Grey's Anatomy

Season 5 Episode 3

Here Comes The Flood

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Oct 09, 2008 on ABC

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  • A flood begins at Seattle Grace Hospital. Starring: Ellen Pompeo, Sandra Oh, Katherine Heigel, Justin Chambers, T.R. Knight, Chandra Wilson, James Pickens, Jr., Sara Ramirez, Eric Dane, Chyler Leigh, Brooke Smith, and Patrick Dempsey.

    This could have been a much better episode. It was good, dont get me wrong, its just they could've done so much more with it. However, i did really love the scene where Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was watching the surgery and the cieling was going to come down, and she was banging on the glass to get their attention, i thought Chandra did a great job. I also loved that Erica (Brooke Smith) and Alex (Justin Chambers) covered up the patient, it was nice. I really liked the idea of Derek (Patrick Dempsey) trying to kick Alex and Izzie (Katherine Heigel) out of the House was a good idea, and i liked it, especially that Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) defended her friends.
  • A leak i the hospital causes havoc, George tries to retake his intern exam and Derek wants Meredith's roommates to move out. I seriously loved this episode!!

    This was another great episode for what looks like a brilliant new season of Grey's Anatomy!!!

    The chief really annoyed me in this episode as he kept going on about all the things people were doing wrong even though it was his fault that the flood got so bad!!
    Speaking of th flood: that was a really good idea and it made the episode very exciting!!
    I was glad to see Meredith's shrink again as i feared after last episode that she would be gone for this season but it looks like Mer will just continue to get better and better!! I also loved when Christina came to talk to her about Meredith and she said that it must be hard for Christina to lose Meredith to Derek. You could see on her face that that was the reason why she said Mer and Der wouldn't work! Very interesting!!
    I also loved how we can see the whole Alex/Izzie thing coming back up again. It'll be interesting to see hoe that develops!!!
    Also Calle & Hahn, i'm really looking forward to see that develop more!!
    Poor George was finding it so hard to retake his exam!! I'm not sure what i think about Lexie's infatuation with him. I think Mark is right, she is a bit pathetic!
    Finally i have to talk about my favourite couple - Meredith and Derek!! The whole Derek trying to move the roommates out was very interesting and him trying to get Christina onside was funny. But i just loved the end when Meredith came home and told him that they weren't moving out and that he can't ambush her and stuff. He just said ok and it was so cute when Meredith said "So you still love me?" and he was just like "Yes". And the hug!!! That was such an adorable scene!! I'm seriously loving MerDer in season 5!!

    I'm looking forward to see how all these things develop in the season!!
  • The flood was interesting but not enough to base the whole episode around it. There were some good parts of the episode though.

    It was funny how Bailey turned out to be right and had to walk off without gloating. I loved the moments between Alex and Izzie in this episode. It was really cool how it seemed like the one patient was unlucky but the damage the flood caused ended up saving his life. The apartment shopping was interesting and it was funny how Christina thought it was for her and Callie. I love Callie and Hahn together, and I'm looking foreward to future storylines with them. One of the main problems I had with this episode was that Meredith continued to doubt her perfect relationship. Hopefully the cancer patient put it in perspective for her. It had good parts but there wasn't that much going on outside of the flood.
  • Shonda's perfect week.

    As my summary says, beyond doubt this was Shonda's perfect week of medical drama. Private Practice exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds, and this episode of Grey's was simply too perfect to find any flaws. An exceptional performance from all the cast members has added a lot of intensity to this episode. The good side of Alex has been given a fair share of screen time. I hate to admit this, but I liked Izzy this episode. Set against the background of a pipeline leak on the surgical floor of Seattle Grace, this episode portrays how certain adverse events can impact and bring good things into the lives of people. The situation also helps the characters realize the meaning of life. Meredith realizes life can't be perfect from a terminal patient Shelly. Alex helps a depressed patient realize life is too short to be pissed off all the time. Christina realizes from her unexpected conversation with Meredith's shrink that she is too scared of losing Meredith to Derek. As another parallel plot, Callie and Erica take their time to realize the meaning of their same-sex relationship. The writers have also shed more focus on the Lexie-Sloan relationship, when Lexie makes an impressive diagnosis and Sloan appreciates her for that.

