Grey's Anatomy

Season 4 Episode 5

Haunt You Every Day

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 25, 2007 on ABC

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  • First of all, consider I just hate halloween! This episode wasn't interesting at all, but at least, the story changes a bit.

    1)Halloween: I don't celebrate it 'cause I'm from Argentina. Most of people here do, but it's not an argentinan tradition.
    So, it's all so taken for granted that it's even insulting to me. Like Valentine's day, it's just another comercial reason for companies to make money, because we're so stupid that we buy it. Bad!

    2)Callie's speech: I liked it, but from this take: it made the story change. Now everyone knows about her affairs, new world for you Iz!

    3)Cristina and Mer's reaction: Meredith's reaction was as dumb as Cristina's. Meredith wasn't even shocked! She tried to process it, but it was like a toddler when he learns to read! Cristina was judgy here, and I didn't like her speech because it was contradictory. The phrase "I slept with my boyfriend" it's contradictory. Cristina slept with her boss, and it was wrong (maybe), so she can't tell Izzie she did a bad thing. Alex had the right to say so, and he did, but Cristina had no business at all to tell her she made a terrible mistake or that it was unaproppiate. And Meredith didn't sleep with somebody else's wife, because she didn't know that part, which makes both Izzie's and Cristina's speechs contradictory. Anyway, I liked that Izzie claimed they were a close circle.

    4)Ava: I liked she came back, but I didn't like she was "disguised". It's an explosion, but that 03x25 episode's love changed to a sexual thing. She should escape from everything. Yet, it's not easy when you thing about her child and her husband.

    5)Trick and treat (I don't know if it's well writen): ears.

    It was something tender at the beginning, but it was later tacky. 6)Erica's entrance to the show.

    It seemed great at the beginning, but it was later something silly: it's unprofesional to judge someone by something that has nothing to do with work. I expected more from her.

    7)Norman's departure:

    One of the few good things: I didn't like him. So good he's gone.


    The other good thing was Kendall Payne's song "I will show you love"

    9) Meredith's dream sequence.

    I saw this before! The same camera effects from 03x17"Some kind of miracle"! It was really unoriginal.

    One of the worst episodes so far.