Grey's Anatomy

Season 8 Episode 8

Heart-Shaped Box

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Nov 03, 2011 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Henry: What do you think about the University of Washington?
      Teddy: Um, I'm not sure.
      Henry: It's not like Harvard or Stanford. I don't know, it feels... It feels doable.
      Teddy: Doable? Okay, I'm- I'm sorry but medical school isn't something that you-- you just decide to do.
      Henry: Really? How'd it happen for you? The lady of the lake appear with a gilded scalpel and anointed you a med student.
      Teddy: Ha. Ha.
      Henry: I'm actually being serious right now. I mean, how is my decision to go to med school any different than yours?
      Teddy: First of all, I was nineteen.
      Henry: Alright, great. So I'm old. What else?
      Teddy: Um, I don't know. Have you taken your three years of prerequisites? How about the MCAT?
      Henry: No, I have not. But I do have a college degree. I may have been a baseball player but I think I remember how to study.
      Teddy: Okay, that doesn't account for the four years of actual med school. And if you decide to go completely crazy and you want to try to become a surgeon, that's five years of residency, a fellowship--
      Henry: No. I- I never said that I wanted to be a surgeon. There are plenty of other ways to use a medical education.
      Teddy: Okay, fine. Fine. I love the way things are right now. I really do. And I don't want to spend ten years married to a med student.
      Henry: No. You just rather I followed you around looking cute.
      Teddy: Okay, you know that's not what I'm saying.
      Henry: I was gonna die. My disease was going to kill me. And then I met you, you came into my life and suddenly I have insurance, I have a wife, I have a life expectancy beyond the next three months. Sue me if I don't want to waste any of it.
      Teddy: Henry, I--
      Henry: Just--- I'll see you at home.