    As long as the cast and crew continue to invest a lot on the quality of the series, Grey's is only bound to get better. Final word: A great 5th season so far.
  • A leak in the hospital causes chaos

    In this episode of Greys Anatomy the following happens. Derek wants to know when Meredith's roommates are going to move out. We learn that 1st, 2nd and 3rd year interns are no longer allowed to stick to one type of surgery. In this episode George re-sits his intern exam. The hospital has a flood which is very funny. The Chief yet again seems to be in a bad mood. We met a man who has had a headache for 7 years, only to discover that it is an inflamed nerve in side of his nose. As a patient lies open on the table, the ceiling collapses due to the water and soon there is water everywhere. Christina goes to see Meredith's shrink after she learns that she has stopped going. Christina and Callie find a new apartment, with the help of Izzie. Meredith tells Derek, that Christina, Alex, Izzie and him are her family and she won't be kicking them out.
  • Not bad but for a season kick-in, practically the second episode in the new season, it could've been much more exciting. Still a quality episode though, after all it is Grey's Anatomy!

    I must admit I'm a little disappointed in how Season 5 is starting out, I love Grey's Anatomy and one of the reasons for that is its being fast-paced, exciting and witty! In Season 5 things seem to slow down a little in terms of scripting and editing, episode rhythms are slower and not many things are happening. Both the season premiere and this episode are largely based on character development and on making viewers understand the relationships behind character interaction. Which is fine, only most of the details given are things we already know.

    For example, Christina going to the shrink and explaining to her how Derek doesn't get Meredith. We already know how close Christina and Meredith are, and how Meredith has complicated psychological issues that Derek obviously doesn't get. His whole fling with Rose was about just that. Or the Chief yelling at everybody and desperately trying to keep the flood in control while everything was crumpling down around him. We already know he's not a quitter and he keeps trying till the end, and that he has difficulty in admitting his mistakes and fixing them. Miranda is his stabiliser in this occasion as well as all the previous ones, she always ends up being right at the end. And Alex trying to avoid his emotions by being aggressive, that is a major setback for Alex's character and frankly, they could've found something much better to do with him now that he has evolved so much, instead of throwing him back into the old routine. George acting immature and Lexie helping him out again, we know that too. So I hope in future epis more things are going to take place and the pace gets much quicker.

    On the bright side, Callie and Erica are very interesting and I'd love to see more screen time with them and how they figure the whole thing out. Mark was great in this epi as he is in all of them, so by all means, more Sloan please!! Christina is as awesome as always, and I loved that Meredith didn't give in to Derek forcing her to throw her roomates out, and that she stood up to him and that didn't ruin the relationship. Derek seems much more willing to understand and support her, and that's a huge improvement from his previous behaviour.
  • Alex Rocks!

    and he rocks big time. and Lexie is so adorablew. I love her friendship with Mark. isnt it funny how he is becoming ther best friend a girl can have? maybe they will finally find him a nice girlfriend. the episode was kind of blah but I like the whole moving in/throwing out thing. how everyone got involved. and the shrink with Cristina - we so need more scenes with those two. but Alex, he was the best. he is so sensitive and it always shows no matter how hard he tries to hide it. and the Hello, it was so clear he was gonna say it but it worked nerverthelewss. and the looks he was shooting Izzie. he so loves her and she is so blind. but at least they have hope now
  • the third episode of the fifth season.

    In the third episode of the fifth season - Here Comes a Flood, well there was a flood. lol. George gets the chance to retake his intern exam. A pipe bursts in Seattle Grace Hospital. It floods really bad and while in the OR Hahn and Karev are operating on an anyerisem of an old man. While operating the pipe bursts in the OR and it slams water and ceiling onto the patient. Then, that makes them examine the stomach more closely and they find pancreatic cancer (i think. lol) and they are able to remove the cancer. So, because of the big flood in the OR it saved the guys life!

    Overall, this was a pretty good episode, the flood was a good new interesting storyline. It ends with George finally retaking his intern exam!
  • That's the Grey's I know and love.

    This episode was finally one that represented the reason why I watch this show. The season premiere left much to be desired, but this episode replaced my confidence in this series. There was excellent character development in this episode, especially with Christina. Her 2 minutes with the psychiatrist was one of the highlights. Dr. Bailey was fantastic in her attempts to help and warn the chief. I am also glad to see that Lexi is still standing up to Dr. Sloan, all though, I hope that she does not end up sleeping with him too. I can't wait for next weeks episode, hopefully it will be just as good.
  • Season 5, Episode 3.

    I enjoyed this episode. I liked the whole beginning sequence. The leak in the ceiling leaks onto the test. I don't like that Meredith and Lexie don't have a lot of interaction. I think Chandra Wilson looks good this season though. Callie looks worse, though. I'm not really sure about Hahn. I liked the patient whose life was crumbling around him. Lexie has also been looking better this season. Meredith is still the same, basically, as well as Christina. Izzie is always hot. She wants to move in with Alex, but he rejects her offer. Meredith was talking to Shelly, a cancer patient who is dying, about Derek in bed. Great episode, nonetheless.