bailey. That speech she made at the end to George was truly great. I was so happy that Ava/Rebecca came back to see Alex, that was great but why did she leave!? I am also glad that Meredith was trying to get over her mother it was nice what she did for the earless boy too. Cute. I hope this episode keeps the tempo up for next week. Oh yea, and hooray for Grandpa Gilmore not dying.
  • One word: AMAZING

    Don't worry I am not going to spoil anything for you but I just wanted to say that Grey's was absolutely freaking AMAZING. I really enoyed it my favourite so far, here is why (no spoilers lol just hints) -Callie got her revenge (And a new apartment)
    -Meredith is warming to Lexie
    -I am warming to Gizzie (back in the saddle? Wait and see hehe)
    -Dr Hans returns (she's awesome and funny, and she soo told Cristina hehe)
    -Mark isnt just an heartless sex machine (although he is good at being that)
    -A man chainsaws off his own foot! (CHAINSAWS YAY!!) Lol it is an amazing episode, if not my favourite episode ever, then at least one of them.
  • Finally

    Finally Meredith puts her mother to rest and I think in a manner her mother would have enjoyed. Maybe now she can stop the I-can't-trust-people-or-have-a-real-relationship thing and start to move forward to being an actual adult. Finally Alex and Ava got to hookup even if it was for one day.
    Finally Norman admitted that he is not a surgeon and that he's off to psychiatry from now on.
    Finally Gizzie is out in the open and everyone knows.
    Also I'm very happy to see Mark and Derek being almost friends again in a way that they looked like actual friends.
    I don't really understand how in the last episode Derek can tell Meredith that he's willing to wait for her while she grows up, but in the very next episode decide he needs to start dating. Really couldn't it have waited one more episode or is the prospect of Cindy Herron just to much for him to pass up? Blech.
  • We all know this was a filler episode. The writers just tried to fit it into the calendars. Hello, Halloween!

    For a filler episode, 'Haunt You Ever Day' didn't turn out so bad. I liked what Meredith did for the earless kid. She was great. Did Derek say he needed to start dating? Oh boy. I think my worst fear might just come true. Does anyone else feel what I am feeling? Lexie and Derek? How convenient. The girl from the bar. This is too predictable. I will definitely give it a bad rating if the writers let them hook up. Boring. Ava came back for Alex. I think they two would make a good couple. Of course, Ava needs to divorce first. Adultry is being treated too lightly here, it seems, in Grey's. Regardless, I am happy for George and Izzy. The bottom line is say no to Lexie & Derek!
  • Guy waiting for heart transplant's daughter gets killed in a car accident, he gets heart. A kid born without proper ears gets new ones pro bono. Another guy tries to cut his foot off with a chainsaw. Norman has a stroke.

    It was probably me tonight, but I wasn't all that interested in what was going on at Seattle Grace. But, Meredith finally found something to do with her mothers ashes, and George and Izzy can finally move on with their relationship. At least somewhat. They said they were waiting to be intimate till later as respect for Callie. That's crap, no body does that. I'm not saying its right. But you did it before, might as well do it again. Oh....and Rebecca came back for Alex. But she left again. It was very sweet in a "rub it in your face" kinda way the way she left her shirt for him. He's never gonna go after her. But I hope he does. He's a better person when they are together.

    Callie moved in with Cristina - how weird a match up is that? Please, for all that is holy. PULEEEEZE, give Sloan some type of personality!! He is so pretty to look at, but he is missing one small thing - feelings!
  • Perfect Grey's. This episode was an excellent blend of medicine and humanity.

    This episode of Grey's is exactly why I enjoy the show. Except for the Alex and Eva story-line, this episode steered away from the normal love stories and focused on humanity. The man who cut of his foot added the creepy bloody gore that spices up an episode. The best part of this episode was the character advancements. Callie and Christina joining forces is an interesting twist. I am curious to see if George and Izzy with work out. Also, the problems that Bailey appears to be having with her marriage is something that I look forward to seeing. The best part of this episode was the story of Meredith attempting to put her mother behind her. The emotion that was displayed by both Lexi and Meredith through out the episode was fantastic. I do have to say, though, that it would be nice if Derek and Meredith could just have a relationship. I guess there wouldn't be any fun in that. Still, one of the best episodes of the show.
  • Ehhhh, disappointing, but still good.

    For some reason, I expected more from this episode, but I didn't get it. I don't even know what that expectation was, but I don't know, it just felt like something was missing from this episode. Don't get me wrong, though, this was still a good episode! Ava returns! Alex sure was happy to see her. Norman had a stroke and realized he only went into surgery to be near surgeons when he had his stroke. A man comes in and demands his healthy leg to be amputated because "it isn't his". He steals a chainsaw and tries to cut it off, so since it was so badly damaged, they amputate it. Grey helps a boy round up people to help him get his ears in a surgery. Derek has to start dating again. A man comes in who is waiting for a heart, and his daughter was injured and delcared brain dead, but he refused to take her heart until George said some kind words to him. Dr. Hahn returns and is now in charge of heart surgerys. Yang wasn't happy about that because they fought earlier because Hahn basically called Christina a whore for sleeping with Burke and Collins (I think that was his name) to get a higher reputation. Callie tells everyone about Izzie and George. Yang gets mad at Izzie, while Meredith asks questions about it. Meredith also wants to find a resting place for her mother, so she ends up puting them down the drain in the "scrubbing" room with the Chief who joins in. Ava leaves again. Bailey is baffled on how her husband is upset with her staying at the hospital all night, even though, she gave some boy ears. Callie moves in with Yang, never saw that coming. Good episode, though.
  • Grey decides what to do with her mom's ashes...Ava comes back...Norman leaves...Kid gets ears...Guy cuts off foot.

    All in all a really good episode, I loved the patient stories. The patient that had to decide to take his daughter's heart or not was hard to watch but written well.

    The Ava thing frustrated me. So...what? Did she divorce her husband? Did she just come back so she could have sex with Alex? And WHAT?! When he got back she was gone...again?! How many times is this going to happen?
    It just frustrates me that those two can't get their act together. Nothing was furthered in this storyline. All we got was sex. More adulterated sex.

    By the way, watching Izzie and George all in love is disgusting. Sorry, but they just DON'T work together.

    I also really enjoyed the ending scene, with Meredith and the cheif washing Ellis' ashes down teh sink. It was really fitting.